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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:02:52Z
So guys throw in your views Embarrassed
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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:34:26Z
Overall expectations were too high and the episode dint lived upto it. The first 5 minutes when jhelum nadi tells her story was awesome. They wasted those dancers so badly...itne paise kharach karke itne log turned out so bad...ek acha sa dance sequence rakhte...ache poses ke saath.upar se bhi cameras the unke paas...Disappointed...had much more expectations. Edited by EtherealRati - 2017-11-27T09:34:56Z
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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:49:16Z
Really loved the first episode
Rati n Aditya looked so beautiful n great
Supporting cast is also good...gr8 choice of actors
Now only waiting for laksh's entryDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:49:19Z
Overall nice experience
Looked very different from other shows.. loved it
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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:49:23Z
Sets were grand as expected. Acting n Characterisation can be more powerful.. Overall i liked n enjoyed it.
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Posted: 2017-11-27T09:51:26Z
Originally posted by darkwarrior200

So guys throw in your views Embarrassed
plss apne views bhi share karo na. 
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Posted: 2017-11-27T10:00:49Z
Just one word.IMPRESSIVEHeartClap
The episode was something else.At first the soothing voice of Jhelum began the narration.I believe that it belonged to my all time fav actress Pooja Sharma.Day Dreaming
The description of Alexander and Porus's entwined destinies caught my fancy.Already shipping them.#AlorusCool

Now Darius enters the scene with a spark of brutality.Yet he is so subtly menacing in this scene.Praneet Bhatt nails negative characters.Be it Shakuni Mama,Pujan Singh or Darius III.Unlike textbook villains Darius is shrewd and observant.Like a viper he stalks his prey before striking.

We have two kingdoms.Paurav Rashtra and Takshashila who are caught in a web of rivalry which goes way beyond a mere game or trading endeavour.Ambhiraaj,the ruler of Takshashila is hell bent on living up to this enmity while Shivdutt the minister of Paurav Rashtra is nothing less.

But amidst all the chaos emerge not one but two voices of reason.One is Anusuya,the princess of Takshashila and sister of Ambhiraaj while the other is King Bamni the ruler of Paurav Rashtra and brother of Shivdutt.

Princess Anusuya enters the show like wind itself when she saves a little boy from being crushed.She has a farsight which goes way beyond this petty rivalry.She is concerned for the the future and doesn't understand the point of this internal rivalry.

King Bamni enters like the calm water which handles the situation and temporarily soothes the raging fire of hatred between his brother and Anusuya's brother and diverts their energies towards the game.

For Ambhiraaj and Shivdutt it's not merely a game.It's a challenge to their respective egos.

The game begins and ends at a high point with Bamni emerging as the winner along with saving Ambhiraaj's life.He had a choice at this point.Either he could have listened to his brother or he could have paid heed to Anusuya's voice which complimented his own reasonable mentality.He chose the latter.

Can I say how much I loved the scene of the business transaction??Finally a historical show is showing something interesting.It gave us an insight to the minds of out protagonists as well as antagonists.It was so logical.

Unlike other women of historicals who can't think beyond melodrama,Anusuya has a mind of her own.She was the only one who read between the lines of Darius' offer which she expressed in her displeasure.We also saw Bamni's wisdom because he figured out Anusuya's words made sense.He could have chosen to ignore her but he didn't.
I guess Porus will inherit the best of his parents.

The dialogues of the show are extremely powerful and we'll written.My favourites were Darius' dialogues,Anusuya's reply to Darius and Bamni's dialogue about business being built on the basis of mutual trust.

The VFX was at the topmost level.The cinematography and the presentation was spot on and the locations were beautiful. 

Now coming to the actors,Praneet Bhatt charmed me once again as Darius.Despite plating negative characters at a stretch he has made sure that all his characters vary from each other.Darius was just powerful.

Aditya did a fab job as Bamni.He had the right amount of aggression and calmness in his expressions.Also he has a royal aura which befits a king.

Rati.What can I say about her?? Today I was reminded why she is one of my favourites.The energy,the vibrance and the magnificence which she projects as Anusuya is spellbinding.

Gurpreet and Aman aka Ambhiraaj and Shivdutt did justice to their respective characters.

I also enjoyed the chemistry which Rati and Aditya have.They compliment each other so well.Bamni and Anusuya have the potential for a beautiful love story.

Overall I loved the show.Can't wait for more episodes and for the Macedonians entry.
Edited by --BlackSheep-- - 2017-11-27T10:33:48Z
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Posted: 2017-11-27T11:02:05Z
I'm sure this'll be one great of an epic serial. A story that indulges in politics and patriotism alike.

"Bhavishya mein glani ho isse accha abhi thodi haani seh lo"

The dialogues are amazing, so is the brilliant cast. Couldn't take my eyes off Rati & Aditya. They get on like fire! #BamSuya

Bamni's valiance and Anasuya's far sightedness is surely paying off. And I'm excited for Olympia's part too, looks horrid and mystifying. Stern Smile

Darayus is dark and oppressive. Praneet fits in here too. Im so used to seeing him like thisLOL
Absolutely loved the vyapaar scene. A powerful one that was!

The dance, definetly was wasted. The shots were shabby and the poses looked random. The dancers shouting at Takshaliyans looked all the more funny. Barring that, the episode was tremendously beautiful! And I'm surely looking forward to PORUS. Blushing
Edited by .-Amethyst-. - 2017-11-27T11:09:29Z
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