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Posted: 2017-03-22T03:49:48Z
Hey Guys,

Since the last thread was closed, we had to repost it. For all previous parts, please go to the below link

Part 35
Col Singh thought about the dinner that he had with Ram and Priya.He hoped that Ram had understood what he tried telling him. Priya and Ram had taken a brave decision to be together inspite of the opposition from their parents but the journey was never going to be easy and he simply hoped that they sail through. 

Something about Priya made him protective towards her, like her own daughter. After many years he would be sleeping peacefully today. 

Priya woke up to find the other side of the bed empty. Ram must have woken up before her. She was feeling good about life again. Ram had come around and now it would be a great journey to parenting together. 

Priya walked out of the bedroom to find Ram in the kitchen. As soon as Ram saw Priya, he rushed towards her.

Ram: Why di you get up so early? You need rest, go sleep.

Priya: Ram, its already 7. I have to get ready for office, prepare our lunches. 

Ram: I have already done that madam and are you sure you can go to office today?

Priya: Yes Ram, i already took an off yesterday. I have to go today. 

Ram motioned Priya to sit down as he poured tea into a cup and gave it to Priya. He had thought about his situation last night and had decided against telling Priya about the offer Nitali had made. No matter how challenging his situation at job would be, Priya needed to be happy and worry free. He could manage the tension. 

Priya saw Ram lost in toughts.

Priya: What are you thinking about?

Ram: About our schedule in the coming months. Have you seen the doctor? 

Priya: Yes, i have to undergo some tests. We will mostly have appointments every month now.

Ram: Priya, i am again sorry about the way i behaved. I promise i will take care of you.

Priya: Ram, forget about it now. We will both be great parents and i know you will take care of me. We only have to manage our finances well.

Ram: You don't worry about anything Priya, leave everything to me.

Priya: I will get ready.

As Priya went inside to change, Ram opened hid bank account on his mobile and was appalled at the sorry state his balance was in. Though Priya earned well, he knew his job was required to hold things in place. Discussing his problem with Priya was out of the question now. Gautam was caught up in his own project and Sheetal was far away in UK. He had to find someone to speak to and had to do it soon.


During the lunch break, Priya thought if she should break the news to her mother. At some point in time she will need an elder and who best than her mother. But then she remembered their last encounter. Her father had already declared her dead and her mother would not be able to go against him, even if she wished. Ram's parents must also be informed. No matter what the relations they shared, they had a right to know this news. She was debating with herself when Cheeni came over there.

Cheeni: So madam, where are you these days?

Priya: I am right here Cheeni. Tell me did Mr. Kapoor agree to the suggestions? 

Cheeni: Yes he did. Infact he was very happy so in a way you have managed to get him out of the crisis.

Priya: That's the least that i can do. 

Cheeni: Ya, but the market situation doesn't seem like it will improve anytime sooner. 

Priya: Well, it has to take time. But hopefully it will.

Cheeni: Heard that IT is facing the biggest heat, people are losing their jobs left, right and center?

Priya: Yeah, that's why i am worried for Ram. You know he is taking too much stress about his job. 

Cheeni: Anyone in his position will. And to top it, he has responsibility. You guys are just married. 

Priya: I know Cheeni.

Cheeni: Don't worry, he is a talented guy. I ll see you around, time to go bye.

Priya: Bye

Priya sat for some more time. She knew Ram was tensed with his job position and now with the news of the baby he might be more worried. She thought about the discussion that her colleague Priti was having that day about working outside of office. She decided to appraoch Priti. 

Ram sat on his desk and looked at his screen. The programs were running and the would take atleast another hour. He saw Nitali enter the office and look directly at him. Ram relectantly got up to go towards her cabin. 

Nitali: What have you thought?

Ram: I guess i have no option but to do this. 

Nitali: Ah, i can see better sense prevailing. Sumit handles the Somali project, try and get the codes from him as soon as possible. 

Ram: I will.

Ram turned to leave when Nitali stopped him

Nitali: Who is the girl Gautam is seeing right now? 

Ram: As i remember correctly, Gautam is wise enough to decide for himself. As far as you and me are concerned, we are strictly professional. 

Nitali looked stunned at Ram as he walked off from her cabin. She had not quite expected the rebuke but she was happy that Ram had atleast agreed to her proposal regarding the projects. 
Priya sat thinking about her conversation with Priti. Doing freelancing work on Sat and Sun would take a toll on her health. Moreover she had to do it stealthily, without Ram comng to know about it. Additional money was good, the only question remained as to if she could manage. From what Priti had told her, there was no dearth of customers who wanted CA's to do the jobs for them. Priya was lost in thoughts when her phone rang. She picked it up.

Sheetal: Hi, hope i am not disturbing you. 

Priya: Not at all, how are you?

Sheetal: All well here, just wanted to speak to you guys, haven't spoken in a long time. So what's happening?

Priya hesitated for a while debating whether to tell her or not. She decided she had to tell some family member. She walked on to the balcony.

Priya: Actually, i wanted to tell you something..

Sheetal: What happened Priya? Any problem?

Priya: No, not a problem..its just that i am ...you...Ram is going to be a father.

Sheetal: What!!! Sheetal exclaimed on the phone nearly deafneing Priya.

