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Here is thenext chapter in Paro and Rudra's journey of love. I have started a new threadsince the last one had quite a few pages, and it seemed like this was the newchapter in the couple's life as they moved into Ranawat Haveli. For your convenience, I have added the link to Thread #1 at the bottom of the Chapter #26.

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The soft butconsistent knock on the door jarred Paro and she got up from the bed. Surely,it couldn't be her husband, Paro thought anxiously. If it was Rudra, heprobably would have just barged in, or slammed open the door just like lastnight. The man wouldn't have bothered to knock politely, she was sure of that

Paro walkedto the door and opened it to find a soldier standing there, the one who hadwarned her not to leave to see Rudra few days ago. He greeted her nervously andParo waited for him to probably deliver some kind of order from her jallad of a husband

But, insteadthe man asked her if she could give him Rudra's clean uniform and clothing. Hepaused, clearly uncomfortable with the delivery of the message. His eyesflickered around uneasily, as if doing his best to avoid her gaze

Of course,Rudra had decided to send his man to do his work, Paro thought angrily at hiscowardice. He had left her after possessively kissing her, and she hadn't heardfrom since last night. Exasperated, Paro walked to the closet and pulled out aset of clean and pressed clothing, and handed it out to the soldier

Once he hadwhat he had come to pick up, he thanked her and left quickly, not willing tohave Major's wife question him about anything else. He was sure that there wereproblems between the Major and his newly wedded bride already, but he didn'twant to be caught in the middle of it

He knewabout the fate of his comrade, the one who had been suspended. It had all beenbecause he had given in to the Major's wife request to see the prisoner incaptivity, and then she had gotten herself abducted. And as a result, hisfriend had been suspended.

So far, hehad been very lucky to have escaped his boss's wrath when she had gone to seehim that day, but he might not be so fortunate again, so he did his best tostay out of trouble.

Thankfully,there was another soldier on post guarding major's wife now, and he breathed asigh of relief. There were whispers all around especially about his bosskicking in the door last night, but no one dared discuss anything openly.

The Majorhad been spending his nights at the office, which wasn't really new since hewas a workaholic and had done so in the past, but it was different now.Everyone was aware of the time Major had even kept his wife's aunt prisoner

She had justbeen let go and the reasons for her release were unknown, at least to a soldierat his grade level. Frankly, he was scared of the Major and dare not cross himby disobeying his orders.

MajorRudra's anger was not something to be taken lightly, and he would not like tobe on the receiving end of it, the soldier thought as he quickly made his wayback to where his boss waited for his uniform. It wouldn't bode well for him ifhe was late.





Paro closedthe door and sighed deeply. So, he had decided to stay away, just like before,she thought indignantly. She had barely slept last night, tossing and turningrestlessly. First, she had cursed herself immensely for the debacle of shamelesslyresponding to him.

How in theworld could she justify her melting in his arms especially considering how madshe had been at him? Nothing made sense to her! Her treacherous body hadreacted to his masterful touch in spite of being angry at him, and she stillfelt confused

Humiliationarose in her as she thought of her own daring words of defiance to him, only tobe moaning in his arms moments later! He had certainly put her in her place soeasily, and her pride was bruised. It was true that he did not have to forceher for she had been so willing!

Just a fewminutes of caressing and kissing her had invoked in her such sensations thatshe had succumbed to him, nestling in his embrace. Her hands covered her faceas she thought of his barefaced parting words, and his possessive promise toher of laying claim to her physically!

Hissuggestive words had played havoc with her senses, making her squirm in the bedfor a long time, sometimes in panic, and sometimes with feelings of exhilarationas she tried to imagine what complete possession by a man like Rudra wouldentail.

Shame hadflooded her every pore as she closed her eyes, only to be tortured by thememories of their embrace, his sensual touch on her body. Her heart poundingfuriously, she had been infuriated at her own disgraceful thoughts about a manwho had so clearly lied to her!

