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The status is
ankhoo ke thandak

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Mera Piya ghar aaya... oh Raam ji!
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Waiting waiting waiting
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Jumping jumping jumping
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Thank you thank you thank you!
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@Rashmi di:
awww di... such cutie sweetie comment on chapter 50... thank you. geet ka dimag thoda slow hain isiliye time
lag raha hain.. LOLabhi dekhte hain kitna fast fast jaata hain
jiju aur aapki jodi bhi bhagwaan ne banayi hain... kehte hain na opposites attract!!Wink
waise, kumbhkaran ki behen supnakha hui na?Confused

Geet can do a lot more things than just stopping him from going to office. just that she doesn't realize it...Wink

@CrystalSaya: if it makes you feel better, we have a long way to go for the prologue. so just enjoy every update as it comes.Embarrassed

@taahir004: thank you for the lovely comment. indeed things are changing..maan has passed that phase. its geet's turn now.
about family wedding, lets see what Maan has up on his sleeves and if Geet agrees. Whatever you mentioned about Geet's feelings,
indeed true...she is like the moon how, showing different phases with time. Big smile

@indiegirl: aww...don't fear little reader. I am here to take care of your heart. trust me, I have something to look forward to.Wink

@sgmiss2003: thank you for the awesome comment. Indeed Kanha and Radha are integral part of geet's life and hence important
for the story. I believe in a more emotional and spiritual connection more than any physical relation. and the story is just the reflection of
my thoughts and theories and beliefs.Embarrassed

@Madhuri di: very rightly said di. she doesn't depend on the feather anymore. she doesn't go to her Kanha for every little thing.
she is learning now...and she has come a long way and Maan is that force guiding her. She knows that and thats why connects
everything to him instead of kanha.Embarrassed

@dalur: the last part of your comment had me reeling in happiness. you caught what I left for you to catch. its so good to have you here
thank you...Hugshe has finally learned to let go.

52.A Step Close To Nirvana...

"I hate him... I hate him... I hate him from the nucleus of every cell in my body." She cried, "Why Geet... just why?"

Geet sighed and relaxed back in the chair.

"You can't help it Ana. He is a guest!"

It was Thursday and she was winding up. Friday was going to be the last day in office. She sighed and looked towards Maan's room. He wasn't here. She had literally bullied him to stay back home and felt smugly proud of herself to have driven him to a corner... for the first time.

Shabash Geet. You need to keep that going!!

She had been working when Ana had called and cried to her. Apparently, the guy who had made her pay for his lunch was there at the wedding too. And from her talks, Geet knew nothing was going smooth between them.

"That's the worst part about him. He is the relative of the groom and that fellow... he bullies me all the time.."

Geet's jaws dropped down.

Like really? Someone could bully Antara Khurana? That was news!!!!

"Hello?? Are you there?"

She composed herself, "Yeah here. Tell me more. When did he bully you Ana? You are a big girl now."

Ana sighed and she could feel her frustration over the phone.

"He... he told my dance was shitty..."

"What?" Geet fumed.

"Yeah. I told him the dances on his side were no better and then he said something in Hindi..."


"of course I didn't understand it at all...and he made fun of me."

Geet knew Hindi was Ana's weakness. Born and brought up in the States, she had had little touch with her native. She could speak basics, a few mundane words but that's that. Her limit. Complex structures always went over her head.

"And you know what Geet..." she cried again, "whenever we confront, he always talks to me in Hindi and then... then he makes fun of me."

"That is really mean Ana. Why don't you tell him not to?"

"I do. But then my cousins are way too much involved with him. They love him so much and wouldn't hear anything against him."

Geet sighed, "What's his name again?"

"Prick!" came her reflex and Geet sighed.

"Not the one you named him Ana..."

"Why does it matter?"

"Just curious. Tell me now... every little detail. Someone seems to have rattled Antara Khurana's feathers these days"

"Geet... stop making fun of me."

"Then tell me."

"Aarush Prick' Mehra..." she bit back.

