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Posted: 2018-01-15T07:29:16Z
RAMYA's (.moonglade.'s) Birthday Prep Thread

Volunteers -

Tags : Riya

VM : Pro


Post 1 & 2 : A write-up (short) by each one of us, how we met her & her overall journey on I-F
Post 3 : Gifts, Messages & VM


Her favourites :

- PrAja (both)
- Bahubali
- Sherlock
- Ironman (Tony Stark)
- Victoria & Lord M
- Pandavs & Draupadi
- ShraMan (EDKV)

Song list :

- Ed Sheeran : Shape Of You, Perfect
- Dil Diyan Gallan
- Backstreet Boys & Bruno Mars


No worries, include as much as possible

Chop, chop! Let's roll!
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Me, me! 
Can I do some work? 
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Posted: 2018-01-15T07:42:49Z
Originally posted by ..Acciona23..

Me, me! 
Can I do some work? 

Can you handle the messages part? Like pming everyone for wishes Embarrassed
And ofcourse, your share of the WU.LOL
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Posted: 2018-01-16T09:15:15Z
Just to confirm, Tha and I are going to be doing the messages part, and I will roll it out ASAP.
Cheers. :)  
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Posted: 2018-01-19T01:35:39Z

dividers find it from glitter graphics i suck at this.  hope this is fine, not exactly what you told me mahi still

ps whoever made that airlines siggie-mereko caps doLOLDay Dreaming 
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I had some time so I made a divider, I'm not sure it'll match the colour code but if it doesn't don't tell me, just download, change the hue and upload it back here. Dead

And here's a gift from me, post kar dena please. Embarrassed

...i am the dance and i still go on...
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Posted: 2018-02-02T20:47:01Z

Here is something from my side! 
Dearest Donut, 
May you have all the prosperity in the world and may all your dreams come true. 
And a couple of months later, I hope, things take a brilliant turn for you! 
Happiest birthday, cutiepie! 
Much love, 
Muffin <3 

My part of how I met her: 
It was on the Sena that we met, and on the first say we spoke, my posts for the day were exhausted and I had to wait a full day to message you! :P
From there till here, we have come a long way! I hope we still have a looongg way to go!

Anu's message:

Rammy!! My insanely talented writer friend, you're truly blessed by the divine with your writing ability!  You breathe life into everything you write and your skills are truly beautiful!! On top of that,  you're such a beautiful human being!!! May you forever smile and stay happy! Lots of love !

Watson to the Indian Sherlock :p
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All the lights of the building switched off rapidly, one by one. But there was a room, which still had relentless work going on.
"Lo, yeh Bhi so Gayi!", Grumbled Pro. "These sleepy nuts!"

Mahi woke up abruptly and swung her head in confusion. "Kaun so Gaya?"
"TUM!", She screeched. 
"Rammy is such a cute little, energetic, hardworking, ready to help, amazingly rhymed, poetically sorted, Marvellous girl..."

"Whoa whoa, wait!", Shreya coughed. "That was some description!"
"I noted it all!", Chirped Mahi.

"Guys, come to the point. The fact is, we are unable to lock a theme for her birthday thread this year", asserted Srutha.
A hush fell over the Room.

"Well, the fault isn't ours. We've tried everything of her choice till now. 
Arjun Draupadi - check
Beyhadh - check
Krishna - check
PrAja - check"

"Marvel, Victoria, ShraMan - what about them?", Pro asked.
"MCU isn't doing well off late so maybe it isn't a great option to write on and..." Mahi replied.

"You know what, when I met Ramya, she was a little kiddo, who loved only PrAja & Mythology", Srutha giggled.
"That's so true! And back then, we had our joint account named TwinMadness. Gosh, we were in the Senior Member level and our posts would expire for the day, during our never ending rants with her!", Shreya said excitedly.
"And we'd to wait for the entire day, to talk with her again", Srutha added.

"I met her on our Sena chat. And needless to say, we picked up instantly. And there's never looking back now!", Pro smiled.

"Mine is a bit complicated. I was a huge fan of her even before I could know her. I'd already read all her stories again and again. And when I got a chance to interact with her, that was a huge moment for me!", Mahi blushed furiously.

Sorry guys, I'm a bit late!", Riya entered. 
Apart from all the weird stares she received, she continued :

"I met her through Mahi. Her BC articles are all so fascinating and I thank God for writers like her have kept IF alive in a true spirit".

Remembering a soul so beautiful, celebrating a heart so serene...
A journey that's traversed, one that has never been seen!
Mightiest of paths she has been through, of highs and lows,
Yet achieving laurels and keeping with times that went slow.
Adorning some pride, taking the rough in your stride,
Keen to learn more and hush an awe over all passerby's!

We wish to see you happy, we wish to see you succeed,
On this legendary 20th, we wish you to be blessed with everything you need!

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