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           Part 36 -

               "Hume tumse pyaar kitna..
                  yeh hum nehi jante
       magar ji nehi sakte tumhare bina ...".

           ' ahh such a chessy song Geet would have surely said it ' Maan thought as a smile smile adores his lips . He feeling little light after meeting her Uncle . ' may be Geet too missing me or else why she would let him meet her Mamu ' ..After one week he felt a lot relieved .. Now he just want her anger to cool down and she come back to him .. When she will back , he will never let her feel loveless here ..he will make her happier than before Her Geet her beautiful wife ..   

          But his happiness was short live as Nakul gave him a envelope ..He open it , disinterest but as he start reading it he lost his mind ...


            Geet was sitting on sofa waiting for Maan ..She knows he will surely come after getting her Gift would be lie if say she is not scared , she is almost freaking out even she was not that scared in her first night . This her biggest plan if it backfire she doesn't know how will she undo it ..she just keeping her hope on her love for Maan ...

            Suddenly her door open and Maan came unannounced. Its so soon that she for a moment stop to breath ..She never thought he will come so soon ..Seeing his angry eyes and shivering form she can understand how he got there .. without any introduction he came before her and throw the paper on her lap ...

          " What. The. Hell. Is .This ? "

             She looks at him then at once cast her eyes down , he is so angry . Just one thought came in her mind , She can't do it ..although she practice it many times but in real its very difficult ..' damn I'm not DP, PC or Ash ...oh God..breath breath relax , Geet calm down ..just act cool can do it common its for your husband bring it on '.     

              " Divorce papers " she picked up the papers and answered leisurely trying to act normal although she is getting panic attack in her mind ...   

               he grabbed her arms tightly pulling her to his level .." what do you think you are doing ? Do you think its some joke ? huh " he shouted leaving her speechless... she never saw him such violent , his hand on her arms giving her pain but she too numb to say anything ..

              " Everything has a limit Geet don't play games with me ..don't test my patience .. " He warned her still not believing she wants divorce , she wants to go away from him..

             " look Maan I don't know why you behaving like this ..but you wanted it remember and I'm just giving it without making any fuss .." she said in one go still not looking at his eyes which is spiting fire ...

           " Look at me " He jerked her more closer ..

           " ah Maan you are hurting me "   

              " And you are hurting me ..uska kya " his hot breath falling on her face but slowly he let her go ..

              " tumhe pata bhi hai main kaise jee raha hoon .. for whole week im breathing like dead man .. I can't sleep nor think anything other than you ..even i sleep you hunting me in my dreams ..I know I did mistake but that doesn't mean we will act like those soaps jerk and break up ..don't be so mean please " his tone seems defeated his all fight gone now...   

               " I am sorry but you didn't left any choice ..I can't do it more " she nodded her head ...

           " please don't said that ..I know I did mistake but give me a chance ..only one chance i ask .." he try to hold her but she took a step back ...

               " I can't . ." a tear escape without her notice   " and trust me Maan its not because of your mistake ..even its nothing to do with your previous action ..but the truth is that I want more ..I'm tired of this relation ...".     

               " What ? " he couldn't believe what she just said ...   

           " you heard me Maan its true . I want more like a normal relation ..where I don't have to stay at home 24/7..where my partner will not shy away from everything.. The way you live its not perfect at all . No sane person can live like this then how can I . You know Maan what is most bitter truth ? , that what you did last time sooner or later that would have happen .. at some point you will take that step for sure .."

               He denied strongly nodding no " trust me you will ..Jo insan khudse pyaar nehi karta woh kisi aur se kabhi pyaar nehi kar payega ..I can't survive in this loveless relation ..I'm sorry "   He hugged her tightly, trying to soothing her pain.   

              " hey don't say like this .." he picked her up and sit on sofa still holding Geet on his lap .." you thinking all wrong ..there is nothing gonna happen trust me ..I will always keep you happy "

               " I know you will but this happiness isn't enough for me ..I want more ..I want whole package I can't live like that ".       

