Episode synopsis+analysis+AT-1st october

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Posted: 4 years ago
ok guys..let me try to give a synopsis of todays episode wid my observations too.

i shud tell u all todays episode did test my patience..and some uneasiness was ter.. i vl tell u all why..

Synopsis: for all those who did not watch the show

the show opens up phooli explaining everything regarding b..showing rishab that buk..in thier bedroom..raina was also wid him.. and phholi was telling br is formed from gorilla..so whoever be the enemies of gorilla vl b his enemies..wateve gorilla likes..br also likes for eg: banana.. and rishab asking how can we kill him.. n phooli telling ter are ways such as bali.. and then immediately raina tells we vl give bali... phooli was telling..if somebodys birth is already written..there vl surely be ways to its death too... during all these convo appu was hiding behind their bedroom door listening..and her only motive was to get the book..in between she jst wnt near stairs and at tht time all other srivastav's were busy putting a mat fixed wid nails to prevant br to enter n at tht time ajay who was away from kamalpura comes bak to see raina ,since he heard tht suresh is sick... all welcomed him.. appu come bak to bedroom and tells rains tht ajay came bak and everbody leaves putting the book in room..appu thn came bak to take the book bt phooli enters there unfortunately tht appu couldnt get the book..and phholi eve ask did appu come bak to get the book..appu tries to manipulate phooli to help her to kill br..bt phooli assures tht she vl only help rishna n family members and not u..coz u already killed him once..thn y shud u kill agin..telling ths she took book away..
 downstais everbody was sitting n talking and was eating fruits..and ajy ask for banana which made rishab to dbt ajay being br...and from ter onwards his only motive was to observe ajay and confirm him to b br..(skipping tht part,he evn convincde raina and send her to check ajay)  

rishab somehow wants to kill br and was abt to read br book..bt dnt want to read along wid raina due to small fight..suddenly house trmbles and both lost balce  and book fall from their hands and reach outside..appu thn tries to took it.. bt couldnt..temble was tht br took the entire house in his hands!!! (irrelevant here -skipping) any way appu couldnt get it..

later shown tht rishab discussing wid appu killing br and appu telling i dnt knw a way..and for tht rishab gave her the book..now appu super happy made rishab promised tht he shud not tell enybody regarding the fact tht book is wid her.. bt later wen raina asks rishab told tht its wid appu..

and from book appu get an idea to kill br by giving bali of a virgin bride.. and she chose raina for tht..and convinced rishab tht the both vl kill br.. bt raina shud not b ter in ths plan coz she being ziddi... rishab belives ths and agrees.. appu again tell a plan to knw whether ajay br or not...and rishab vl tell he vl do as per appus plan.. now appu want raina to b unconsious to take her to bali..so putting something in juice,,,bt wont work...bt she asuures herself tht she vl giv bali of raina..episode ends

(rishna analysis and appreciation vl be another post combining today n tommorows episodes)

my observations and analysis

today rishab did test my patience..arrey uski prblm kyaa hai?(at times i wanted to kill him..i felt him being dumb at times.. i knw he dont knw abt real appu..bt since raina once warned abt her..he shud have been careful..bt his urge to kill br made him mad tht he dont even have patience to thnk!!! but two times wen appu accidently tell rishab  to get rid of raina, he was suspicious..bt appu being evil ki dookan immeadiately understud his concern for raina..and convinced him telling lies..idiot...y did he discuss everything wid appu?? raina was always wid him.. and now he wants appus help to kill br.. meanwhile regarding mu..rainas prime target now is to kill br..so tht shes is adjusting wid rishab..thtz ok..

i was very much sure tht juice plan vl never work.. (i felt like the creatives were sarcastic abt themselves showing the same old idea,by exchnging glasses and make confusion, by ved telling a stupid story!!!)

and i believe ajay is not br... he was actually mad at br...and he did comebak for a reason..they wasted an entire episode discussing ajay being br... and watz the prb wid appu?? would over hear anybodys convo at their door step... stupid idiot... bt let me tell you todays episode was breathless with too much plans and haste and  at the sametime testing patience too...  they were busy providing minute details pointing our dbt towards ajay being br..Angry

now i thnk tommorow she vl somehow succed in taking raina to bali..bt dnt knw wat vl happen thn and how rahki would make an entry..


todays best part was the combination scenes between phooli and appu.. pinpointed dialogues by phooli added the spice... 

followed by rishab convincing raina abt ajay being br... excellent acting by aham... he was taking nonstop wid all the tension and worries potrayed in his dubbing...

kishwer amazes in her acting.. coz i thnk by todays episode..everybody should be hating appu to the core... i jst hate seeing appu onscreen.. evilness ki dookaan... oh my god...

ps: ajay is really a nice guy.. i want him to b the part of the show till the end... raina and ajay makes a good brother-sister duo!! he appeared much peaceful always!!!
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Posted: 4 years ago
Agreed don't know how Rakhi survived, but would like to know what will happen next
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice analysis...
It was OK episode but I still  felt that something is missing...

