*-HBD Ashish Sharma-*You Mean The World To Us!!

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Ashish Sharma..
A warm wondrous human...
A bright brilliant actor...
His mellow yet captivating personality is intoxicating...Bear Love by Florhalie
His gaze is intense but if you take a closer look a serene ,sensitive man is revealed...
He is charming...he is handsome...
he is focused...the combination is lethal...stand warned...
Love it with heart - FREESTUFF by AStoKo

He chose to be an actor and prepared himself diligently for it...
his commitment and passion and love n dedication for his craft is unmatched.. 
His roles have been memorable...
The raw emotions of Bhaiyyaji could be felt in deep ...
the grit n determination of the brave warrior Chandu gave us goose bumps..
the lover boy Ranveer of Rab Se SonaIshq charmed his way to our hearts...
the intense angry Rudra stole every heart and the calm serene Ram soothed and moved us...
He has played all the roles with perfection..Goood Job!! by LOVEMAYU

As we celebrate his B'day today, we would like you to know what he means to us...

"You Mean The World To Us!!"Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool

AS you mean the world to us...

We think of you every moment...

It's a delight to read your tweets..

You pull us towards you with your simplicity n charm...
sometimes it becomes impossible to contain all the love we feel for you..
so it is vented out through silly tweets and messages and gifs...
sincere apologies...but it likely to continue..
We adore you...the affection n love we feel for you is growing stronger day by day..

       You are always there..in our talks..on our minds..
deep inside our hearts.. I don't think you can guess how much you matter to us.
A heartfelt thank you to you for being a flawless actor...a perfect human being..Zelda Heart Container by Angelishi
Have the best life Supstar!! All our wishes and blessings are with you ..
We have chosen YOU as our Fave n U are going to be our Fave all our lives..

Love by KmyGraphic

Now enough of emotional talks...Scroll down for some fun...WinkLOL
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Exactly thirty two years back a baby was brought to the world...
a cute looking baby with big brown eyes...
Image result for baby smiley gif
the nurses fought over who was going to tie his first nappy on him...
The child cooed n smiled...
the journey had begun
He wasn't sleepy but he acted as if he was...a small tiff followed..
all the females in the family wanted to rock him...
Image result
he raised his plump arms in victory...
He grew up fast...his mission was to win all the hearts ...
The eyes grew bigger and browner and deeper..
the lashes grew longer at the corners...he smiled...
Image result
he had the perfect tools..handy all the times

His Mom often held him between her knees and
poured half a litre of oil...(brand undetected as yet...much to the sorrow of the fangaalz..)
over the silky head of jet black hair...and champeed them...
They grew silkier shinier softer...he giggled in the mirror..
he had another tool...handy again.
Image result for smiling baby smiley gif

All through his teenage he indulged in maar peet n
decorated himself with numerous cuts n wounds n broken bones...
Mom had d first aid box in hand..always.. She wud bandage d thin lanky limbs...
Off he would go to come back with more..Donno what did she hold first...
Her head or the limb with a new wound...Image result for baby smiley gif

Then he took to acting..and magicked the spectators...
they fell in heaps at his feet...the smile grew wider.. Image result for camera smiley gif
Soon he found a Gal and presented his heart to her...
he became a sprinter...chased her...spun around her..danced ...cooked..
gave her wide eyed looks...Image result for dancing smiley gifImage result for cooking smiley gif
bounced his shampooed hair left n right...maybe up n down too
Everything was rosy...kisses flew...love grewImage result for kiss smiley gif
Bells rung...wedding songs were sung..Image result for wedding smiley gif
Then came in furballs with warm wet muzzles n furry paws n shaky tails...
they cerelaced them..lullabied them.. Image result for dogs smiley gif
raised them well AS enjoyed grandfatherhood too..
talk of early marriages...

Now AS leads a happy married life...
he trots the world with his wifey...plays ball..rains warm kisses on the kids...
he pumps iron day night.. Image result for family smiley gif

He keeps inventing new ways to charm fangaalz n fanboys..
He likes them down and fallen...some
fangaalz...sorry...most fangaalz have fallen in deep pits Image result for fainting smiley gif
but they don't mind as there are 
heart shaped cushions to cushion the repeated falls ...Pink Heart Icon by AngelishiCute Pikachu Icon by Angelishi
AS, kind hearted that he is, provides ample opportunities to the fangaalz to lose their minds and to stay that way for life..selflessly..for their happiness only... Love Tards by Angelishi

He painstakingly tweets ..sends occasional pics...Image result for computer smiley gif
too much can cause eye strokes you see..Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] by Jerikuto
So do enjoy being his fangaal...keep tweeting him...
if you sound earnest your tweets might ...might...I will say again...might get answered...
Have loads of patience PLEASE...Image result for waiting smiley gif
Do you want him to give an acceptance speech to every fan for their love and warm wishes !!! 
Then he will have to become furniture...and a spontaneous...
read it as unprepared actor...which isn't his style..Image result for shocked smiley gif
Have the happiest ever birthday Ashish !!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-04 (Heart Dance) [V1] by Jerikuto
Have-a-Great-Day by KmyGraphic

