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Posted: 2006-12-13T01:15:57Z

Heylo Friends!!Hug

How have all of you been doing? Big smile

Yayy, the holidays are finally here!! Its time to party!! Stay tuned to our Creative, Fun, Crazy section for some fun activities that Santa jii is getting your way this holiday season.


Now after advertising a bit, let me get right to the reason I am posting here today.LOL First, thanks a lot to our last MOTW, kiunhogayana aka Anila for a great week, it was really nice getting to know you Anila!Embarrassed 

Ab, humare CFC MOTW, ka kya kehna? Embarrassed She is sweeter than sugar, and scarier than any "bhai". She is the viewbie of LRL section and a IF-Crazy Creative. She started the Rajeev-Amna FC here at CFC. She is funny, caring, absolutely loving and our very own IF's Don. So, lets welcome our new...

Saara 1 aka Saara DON!

Congrats Saara and welcome to the garama gharam seatHug

Oh, and there is one more very special reason why this MOTW is so special, and that is coz our Don jii, celebrates her bday on 14th of Dec!! Do grill her and at the same time, shower her with some gifts as well.Wink

Happy early bday Don!Hug


christmast bells animationName:Saara aka don/donny.

christmast bells animationProfession:  Student

christmast bells animation Country of residence: Paki land (pakistan)

christmast bells animation I am hooked up the Fan Club section because: Of rajeev, eijoo n alekh FC...

christmast bells animation My hobbies, more abt me:sports esp cricket n football...den music...watching tv.....boooks sumtimess...ofcoz spending time on I-F....doing dongiriTongue

christmast bells animation My personality in brief:hmmm abt me im the DON of I-F...this Qs should be asked to the persons who knw me...they would tell you in brief.. im a person who is ready to help any1 at any cost...i can make a person smile whn she/he is sad..cant see my close friendz in that condition.. whether it be friendz or strangers im ready to help..i live life for others..words arent sufficient to write abt me..im a very responsible and loyal person sply whn it comes to my family..(real/I-F/Don family...) yaar if i write abt u it would surely take and essay.. from my view ur the bestttt,sweet,helpful,caring and cutestttt member... for me ur the person who is their everytym behind me...whether to correct me where im wrong or stop going on wrong path... (written by amby babyLOL)

christmast bells animation My favorite:
~Colour: red sign of lubLOL

~Sport: cricket n football
~Food: anythin except spanish food.
~Song/Movie: nowadays...movie:donLOL....song:"tere bin kahin lagta nhi dil" frm movie bhagam bhaag.

christmast bells animation Favorite celebrity:rajeev/eijaz

christmast bells animation Favorite fan club:eijaz

christmast bells animation What I like best @ IF and celebrity fan club section?friendly atmosphere n fultoo praising ov celebs.

christmast bells animation What i would like to see more @ IF and/or in the Celebrity Fan Club section: more n more FC's in FCSLOL.....n loads of more members joining I-F....n yes more dongiri in fcs...LOL...bohat shareef hai sab yahan...jo achi baat haiBig smile

Hope you have a wonderful week Saara!Hug

CFC Dev Team

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Posted: 2006-12-13T01:28:16Z
Ooooo congrats saaraa Hug

hmm my questions:

how did u start with the idea of becoming DON? kis ki inspiration the?

hmm and yesh, can i hire u to support me in a case? Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed pleaseee?? LOL

ok i'll come back with more..questions later saara..
Posted: 2006-12-13T02:54:06Z
TenQ khairuu....Hug.... Embarrassed lub juu....

Where is amby baby n her 100 questions... LOL ...

Btw will answer sneha's questions soon... Embarrassed

Pheel phreee to ask questionsBig smile....i will also grill u the same way in ur MOTW as u grill me freinds... Embarrassed Wink
Posted: 2006-12-13T03:12:21Z
Originally posted by sneha3105

Ooooo congrats saaraa Hug
TenQ sneha....Hug
hmm my questions:

how did u start with the idea of becoming DON? kis ki inspiration the?
Sumtime back....tapori lingo virus attacked me...Tongue...during tht time....one day sum1..was callin my Bro DON....dere i said...."Mujhko Pehchan Lo Main Hu DON"...bas frm den...i am DON...TongueLOL

hmm and yesh, can i hire u to support me in a case? Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed pleaseee?? LOL
Ofcoz....Big smile...i am ready to fight all ur cases....Evil Smile....free of cost....LOL....i even noe how to make the judge gave the verdict in our favourWink

ok i'll come back with more..questions later saara..
Posted: 2006-12-13T05:24:17Z

khelloooo daddyyy first of all Congratulation on being MOTW...Clapand now temme howz life and wife..

so temme dad how are you feeling being Motw???hmmm DON thoo nervous nahii hota infact he is confident that he would fight with all the bouncers haina???Embarrassedenjoying the hot tub...LOLLOLLOLheheheh just like that hot pan...bholo bholo dad sharmaoo mat...

sorry dad but rule is rule its for everyone see i didnt leave anyone in MOTW not even my dada jee soo how can i leave you...issliye im gonna post my bouncers..and plzzzzzzzz do answer them...agar nahii kiyaa thooooooooooooooooooo..Cryme will go on strike …if u don't believe as barnali di…kitne badii keematt chukani pardii unkoo…for not answering my Qs..bechare abhi tak loans mai gusseeeee huwe hai… now my Qs...

