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Posted: 5 years ago


(That lovely banner up there is made by Rosh.)


Hello people. I'm DestoCool

I'm not going into my personal history because once I get into rant mode there's no stopping me. Hence I'll try to keep this short.

I'm sassy seventeen.  I've been into Photoshop for a couple of months, but I've actually never committed myself to it. Lately I've been suffering from an inexplicable desire to make stuff, no matter how they turn out. I guess that pretty much sums up why I'm here.

I have way too many favorites to list down, and I make stuff on shows I like and I don't like. Basically it all comes down to the caps.

 Everything is free to use unless mentioned otherwise.


stuff I make

-Non Animated icons and signatures

-Animated stuff (very rarely)

-FB Covers

-Wattpad Book Covers


My copyright

Huewalker (IF) / Artinthevein (DA)


For requesting 

Anyone can request.

I accept only non-animated requests. You can request both icons and siggies.

Please request when the shop is open, i.e, when there's an [O] in the title.

Pictures for the request must be posted in this thread. If it is for a birthday thread or a tag, then pm me.

Try to provide HQ caps.

Mention the style (picspam/single pic edit/ blend), size, text or coloring. (If any, that is)



I'm always open for suggestions. If you could provide pictures for the same it'd make my job a lot easier.

 (resource list)


So that's it for now.

Until next time,


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Posted: 5 years ago

{if you're here to stalk I'd rather you check out the recent updates.}

update 1 - page 1

update 2 - page 10 
(Sherlock, Francisco Lachowski, La La Land and Zayn Malik Icons)

Update 3 -Page 17

(Beauty and the Beast, La La Land, Tangled, ZKM, MISC, Resources)

Update 4 - Page 28

(Kashaf, HP, suggestions)

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Posted: 5 years ago
Update - Icons

I'm not posting samples. Like I said, I never used to make stuff regularly. My previous edits are really old. I neither have the patience nor the desire to dust them up since I've moved on in terms of quality. LOL

{P.S ignore the size difference. Half the stuff were made like 2 weeks ago and they are 100*100. The newer ones are 120*120.}














(cap credit: Prasant)







(animated icons)
[psd credit: Husna]



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Posted: 5 years ago


(^texture credit: amidstthehues)


{this one was sorta inspired by the cool yellowish oil paintings}

(^texture credit: amidstthehues)



{different coloring}





(^Already posted in the CC)



(feel free to get em stacked)

God knows how I ended up with a tolerable version!

book quotes

Ari suggested that i do a quote spam, and I tried to but I ended up with this. I'm not sure if I can call it a quote spam. Ari, is this what you had in mind? If not we'll negotiate. LOL

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Posted: 5 years ago
res for desto's sake ROFL



LOVED THEM ALL BRO.! Like seriously so beautiful <3 Now i have another person to bug for creations Evil Smile

The haymur stuff is so beautiful :') And you chose a harry-sirius quote Cry oh my sirius.

And the icons are perfect <3

I am waiting for the stacked gifs Embarrassed

More power to you bro.

So confused what to use and what not to use.

And the quote spam is so pretty. only you could have made this for me. Embarrassed

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Posted: 5 years ago
Ghosh, how I am going to comment? I cannot remove my eyes off any creation.
Posted: 5 years ago
Another RES for spammers & the gang.LOL
Naa! I am reserving it for my own.

PS : This is going to be my new spammers space.

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