He had hadno qualms or even a bit of remorse at his lies last night. The man was simplyso arrogant, and unbending! She had truly thought him to at least give her somesort of apology, but instead he had acted like he was the injured party

How couldshe deal with a man like this, Paro thought anxiously? What kind of a life wasshe to live with an inflexible man like him? Surely, there was more to lifethan just bodily association. And from what she knew so far, Rudra only caredfor the physical aspect when he was with her

Intimidatingher was another strategy that he knew well, and she wasn't willing to toleratethat, Paro thought angrily. Last night, she had been too shocked to grasp thereality, or perhaps fight back as she should have, but it was going to changenow

 But, she had to be tough now. Being a Major,her husband certainly had a strong personality and was used to getting his way.Paro understood that now. However, she was not going to meekly accepteverything he threw her way!

Howcallously he had told her that he didn't care about what happened to her auntas long as he succeeded in capturing Tejawat! It didn't matter to him if herMamisa were to be collateral damage or her feelings were hurt, she understoodthat now

In the end,it was all about his mission, his duty to his uniform and his country----and hehad certainly left no doubt in her mind as to what was important to him. Of thethings that mattered the most to Rudra, Paro was not on the top of the list,and she recognized the bitter truth

It hurtdeeply, but she was married to the man, no matter how she looked at it. Therewas certainly no way out, and he had clearly warned her not to think of that aswell. She recalled his fierce temper, and how deeply riled he had been with herjust at the mere mention of leaving him

Walking outon her marriage was definitely not something she planned on doing, but even herangry in-the-heat of the moment comment had surely offended Rudra. She didn'tthink leaving him was a viable option anyway.

Strollingback towards the bed, Paro sat down and pondered at her situation. Anothermatter that bothered her was her Mamisa. He had warned her in no uncertainterms as to what he had planned for her aunt.

If Mamisawas involved in any way with Thakursa, it wouldn't go well for her. In herheart, Paro knew that her aunt could never be guilty, but what if sheunwittingly became a part of something that she had no idea of?

The possibilitythat her aunt could very well be somehow linked with Thakursa terribly frightenedParo especially considering her husband's dire warnings. To Rudra, any form ofassociation with the enemy was considered treason, and Paro wasn't sure how shecould warn her aunt, or even help her?

Beingguarded in BSD, under his watch, and with no way to contact her Mamisa, howcould she help her? And if Rudra ever found out what she wanted to do, he mightnot be so forgiving to her either, Paro realized that as well. How was she tosave her aunt without the knowledge of her husband?





Her uniquefragrance, full of feminine sweetness and flowers drove him crazy, but Rudrafocused on the road ahead. She sat next to him, her spine held stiff, handsfolded in her lap, her eyes averted from him, but he was painfully aware of herpresence.

In fact, hewas conscious of every minute detail about her. The way her long, silky haircascaded across her back with some sweeping to the front of her body, coveringher curvaceous bosom captivated him. Blue jhumkasthat dangled and kissed her pink cheeks intimately with every movement alsocaught his eye.

 Delicate wrists adorned with blue and greenbangles chinked every time she folded and unfolded her hands in her lapnervously. Simply put, she looked as beautiful and delicate as always as shecontinued to ignore him.

It wasn'tunexpected, he knew that. Rudra had anticipated his wife to give him a coldshoulder considering their fight two days ago. Once again, he had decided tostay away from her, afraid of pushing her too hard.

He hadalready screamed at her, cornered her, losing his temper at her allegations.Not only that, he had even kissed her when she hadn't wanted him to, justbecause he hadn't liked the way she had ordered him to not touch her.

As it was,he wasn't willing to compromise or lie to her about her aunt's situation or hisopinion about her. Regardless of what Paro thought the truth to be, he knewmore than she could ever understand. In the precarious situation he was in,there were secrets that had to be protected, for all the parties involved andhe couldn't share them with her.

 Unfortunately, that meant that Paro consideredhim to be a cold-hearted manipulative villain. And while that infuriated Rudra,and he had certainly lashed out her in anger that night, he didn't want to doit again.  So, he had decided to give herspace, and had stayed away from her for two days, until today

For amoment, he had thought that she would probably fight with him again, andperhaps even disagree to go with him. He knew her feelings regarding her aunt,or what she thought to be true of his plans about her. Paro thought the worstabout him, and it galled him, but he tried to ignore it for the time being

As he goneto see her, she had been quiet, and her rigid demeanor. Her tightly pursedlips, her eyes full of disappointment in him were enough to convey her truefeelings to him. It really bothered him, even angered him, but there was notmuch he could have done

He hadexpected her to defy him, even refuse to go with him to Ranawat Haveli.However, she had really surprised him. After a momentary pause, she had agreedto come with him, packing her bags quietly. She had actually obeyed his orderswithout any arguments!

