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New SS on our famous couple Virat and Manvi


Virat- very energetic fun loving and currently in relationship with a girl Maya. He is attracted towards her thinks as true love. loves his  brother viren and mom. thinks his family is blinded by rules of his grandfather and bua .

Viren- sweet and sincere loves his younger brother like son. 

vanshika mom- loves her sons sweet and warm and wants them to happy in life

dadaji- virat and viren grand dad

Swamini Bua- a.k.a S.bua- viren and virat's aunt 

shlok- virat cousin 

kadambari chachi- viren and virat uncle wife

Inder chachu- viren and virat uncle


Manvi- fun loving sweet down to earth and loves her sister and will go to any extend to make her happy and fulfill her wishes.

Jeevika- lifeline and soul of manvi beautiful but changes due to Wedding a slight bitchy attitude along with guilt as the story progresses

Beeji- grandmom of the girls who adore her granddaughters.

Dabbu- younger brother of the girls . dashing , respective and loves his sisters to core.

Madan chachu- younger brother of jeevika and manvi dad a.k.a uncle

badi beeji- mother in law of beeji and great grandmom of jeevika and manvi

Maya- current girlfriend of virat she is sweet and accepts situations and act on it.


Viren and jeevika marriage is arranged and are deeply in love with each other even they are having an arranged marriage . It was most like love at first site.

Swamini Bua is impressed with the culture of jeevika and with manvi sweet and humbleness thinks of getting her married to virat. Doesnt like Maya as she is model and wants a homely and nice bahu for her batija.

But virat being very independent in his thought disagrees to it 

Virat and Manvi are married finally let see whats in store for these in future whether its love or seperation...will he mend his mistake as fate brings them together for a second time 

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Wonderful start !
Can't wait to read more 
 plsupdate soon 
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Thank you will update part one todayEdited by manishsur - 3 years ago
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Far away from the hustle a girl sitting in the beach and enjoying the serene atmosphere was none other our Manvi. she was once fun and easy going but now she only had remains of it and was very lonely. Once her everything  her sister, mother jeevika di was not with her let alone support or love her.

Manvi takes a deep breath and sees the photo in her hand with is she along with her di.

di ap teek to ho mein apko bahut miss karti hoon . hope ap ek din samaj paye ki maine esa kyu kiya.mein janti hoon ki mein ne sab ko chod ke yaha apna ghar basaya  kyunki mein Virat  ki khushi nahi cheena chati . ( sis how r u , i miss u so much , i hope you will understand me as to y i did like this  , i know i left u all behind and have started a world of my own )

haan di mein use pyar karne lagi jab ki usen mujhe hamesha ek bhoj samja aur meri waje se use uski pyar nahi mili.( i did love him  where in he thought me as a burden , and becoz of me he lost his love)

she sees the sun is about to set she walks back to home thinking about her life which is empty and she is living for the sake of it.

Chandigarh India

Jeevika - she is getting ready for her god bhari as she is pregnant with twins. 

viren her husband enters and looks at her and says  you look  so beautiful to be mommy and admires her. i wish manvi was here to see you she would have been so happy i miss her so much  is n't jeevika.

jeevika turns around and says she is no one for me she just spoiled my devar (bil) life who had accepted her even after he didnt love her. I cant believe she is my sister  . She is selfish and only wants to think about her. I dont want to talk about her anymore.

Viren feels bad and knows the manvi they knew would never do it  and signs thinking.

Sholk enters and says Viren Bhai sab bhabi ko neche bula rahe hai.( Bro everyone are waiting for u guys to start the function)

jeevika checks herself in the mirror  for the one last time and get up saying dont think about her and spoil our mood . lets live our life . everybody must be waiting for this happy occasion.

They head down everybody happily welcome them and the rituals start they bless her with happiness and god luck.

Just then one of the family friend Mrs.Sharma of Vaderas say it would have been nice to see vadera kandan choti bahu as they know that she left.

Jeevika - yes that selfish girl left we spoiled Virat life but dont worry we will get him married soon to the girl who will love him and cherish his life with happiness.

Swamini Bua and Vanshika feels bad for Manvi and wonders as to why she left them and him taking all the blame without any regret. She is still liked by all in the Vadera house except jeevika.

Beeji- yes jeevika is rite i cant believe i raised that girl.i didn't expect this from her.

a little far away our Hero Virat stand hearing people talk or bitch about her. He feels so bad that  becoz of him she lost her everything and sacrificed everything willingly.

choti bahu- younger daughter in law

god bhari- baby showers

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Awh .. poor Manvi.
  i hope she and Jeevika become friends again soon! 
Awh Virat is so cute.
Update soon ! thx for the PM
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Originally posted by Dee-jay

Awh .. poor Manvi.
  i hope she and Jeevika become friends again soon! 
Awh Virat is so cute.
Update soon ! thx for the PM

thk u Embarrassed much appreciated 
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Virat came and sat in bedroom feeling guilty and lost  whereas he is supposed to feel happy as the only problem in his life was solved.

Maya enters his room after sharing plesantaries with his family  who was now ok with their friendship atleast for the sake of virat happiness.

Maya- Hi Virat How r u

Virat still lost in thoughts as maya shakes him  to get his attention . He looks at maya and his eyes are red and it shows guilt, love fear angry. Maya seems taken aback for a minute.

Maya - are you ok Virat look at me

Virat- yea am fine you tell me when did u come 

Maya- Plz virat dont lie to me . I am friend first .

Virat- I was thinking about Manvi

Maya looks at virat and smiles .

Maya - ok what about her.did nt she leave you alone and your family .She asks with a straight tone with a smile hidden trying to know his feelings for manvi. Even though Maya loved Virat after his marriage she let him go even after his continuous persistent that he loved her.

Virat-no she didnt i made her go away from her or rather my behaviour towards her let her go away from me and family.

Maya- So what is the big deal you r divorced lets get married am sure your family might have realised their mistake by now. 

Virat- marriage he thinks for few minutes or he is rather speechless as he is blank without any answer.

he replys i dont think i will be able to marry you maya.

Maya - y not virat  you have always loved me

Virat closes his eyes he sees manvi image with a beautiful smile on her face.

I cant do that maya .

Maya - y virat give me a reason am i not beautiful , lovely i like ur family and you very much and i am equal in status as well .

Virat - But i dont love you anymore i love manvi truly she is within me she always cared for my happiness even sacrificed hers for me . i dont think i will find a love ever in my life . She is the one for me . I have been an idiot to close my eyes and heart shut to understand it.


Maya-has a big smile on her face and says buddy am soo happy for i just wanted u to realize it. i am proud of ur choice and she hugs virat.

Virat is shocked as to how easily it came out of his mouth and feels happy to let out his thoughts . He hugs back maya and gives a shy smile to her.

Maya- Wohoo look at you all smitten in love . congrats and get her back soon will ya its already late enough . she belongs here with you all.

She is satisfied and moves out saying bye as she is going out of country on a modelling assignment.

Virat smiles and sits in bed takes manvi photo from his wedding album admires her and says manvi love i will bring you back you are mine and i am so sorry for what i did.I love you manvi !!! i know you do too... wait baby virat is coming for you..

but how will find her? i need to hire a detective to find her wherebouts . But first need to tell bhabi and others at home to change their opinion . I need their help.

He thinks it too late he will tell them everything the following morning and ask for forgiveness.

He imagines his first meeting of manvi and smiles ruffling his silky hair.

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Nice update
Virat is so cute
Maya being sneaky ahhaha

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