"Ana!!" Geet rolled her eyes, "Just stay away from him okay. its only a matter of days.. you will be back in 3 days now. don't spoil your mood because of what he says. Just ignore."

"Yeah right! Ignore when all your cousins do is roast you day in and day out because of that jerk!"

Geet giggled, "Just a few days more."

"Geet... come to us." Ana spoke after a moment.

"Ana...I... I can't.."

"Why can't you? Bhai is coming tomorrow. Everyone here is worried about you. just pack your stuffs and hop into the flight with Bhai."

Geet played with the pen she was holding, "Ana... It would be really awkward for me. You know it. Plus I have one meeting with the HR of the company I just interviewed for... I might have a chance there."

"I hate the fact that you have to look for job continuously." Her friend replied sadly.

"that's my way of survival Ana..."

"I know. But why can't you just forget everything and live with us? You don't have to struggle with all this anymore..."

There was a pregnant pause between the friends but then Ana continued, "Okay... I know I am being unreasonable. I am just..."

"Worried." Geet completed her sentence, "I know Ana. I feel lucky to have found you guys."

She meant that. She was fortunate enough. They chit chatted for some time until someone called Ana on the other side. She finished her work and her tummy rumbled.

Lunch time!

She did that little dance in her head and stood up to leave when something struck her mind. She grabbed her phone and dialled his number. He took some time to pick up the phone and she could hear a faint music on the other side.

"How are you feeling?"

He leaned back on the arm chair and smiled, "You called to check on me?"

"No! I called to check on Aawara. So, how is he?" she bit back.

"He is fine Geet... anything else you wanted to know?" he played along.

She sighed, "How are you? Did you have your lunch yet? What did you do the whole day? Don't tell you me slogged in the study..."

The concern for him always won no matter what. She was at a point now where she wanted to be something to him but she didn't know what.

"I actually slept through the day..." he confessed.

"Really?" she was surprised.

"Yeah. The effects of medicines perhaps but I slept off after you left and woke up just an hour back and had my lunch. Are you done with the work? Adi is there to guide you through the formalities. Its going to be your last day tomorrow Geet..."

Last day...

Both their hearts sunk at the mention of that. She won't be working with him anymore. No more monster boss... No more dinner at Ellen's after work... No more driving and dropping her at her home. She'd miss that... and if she was lucky enough to get a job soon, then she wouldn't even see him as often as she could now. And suddenly she just felt choked with emotions. Three months passed so quickly and she never realized.

He could feel the heaviness of the moment seep. He wondered if she felt what he could feel now...the lingering sadness. But then it was time to move on. She had to flourish.

"did you have your lunch?" he distracted her and a song in the background just caught her ears.

Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho
Jeevan meethi pyaas yeh kehti ho
Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho

It was Kishore da once again and none realized. His voice wafted through the phone into her ears and she gasped. The melodious voice had not made him aware until he heard her gasp and stilled. It was ironic. Something momentous he felt.

"Maan?" she called softly after a lingering moment of silence.


"Where are you now?"

He looked around and his voice dropped a tone low, "In dadima's room..."

"This song..."

"I was listening to her favourite collection on her gramophone.."

Har Shaam Aankhon Par
Tera Aanchal Lehraye
Har Raat Yaadon Ki
Baarat Le Aaye

"Ohh...thats why..."

The words felt so apt for that moment and she felt something tingle in her stomach. She held her sandwich and just remained still, enraptured by the song. And him being on the phone was much needed relaxation she needed but the anxiousness slowly seeped in.

"Yeah..." he took a sharp breath in, "did you have your food?"


Main Saans Leta Hoon
Teri Khushboo Aati Hai
Ek Mehka Mehka Sa
Paigaam Laati Hai
Mere Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi
Tere Geet Gaati Hai
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho

She saw, in front of her eyes, the fleeting moments between Maan and her dance. And just like everything else, this shall pass away too.

She watched her colleague wave at her and she shook her head getting out of that stupor. The song was just driving her crazy and added to that, the lack of sleep. Her brain was definitely going bonkers. She shook her head and knew what she had to.