Rudra wasn'tsure what her reasons were, but for now, he was willing to overlook that. Heknew he was in for a long battle, not only from Paro, but the so-called familyof his that awaited his arrival shortly. Life was without a doubt going to bedifficult! But then again, when had his life been easy for him?

Yesterday,he had taken the time to visit the Ranawat Haveli and had met his extendedfamily. His meeting with Kakisa hadn't gone too well, which wasn't really asurprise. As a matter of fact, he wasn't jumping with joy at the prospect ofmoving in with any of them either.

However, theplace was unquestionably spacious and comfortable, and his father had certainlylooked happier and a bit healthier being with his brother. Kakusa, his cousinSamrat and even his wife Maithili had seemed to be pleasant enough.

His Kakisahad been the sour-faced woman that he recalled from his childhood. And hiscousin Sumer had looked at him wearily, as if unhappy to see him return, but atleast he hadn't openly defied him.

Kakisa hadof course given him the rude verbal reprimand, making a great stink about himmoving in after so long! She was already none too pleased about Dilsher havingmoved in. Regrettably, she had been unable to do anything as she had realized thathe was still the rightful owner of the Haveli

Infuriatedand insulted at the fact that while she had been living and taking care of themansion for all these years, she still had no legal claim to it, Mohini hadmade her displeasure known to all. Unfortunately for her, Dilsher had told herthat while she might have succeeded in driving them away with her venomoustaunts before, it wouldn't happen again

Rudra had ofcourse told Mohini to mind her business as well and not interfere with him orDilsher. She was to keep to her side of the house, and he was to stay inanother part of the house, since he wasn't there to live as a family unitanyway

Of course,she had been mad at hearing that as well, accusing him and Dilsher of alwaysbeing the menace, the reason for the split in their family. Kakusa hadintervened, and so had Dilsher, telling her to be quiet, and she had angrilywalked away

However,Rudra was sure that that wasn't the last of Kakisa's temper tantrums. The womanwould not easily give up, he was sure of it. A leopard didn't change its spotovernight. But for right now, he had decided to move in there, even if it wasjust temporary

He glancedat Paro again, who continued to look out the window as if mesmerized by thescenery outside although there wasn't much to admire. It was all to avoid him;Rudra realized that and stayed quiet.  Besides, what could he say to her? Paro wasupset with him, and there was nothing he could about that, and he sighed withregret.




Paro triedher very best to not look at him, trying her best to focus on anything else buthim. Only if she wasn't painfully aware of him sitting not two feet away fromher! Dressed in his uniform, he was epitome of masculine strength and vigor.

She wouldnever admit it out loudly, but he made her heart flutter. The sunglasses that served to shield his thunderous, raging eyes only managed to make him look morehandsome, if that was possible. Nevertheless, she resisted the urge to peek athim.

Why did hehave to look that attractive, Paro thought miserably? Couldn't he be portly, witha belly sticking out, maybe an average looking man, one that never managed tomake her heart do a somersault in response?

If Rudrawere not as striking a man, then she would have no problem pushing him away. Nonetheless,it was her fault! After all, she had asked for a man like Lord Shiv, andBholenaath had granted her wish. And, yet she sat there complaining.

She wasperhaps losing her mind slowly. That could be the only logical explanation forher illogical reasoning, Paro thought wretchedly. Now that she had experiencedbout of passion in his arms, she could never disregard it again

Every timeshe saw him, talked to him, it would remind her of his kisses, his embrace, andworst of all----his wicked suggestions in her ear. She closed her eyes, tryingher best to not stare at his face as he drove, sitting calm and collected.

It was hermind and thoughts that were in shambles, Paro thought annoyingly. The man couldkiss her, touch her so intimately, and then go about his life as if nothing hadhappened. It was her that could not forget about him!

