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Awesome part
Maan is really intrigued to see silly woman talks differently...Maan gave her project report which is not any good use for Geet she got low rating...Maan asked her what she wants di with her mba to witch Geet didn't have any answer Maan asked her think about her career...Geet was little sad thinking about her future  she got call from raj and she became happy...nice precap eagerly waiting for the uodate
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Quick Updates!
Shower me with your love, likes and comments Lovely people!Embarrassed

P.S many of you want Maaneet Love story to start.
But guys, hasn't it already started?
Its slow but definitely, it has begun!Wink

17.Muffins And Monsters

"Geet...the hell are you doing!" Ana screamed as she watched her friend on a crazy spree of cleaning her apartment.

Geet emptied her shelves and sneezed a bit because of the dust, not even listening to Ana.

Ana threw her bag on the bed and marched to Geet. Holding her elbow, she jerked her to her, making her turn.

"what in the world are you doing? And why haven't you been attending college?"
Geet looked at the pile of stuffs she had to clean and sighed, "Ana, am a bit held up. That's why I couldn't attend college!"

Ana felt angry and she stiffened with the emotion. Resting her hands on her waist she cocked her head to a side, "And pray what was so important that you thought it surpassed the importance of the seminar you missed today?"

She had been shocked to find Geet bunking college when they had a seminar to attend. Worried, she had driven straight to Geet's apartment and found her in a crazy state!

Geet looked here and there and found the curtains dirty. She pulled away her hands from Ana and worked her way in pulling out the curtains. Ana couldn't believe that and so she screamed.

"Geet! Get back here and answer me damn it! what is this all about?"

Geet pulled the curtains from one window and rushed to pull away the other.

"Ana, I need to clean everything up. Don't disturb."

"why do you want to clean up now? Holidays are good three days away. I am sure you are not missing the college only because you have to clean! What is it?"

Geet threw the curtains on the floor and put her hands up in defeat, "Fine! Stop
Whining. Raj is visiting and we may spend Christmas and New Year together. So I am just preparing everything before he arrives!"

The mention of Raj froze Ana on her feet and what shocked her was Geet's state of mind. It took her a good two minutes to get her semblance back and she shook Geet by her shoulder, "What the hell is wrong with you fool? Raj's visit is more important than your college? The seminar? It is going to affect you in the end semester exam, do you realize that?"

"But Ana... it is important to me.."

"Not more than your studies!"

Geet didn't know how to explain Ana what was going inside her. she looked for words to make her understand when Ana asked, "Is he coming alone?"

She quickly shook her head, "No No. Pooja is coming along."

Ana sighed, "But this is no way Geet. Why are you missing out on college? At least you could have told me earlier so I wouldn't have been worried sick about you."

Geet sighed and side-hugged her friend "am sorry. I just got a little carried away. Its been so long that someone has visited me so..."

"Just don't talk to me. You can't be missing your college because of someone like Raj!"

Geet made a puppy face, "I am sorry. I will make it up to you."

Ana plopped herself on the fluffy bed, "first thing, attend college. Anyways we will be getting holidays in two days. Second, remember the presentation we have to make? You are coming home with me and doing it!"

"Whaat?? Nooo! We have to submit it after the holiday right? So why do we need to finish it this early?"

"Yeah but I will get busy with internships Geet. I want us to finish it as quickly as possible. Plus you have Raj and Pooja coming. You don't want to slog with presentations this holiday season right?"

Ana watched the changing expressions on Geet's face at the mention of Raj and she knew Geet wouldn't say no. Has she really let him go yet?


Geet stretched herself and yawned, "Can we take a break?"

Ana looked at the laptop and nodded in affirmation. They had come back to the Khurana estates after finishing their classes early and locked themselves up in Ana's room doing their presentation. It was a tedious task for they had to research on the market before jotting down the facts and figures.

Geet reached for her phone and smiled seeing Raj's message. She quickly replied with a grin plastered on her face.

"I can't wait for you two. Come asap." She typed back.

"Who are you texting?"

"Umm...Raj.." Geet answered still looking into her phone.

"Gosh Geet...stop.."

Before Ana could continue, a servant came to inform them that dadima had prepared snacks for them and that she had been calling them downstairs.

