Final Warning-IMP about Rules, Personal Attacks [Updated Jun 16, 2022]

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Posted: 6 years ago

Kindly consider this the last warning and members will get a direct WL if any of these rules are broken from here on.

Comparison posts

Comparison posts only lead to fights between fandoms; but for the interest of facilitating constructive discussions, the DT has decided to allow comparison topics when it comes to discussing actor/s and their acting prowess and their BO performance. Any other topics comparing their physical attributes or personal lives will be closed without any questions being asked.

Discussion regarding physical attributes of actors

Yes we do let members to discuss the physical attributes of actors in the forum, but please make sure you do not bash the actors or post vulgar comments regarding their physical attributes.

Religious and political discussion

Any sort of discussion regarding religion / politics / sensitive issues will not be allowed. If some actor commented on religion/politics/nations, discussion will be allowed but the discussion should be limited to only what the actor commented. 

Posts on members

Do NOT make any post on any member, unless it is a birthday thread/ wedding celebration thread.

Not only bashing topics, any Posts like "where did so and so member go" will also be closed. 

Memes GIF and morphed pictures

Coming to memes, any memes/ GIF posted to mock other members/actors/actresses will not be allowed in the forum henceforth. Please refrain from posting any morphed pictures as this only leads to fan wars.

Name calling

Name calling of actors/fandom/members is against forum rules, and even calling things like xyz chor chopra won't be allowed in the forum. 

Examples include but are NOT limited to: Criminal Khan, Laundey lapadey , Anurag chor Basu , flop star, jail proof etc. For members, phrases such as bashers, haters etc.

Discussion about personal life of actors

Yes we allow personal discussion of actors but please do understand the limit. Please don't discuss about their family or friends who are not associated with Bollywood.

Indirect/direct bashing / Mocking

Indirect/direct bashing / Mocking of members/fandom/actors has become a very common thing. No one likes to be targeted and mocked at, then why do it to other people? We never know what the other member is going through until we are in their shoes, so respect other members and do not mock/bash them no matter which fandom they belong to. 

MID allegation

Do not assume someone to be a MID and post that accusation on forum. If you feel someone is a MID , report it.We will look into it. Calling someone a MID without any proof will only create unnecessary fights.

Instigating posts

If someone is instigating , please report . Do not reply to that post . If you start replying , this will lead to fights in the topic and action will be taken against both members .Please understand that two wrongs won't make a right. Some members post instigating comments to rile up other fandoms, so do NOT reply and give them the satisfaction. NOTE: Such instigating topics will not be tolerated at all and strict action may be taken against individual members.  

Moral policing
Moral policing/questioning of other member's opinion is not allowed in the forum . Please understand that members can post their point of view in a civil manner .If you find it offensive ,please use the report button . We are here to take necessary action. But do NOT start dictating to others what and where they should post. ONLY the DT have the authority to do so.

Report Button

Do not abuse the report button. If you report one post once , please don't go and report it again. The action might be a bit late as we get several hundreds of reports daily. If no action is taken for a week for or more that is when you can report the same post again. 

Mention the exact reason why the post is being reported. And report the exact posts which are offensive. Any unnecessary reporting of posts that are NOT breaching forums rules will not be entertained.

Review threads

Movie review threads can be made by any member, it is not necessary that only a fan of the specific actor has to make it.The other member's thread will be merged to the first member's review thread. This doesn't mean the thread should be opened before the first reviews are out. 

News and blinds

News and blinds should be posted from credible sources. While this is not always possible for blinds, anything that was reported on air should generally come with some written source and that can be shared instead. This is because often times non-credible sources will post whatever they want for clicks or TRPs.

social media 

You are allowed to post reviews/pictures/memes/videos from twitter/instagram/facebook or any other social media but they shouldn't be offensive in nature. Do NOT post updates regarding fights happening in other social media. Also discussions of what various fans are saying on social media will NOT be allowed on IF. What fans get up to outside of IF has no relevance here therefore any such discussions will NOT be entertained either.

Deviating from main topic

We have seen that members tend to post pictures/ comments that are not at all related to the main post. This won't be allowed from here on. If the topic is about xyz actor having coffee, it shouldn't be deviated to XYZ involving in politics and digging up his/ her past to rile up his/her fans is not allowed too. Dragging in a actor who has no connection with the main topic should be avoided. 

Example: If the topic is about SRK- Salman, people should not bring in Aamir. Also, if the topic is about Salman's movies or his views on any social issue, people should not bring in his court cases.

Reality show/ Television celebrity discussion

Discussion regarding reality shows and television should only be done in the specific section. They have specific section for a reason.

Signature wars

Signature is not meant to be used as a medium to bash/mock other fandoms/actors. Any such signature war will not be tolerated from here on.

Discussion of former threads

Discussions of any former thread of the main forum shouldn't happen in current thread. The discussions of one thread should remain in that thread.

Example: Members are not allowed to quote or reference comments made by other members in older threads in any current thread as this encourages further fights on earlier issues which is NOT necessary.

Discussion about DT

Discussion about the DT in the forum is not allowed. If you have any issue with the DT, kindly PM them or higher DT instead of making posts about them. 