The man hadonce again ignored her for almost two days, only communicating via messages!Not that she had wanted to see him, or associate with him in any senseconsidering how he had left her that night, but she was cross with him

Issues werestill unresolved between them. He hadn't made any attempt at apologizing forhis deception, or his boorish behavior either. Avoiding her seemed to be hismode of dealing with her, and Paro didn't appreciate it one bit!

And, then hehad showed up an hour ago, telling her to pack up her bags and be ready toleave. First he had ignored her, and then he had shown up to see her only toinform her that they were moving into his new house.

There was nomention of what had transpired between them, no contrition on his part, and itgalled her. Just staring at her again in that possessive manner of his, he hadtold her to get ready. He had picked up her suitcase, placing it on the bed,and asked her to pack her belongings.

Paro hadstayed there for a while, unable to move, trying her best to ignore him. A partof her had felt rebellious, but he had been determined, telling her that shehad no option but to go with him. And of course, he hadn't failed to remind heragain that she was his wife, and her place was with him.

Image result for rudra and paro angry

Incensed athis words, she had stared at him angrily, but he had seemed oblivious to heranger directed at him. The only thing she had been thankful for was the factthat he hadn't touched her again. She wasn't sure if she could handle yetanother rendezvous of that nature!

While he hadwaited for her to pack, a thought had come to her mind. Perhaps, it would bebetter to move into the Haveli where she would not be guarded by a soldierposted outside her room, keeping an eye on her every minute.

Maybe, itwas better to live where she could somehow find a way to contact her Mamisa,and perhaps send out a message to her, to be careful and not get involved inanything that might harm her. With that thought in mind, she had merely noddedher agreement, focusing on packing her bags, all the while ignoring him.

 Paro knew that she had probably surprised himby agreeing quietly, but it didn't matter to her. She had quietly followed him,while he had loaded her luggage into his jeep, lost deep in thoughts.  It was another phase of her life, and shefelt anxious, unsure of what awaited her when she reached her new home.






The Haveliwas massive and impressive, Paro thought as she stood outside the huge engraveddoor. Her hands tightened into fists as she tried not to panic as to whatawaited her on the other side of the door. And it was not only her that wastense, Paro thought as she looked at the taut profile of her husband

It wasapparent that he wasn't looking forward to being here either; Paro could sensethe tension radiating from his body as he stood close by. Whatever the reasons,it seemed like he was lost in deep thoughts

She wassaved from any further ponderings as the door opened and a pretty lady with agentle smile stood there. Immediately, Paro recognized the man. Kakusa walkedtowards the door, smiling and welcoming them

Nervous, butheartened slightly at the smiling faces, Paro looked at Rudra who still seemedto stand there scowling. Next, she saw an older gentleman, walking with acrutch towards them and as he looked at her and then Rudra, Paro guessed him tobe her father-in-law

For a fewseconds, no one said anything, everyone looking warily at one another.Nervously, Paro looked at her husband who stood immobile as if suddenly frozen,and she wondered what bothered him so much?

Kakusa brokethe silence as he moved out his arms, and asked them both to come in. Hecontinued to tell them how they had been waiting for their arrival. He wavedhis hands introducing her to Dilsher, and then his daughter-in-law, Maithiliwho smiled at her again

He thencalled out and suddenly, Paro saw another young man dressed in white kurtaapproach them, who came to stand beside Maithili. Kakusa was introducing himwhen he was interrupted by a loud greeting

Paro turnedto see an older lady wearing an irritated expression sauntering towards them.It was easy to notice how Maithili stopped smiling, and everyone seemed to havegotten stressed. The woman was fierce, Paro thought anxiously as she came tostand in front of her, and everyone just moved to the side

Watching hercarefully, from head to toe as if inspecting her, the woman took notice, herface twitching as if in anger and hate. Part of her wanted to go and hidebehind Rudra, as if he could shield her from the woman's wrath

But, Parostayed where she was, unwilling to go her husband considering how at odds theywere. And then, she spoke, but looking at Rudra, her voice full of sarcasm,telling them how fortunate they were that the prodigal son had decided to comeand live with them!

