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Posted: 2016-09-16T01:07:37Z
Hello  forum!

Hope you all are hale and hearty?

This post and its ''Naamkaran'' is inspired by my strong dislike for Ekta's shows which keeps our telly screens bereft of fresh air of real believable  world.(no offense, if you are an EKTA fan)  Yesterday while watching Naamkaran I got my Buddhu baksa   switched to Kumkum Bhagya and I was pretty much shocked to see that nobody recognizes  Pragya as the wife of a  rockstar  and he has lost his memory  I confirmed from my cousin and she updated me about this show and then I asked her Is it a Ekta show? She said yes!  I got reminded of its start  when the first promo was on air. I liked Madhurima Tuli but my cousin told me she left the show for some movie. And i have seen this Pragya girl in Balika Vadhu and I Liked her there.)

 So am summing up how Naamkaran will unfold  if Ekta was directing it;

Ashish and ASha having an intense love story             150 Episodes

They have a cute kid Avni and they three bond well      200 Episodes

Enters Ashish's mother and we get shocked  to see weak side of Ashish         400 Episodes

Ashish marries someone else to please his mom                                                  500  Episodes

Asha keeps loving him with some anguish and bitterness                                     600 Episodes

Wife of Ashish is manipulative vamp unhappy to discover he has someone else in his life (Wait! She is a vamp so she is know it all already so no need to discover)
                                                                                                                                       800 Episodes

She starts plotting against Ashish family and Asha Avni                                    1500 Episodes

Asha sets on mission Xpose                                                                                    Episodes2000

Avni stays with her as a pillar of strength                                                                200 Episodes

Ashish's wife  manages to keep Avni with Ashish in her  home                          100 Episodes

A leep of 15 years                                                                                                            100 Episodes

The grown up Avni hates Asha and Ashish also hates Asha                                  700 Episodes

Asha keeps  doing what  she neds to do for trp  ---cryng crying                                 300 Episodes

Some more attempts to have Avni and her love                                                               200 Episodes

5 yera leep                                                                                                                                80 Episodes

Avni falls in love with someone                                                                                              100 Episodes

Asha warns her of the guy being a bad boy but she shuns her                                  200 episodes

Gets pregnant                                                                                                                         900 Episodes

The man leaves her for some other woman/reason/responsibility                          150 Episodes

Avni understands the pain of her mom  and reunites with her                                    20 Episodes

Asha gets back with Ashish and Avni forgetting all the suffering taht she underwent     2 Episodes

Ekta also decides to forget the tittle of he series as who bothers to remember the title after 4500  plus episodes!  Embarrassed

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Posted: 2016-09-16T02:53:01Z
ohh my u wrote it all
whatever we saw in 3 episodes ... IN EK show it would take 1000
that's true ... !!!
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Posted: 2016-09-16T04:27:01Z
lol well said ekta is predictable now
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Posted: 2016-09-16T05:46:31Z
Dead can't be put better than ths...LOL
My onli concern is how she's managing ruling the chart without fail... y all our cursing is going in waste.. I dotes on Sriti..luv her so much bt I want her to leave that EK crap asap.. but she seems fine n settle nw with KKB fr another 4500 epis... poor me..Unhappy
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Posted: 2016-09-16T06:38:59Z
ROFLthis is so accurate I can't even 
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Posted: 2016-09-16T07:50:05Z
LOL so true ...
I think when Naamkaran finish Diya aur baati hum season 2 will start ..so hopefully it won't go that long ..I may be wrong Confused

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Posted: 2016-09-16T07:55:09Z
I love this LOLLOL Feels good to know I have some company in my sentiments towards her PH. 
No doubt this is exactly how the show would have panned out if it was from her stables LOL In between these major tracks, I'm sure there would also "minor" developments  involving hate marriages, plastic surgeries, leads getting jailed, quick marriages and quicker divorces LOL And 15 minutes devoted to eyelocks and trip-fall-catch in every alternate episode LOL 
For those who are as baffled and fed up as I am about the content on TV, here is a hilarious write-up. Gives you an idea about the thought processes behind revolting shows. 

The article made me feel bad for the people writing saas-bahu shows Stern Smile but only for about five minutes. Then I went back to judging them LOL 
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Posted: 2016-09-16T09:43:13Z
haha so accurate. cant get better. just missing out on how long it will take asha to deliever the second kiddo?? 500 Episodes?? ROFL
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