Sheetal: Wow, that's such great news. I am so so happy for you guys. 

Priya: Thank you. I wanted to discuss something with you. 

Sheetal: Sure, say. 

Priya: Don't you think our parents should know about this? 

Sheetal: Priya, what you are saying is right. They should know, who knows, they might come around and accept your marraige. This is afterall their grandchild. 

Priya: I too think the same thing. But i do not know how to breach the topic with Ram. 

Sheetal: Ram is angry on Mom and Dad but i think even he will agree that the parents need to know. And Priya, you definately need an elder around to help out. Its your first pregnancy. How i wish i was there in India, i could have helped you out. 

Priya: You are our biggest morale support even being miles away. 

Sheetal: Talk to Ram and i am sure he will agree with you. But i am so so happy for you guys. 

Priya: Thanks Sheetal, i shall speak to you later. 

Priya immediately felt releived. Sheetal was after all family and she had told a family member. Nothing was satisfying than that. Now she only needed to talk to Ram.

Ram came in a little early and saw that Col Singh's door was open. He peeped inside to find Col Singh watering his plants. Ram knocked on his door, Col Singh looked at Ram and motioned him to come inside. 

Col Singh: Good to see you Ram, hope you have not come to complain about yesterday's food? 

Ram: No No uncle, it was fabulous. I actually came to thank you. 

Col Singh: For what? 

Ram: You saved me from making perhaps the biggest mistake of my life. I will always be indebted to you. 

Col Singh: Ram, you know i feel i can recognize good people. You and Priya are wonderful people, young and full of life. You know why we elderly people keep telling things to you? Not because we think you are immature or we think you are good for nothing. No, we do it beacuse we do not want you to make the same mistakes as us. 

Ram: I understand uncle, but is it wrong for two people to fall in love? To want to live their lives together? 

Col Singh: No Ram, but we human beings in nature are stange. We cannot let go of things easily. When we have a child, we thing we have a right to decide everything for it, because we have made it. In this quest we often dump our decisions on our children and this continues generation after generation. 

Ram smiled at Col Singh and told his entire story. Although Col Singh had heard it from Priya, he did not reveal it to Ram. Men had fragile egos and he knew that very well. 

Col Singh: Congrats Ram on the good news. About both of your parents, you know the situation is such that understanding each other is difficult. Loss of a child is very painful and if you think a certain someone has caused it then obviously you will not want to have any sort of relationships with that person.

Ram: But Uncle, my dad did not do it intentionally..

Col Singh: I agree Ram. I am not saying he did, its just that convincing either of them is difficult at this stage. But the news of a grand child will certainly mellow tham down. 

Ram: No, Uncle, i am not going to tell them about my child. 

Col Singh: Why not? 

Ram: Because i want them to accept us on our own. I am not parading my child as a truce seeking object. I want them to accept Priya and me because we are truthful to each other and our feellings are true.

Priya stood at the entrance listening to the entire conversation. Niether Ram nor Col Singh had seen her. This stand of Ram came as a surprise to her. She did not want another fight to happen between them and decide this is not the best time to broach this subject. 

To be continued

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Posted: 2017-03-22T06:48:00Z
New responsibilities in the form of upcoming baby in RaYa life with lots of problem. With all these Ram Priya has only support of each other but if they both tell their parents can solve their half of the problem. Now more over Ram has agreed about the project codes hope this don't lead to any other problem in their life.
Glad to see you back with this story of yours. Now enjoying very much again.
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Posted: 2017-03-22T13:02:04Z
Finally u updated my story thanks neha n love the way u show that col has understand them imp of child n ram is worried how to manage all things as his job is in danger n hope all will fine n raya parents ll come to know about the child n waiting for next part
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Posted: 2017-03-22T16:30:41Z
off cource after long time but happy you continuing your all stories as your all stories r my favourite always so here we go on update...
I guess by Ram this decision big trouble might be waiting for RaYa in future but till then I m happy Ram realized his mistake & acepted baby whole heartedly awesome just loving this Sheetal but Ram is acting like with so much ego but the story is all about that only so can't wait to see other chapter to unfold do post next soon will be waiting to read it...
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Posted: 2017-03-22T17:12:35Z
Hi dears,
Again an update from my favourite writer on one of her stories..
Thanks a lot for continuing it..
Loved the update...
Slowly Raya phase as a start of going to be parents seems quite tough...a lot more to handle financially and emotionally..
Hope all goes well for them..
Col was so understanding, a person to root for when raya in trouble..
So atleast sheetal knows about priya's pregnancy ,atleast one supporting family member know..
Ram's stand on not letting their parents know is understandable too..he wants them to be accepted and not bcoz of their upcoming kid..he isnt totally wrong...but then informing elders at this point of time will be helpful for raya..since priya too heard wht ram said,so tht discussion is putaside now..

Ram accepted Nitali's option..i so not wanted too..this might land him in trouble..

Whts in store for raya, i am eager to know...waiting for next update.. :)

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Posted: 2017-03-23T00:45:20Z
Glad that you are continuing the story..Thank you..Waiting for the next part.
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Posted: 2017-03-23T06:04:07Z
Hii all the parts are so good and now part is so fav don't let ram to stuck in some situations...And continue soon
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