Rishab, Raina & Phooli trying to find ways to kill Bhaiyya...

Yeh Bhabhi kyun sabki baatein chupke sunte hai...LOL

The family trying to reduce Bhaiyya's powers using poisonous nails...

And Ajay is back...Smile

But uska behaviour bahut strange lag raha tha... But good to see his concern for Raina...Smile

Rishab doubts Ajay because he is eating banana...LOL

But if Ajay is allergic to banana then wouldn't Raina know about this...Confused

Ajay is behaving strange & Bhabhi raat ko soneke bajay doosaron ke kamre me jaake chori karna chahti ho...D'oh

Phooli ne acha jawab diya Bhabhi ko...Thumbs Up

Appu said that jiske liye tum yahan ho usse marne aayi hoon mein when Phooli asked her why did she come back...

Bhaiyya using Srivastav house for weight lifthing was hilarious...ROFL

I don't if BR is inside Ajay or not but he's totally acting strange...Confused

Rishab should stop trusting Appu so much...Angry

I don't understand how Appu read that book when Phooli told Raina that its written in some language that they don't understand...Shocked

How did she find a way that even Phooli don't know...Confused

And har baar woh ghoom phirke Raina par aakar kyun rukte hai...ConfusedLOL

Even now she's planning to sacrifice Raina...Angry

Good to see that at least Rishab told Raina that he gave the book to Appu...

Bhabhi is planning something & is using Rishab to execute her plan...

Yug kitna bada kameena hai... Still hurting his wifeAngry... Bhaiyya ne ek bar udake pheka tha isse but he didn't learn anything from it...

Bhabhi having suhagraat flashback... ahem... ahem...EmbarrassedLOLWink

Ajay was giving strange look to Bhabhi...Confused

Bhabhi ka plan A hua fail...Thumbs Up

Ab woh plan B execute karna chahte hai yani ki bali dena chahti hai yeh...

Precap is interesting... So its true that Rakhi is alive & Appu knows about it...How...Confused

Bhabhi & Rishab manage to kill Bhaiyya...Cry

TBH the episode was really confusing and nothing special happened in it except for few RishNa scenes which were good & also Bhaiyya's weight lifting was hilarious...

Its good to see that Raina is trusting Rishab & also the poor guy doesn't even know that the one he's helping is giving him big dhoka...D'oh

Raina should tell Rishab why she's upset with him...Silly

Felt good to see Rishab's concern for Raina...SmileBlushing

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Posted: 4 years ago
 regarding allergy..rishab was giving a bait!!! actually no allergy..bt telling tht he was trying to know details abt ajys whereabts..

i thnk ajay know something abt someone in srivastav family..he was acting strange..bt i thnk he came wid a purpose ( may be for confirming anything or to observe someone-since he was lookin at appu ina strange way..he must hav comebak for appu)

and she did read the book.. phooli just told its difficult to understand..so i vl tell imp thngs (to raina)
and i thnk appu just read wat is necessary n not the entire book..which vl become  the soul reason for her end... even if br died.. coz of ths half cooked info...his death(death or somethng else) vl hav some consequences..which vl take our story to next level i thnk and lead to appus end later!
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Posted: 4 years ago
Ajay may have come with some other purpose...
The look he gave Appu was fishy...
And I don't think he's BR because the people they actually doubt are always innocent...
May be he got to know about Rakhi as per spoilers & came for her...
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nice analysis...
Fully agree with your observation...how easily Rishabh believes appu ...overall an O.K. episode.
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Posted: 4 years ago
Good analysis Pailaar. I understand it got a bit annoying but the nervous energy surrounding Rishab and everyone was realistic. They were on edge and Aham excelled as usual.
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Posted: 4 years ago
Hey Pi...(i hope i cn call u dat).. First of all a BIG THNK U for the synopsis cum WU of the epi.. Well i found the epi Ok.. Highlight for me was rishu's care for raina.. 'main usse jhooth nahi bol sakta' 'wo jiddi bahut h'' pichli baar kitna bura maana usne' .. Koi batao isko Raina ko kya MU ho gyi h.. He will b hell annoyed wid her.. Rishna old fights are back.. Rishna touch each other way too much.. Hehehe.. N dat non stop talking scene.. Hats off Aham.. Brahmu .. Awww... Goin 2 die or wutevr.. Rishu is innocent.. He trusts ppl way too much.. Specially those he loves..
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