             ". But you said you are happy .." he throw back question accusingly ..Geet gulped hard to control her heart ..." you said you won't leave me. Then why now ? don't do this I can't live without you ? " There is so much love in his eyes for a second she thought to give up but stop her heart to melt     

               " you just you and you ..what about me ..Relation is about us not just you Maan...".   

               " Geet I ..". but she cuty him out.    

             " No Maan not today ..I don't want to hear what you want but today I will tell what I wanted , what I want ...I wanted a happy family paisa rahe ya na rahe koyi parba nehi ..I only want his togetherness in every step of my life ..with whom i can go crazy and go out any moment ...for movie shopping dinner outing I don't have to force him to go with me..Maan this is how couple enjoy .. If he goes one step I will follow and if I do he will follow.. this called normal relationship ..I want this type relation not how you do its not called life ..everything damn thing just only behind your four walls ...this is suffocating "

              She bite her lips sharply at her lies .. she never felt suffocate with him in fact all moments were very special but she had to do it ..his shocked pained expression broke her heart still she kept mum

            " i-i thought you were happy with me " his painful voice barely came out ...     

               " I was happy " She cupped his face looking at his eyes admit slowly. " I just want to be more happy . I want to live like normal couple that's all .. is it crime to want more. ".    

             " no ..I can understand what you want ..but i m helpless I only want you " he admitted simply " never wanted anything in my life like I want you ..can't you give me a chance ..don't you feel little sorry for me ..please have mercy on me "

             she wants to hug him tightly at his she doesn't want him to beg she wants him to fight for her ...both are shedding tears helplessly    she wipe them harshly before he do that   

            " what will happen if I go back with you ? that same routine , same life , the same you who has low self esteem, who loath himself hate himself , who hate to face people ..means back to square one ".   

           " No I will try to make you happy..I will do ..."

            " what you will do ? will you stop hiding in your house ? will you start living like normal ? Will we become normal couple ? will you face the WORLD for me ? "

          Geet was waiting for this chance to trap him in his own word and he couldn't do anything other than thinking of the chance she is giving to save their relation


            " How could she ask something like this Dadima ..She knows how I feel about outer world then why she doing it to me . Why this punishment ? "

                   " Do you love Geet ? ".

           " more than anything "

            " Do you want her back ? "

             " you really asking me this " he turn around in frustration .first Geet and her wish now Dadima's questions making him more angry    

           " for you it may be punishment but for Geet its her happiness . Didn't you said you want a chance now Geet giving you this ..leave it or take it . Let Geet go to find her happiness somewhere else or make her happy wholeheartedly by living like the way she wants .." saying she left making him more scared because he thought his Dadima will support him but here she already taking Geet's side ...

           " ahhh why me ? " he shouted angrily throwing flower vase on floor breaking it into pieces , another mistake for which he have to pay although he doesn't know it yet ...


      Geet throw those divorce papers on fire feeling satisfied.. those were not real but still thinking Maan singing those makes her shiver . She was not so sure about her plan but she still took the risk only for Maan's sake ..she doesn't know how will she react if Maan signed the papers and let her go ..she shook her head at her negative thoughts ..she will surely slap him again before tearing the papers .. " letting you go not a chance..not in this life or not next seven life got it Mr Khurana ..."

        She thought the way he reacted nor she likes his anger or his helpless form before her .. " yeh angry young man avtar film aur soaps main hi acchi lagti hai ..real life main no way . Meri Maan jaise hair sweet bhola sa waise hi accha hai ..Don't change OK .." she literary shouted to no one

       but she can't get fully peace now , because Maan still didn't say yes but her heart says he won't refuse..her love can't be that weak he will fight for her ...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-01-05T04:33:41Z
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ohh updated
its geet fault not mine her mind always works like this.. toh agar marne ka dil kare toh usse maro mujhe nehi ..
she wants to push him that limit where he can't escape from her
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sorry double post
urgh this IF making me crazy
anyways read this awesome story
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