Green Heart Icon by AngelishiPink Heart Icon by AngelishiBlue Heart Icon by Angelishi

Write Up:Shruti
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      This is a small gift from us to the most deserving humanBig smile.
As he turns 32 today(30th August),here are 32 special titles for AshishEmbarrassed.
Not that 32 is enough, just that we don't want the Thread to crashLOLLOL

Write Up:Shruti
The Man With Eyes Most Expressive:
           A lot has been said and sung about Ashish Sharma's eyes...
and a lot more can be added to that...Wink
His most brilliant feature his eyes are fathomlesss...Embarrassed
he uses them most skillfully to emote ,express, enchant, enthral and then enslave..Day Dreaming
How effortlessly every Bhava and Rasa flows through his eyes...
piercing the soul of the viewer...An immediate connect is made ...Tongue
We can feel the character...and feel for him...
And the quick shift of emotions in his eyes is a treat to watch..Clap
His eyes blink..shut..widen ..squeeze..stare..pool...glisten..
to present a kaleidoscope of emotions...

Neighbour's Envy Owner's Pride:

    Tied tight in a bun... Or flying freely under the sun... Day Dreaming
They give masses and even lasses a heartburnEmbarrassed
Champeed they grow fast like Jack's bean stalk .
About them 24*7 the Fangaalz talk
They r silky shiny and lustrous Heart
To have them on my head,I could be monstrous... LOL
Let them loose..they shouldn't be confined
For not sharing his shampoo secret AS should be finedOuch 
Cropped long short wet or blow-dried
One look and our eyes go wide 
To posses such hair alone is a crime
Plz tell In your Champee oil r u mixing some limeConfused
You let a lady touch your hair
Is she still in a clinic or else somewhereDead
Been looking for her 24*7 to ask Did his hair feel like heavenWinkLOL


The Man With The Most Winning and Irresistible Smile:
      That's Ashish Sharma..His smile lights up his face and the whole ambience in seconds..Tongue
It starts from some where deep in his eyes and spreads slowly on his face ...
warm n buttery like the morning sunshine..Embarrassed
You cant but stare .
It is shy n hesitant at times...at times sweet n radiant...
sexy and knowing a few times ...Heart
but infectious ALL the times..Day Dreaming
That slight tilt at which he holds his head while smiling makes it look so cuteee..Tongue
We can just gush about his smile...
Blood can just rush thru our veins all that while..Wink


The Handsomest Man:
   He is loaded with charm n absolute good looks..
One look at him and jaws drop.. Hearts beat faster...breaths become shorter shallower...
Is he fully unaware of his effect on fans???OuchConfused
If you start from the top it takes you time to reach the bottom...
If done leisurely a gaal can spend a year or so..observing himLOLLOL
A couple of months only on the hair..
more so if he allows you to touch them..Embarrassed
So silky smooth black thick lustrous shiny that they are..sighhh
Then the forehead...wide n regal... a fortnight there..
Then the eyes...pools of warm honey...hot chocolate...mochacookiecrumble...velvety...deeep...
crinkling at the corners.. fathomless..
inviting..holding so many emotions..Day Dreaming
Four months to explore them
Umm then comes that nose...it flares..it turns up...it throbs..it changes shape ..
.a month to admire it...Wink
Then the eyes have to reach the hands beautiful...long fingered and shapely...
a fortnight there.. The sculpted body, worked hard upon in gym ,gives blurred visions...
wear a helmet plz ...to remain unaffected if you fall or slipWinkLOL.
Again two months gone...Ouch
Rest of the two months to observe the powerful turn of the neck..
the graceful bending at the knees..the flick of the wrist..and the gait...sexy and alluring...
For a hurried study six months are ok..LOLLOL


The Hubbiest Huggiest Hubby:
  AS loves his wifey.. She is his lifey... Hug
They both are raw and fit like a jigsaw
Around her he wheely spins and smilez his lil pink tongue grins
He patkoz her near Goa She sails him to Thailand
Whoaa He shooz d mehndiwali and takes her cone in handBlushing
For he is d huggiest hubbiest heartiest husbandEmbarrassed.


The Youngest Granpa:
Now would there be any Granpa like him..Hottie n Smouldering...LOL
Carbon found his soul mate...gifted her some crunchy bones...
ran around the trees and the sofa with her...

right under the 'carved to perfection' nose of his dad...
nodding his elegant head in approval...
Ashish Sharma was made a proud grandpa..Wink
He ashished his grand kidEmbarrassed


A Perfect Parent To His Precious Pets:
   A red velvet cake for Toofu
For Carbon a bouncy ball
A tummyrub for Scotch
Him at their beck n call 
He cuddles dem snuggles them.
Tickles dem struggles them
A dad who runs home every weekend 
To be with them, for some time to spend.
It is said we can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals...
So here is a guy who is emotional about his kids..
tender caring and playful with them...
The ONLY thing that he flaunts is the boundless love he feels for them...