She continuedto sarcastically tell Rudra how him and his father might have decided to livewith them, and even brought a wife home, but that didn't mean that they had anyrights over the haveli.

Paro wastaken back with the extent of venom spewed by the woman against her husband,his father, and even her!What kind of family background did Rudra come from,Paro thought anxiously?

And then,suddenly, she heard his growl of anger, as he told his Kakisa that he didn'tgive a damn about what she thought of him or his father

"Yeh haveli Dilsher kay naamhai...yeh baat shaayad aap ki samajh mein abhi tak nahi aayi hai Kakisa...," Rudra reminded her sharply

("Dilsher is the rightful owner ofthe Haveli...it is under his name legally...perhaps you haven't understood thissimple fact yet Kakisa...")

Paro saw herlips purse tightly in anger, but he told her, "Ab mein, Dilsher, aur meri patni yahaan rahengay...tou aap aadat daallein..."

("From today...Dilsher, my wife, andI are going to be living her...you might as well get used to the newarrangements...")

He hatedKakisa again in that moment and a part of him wondered if he had made the rightdecision to be here. Was this the kind of environment he wanted to live in? HisKakisa was a menace, and she hadn't really changed in the years!

They heardKakusa who spoke softly, trying to make peace as he reminded that they were notalone, "Mohini...dekh zara...mhaari nayibeendni bhi hai...kab say ghar kay baahar khade hain...yeh in baaton ka samaynahi hai..."

("Look Mohini...our newdaughter-in-law is here...they have been waiting at the door for a whilenow...this is not the time for all this...")

Kakisa stoodthere, upset to see Rudra and his wife at their door. First, Dilsher had movedin, and now this oonth wanted to movein with them, she thought angrily! Hadn't she washed her hands off herbrother-in-law and his son years ago?

Why in thehell did they have to come back? She didn't care to associate with them, orwant them to be a part of her family! Her sister had left them, humiliatingthem all in the process years ago. And she hadn't forgiven her, and sheprobably never could!

They stoodthere, staring at each other. Kakisa wasn't willing to budge until Rudra movedforward and stood inches away from her, daring her to stop him. Then, theyheard Dilsher speak rather loudly, telling Mohini to move out of the way as itwas his house!

Incensed atthe shameful reminder, Mohini staggered backward. How she wish that the housedidn't belong to Dislher! But, unfortunately, it did and she had no claim toit!

Fuming inanger, she gave everyone a dirty look, and then told them that she was notgoing to be a part of this facade as they were not a part of her family! With thosewords, she walked away.

Paro wastruly disheartened to see the drama unfold in front of her eyes. What kind of alife awaited her now? She felt truly lost and alone in that moment. Kakusa toldher to come in once again, relieved that Mohini had left

Paro took acouple of steps and so did Rudra when Maithili told him to wait. Surprised,Paro looked up to see Maithili to move back and then grab a thaali with flowers, diya and all the necessary for their aarti.

Withinseconds, a tiny pot with rice was placed at the doorway, and Paro was asked to knockit down with her foot it before her entry into the haveli. Paro followedinstructions as Maithili told her what to do. Soon, she was standing next toRudra as the rituals were carried out

Then, shebent down to get blessings from everyone, even the man known as Dilsher. Bapusagave her a sad smile, but gave her his blessings. She noticed that her husbanddidn't bother to touch anyone's feet, not even his Bapusa's!

Paro wantedto say something to him, pointing out his rudeness, and disregard for elders,but she held her tongue. Their relationship wasn't such that she could lecturehim on lack of manners. And knowing his nature, he probably wouldn't appreciateher pointing out his ill behavior.

On the otherhand, Kakusa and Bapusa, completely undeterred by Rudra's lack of humility gavehim their blessings whole heartedly. Paro saw him merely nod his head and wondered what kind of a filial relationship her husband shared with his family?

The next few minutes were quickly spent in more introductions, exchange of pleasantries, and felicitations. Paro tried her best to smile and nod, grateful for the warm welcome, which was more she could say about her husband, who stood by as agitated as she had ever seen him

It hadn't escaped her notice that Rudra seemed to be too cold and distant in spite of the family's chatter and jovial banter. One would have to be truly blind to not recognize the expressions on his face, which almost bordered on terror in heropinion. What kind of secrets haunted her husband, Paro thought sadly as shelooked at his pale, stiff face?