"okay Maan... I gotta go. Don't stress and rest a little more. You still have that blocked nose. Bye now."

She disconnected the phone and sighed in relief.

What in the world did she just go through?

Her brain was definitely overworking. She needed a good sleep and she was glad the next day was Friday.


He was still sweaty in the aftermath of the game. The day had been boring and he had decided to indulge himself in his favourite game. He had decided against the ac of the car and enjoyed the cool wind of the rainy days. It was already dark by the time he reached the estates and checked the time.


That was the time Geet usually got home from office. Relieved that he wouldn't get bored, he picked up his duffel bag from the car, hopped up the stairs of the porch and jogged into the house. And to his luck, she was back home.

"Stop right there!"she screamed, slowly walking down the stairs.

He stopped and looked up only to find her stand at the top, wearing her cute pjs and wiping her hair. She had just taken a bath. A wave of freshness hit him, just watching her so fresh.

" was your day?"

"Don't hey' me Mister..." she bit back, "where the hell had you been?"

"woah..." he was surprised at her demeanour. She seemed angry about something.
She glanced at him from top to bottom as she slowly climbed down the stairs. 

Dressed in black track pants and a red tee, that messy floppy of hair, falling on his forehead and the sweat glistening in the light, he made quite a sight. She had to give him that. He looked way more handsome than she had found him ever before. He wore red sneakers that completed his look.

Geet... stop it now.

"Are you okay?" he asked, swiping his hand across his forehead to wipe that fresh layer of sweat. A good game always made him feel alive.

She stood in front of him and glared at him.

"Where had you been?"

He shrugged, "I was bored the whole day. So went off for a game."

"What game?"

He wondered if she was okay. She seemed cranky.


Her jaw dropped down, "You play soccer?"

He smiled at her astonishment and smirked, "you didn't know? May be you should start observing me a little more."

She knew he was teasing because of the little game they had played at Ellen's the last time they had been but she was in no mood to take all that right now. Nothing felt good.

"For god's sake you are not well, you monster. Why can't you do as you are told?"

He dropped the bag on the couch and placed his hands on his waist, "I am fine Geet. Stop worrying about me. What's the matter now?"

"What matter?" she snapped.

He shook his head, grabbed one of her hands and pulled her to the couch and made her sit. Kneeling in front of her, he caught her eyes in a lock, "tell me now. What is bothering you? Office mein kuch hua?"

She felt irritated for nothing, "No. Nothing. I am fine."

"Then why are you upset?"

"I don't know.." she stood up and paced restlessly around.

"Geet... calm down now."

"Just go and freshen up Maan. Let me see what we have for dinner."

He was anyways dirty and sweaty and hence, decided to just freshen up first and then deal with her cranky highness.

When he came down thirty minutes later, she was in the kitchen, fighting with the cook. He rolled his eyes and went to check on them.

"hey...hey... calm down everybody. Whats the matter?"

She looked at him like she would cry the next minute, "I don't want to eat
anything he suggests..."

He saw her mood shift and gestured the cook to leave immediately.

"Sit here..." he patted the counter top and smiled.

"No." she snapped.

"Arrey...sit here and tell me what you want to eat today."

"I don't want to talk."

Geet and her mood swings... uff.

He rolled his eyes, "Geet... come on. Don't behave like a child now."

"I am behaving like a child? What can I do if I don't want to eat anything that he makes? I am going bye..."

She turned to leave and he raised his hands up in the air.

"You asked for it."

He grabbed her hand from behind, jerked her close and with a smooth sweep, lifted her by her waist and made her sit on the counter top.

"Gahh... Maan...what the hell are you doing?" she screamed, fidgeting to get off.
He placed both his hands on either side of her and stood tall in front, restricting her movements.

"Shhh... calm down first." He commanded.

And the intensity of the voice and his look made her oblige. She left a staggering breath and looked away.

"Look at me now..." he spoke sternly and she did.

"Good." He blinked his eyes once in appreciation, "Now tell me. What is
bothering you?"