1.  what was ur first avatar at I-F

2.           The best compliment you have ever received in life & on IF

3.           Ice Skiing or skate boarding, which sport you enjoy more

4.           Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai_____________________complete the line not the songWinkWink

5.           A life partner like Raj in DDLJ or Rahul in DTPH

6.              how many bf's have u got in i-f?name them

7.           have u ragged anyone in life untill now?if yes tell us about it

8.           a human quality which u love to hate

9.              One thing u wanna do before u die?

10.     List ur three current crushes in order......

11.       List one serial that u are currently watch but wanna stop watching.....

12.     Name a thing that u hate doing......(dont temme abt that YM one..)

13.     Rate on the scale of 1-10 the characters NOT the actors
lakshya (kisna)-

14.     Describe Me in 5 lines.....

15.     write abt me a full paragraph just in our brother tongue..bhole thoo our fav yaar..bhai loog...

16. How many friends do you have at YM name them from I-F

17. How you got to know about I-F

18. Your hatest holiday spot

19. to whom are you close to in your family mom, dad or bro, sis

20. When are you going to come to India?

21. Describe Pakistan …(heheh hurr waqt loog apna intro dete..now im telling you to gib pakistan's intro bhole tho your native place lhr..)

22. whats your view on fashion is today's daily life?

23. why do we need every time a support… cant we be independent?

Now some mathematical Questions.. heheh lemme check your memory… but these will be not more than 10 lolzz

24. 13+38X95-56/19+65-12X34=

25. who invented computer..

26.who discovered the subject maths (tell his name, address, ph.no.,and more info abt him… I just wanna kidnap him…LOL)

27. 264444 X 1088888 + 98999999 – 26555555555 / 1168754 + 788596 X 888457 – 11111111111111111111111111111=

28. 1888888889 + 288888889 – 4 X 97485749 / 22562 + 66544444 X 8888888859 – 37=

29. 4587448 X 698568 – 185472 + 17485966 / 7485939 + 952412227 – 4 X 13=

30. 50 + 112 – 1444455557 X 5857467 / 27485969 + 7 – 3748597 X 4444555 =

31. Hmm daddy how many seconds are there in one year? (heheh bholo bolo…)

32. 11254454599 X 757896327 + 3145236789 X 544578524 – 9 / 34512369 X 99999 – 11111 + 1998845555555 =

33. 1 + 1 – 1 + 1 – 2 – 2 -2 -2 + 3 + 3 + 3 – 1 – 1 =

Now enough of mathematics now torture typo Questions

34. How many bones do you have in your body?

35. Locate Java and st. Peter's berg (bhole tho map mai)

36. What is the other name for vestigial organ?

37. What is the difference between Debate and Discussion?

38. Who was the person who was given the title of great meddler?

39. How many countries are there in the world?

40. In whose period of ruling did English men came to India?

41. well this is a Qs which is directly related to brain….

A man own 3 shops – Gold, Silver and Diamond. One morning he comes in his car to visit his three shops. Which door does he opens? SHOP-1, SHOP-2, SHOP-3 respectively?

42. Whats the capital of







43. In whose name was 'Dictionary' made?

44. How many grams does our brain weigh?

45. The words – lemon, sugar, Muslim algebra, alchemistry, comes from which country?

46. count your each hair on your skull(head)

Rate these members and give a title to them..

47. Amby

48. Pope

49. Pinku

50. Pari

51. Dina

52. Bhaskar dadu

53. Barnali di

54. Areej

55. Gr88

56. Naina

57. Cuti

58. Khizer bhai

59.Anku(pinku'z bf)

60.Anku (ur friend)

61. kiran

62. kiran di

63. ullo dadi (farah from ff )

64. shakku dadi (shruti di from ff)

65. shruti di

66. surya di

67. adi bhai (from ff)

68. (k)abhi bhai

69. anu di

70. tish

71. richooo(my best friend richoo, dad isse tho aap pechaante ho na.. ur richie)

72. mahi

73. samosa

74. shellz

75. swapna - mobile

76. summo

Bass I could remember these many ppl…Cry

Now Rapid Fire typo Questions..