Their bedwas huge. That was the first thought that entered Paro's mind as she looked atthe giant bed occupying the spacious room. Would Rudra be sharing it with her,she wondered nervously?

Nextinstant, she placed her hand on her fluttering heart, ashamed at her riotousthoughts. Her hands quickly moved to her face as if feeling her warm cheeks andshe thought of how it had been between the two.

His carnalwords to her came unbidden to her mind, and suddenly she could envision hishard body covering hers on the massive bed. The bold vision made her gasp as shefanned her face. What was happening to her, Paro pondered at her shamelesswanderings?

Why couldn'tshe get his words out of her mind? She should be mad at him, repulsed by hismacho, egoistical behavior. And yet there she was dreaming and imagining brazenfantasies.

Talkingloudly to herself, Paro reprimanded herself, "Bus ho gaya Paro...ab aur nahi...ab naa tou mhaare ko un kay baaremein sochna hai...aur naa un ki kisi baat ko yaad karna hai..."

("It is enough Paro...no more of thesethoughts...you are not to think of what he has said to you...or no more imaginingwhat he meant by those words...")

Taking adeep breath, she tried to think of all the things that were wrong with Rudra.If she stayed angry at his actions, then she could push away all the otherthoughts! He hadn't bothered apologizing for his boorish behavior, and she wasstill upset at his deception.

Sighingdeeply, Paro looked around at her new surroundings.  It was certainly a nice room, tastefullydecorated, and much bigger than the BSD quarter, or even her room at Mamisa'shouse.

Paro thoughtof Rudra's family and the strange welcome she had received just half an hourago. Rudra's Kakisa scared her, and she was not a girl who was easily frightened.The woman was certainly not happy with her being there.

Based ontheir short interaction, she was sure that there were family secrets that werethe cause of such friction among her husband and his family. Sitting on theside of the bed, Paro wondered if Rudra had lived here as a child.

What kind ofa childhood had he had? Was it a happy one, or a sad one? How old was when hismother had died? She recalled that he called his father as Dilsher, and hadn't evenbothered to touch his feet

It was hard notto miss the lack warmth between the father and the son. What was the cause ofsuch distance between the two? Knowing her husband and his nature, she doubtedthat he would tell her anything. He just didn't seem like the kind to share hisinner thoughts, she was sure of that

Thinking ofMaithili brought a smile to her face. She had seemed like such a friendly faceamongst all the people living here. Of course, Kakusa seemed to be a kind man,but having another female to talk to, to form a bond with was something shecraved deeply.

She missedher home, her family, and especially the sisterly bond she had shared withNandini Jija, and also Bindi. Thinking of Bindi brought fresh tears to hereyes, and it hurt to think of all she had lost in such a short peiord of time.

But she washere now, and this was another part of her life. At least now she wouldn't be aprisoner at BSD, constantly guarded by the soldiers, or ignored by her husband,left alone. There were people in this house, and she could interact with actualhuman beings. For now, that would have to suffice.





He couldn'trecall the last time he had had a meal with so many people around himespecially who were related to him. In his opinion, it was nerve racking.Sitting amongst so many people on the huge table, his father, his brother'sfamily and their children----it all just seemed surreal

Rudra hadnot been of the mind to eat dinner with everyone, but his Kakusa had insistedthat they share bread at the same table as a family especially since it wasfirst night with them. And he had given in, partly because he hadn't really hada proper meal in days now!

The food wasgood, but it was hard to completely enjoy it when the sour face of Kakisapopped into his vision. The woman's loathing, he could feel across the space,its talons gripping his mind.