"Nothing..."she answered meekly.

"Are you sure?"


He sighed, "And what do you want to eat?"

His breath fell on her lips and then she realized how close he was to her. Their faces remained at the same level and his eyes held a commanding grip on her...all over her. It felt different... something zoomed in her stomach and she gulped hard.

"Geet... tell me."

"I..." her eyes flicked from his lips to his eyes, "I...want to..."

Her throat went dry and she suddenly felt at loss of words.

Kanha, what is happening to me?

"You sit here. Let me cook something."

His voice zapped her back from the daze she had been. Her heart suddenly beat so hard that she could hear it in her ears.

He sighed and took a step back, glad that she was calm enough.

"You want anything particular to eat?"

She looked at him dazed, completely lost in the feel he set within her. And this distance made her cringe.

"I... I want to eat something tasty..." she finally spoke.

Thank you Kanha...

He stopped and cocked his head to the side, "tasty like?"

"Umm...Umm..." she thought, "something spicy and tangy... and buttery... "

She closed her eyes and imagined what she was describing and he watched her hands move animatedly in the air as she described her desire.

"...something with all the Indian flavours combined. The smell that makes your mouth water... it is soft and every bite is like a step closer to nirvana..."

He was amused at the way she compared food with niravana. She was adorable. She was his muse. His little tornado.

"What are you visualizing there?" he asked, finally smiling at her cuteness.

"Biryani.." she snapped her eyes open and grinned.

"biryani?" he raised a brow.

"Han Han. Biryani. I want to eat biryani.. can you make for me?"

He swore he could see tiny stars twinkling in her eyes. She was smiling after a long time.

"I don't know how to make biryani though..." he shook his head.

Her face fell. His heart went aww' with that..

"Ohh..." she pouted.

He couldn't have seen her sad. He thought for a while and checked his phone.

"What are you doing?" she asked cutely.

"Get ready."

"We are going somewhere?"

"yes... lets get you some good biryani.."

"Really?" her eyes went big in excitement.

He smiled at her happiness and nodded his head, "yep. Now hurry up."

"Yayyy...yayyy..." she jumped down the counter and held his hand, jumping.

"Maan...Maan...Maan... you are the best."

His heart elated seeing her so happy. All she needed was biryani? He laughed and watched her jump up the stairs like a happy little kid and shook his head.


If he thought he has seen enough of her cuteness, then he was proved utterly and delightfully wrong. He had brought her to an Indian restaurant and ordered chicken biryani as she desired and he felt he had seen heaven. The way she licked her lips after taking a bite...the way her eyes shut close and the pleasure reflected on her face, he now understood what she had meant when she spoke of nirvana.

A step closer to Nirvana...

He repeated her sentence in his head and watched her bite into the chicken.

"Ohh god...this is so tender and so juicy...ahh..." she moaned with food in her mouth.

He stopped eating, feeling the spices burn his mouth. He wasn't very much fond of oily and spicy food. Even back at home, his mother and grandmother prepared food with less oil and spice. He gulped down a glass of water and kept observing her facial expressions. Her eyes scrunched close in happiness, she was enjoying it to the fullest.

"Say Geet..."

"Ummm?" she couldn't even speak with so much food stuffed into her mouth.

"I will be leaving for Seattle tomorrow evening. Come with me."

She sighed and put the chicken down on her plate, "Maan... You know I can't. Even Ana called today for the same."

"What will you do here all alone? Won't you feel lonely?"

"its  your family Maan. Enjoy with them and stop worrying about me. Anyways I have a friend's birthday party tomorrow. I will be with her."


"yeah. She is a college friend. You leave for airport and I leave for the party. And there is an interview lined up too. So anyways I will keep busy. There is nothing to worry about."

He sighed, "How can I coax you to come with me Geet? Tell me."

She popped a piece of chicken into her mouth, "Why are so guys so adamant?"

"We are concerned about you.."

"I appreciate that Maan but please don't force me into doing something I don't want to."