"Yummmyyy... dadima this is so delicious. How do you make it?" Geet hummed out. The duo sat on the kitchen isle and relished the cookies and muffins dadima had baked.

"its really simple Geet. Anyone can make it." dadima patted her head lovingly.

Geet thought for a while and looked at Ana who was lost in her thoughts, probably about their presentation, and then at dadima who was taking out some more muffins from the oven.

"Erm dadima?"

"yes beta"

"Can you teach me how to make these muffins, especially this coffee flavoured one?"

Dadima was pleasantly surprised while Ana looked at her in shock.

Geet was so not doing this!

"I have some batter left! You can try." Dadima called her lovingly.

"really?" Geet squealed in happiness, jumped off the stool and rushed to her.

"Something special Geet?" dadima gave her the bowl and asked.

She nodded happily, "yes dadima. Raj and Pooja are visiting. I want to do something special for them..."

Ana watched Geet in horror, as she followed dadima's instructions with such passion that reflected on her face and Ana knew well what it meant.

"Geet, come on. lets go. break is over."

Geet looked back with a puppy face, "Just a few minutes please. I will have something new for them.."

"We have a presentation to make...remember?" Ana bit her lips to hold her anger.

She had seen Geet going crazy over the few days. And for whom? Raj. Who was married and settled and happy? Her friend was foolish enough to still run after him.

"Ana please na... See I am almost done. the oven will take 30 minutes and then we will be done."

Thats it. Ana lost it. she banged her hands on the table and stood up.

"Do you even care? Can't you wait for just one more day before the holidays? And who are you doing this for? Someone who never cares Geet. Get that straight into your head. they don't care. They are coming because they feel responsible towards you and you are such a fool to not understand that. You are missing from college, you don't care about your semester and I know you just don't care about this presentation. Do you realize how stupid you look right now? arrghhh...I hate you!"

She turned back and stomped off towards the porch. She had never ever been this angry over anything. She had her issues with Arjun but it was only because of Geet that she hadn't been paranoid. But Geet... she put a halt to her thoughts and dashed out to calm herself.

Geet felt bad. The excitement of baking something for the first time flew right out of the window. She new Ana was genuinely worried about her but perhaps Ana could never understand what she felt for Raj. She knew she should stop pursing him and she indeed had. That was why she had moved to the States in the first place but she had loved Raj. What if Raj was married or he loved someone else? she could still love him from afar. That wasn't wrong! Perhaps Ana could never understand how she felt...perhaps no one would ever understand her.

Dadima was shocked at the turn of events. She didn't know the head or tail of the issue but she hadn't seen Ana so angry ever. She seldom got angry and right now she didn't know whom to console. She wanted to go after Ana but she also had Geet who kept looking down. In all her confusion she turned head to only find Maan in front of her, looking as stunned as she had been a few minutes ago.

He had come back home early and whilst passing, he had witnessed the events unfolding. He was as much surprised seeing Ana's outburst as Dadima. She gestured him with her eyes to what should she do. Maan shook his head and asked her to stay with Geet pointing his finger towards her. dadima nodded and he walked out, towards the porch, taking his coat off and hanging it in the crook of his elbow.

Ana sat on the steps of the porch, breathing heavily. Geet was being too difficult. She was not ready to understand the fact that Raj is past. She heard footsteps and felt someone sitting beside her.

Warm hand caressed her head, "You okay kiddo?"

Maan's voice made her let ease her breathing and she rubbed her face with her palms to calm herself down.


"Wanna talk?" he asked lovingly.

Ana could never say no to Maan. She knew he was strict and he wanted things perfect but she also knew that no one else loved her as much as her Maan Bhai did. Not even Kabir even though they were close.

She turned to him with a sad face, "Bhai, its about Geet!"

Maan chuckled, "needless to say!"

"She has completely lost it Bhai. She is completely out of her mind!"

His lips curled into a little playful smirk, "When was she not??"

Ana smiled with that little tease. Her brother always had something or the other to say about Geet. Even though she wanted her best friend and her brother to get along, but deep down even she enjoyed the banter and so she didn't put any effort or making things better between them. Some relations were meant to be like that...left as they were and not touched.

"Yeah but this time its horrible bhai. She had been missing college, she missed the seminar and all because she is going paranoid about people coming to her from her home!"

"Hmmm..." Maan listened to all that she had to say.