The look ofhatred that she gave him, and his father was not something new, but it didanger him. However, he was thankful that she stayed quiet, for the most partignoring them. The dinner was a strange one, a bizarre ordeal as if no one wassure of what to expect with all the changes in their living situation

Samratseemed to be the quietest person, and Rudra wondered if the man had a voice atall! He stayed focused on his thaali,eating as if he wanted to stay out of everyone's business. His wife seemeddocile enough, running and serving them food, doing Kakisa's bidding as ifalmost her personal slave

It irkedRudra to see her jumping in her bid to please Kakisa, but he stayed quiet. Itwasn't his place to interfere. His father and Kakusa sat side by side enjoyingtheir meal. Meanwhile, his wife decided to give him the cold shoulder asexpected

He was surethat she was probably perplexed by Kakisa's harshness, his own behavior to hisfamily, but he couldn't explain that to her even if he wanted to. There wasjust too much anger, hatred, and disappointment mucking his past, and he wasn'tsure that he could talk to anyone about it

Earlier, hehad walked in to their bedroom with her suitcases to find her sitting on thebed, deep in thoughts. Hearing him enter the room, she had jumped off the bedas if scared, and he had no idea what to think

Placing herbags on the floor next to the closet, he had turned to look at her face, whichseemed to have been flushed as she had avoided his gaze for a few seconds. Hewondered if she had been thinking about their last interaction or their kiss.

Unwilling toantagonize her, he had simply told her to unpack and place her belongings inthe closet. Opening the door to the wardrobe, he had showed her how much spacehe needed, giving her the larger area because she would probably need it, Rudrahad thought considerately

Of course,Paro had just nodded, without talking to him, or even appreciating histhoughtful gesture. He knew that she expected him to apologize because shethought him to be in the wrong. Not only that, she wanted her aunt to be letscot free, no matter what the situation, but that was never going to happen!

He hadcontinued to look at her as she had nervously fidgeted with her hair, her handsthen knotting and twisting in the dupatta until the knock on their door hadinterrupted them. It had been Kakusa asking them to join them for dinner andhere they were now, surrounded by everyone. Suddenly, he couldn't wait to bedone with it.



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Chapter 36: A NIGHT TO SURRENDER is posted on page 34. Enjoy!


Chapter 37: DIVINE INTERVENTION is posted on page 42. Enjoy!


Chapter 38: MATTERS OF THE HEART  is posted on page 45. Enjoy!


Chapter 39: CURSED  is posted on page 51. Enjoy!


Chapter 40: DEMONS IN HIS SOUL  is posted on page 57. Enjoy!


Chapter 41: TO RETREAT OR SURRENDER  is posted on page 60. Enjoy!


Chapter 42: BATTLE LINES  is posted on page 63. Enjoy!


Chapter 43: TEMPESTUOUS TIDINGS  is posted on page 64. Enjoy!


Chapter 44: THE SEDUCTION GAME  is posted on page 68. Enjoy!


Chapter 45: WICKED DESIRES  is posted on page 70. Enjoy!


Chapter 46: BE STILL, MY TENDER HEART is posted on page 73. Enjoy!


Chapter 47: MUSINGS OF THE HEART is posted on page 77. Enjoy!


Chapter 48: PATHS WE  CHOOSE is posted on page 80. Enjoy!


Chapter 49: HEAVY IS THE HEART is posted on page 85. Enjoy!


Chapter 50: ENEMY WITHIN THE WALLS is posted on page 91. Enjoy!


Chapter 51: PLAYING WITH FIRE is posted on page 94. Enjoy!


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awesomeClap love itSmile
Posted: 2017-01-07T23:17:59Z
Superb...loved the way story is progressing..Thumbs Up
Posted: 2017-01-08T00:00:40Z
Wow Awesome Chapter..
I loved d way u explained PaRud feeling for each other even aft fight they are attracted to each other..
Rudra who s always running out of problems from d show itself he runs out from his mom same like that he s keeping distance with his Paro..
Ranawat family characters are described well, only one person is missing,that's is sunheri,whr s she?
Liked d story progressing..
Eagerly waiting for most romantic upcoming chapters..
Posted: 2017-01-08T01:48:56Z
Superb update as always..
Thanks for PM
Posted: 2017-01-08T02:18:14Z
Congrats for the new thread.
Fabulous update.
Loved it so much.
Posted: 2017-01-08T04:19:07Z
You  know what I thought after I read this update????? We should send this to ST and ask him to remake RR

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Wow parud are in ranawat havali love it & Congo for new thred thanks for pm awesome update love it please update soon next :-)

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