He shrugged and let her eat. She was right at her place. There would be no point in taking her to a place where she won't be able to enjoy.

The drive back home was silent because she just slept off in the car. She was full to the throat, as she put it, and happily dozed off. He sighed. No wonder she was cranky due to lack of sleep. The previous night she was up singing lullabies to him. Pulling into the drive way, he picked her up and made her sleep in her room. She slept like a log and he just didn't disturb her. his heart warmed up seeing her sleep.

Ohh how he loved pampering her...


She was so glad that Maan was back in the office. The previous day felt empty. Like she had nothing to look forward to. And even when it was her last day at the office, she liked the ambience of the place and the environment when he was around. She walked towards the lift, holding some files and recalled the morning when she had found herself in her room and on her bed. It was a shock at first because the last she remembered was being in the restaurant, relishing chicken biryani. The thought of the little bite of heaven made her mouth water.

Kanha, did he put me to bed? He could have woken me up na...

She blushed furiously, imagining how he would have picked her up and brought her in. And she knew the answer to her own question. He just cared. Nothing else. he could do anything to make his people happy. Her cheeks warmed up.

She was also included in his' people now...

She felt someone tap her shoulder and then pull her aside, before she stepped into the lift.

"Hey what..."

"Hush now. tell me where is Ana?"

She got a grip on herself and looked at the man in front of her. Anger filled her nerves but she held back.

"Arjun.. what is this?"

"I don't see her in office. Where is she Geet? I know you know it..."

"Why do you want to know of her whereabouts?" she bit out rudely.

"You know why..." he looked straight into her eyes.

"And you think I will tell you? Haven't you done enough damage?"

She turned to leave when he grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"How dare you?" Geet glared at him.

"I want her back... no matter what."

She tried pulling her hand off his, "get over her Arjun. She is off limits. Just feel lucky that she hasn't told her brothers about you... if she did..."

"I know she won't tell." Arjun spoke with a flair of arrogance in him, "she had come back to me asking me to take her back after we broke up..."

"because she wanted to give you a chance to redeem yourself Arjun. You haven't seen her in the condition I have seen her in..and I won't let her do it again."

Saying so, she jerked her hand away from him but he was far from backing out.

"She lied to her brothers to meet me... isn't that proof enough?"

"Because she didn't want you to end up in a pathetic state. She is done with you. Leave before Maan or Kabir get to know about you. Your project is done... go away from her life."

She felt jitters run down her spine thinking what would Maan do if he ever came to know about this. The past always came back to haunt you. They had lied and settled things back then. But now... she felt scared. Kabir... they could handle him. He would be angry but then he also gave space for explanation. But Maan... she shivered. Her brain conjured up the image of Maan standing on her doorstep the day Ana had gone missing. She could never forget that...

What if Maan really got to know?

It was a scary prospect. He was very protective of his people, especially of his family and very sensitive too. She turned to leave, trying to calm her heart down which was beating too fast out of sheer anxiety and anger. She felt a presence and who did she see but Maan standing on the stairs, looking at them... no no...looking at her with eyes that made her shiver with their intensity.

"Maan?" she gasped and froze on her step.

>>ha ha ha... too much sweetness isn't good for health. You must include something bitter in your diet too.Evil Smile

>>Uh Oh!! New Entries and then Arjun? Gahhh... this is crazy!D'oh

>>What will happen now?Shocked

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Hamaari jodi sach me waisi hi hai   Ram banaayi Jodi...opposit attracts nahin  makes other angry hai  type hamari jodi..    ..main unke perfection se pareshaan aur wo mere clumsiness se LOLLOLLOL..
sometime i think ki agar dono hi perfect hote to life kitni boring hoti..kisi ko bhi ladne ka reason hi nahin milta,.you are perfect wre perfect hi bolte rahte ... Hehehehehehehe.

yess Kumbhkaran ki bahan Supnakha hi hai par I called Geet kumbhkaran ki bahan to compare her with he was used to sleep too hard waise hi geet bhi kaise bekhabar so rahi thiLOLLOL

chalo ab comment ki baari

OMG wo kahte hain na ki duniya gol hai prove ho gaya.. the guy whom ana met at the restaurant was present in the wedding and he was making fun of her for not knowing Hindi welll... and More irritating was that eh was from the groom side..Poor Ana,.. Ser ko shayad sawa ser mila iss baarLOLLOL but I think he is a good nature guy and fun loving too.. Atleast Ana ki baaton se to mujhe aisa hi laga...
Wah Geet madam is raising her invisible collar up for forcing Maan  to stay back at home... haha geet maan is not so easy to understand..

