FF: The long way home (Chapter 31 on pg 39)

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They were walking around the sacred fire, her hand in his. She had accepted Bholenath decision. Her purpose would be to prove herself and the innocence of her people...

There were gunshots. She moved behind the shoulders which would always be here refuge. She heard Thakursa voice asking her to come forward. Calling her home...

She couldn't move as words were exchanged. What did Bholenath want? Was she supposed to go back to her mamisa? Why would he wait till his mangalsutr lay on her breast to send Thakursa...

No! She screamed jumping in front of him the minute the gun was fired. She saw red. Everything became black.

Hi everyone,

I'm sort of new here. I usually stick to checking out Sanaya'so thread. But since her new show is taking time and Rangrasiya is back on Rishtey. I have Paro on my mind. This is her story.
Like it! Hate it! Let me know.

- Alina

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Chapter 31 - page 39

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Ah! Alina Di, thank you for the link.
The prologue was nice. The dilemma of Paro has been showcased really well. But whom is she marrying? Is it Rudra?

 Waiting for the next chapter.
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Posted: 2016-09-16T04:31:08Z
Awesome Prologue Dear..
Is Paro married Rudra??
Ok its Paro's story bt PaRud r d best romantic couple so pls dont separate them..
Love to Read more pls Update soon..
Fianlly WELCOME to FF world of PaRud..
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Posted: 2016-09-16T22:33:50Z
Intriguing Prologue! Please continue!
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Posted: 2016-09-17T13:05:43Z
interesting... continue soon
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Posted: 2016-09-18T02:56:02Z
@Srushti - Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Yes, Paro is Rudra's only na.
@Bhavyaesther - Thank you. It will be a Parud story only.

@Ritika - Thank you

@nema - Thank you
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Chapter 1
She woke up with a sweat rolling down her soft cheeks. She looked around the room. "Marry and stay in my room like a piece of furniture" his voice called out from the past. It wasn't as bad as she expected. He didn't shout at her. He didn't corner like a monster. He didn't do anything. In fact he just left her alone. 

No that wasn't true. He just left. She hadn't seen him since the wedding. She barely saw anyone since that day. The entire family knew the truth. She wasn't his fiancee but his witness whom he was protecting. They didn't know what to do with her. Kakisa told her to stay in the room till Rudra got back. And the others had to leave her alone. And they did, not to get involved in a BSD matter. 

She got out of bed quickly saying her prayers. She had to see Kakosa before he left. "Babloo tell me the truth. He can neglect anything but not his mission," she overheard Bapuda shout. She didn't hear the reply. Her feet moved faster knowing well that they were talking about him. "Bhaisa is right. He married his mission and has dumped her here. What if someone comes for her again? Last time they kidnapped Maithili this time they may even take me," Kakisa yelled. 

"Someone came for me?" she asked. They all stopped talking. Kakisa didn't answer. "Kakisa I'm asking something. Who came? Why didn't you say something?" she asked. Bapuda and Kakosa were shocked. They waited for her to say something. "Yes. Tejawat had sent his men to look for you. They even reached this house," she replied. "And you were going to hand her over?" Bapusa asked. 

Kakisa shook her head. She met Tejawat. He wasn't being honest. And as much as she hated Rudra she didn't want to go against the BSD. So she told them if they wanted they could come and take her away. And instead of coming in the day and taking her they took Maithili in the night," she revealed. Paro felt bad. She turned to Sumer, "Bhaisa why didn't you tell me? I could have done something." He burst out laughing, "What's the use? No one can tell whose side you really are on?"

"Why didn't you tell me or Rudra?" Bapusa asked. "You didn't bother when you and that son of yours came to this haveli? Now all the secrets are out but the danger is the same. This girl can't stay here," she said. Bapusa turned to his brother, "Babloo, I don't want to throw your family out. But if your wife and children don't feel safe here, you can find another place to stay."

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Posted: 2016-09-18T03:06:12Z
Alina Di, I suggest that you shift this FF to the FF section and post the link here. This way you won't be incurring wrath from the moderators. Will comment on the story there. I hope you don't mind.
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