A collection of feelings

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Missing Fragrance
We are so indulged in our self that we have forgotten to appreciate someone else. I am no love expert actually a failure in it but sometimes as I see some true love stories around me I believe that maybe somewhere love still exits and I would just like to convey the tales that my grandmother and friends had passed on to me to you. The first story is of my Grandmother.

Can we really loose between two of our most beloved thing. For instance if I am given chocolate and ice cream to choose and the choice is such that I can am struck with my choice forever. How will I make that choice? What if I make the wrong choice? I mean I would never be able to have ice cream ever again and who knows I might be bored with chocolate. Life is never simple it always throws different choices at us like whether to take a sensible job or follow your dreams, to propose for marriage or just go with the flow, to be or not to be. Talking about love, it gives us plenty of choice and once decision is made it cannot be taken back. It is sad that Jacob learned the same but in a hard way. Jacob you may ask was my senior and also my crush but he was way out of my league and moreover he was too engrossed in his studies, he believed in one girl theory and he did get his girl, Ahaana.
In Love with love

Love. It is a four letter word which is exaggerated in the previous generations and underrated in ours. In Kal Ho Na Ho, love was defined by monologue given by the several characters but in my life love is very much different. I love my mother, father, friends but obviously not as described by the movies or book. Now we come to romantic definition of love, well that is also very much different because I have never felt love, with every guy it is excitement for some time and then just hollowness.. The thought of being with just one person forever is actually very scary and maybe that is the reason I am so against commitment. Most of my relations are actually long distance and that is a huge problem, I want my man to be by my side always but distance is an excuse not a reason and I learned the same after seeing Gitanjali and Sameer.
Gitanjali and Sameer who knew from the very beginning that they belonged together. Gitanjali Sinha is my childhood friend, we used to study in the same school however she ditched us after school when she decided to go to Hyderabad and study literature in Osmania, well that is the time she met Sameer so I forgive her. There definition of love is very unique, for them staying together was not love but staying apart and yet staying together was love.
One Night Adventure

There are different types of girls, some shy some bold some crazy some sensitive but I am pretty sure my cousin Myra is an alien and so is her way of life. While most of the aunties frown at her I adore her. She is very bold and beautiful and brainy too. Like her father and my uncle she too pursued law, well my paternal family is filled with lawyers after all and my maternal with doctors I am the most unique girl who choose writing and am the official tajjo putri but this is about Myra and not me. 
She met her soul mate in her office, she was a fresh graduate and decided to join a firm in Delhi that time she was dating her college senior who too was working in the same firm but they were casual
I am not very sure but maybe I was in love too once. His name was Aditya, my cousin brother used to study in Doon school and once we had gone to Doon for summers and visited him in the school. I was in class three when I met him, he was the school captain and he actually showed me around. At that moment I thought he was perfect but maybe even I was not aware of the turmoil that he was going inside him at that time only if someone had seen it then the boy could have been saved.
The Fairy Tale
This is my best friend Alya s story and her search for her Prince charming, she was in love with Aarav the moment she had seen him but she did not marry him it was a shocker for all of us but after we came to know the story we realized maybe the shoe fits.
Fragile Tides
Shahil was really awesome he completely transformed and all this happened because of his sister. I heard somewhere that you can only be brave if you are afraid and that is exactly what happened with Shahil, he completely changed, and I adore him and respect him. The guy I hated the most have earned respect so much of respect
His love for his sister transformed him.
The boy named Stefano

This is not the wizard chronicle but just a look into Stefano s life everyone deserve to be happy and while Alya continued to look for her fairy tale Stefano found his own fairy tale. 
They were not perfect but they found love in their imperfection. With every new leap their vows were broken and retaken many a time. They had disputes, they had disagreement, but what helped them move ahead was their companionship. Love can be of all kinds and Stefano just found his very unique kind of love in his precious wife.Smile

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