Discussion about other member's WL or getting banned is not allowed in the forum either. 

Magazine scans

Due to copyright issues, we do not allow posting of any inside magazine scans. The cover is okay but please refrain from posting inside magazine scans.

Celebrity birthday threads

Please take permission 3 months ahead of the birthday, if you plan to create a birthday thread for any celebrity. You have to be a fan of the celebrity to get the permission for this. Preparation threads won't be stickied as we have too many celebrities. NOTE: members of another fan group should NOT use the preparation threads to bash the celebrity in question or to instigate their fans. 

Sexuality of celebrities 
Celebrities are not defined by their sexuality. Unless a celebrity chooses to come out about their sexuality (i,e like Karan Johar did during the AIB roast) it is entirely their personal business. Speculation/Discussions which results in homophobic comments or as a tool to mock or for personal attacks/fan wars will not be tolerated. 

WL Reduction

For any members who have had their warning level raised, it is YOUR responsibility to PM a member of the DT for a reduction after three months. Once you PM us, we will then discuss with Co-DTs and DTs of the other forums you are active in to see if you are eligible for a decrease based on your overall behavior on I-F

Self bans
Please note that self bans are no longer given, if you would like your account to be deactivated please PM us HOWEVER keep in mind that if you do decide to deactivate you cannot return with a new ID. 

Nested Quoting
Please do not quote more than 3 times as it makes the pages very slow to load and difficult for other members to read. If it is brought to our attention that members are quoting more than 3 quotes their post will be edited by DTs.

Multiple Accounts 
Having more than one ID is not allowed and will result in a direct WL raise.

Do not post abusive PMs on the forum, please send a screenshot of the abusive PM to the DTs.

Editing out comments

It has come to our attention that members are editing out their comments after breaching rules assuming that since they've edited their comments, they are safe because the DT has not seen the original comment. We'd like to inform you that this is NOT the case; just because your comment has been edited by yourself does NOT change the fact that you have breached forum rules and most certainly does NOT mean action cannot be taken against you.

Actions taken on forum 

Firstly, please do not PM us asking to take a specific action against a certain member. Necessary action is always taken. Do not assume that action is not taken just because the post is not closed. Sometimes action is taken through PM.  Due to rules, we won't be able to disclose the action taken against any member.

Secondly, if you do not report we wouldn't know. Bollywood forum is a very active forum and it is impossible for us to go through each and every post. So in case you find something against rules, report it rather than sending a PM to us. 

We understand you want freedom of speech and we will allow constructive criticism but please make sure you do not bash. Hope things are clear, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM one of us. 

We hope to have your understanding.

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Posted: 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

The admin, Vijay, is reminding everyone that when sharing articles on IF, DO NOT post the entire article. That is a copyright violation.

Instead share the link, the header, a summary, and the social media post (if it is posted on social media). Others can then click on the link and go directly to the article on the source page.



Posted: 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Despite multiple warnings, people still don't seem to understand. Hence we are closing all topics for 72 hours and will continue to close them over the 72 hour period.

After 72 hours, we will open a new thread for UPDATES ONLY! In that thread, you can only share articles/videos/updates from verified sources. No discussion will be permitted. The amount of namecalling and bashing going on is horrifying! Given that warnings and WLs don't seem to be working we are now resorting to this measure.

A list is now being generated for namecalling and personal attacks that will guarantee you a direct WL whether used directly or indirectly. This list will be updated as we see more namecalling. If you all wish to get banned over these words then so be it. No excuses of "I didn't see the list" will be permitted. This list is being posted and you have 72 hours to see it and go through it.

  • Tai
  • Bots
  • Bitch
  • Witch hunters
  • Bhoots
  • Crackpot right-wingers
  • Boot lickers
  • Filthy mob
  • Prostitute
  • Mental retard
  • Online warriors/warriors

A reminder that attacks on mods will not be tolerated either. If you have any issue with the DT, kindly PM them or higher DT instead of making posts about them. We are not online 24x7 and neither can we visit every thread. Report posts instead of mocking us.



Edited by Minionite - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Despite multiple notes, warnings and WLs, and a close down of all SSR topics for 72 hours, people still fail to understand and follow the rules. We're not against discussing the case, but given the rule breaking and bashing going on, it is time to take an even more drastic measure.

We are now stopping all discussions on SSR's case from this point forward. If there are actual updates in the case - like updates from the police or new information coming to light - that can be shared in the forum. No speculative articles, no media trials, no discussion topics - nothing will be allowed in the forum outside of this. We did not want to take this step, but you have left us no choice.

This applies to everywhere on the Bollywood Forum. Don't go to another topic and bring up SSR's case or bash each other over it implicitly or explicitly.

If things settle down enough, we will bring back the discussion thread again but only if everyone abides to the rules.



Posted: 1 years ago

Hello Guys,

as political and religion topics turns into a battlefield of personal attacks, fighting and mocking, from now on these kind of topics are not allowed in BWF Forum.

You wanna discuss a statement made by Bollywood personality or an article, do it in Debate Mansion or through PMs or another SM, but not in this forum. 




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