She called him to knpw how his day was passing and he was so happy with her concern.. 
Pal Pal Dil ke paas Tum Rahti ho... My so much favorite song but recently was spoiled by recreating it for that movie.. i wa sso dis appointed to heat that song.. so the old one is still my favorite 
waise ek baat bataao ..Maan wo gana kyu sun raha tha? just because of he was in dadi's room to listen her favorite songs on her gramophone or while havinf geet in his mind??EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Dadi se jyada geet ke loye suit hota hai wo songEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

And then came tha sensitive matter... they both remembered that next day was her last day at Khurana Empires and this time not only Maan's heart went heavy but geet too was chocked by mention of that matter...
Waise ek baat poochhne hai..Geet always says that she loved Raj.. i know he and puja's family took good care of her..maan too is taking a good care of her now..Can't she make a difference between these two cares?.. Did Ever raj takle this much care of her to put her on bed while she was sleeping?? Never.. Dil ke darwaaze ko pyaar ke naam par lock karke rakha hai isne.. 
aur ye maan..
he is so over protected that he doesn't want to force his love on her.. 
maan went for a game as he was feeling better after a full day rest but was encountered by that angry woman on his returned...LOL aaj kal geet me maan ka aatma ka ansh aa gaya hai thodaLOL

Oh no geet ko bhoolne ki bimari hai kya?
abhi to Maan ko daant rahi thi ki bahr kyun gaye rest karna tha ab usko Kitchen me laga diya dinner banaane ko...Wah ri geet... usko Biryaani khaani hai and the way she narrated the flavor of biryaani it seemed jaise aaj ke baad kabhi kuchh khaane ki zaroorat hi nahin padegiROFL
She will get Nirvana and the way she ate it actually looked like she was starving it from ages,, but poor Maan could not eat that.. aur geet ne dhyaan bhi nahin diya ki wo nahin kha raha hai... that's why I feel sometimes that she is selfish..I m sorry if I m harsh on her..bechara maan  uska pet geet ko khaate dekh hi bhar jaata hai shayadEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
both maan and Ana want her to attend wedding but she is not comfortable..

Lol update start bhi Ana ki problem se and khatam bhi ana ki problem se
ye arjun banda kis class ka hai.. he seems harmful to me not even for Ana but for geet too..How dare he could hold her hand.. Doesn't he have manners to talk to a lady??AngryAngry
How rudely he was talking to him and it gave a clear indication that he was not at all a good man..he was proud to say that ana lied to her brothers to meet him..
Disgusting man.. hw only want's to know Ana's whereabouts..but I m sure feet won't say a word to him about her friend

 She was now scared of Maan now..What if he knows about this? and her fear came tru instant;y as she saw maan standing there and he was looking at her only...and as you said too much sweetness is not good for health.. so geet has to taste some thing bitter too to make the balance in her diet..kal biryaani khaayi thi na.. ab maan ka gussa khaaoLOL
I hope geet usko sach bataaye..atleast utna sach jitna usko jaanne ka haq hai.. 
maanin anger might take her with him to wedding..
may be possible naLOLLOLLOL
chalo ab mujhe dekhna hai ki Maan and geet  kaise react karte hain iss situation par ek dusre ke saathDay Dreaming

PS:- jaise Geet me Maan ki aatma aa gayi shayad mere andar marium ki aatma aagayi hai..dekho kitna lamba ho gaya commentLOLLOLLOL

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