77. love

78. life

79. suicide

80. Money

81. Ekta

82. Diamond

83. Dentist

84. Enemy

85. Eijaz

86. Iqbal

87. Amby

88. nature

89. I-F

90. Computer

91. Don

92. School

Heheheh ab enough of tortures now just choose any one of them..

93. salman or srk

94 srk or Amby

95. pinku or butter mommaa'zz

96. pari or pinku

97. me or dina

98. dina or gajjjo (incase if u forgot who she was then lemme remind yoou she is gurpreet uncle's aunty I mean his wife..)

99. mohsin bhai or bhaskar dadu

100. usman bhai or mohsin bhai

101. gr88 or naina

102. zee or summon

103. summoo or sim card

104. sim card or pope.. (I said this becoz both of them have same lover..)

105. barnali di or megha di

106. bhaskar dadu or vasu dadi or

107. Aamna mummy or aamna dadii (aamna mumma issliye kyunki she is daughter-in-law of my dadu bhole thoo Rajeev ki would be wife…and Rajeev bhaskar dadu ka beta...Aur dadu ki poti mai hun sooo directly she became my dad…wah zindagi mai bhi.. aamna koo vasu jaise saas mille…gr88 going…)

108. abhi mamo ya (k)abhi broo

109. mahi or me

110. who is more sweeter mahi or samosa(here I can say im sweeter than them…heheheh lolzz they are more sweeter than me…)

Just two Qs

111. Vasu Dadi is perfect for my dadu kyaa???

112. who is better for me as momma





113. what will you wear on your 1st date?

114.if 7-11 is open 24 hrs a day,365 dayz a year , why are there locks on the doors?

115.If you are in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

116)How can you look up words in a dictionary if you can't spell them?

117)Why are a wise man and wise guy opposites?

118)Why is it that we recite at a play and play at a recital?

119) When I erase a word with a pencil, where does it go?

120)What is a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?

121)If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would we know?

122)If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?

123)What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

124)what if monitor becomes PC,and PC becomes monitor??

125)Biggest influence on shaping your life?

126)When humans evolve in the future what new features do u think they will develop?

127) ur favourite designer?

128)ur favourite shoes brand ?

129)What languages can u speak?

130)What is ur fav subject?

131)Do u like shopping?

132) What is ur fav outfit? Indian or western?

133) What is the first thing u do when u come to IF?

134) If ekta decided to make KTH part 2 with S-K...what would be ur reaction?
135)if you were stranded on a desert island what 5 thing would you need to make your stay happier

136) If you could have dinner with 3 people living or dead, who would they be

137)Which 3 things should be removed from the world to make it a better place?

138)What do u think of the future of indian tv?

139)If the sky is blue, grass is green, sun is orange...then why is the air colourless?

140)If you were a scientist....descibe one thing u would love to invent?

141)love or frienship? which is more realible?

142)describe your dreamdate?

143)wat difference did IF n the forum made in ur life....if any thing specific...n if not den y???

144)do i irritate ya??

145)what u will do if u r at kekta"s postion for one day?

146)what u wanna change bout tv industry?

147)I never was, am always to be,
No one ever saw me, nor ever will,
And yet I am the confidence of all
To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.
What am I?

148)What is good and what is evil? IN me and IN you

149)Your greatest achievment in life so far?

150)what goes around the world but stayz in corner..

Wow I have crossed one century…daddy doo temme at YM how u felt giving answers to my Qs…and others too..

Now phele se hee apne ko advance mai bata doo who will be next in line…arre yaar I have to prepare Qs naa…at lrl forum..LOLLOL

Btw dad bouncers from my side didn't finish yet.. I have to throw my second bouncer that is funny funny funny funny funny pictures yaar…

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Posted: 2006-12-13T05:29:20Z

Originally posted by saara 1

TenQ khairuu....Hug.... Embarrassed lub juu....

Where is amby baby n her 100 questions... LOL ...

daddy not fair you need to love me alsoo..CryCryCryakhir idea kiska thaa..

anywayzz i have posted my Qs...LOLLOLLOL150..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedithink they are enough..LOLLOLLOL

Posted: 2006-12-13T06:06:26Z
Originally posted by ambarinaaltaf

Originally posted by saara 1

TenQ khairuu....Hug.... Embarrassed lub juu....

 Where is amby baby n her 100 questions... LOL ...
daddy not fair you need to love me alsoo..CryCryCryakhir idea kiska thaa..

anywayzz i have posted my Qs...LOLLOLLOL150..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedithink they are enough..LOLLOLLOL

OMG...ShockedShocked.....I am faintingg.....chakkar aa rahe haii...Wacko....

Wht is dis...Unhappy....amby babyy...Shocked...dis hot seat is burning....OuchLOL....
Anyways....ur questions will be answered soon....Wink....start preparing for 150 more...LOL

Posted: 2006-12-13T09:00:30Z
congrats donny! Embarrassed

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