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Posted: 7 years ago
Amma Written Update November 27, 2016

ReCap - Saraswati calls Rihhaana and tells her that she has realized why Zeenat Amma was against her marriage with Atul. Atul slaps her on hearing this and she falls down.
Atul is furious to know that someone else died instead of Amma as that lady ate her food which was poisoned.
Amma is furious to know that somebody tried to kill her in jail.

Episode was based on Atul's real face coming out in open for everyone. Rihanna was about to tell Laxmi that Atul did this to Saraswati but Atul blames her for creating misunderstanding here. He saved himself. Rihanna leaves after consoling Laxmi on Saraswati's condition.

Atul plans to kill Amma by planning a blast in which Everyone rushes out and Romi, a killer sent by Atul enters jail and shots Amma.

Later on, Atul, Sher Khan, Narayan Minister party together on the death of Amma . Romi comes there and reveals them that somebody came there and he shot Amma instead of him and handed over a letter. The letter says next in line to be killed is them. They now know it was Amma's plan to get out of jail.

In hospital, it's revealed that it was Mehboob who shoots Amma as it was preplanned for her safety. He shots her on her shoulder. That way she can be out from jail as well. Haider says they're not finishing your enemies because Amma has stopped them.

Zeenat says when time will come they will finish them. She is asked to rest.

Laxmi picks up Sher's call and listens to Atul's truth. She is shocked and confronts Atul. She tries to leave but Atul hits her head. He cuts her wrist and leaves her for dying. Laxmi defends herself but in vain. He is cunning and murderer.

Zeenat sends Mehboob to see Laxmi and Saraswati. Before that, Rihhaana tells her about Saraswati's condition. Mehboob cries and remembers her childhood.

Mehboob reaches Laxmi's residence where he finds her lying down and was about to get unconscious. He picks her up and admits her in hospital.

Zeenat comes to see her and they both hug and console each other. Laxmi is embarrassed as she supported wrong person like Atul. Zeenat Amma says her not to worry as she will punish Atul for his deeds. Atul will pay for his wrong work.


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Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for the Written Update
Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for the Written Update

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