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Posted: 6 years ago

Param Singh - a name best described as synonymous to Super Stardom - is an Indian TV Actor and Model best known for his role as Randhir Singh Shekhawat, a good-looking, goal orientated young prodigy who suffers from a streak of MCP syndrome ... 

This Kanpur native began his acting career playing the role of Yudi in Sony TV's Parvarrish and additionally has been featured in Commercial Ads for Parle Monaco, HERO, Lux and Ferrero Rocher ...

An ardent believer in hard work and dedication, Param has met with unexampled success as a lead newcomer in Channel V's Sadda Haq, where he was loved by the viewers both for his on-screen chemistry with his co-star as well as his impeccable acting prowess... If his acting doesn't leave you awed then his charming personality and jovial nature are enough to melt hearts of young fans and fangirls alike ...

~|| Date of Birth :: 8th September ||~

IF Fan Club :: Param Singh

Twitter :: Param Singh

Param aka Rangeela AT will be opened only by -RockstarParam- (Soniya, Sree and Paromita) 

No one else is suppose to open Param aka Rangeela AT; apart from the said member without permission ...
Credit: Wrackspurt

Ghulaam is the story of Rangeela, who is born with a Lion's Heart .. He is Brave and Fearless and yet a born slave to Veer...  He can go to any extent for his Maalik  ... It's his journey from slavery to freedom ... 

Credit: shivika838

The Journey to fight back against the cruelty done with Women in Berahampur ... He has served Loyalty to his Maalik all his Life; but what happens when he realizes that he has been on the Wrong Path!! What happens when he Breaks the bond of being a Ghulaam!! He becomes the most dangerous and dreadful Rebel one could face ... 

Credit: shivika838

A caring Son .. A true Friend .. A heart hacking Lover ..  A revengeful Rebel ... He is the Man with many Shades - He is RANGEELA ..   

Write-up Credit: shivika838 

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Posted: 6 years ago

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Posted: 6 years ago

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Posted: 6 years ago

-|| Param Singh as YUDI in Parvarish ||-

Yudi, was a high school boy, belonging to a rich family... He was, as people would call him, the rich spoilt brat... His mother always gave him the freedom to do whatever he liked, go wherever he liked... According to his mom, he was old enough to lead his own life... He had his own bikers' gang...

It was by chance that he befriended Rocky (one of the boy's from the show Parvarish, son of Sweety)... Even though a spoiled brat, he was not arrogant and was good at heart, he was a very chilled out guy, who loved partying and biking... 

Rocky got influenced by his ways, as he never got the freedom that Yudi used to get... So he sneaked of with Yudi to a rave party thrown by Yudi's friend... But what was shocking, was Yudi was forced to drink alcohol spiked with drugs and was challenged by that friend to walk along the pool, while drunk... He could not and falls into water...

Later while returning from the party Yudi gets into a car crash because of drunk driving... It was Rocky and his mother Sweety, who takes Yudi to the hospital... Yudi finds comfort in Sweety's care, it was something he never got from his own mother... He liked the scolding and concern that Sweety showed him... 

When Yudi's mother comes to the hospital, he asks Sweety to stay with him instead of his mom, he tells his mom that he never showed the concern that Sweety showed for him, never had she stopped him from doing things which were wrong, if she had then he would not have ended up in hospital like this... Later on Yudi's mom understands her mistake and tries to become a better mother...

Write Up :: Paromita (Wrackspurt)

-|| Param Singh as RANDHIR in Sadda Haq ||-

Randhir Singh Shekhawat !! The rude, arrogant, short tempered MCP, the born genius, the topper of the most prestigious engineering institute of India ...  Good looking, dashing, having a charismatic personality, masks  his inner pain and turbulence, mental pressure, disturbed childhood  in which he was brought up ... 

His carrier oriented mom could devote a very less time for him, the craving for his mother's love and time , and failing to achieve it eventually made him hate his mom, here again he is wearing a mask of hatred , deep down in his heart he still craves for that love ...

Between his parents, he is close to his dad, cause his  dad gave him his undivided  attention ... though drunkard, he can cross all the limits for his Son ...

He has built a wall of arrogance around himself, he is having a volcano of pain inside his heart, ready to burst at any moment, so he prefers to live alone, alone with all his miseries pain and betrayal ... Yes betrayal, his one and only best friend even betrayed him in time of his need ... 

He doesn't believe in the word trust, love all because since his childhood he has grown up witnessing his parent's fight and their tangled  relationship which ended with a bitter divorce followed by  his mom marrying someone else ... Like every other child, he couldn't see his parents being separated, he once again felt betrayed as his mom didn't even bother  let his son know about her second marriage ...

He never believed in the word love,  he was arrogant a male chauvinist until he met Sanyukta who turned his world upside down, he fell in love with a women whom he hated with passion ... Now he is in love with her and loves her more than his own life ... She is his life now ... He felt the warmth of love in Sanyukta's embrace ... Love was an alien feeling for  Randhir before this ... 

Love signified betrayal according to him, until She made him fall in love and taught him its real meaning, love means sacrifice, and he was happy to sacrifice his love for his lady love's safety when his college was attacked by some terrorist ...Yes he is a man with golden heart, His intense love for her, his incomparable care makes him an MCP indeed The Most Caring Person ... 

He can go to any extent to keep his promise ... He is a man of words a true friend and a great brother...

Randhir Singh Shekhawat , the man with different shades, people who loves him will only be able to decode him ... For others he is not the person to mess with!! They might land in trouble ... Cause he is the best and best can neither be conquered nor defeated ... So its better to stay away from him ...  ;) 

Write Up :: Sree (BornAries)

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Posted: 6 years ago

Param Singh meets Super Hero Param-Man  😎


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Posted: 6 years ago
Write Ups: Sree (BornAries), Paromita (Wrackspurt) Shivika (shivika838)
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Posted: 6 years ago
Start Posting here only after the Last AT reaches Page 150 ...

😊 😊
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Party at Tomorrow Night 🥳