Just for Laugh- Bade VS Vade

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Hi all its been a long time that i visited this forum.
Its just that something or should I say short scene brewing in my mind so thought to share. 
Hope u guys enjoy it.

Bade Vs Vade  


Ram and Priya have gone for dinner. Its a seven star restaurant. Ram first properly seated priya and then taken seat for himself while all smiling.
They both were very hungry since Ram was busy in work and so he skipped lunch a took time for dinner and asked priya to come with him...since priya was very excited to go on dinner with Ram all alone so she skipped lunch too and now as a result both are seating with very hungry stomach for food and very hungry eyes for each other.

Ram(politely): Priya Kiya khaaogi?
Priya ( all smiling): Mujhe Vade bhot ache lagte hain ... main vade khaoongi.. 
Not only stomach and looks Ram's mind was also hungry and his hungry mind starts to think in weird manners. 
Ram ( little shocked but put a smile) : Mujhe pata hain main tumhe Bada achcha lagta hoon ...par tum mujhe kaise khaaa sakti hoo
Priya ( too shocked little bit and was like hain ye kiya kahe rahe hain Mr. Kapoor, she put up a smile too since there were other people also in restaurant) :Mr. Kapoor mujhe Vade achhe lagte hain aur main ...
Ram cut her in middle and says arey main bhi toh vahi khe raha hoon ki main janta hoon ki main thumein bada acha lagta hoon par iska matalab ye toh nahi ki tum mujhe apne dinner mein kha jaoo( he was little afraid and makes a pouting face, while priya was all shocked plus started to get irritated)...( he tries to convince her so put up a little smile) tum mujhe kiyun khana chati ho priya, yahan par bhot ache ache dishes milti hain phir bhi tum mujhe khana chahati ho ...
Priya was all time was like main kiya karoon iss aadmi  kaa , poori baat bhi nahi sunte aur conclusions par phonch jaate hain.
Ram still giving her weird looks : Tum mujhe kiyuon khana chahti hoo ...abhi to main jawaan hoon, abhi tho maine iss sansar ki sari dishes bhi taste nahi ki( makes a pouting face) aur abhi to maine life bhi achche se enjoy nahi ki hai ...
Priya was like 'WHAT' and thinking that he is saying life enjoy nahi ki ...matalab ...roj toh mujhse khate hain main tumarhare sath bhot enjoy karta hoon.. tum mere liye sab kuch hoo ...ab khe rahe hain enjoyment poora nahi hua ...GOD! Mare alwa aur kiske saath enjoy karna chahate hain Mr. Kapoor and she gives him killer looks...(well looks like priya's mind was also too hungry)
Since Priya give him killer looks so Ram thought that she is pretty adamant on eating him and swallows a lump. 
Ram (little bit afraid) : Why u r looking at me like this ...why u want to eat me ...
Priya was now fed up and and raising her voice little said : Apka naa kuch nahi ho sakta ..U r a hopeless case Mr. Kapoor ...how could u think I want to eat u and above that u think that I will practically eat u in real...ahhh...
All people look in their direction and restaurant employee comes to their seat to ask if their is any problem...They said no but Priya stand from her seat and go out of restaurant to area where their car is parked.
Ram comes there too and says her that since he knows that priya loves him dearly and she likes him a lot ( in hindi it means ' Bade Acche Lagte hain') and she only said that she wants to eat him then...
Priya cuts him middle this time by keeping her palm on his mouth and ask him to shut up for a while and says
Priya( irritated): chup...plz a minute chup rahiye app...ufff...( she takes a deep breath) Main Bade ki nahi Vade ki baaat kar rahi thi...Sambhar Vada wala Vada, Medu Vada wala Vada , Batata Vada wala Vada, Vada pav wala Vada , Dahi vada wala Vada...ufff ...
Ram was like ohhh and smile shyly : Main samjha ki tum muhje khana chahati hoo and takes relief breath...and smiles
Priya: ( role her eyes on him):  U must be kidding me...God! how could u even think this ...U know that 'I'm a vegetarian' so how could I eat u .
Ram( little shocked): What do u mean ki agar main vegetarian hota toh tum mujhe khaa jaati.
Priya was like inki suyi abhi bhi wahi atki hai...explanation ke baad bhi...
Priya have had enough and thinks inka kuch nahi ho sakta...She puts up a very sweet smile for him asks him 
Priya : Mr. Kapoor ek baar car ki keys dhikhaye naa...
Ram was like why she is asking it but than shows her Priya in quick motion takes it ( Ram was shocked with sudden action) 
Priya moves to car and opens it and sits in driver seat , she opens the other side window to speak to shocked Ram
Priya: Mr. Kapoor batiye hum ghar chalte hain...
Ram( shocked): What noo...Tum gadi chalogi aur main side seat par bathoonga ...no way ...(then he starts to think again) 
Ram( in a suspecting manner): tum mujhe kaha le jana chahati ho...kahin tum mujhe akele main le jaa kar ...kh...kh...khaa jana chati ho...mummy...( he starts to bit his fingers) 
priya looked at him unbelievably...
Ram continues and tries to convince her: Priya tum toh vegetarian ho naa ...plz mujhe mat khaooo...
Priya was irritated uncontrollably..what he think she is ' a non- vegetarian or a man eater or a vampire...or...or...she is thinking herself and comes out of car with a straight face and move towards Ram and give him a smile...
Priya hands him his keys and says:
Priya: App jayiye main mein taxi se aa jaoongi...
Ram intrupts: arre par ...
Priya puts a open plam in front of him : Plz Mr. Kapoor ...(she puts a small smile) I'm very hungry now and what if ...(she now talks like 'U turn' with Ram, like making his joke and thinking real, she speaks slowly) agar... mein... apko... raste... main...khaa gayi tho...
Ram jaw drops in shock as she walks towards a road and stops a taxi and seats in it and the n taxi moves...
On way Priya is to tired and too hungry...she is thinking Oh God! What a man ...he thinks I will eat him up ...what he think of himself ...as if he is too tasty for my taste buds( by last thought she shy's a little and thinks) Ok..I accept he is too tasty in other ways...but ...
She arrived kapoor mention and paid the taxi driver and gets inside...
All family members are in Hall and having a chating with smiling faces, they noticed her entering the home and asked
Krishna Kapoor: Priya beta aagye tum log dinner kaisa tha...
Neha( in teasing tone): Priya batao naa dinne r kaisa tha aur Ram kaha hain..
KK: arre beta Ram Kaha par hai...
Priya ( With very sweet smile on her face) :Ram...unhe tho main Mast Fry karke nimboo lagake kha gai...