"...and that woman is ditching the important presentation and baking muffins with dadima! I am worried about her grades and look at her...arrghh idiot!"

"but maybe they are important to her Ana!" Maan spoke after a minute of silence making her head turn to him.


"Didn't you say she lives alone in this country?"

"Yeah she does..." she tried thinking where her brother could be heading towards.

"We tend to miss home even if we move to some other city but isn't it hard for her to shift to a whole new country all alone? She has no one here and I am not surprised that she is extremely happy about her people visiting her!"

Ana thought for a while..her brother was right but he perhaps didn't know about Raj. She, for a moment, thought of telling everything about Geet and Raj to him but then stopped. That wouldn't be fair to Geet. And so, she kept mum.

"Go talk to her kiddo. Yes, missing college is wrong but she will meet her family after so long. Is it wrong to do something special for your family?"

"umm no!"

"then go talk to her. sort things out like mature people and don't fight like kids." He spoke, standing up and waiting for her.

She smiled and looked at him, "I will go inside in a while."

He nodded and flung his coat over his shoulder and walked in, shaking his head. Walking across the hall, he found Geet, holding a plate and walking towards him.
Geet looked at her muffins and then thought of speaking to Ana. Dadima had cheered her up saying she need not take it to heart and that Ana was naive. On her suggestion, she took her freshly baked coffee muffins and walked towards the porch to pacify her friend. And who did she meet on the way but Monster Khurana!

Dressed in gray dress pants, and a full sleeved white dress shirt, he presented quite a sight! She halted on her steps and couldn't help taking a look at him. One hand in pocket and the other holding his gray coat that was flung over his shoulder; he was class in every possible way. She knew Raj dressed similar but never like this. He had that casual aura around him, like Kabir. This man was different altogether.


 And that white shirt stuck to him like another skin, highlighting his physique and she took a moment to admire his form.

Wow! As if the specs were not enough!

She had never noticed him back in office because he usually never took off his coat. But he defined class. For a moment, it felt as if the dress was created specifically to fit him. There was no tie for a change though!

"All okay Geet?" he raised one of his brows as he reached her.

She blinked away and nodded, "yeah..."

"What was it about missing the seminar?"

That strict tone was back. She had witnessed it enough with him in the office quite often. So, Ana told him? she sighed and knew a lecture was on the way.

"I was just busy."

"I know. You have family visiting you right? Just try not to compromise with your studies okay..."

Not another lecture! That too from a well dressed monster!

She had to get back to Ana and she knew he would possibly divert everything towards her career now, which she was not looking forward to. She had to get away.

"...try to be more focussed and..."

"Maan.." she interrupted.

He stopped hearing her, "yeah wha..."

He couldn't even complete his sentence. She stuffed a muffin into his open mouth and ran away, "Bye."

He couldn't believe she was being this childish! He pulled out half the huge muffin from his mouth and looked at her incredulously.

What the hell was she thinking?

That woman was impossible and she was always running away from everything. Very well then! He was surprised at the taste. It was delicious. But he wouldn't let her off the hook this easily.

He watched her at the threshold and smirked, "Raj...Come here boy!"

She stilled hearing that and turned back to see him. That chit of a pup was wagging its tail and jumping around that monster. And she knew it was all because of the stunt she pulled off.

Revenge it was!

But she felt like killing him when he kept his coat on the chair, picked up the pup and fed him the half eaten muffin and that monster puppy ate it too.

He looked at her from the corner of his eyes and pretended to feed Raj.

"oww...isn't it nice Raj? Do you want more?"

Her jaws dropped to the floor!

What the hell was he doing?

Raj barked in glee and licked Maan's cheeks and he revelled in the sadistic pleasure he derived from the Geet's expression.

Jerk! Khotta! Monster kahin ka! Hate him to the moon and back!

Satisfied with her expressions, he picked up his coat and turned to her, feigning innocence.

"It was very tasty Geet. Could you save some more for me and Raj?" he smirked and stressed on the word "Raj" .

He didn't even wait to see her reaction because he knew the revenge has been served on a cold platter and walked away with Raj.

How much she wished she could strangle him to death and she vowed that one day she would. Gulping down her anger, she walked out to Ana with her plate of muffins. She had another battle to conquer which wasn't going to be easy because it was... well just Ana!
Chapter 16

Chapter 18

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