MG FF- Someone Like You THREAD #6(Page 62)

Posted: 2017-05-12T21:42:13Z
Very nice update. The pace of the story matches the way their relationship is building. Your reference of Kanha in the story gives it a completely different feel. You feel their relationship is very emotional and heavenly rather than physical attraction. Maan has helped her in past. Now she is taking good care of him. She acts childishly at times but is very mature too. She remembers her father while taking care of him. Maan makes her sing that song so she can share her emotions with him and feel better too. Maan is so awed by her. Maan's mom wants Geet to come to wedding.  Hope Maan is able to convince her. Maybe he can blackmail her the way she blackmailed him to stay home. Looking forward to what happens. 
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Posted: 2017-05-12T21:58:27Z
Beautiful update
Loved it
Geet s taking care of maan and geet s feeling something for maan ...
Maan s liking geet bossing him
Geet s not talking to maan and ignoring him
Maan not able to take geet ignorance
Maaneet moments are awesome and wording r superb
Well written
Loved ur writing
Continue soon
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Posted: 2017-05-13T02:35:38Z
beautiful n lovely update
geet took full caare of maan as he is having flu 
maan love the way geet take care of him
maan's mom ask maan tom come with geet as she don't want geet alone but says not to force her
maan is very badly in love with geet that when she says she wont talk with him if he go to office n not taking rest which he agree
hope geet realise her feelings as love for maan soon n maan also confess it to her 
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Posted: 2017-05-13T06:06:44Z

Part 51 - Lovely update Aishu. Liked the progress of geet. She accepted that she never want to share what they had bet them, not with sarah. So as radha was jealous same way geet was jealous too. Now I can say that she was falling in love but yet to realize that...ok with that...nahi to story hi khatam ho jayegi.

Even nowadays she felt meeting her kanha after long time as she was busy in her life. But that was not the only reason. She got her kanha in maan. Earlier she connected peacock feather to her kanha but now after seeing it she instantly reminded of maan only.

He was taking a lot advantage of her sleeping. He took the chance to kiss her cheek which he wanted to do in a party only.  I liked that he took her drooling pic to cherish that moment. Glad he did not show her that jane kya karti thi vo.

What was her reaction when she woke up in her arms...she reminded of her assignment... That was funny. Maan ke romance ka band baja

Loved how geet was taking care of him. Anybody would have done that. but being her there and taking care like it was her duty. It was like doing something he did for her, with love. I liked the whole scene.

Now he was ill but otherwise how romantic it would have turned. Maan was happy to get massaged his head by her. Her care for him gave immense happiness to him.  Glad she realized to claim what is hers.

Ha...ha...ha... his mom was worried about geet more than him who was down with flu. Yes, she was favorite of all.

So his mom asked him to bring her also. So geet also going with him. Want to see how he make her agree.

Maan & geet arguing, that shows how far they came. She was bossing on him, on he was shocked to listen her threaten of not talking with him. He was latterly begging her to talk with him. He could not take that she was not talking him and finally he had to agree with her, dil je de baitha hai.  

I thought he will put condition that she has to come with him for marriage like MSK style but aisa kuch hua nahi.

Now eager to know how he will have his way.  Dekhte hai... Game on...Lol.

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Posted: 2017-05-13T07:44:16Z
Just listning to catch a falling star in loop over and over again
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Posted: 2017-05-13T07:44:57Z
The beautify of Maan and Geet's relation is so simple yet so profoundly attached
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Posted: 2017-05-13T10:42:00Z
beautiful part.. 
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Posted: 2017-05-13T11:23:00Z
Lovely update 
Geet taking care of Maan 

& he is allowing her to boss around & twist his arm

Hope Maan convince her to join the wedding

Waiting for update

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