Will continue soon...
Sorry but little part was left out , will continue that later , abhi ke liye bye aur write up mein mistakes ke liye sorrry...
Hope u guys enjoy ur reading.


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Posted: 2017-06-01T12:03:28Z
Mai vegrtarian hoon was ROFL
Matlab mai veg hota toh kha jaati epic ROFL
I loved it, quiet funny...the way I like :)
I was planning to make dahi vade tomorrow and i think I should drop the idea ROFL
Trust bhi jab bhi vade khaongi mujhe yeh yaad aayega LOL
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Posted: 2017-06-01T12:07:33Z
An interesting and light comedy between RaYa 
The dinner was indeed a failure with Ram mu Priya interest if dish.
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Posted: 2017-06-01T20:22:44Z
Hilarious one
Loved ur update
Cute one
Continue soon
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Posted: 2017-06-01T21:04:06Z
That was hilarious and ram is soo golu here..
and the last sentence of priya just kiiled it
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Posted: 2017-06-01T23:00:20Z
so sweet yaar. I just loved the concept
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-06-02T01:30:00Z
Hehehe little funny but bhut maja aaya
Ram thought Priya usko khajayegi..LOL  golu ram
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Posted: 2017-06-02T02:47:40Z
It's hilarious...
Continue soon. 
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