A Pal for Life:
AS is genuine...loving..reliable...A true friend...Tongue
No display of fake emotions...No flaunting...
His friendships have stood the test of time...and distance...
His bunch of friends can be seen with him...for him.. they stand by him...
Spotted at fun gatherings,for laughter and fun...
At JDJ as a support...At weddings...At home..
Earned for life... Co actors Choreos Co participants Directors Technicians Childhood pals
He has helped some...but he doesnt plaster his deeds on a board for all to see..
He cherishes them...just how friends should be ..
Thru thick n thin...together always..Hug


A Supportive Costar:
         AS believes in communicating well with his costars...Big smile
he is respectful somber and yet fun with them...
he makes them feel comfortable...
he guides n tutors them if needed...and
most importantly he supports them fully with his flawless acting skills and
his professional attitude ...Thumbs Up


Directors' Fav..
   Once AS always AS...Wink
That is how the directors react once they have worked with him..
His commitment ...honesty.. intensity ...integrity...
all put together cements the acquaintance into a lifelong unbreakable bond...of trust and friendship...Saurabh Tiwari ,Nikhil Sinha ...
they all have offered the bestever ML roles to him on a platter...
The roles were created with HIM in mind...
They are all praises for him...Their faith in him says a lot about him
The conclusion drawn is that his work speaks...loud and clear...for all to hearClap


An Actor Exxxtraordinary...
    It is said extraordinary people are ordinary people
who did everything with extraordinary passion..
This passion and reverence for his art/craft n work is
what makes him stand apart from the crowd...
He sparkles brightest..He dissolves himself into a non entity..
melts himself fully to pour that pure precious matter into the desired mould..
And out comes a new character...
with no traces of Ashish Sharma in him.
The extensive preparation ,body n soul ,points at his commitment level.
The viewers can't stop gushing about his acting prowess..
That 'extra' that he gives, to his every role ,makes him extraordinary...Clap


The Versatile
One trait that makes AS remarkably different is that he doesnt repeat himself...
he has been gifted with the rare ability of doing justice to the most complex roles...
he has the requisites to execute it superbly..
he has no comfort zone to slip into n snore...
Life isn't mundane n boring for him..
It isn't a role's experience repeated 'n' times...
he explores it n experiments...he keeps his curiosity alive...
he attempts what is untried for him...
A new role..a new challenge...a new Ashish Sharma every time for us !!Thumbs Up


A Poet At Heart :
AS has poetry mixed in his blood...
He grew up listening n reading his father's( Ashwini Sharma,a well known poet) poems...
And inspiration must have struck daily...
No wonder he writes and speaks so well...
His short poems n couplets sound so meaningful..
His Hindi poem,created on Mother's Day,
expressed such beautiful emotions for his mother..he is aware of his surroundings and happenings..and
whenever he is affected his feelings take the form of words..
profound and penetrating..Thumbs Up


A Good Student...
That's how AS describes himself..
Always ready to learn..from his surroundings...from his co stars..from life itself...
Every memory n experience leaves a mark on him...
adds another dimension to his personality..
He works with an open mind and absorbs all that life teaches..he is methodical n motivated... curious committed and consistent...diligent and dedicated ...
Can he be stopped from achieving his heart's desires??Wink


A Voracious Reader :
    Books are his best friends ,philosophers and guides...
his companions during his journeys...they intrigue him.
They have added to his personal growth.
They have helped him form his character.
AS drowns in them...he devours them...
They put ideas in his intelligent head and he ,wisely ,assimilates those ideas and
uses them when needed...for his roles ..
for taking decisions..for everything..
He is well read and has a mature outlook...a good understanding of life ...
beautiful communication skills ...expressions ...all because of reading books..Big smile


An Expressive Dancer...
    Another skill of his which drove the fans crazy during JDJ 7 times ..Big smile
It was an absolutely new art form that he hadn't tried before..
but he accepted the challenge !!!
AS performed on the stage with his heart n soul.
And was he versatile??Did he try out diff dance forms?Yess sir !!
He was passionate n smouldering for a sensuous number...
he was a total Tapori for another...
He slogged to perfect the moves.
He danced and danced only...Wink
He charmed his fellow contestants through his sincerity n honestyTongue.
His intense eyes and gracious moves raised his performance to another level..
He won millions of hearts and lifted the trophy...Dancing
I guess dancing to the tunes of his lovely wife keeps him in practiceLOL

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Mr Gorgeous Chef...
   Once in the kitchen he throws in some ice..
Adds sugar and spice... Chops and dice... Cooks a meal nice...Wink
Folds in kisses For his sexy Misses And
serves the dishes In a day just thrice...HeartLOL


Witty With Words:
      AS has an admirable sense of humour...His one liners tickle you...
He is quick to catch the mood of the talk and add to it...
He is subtle with words..
He is well read and intelligent and
has an unbiased perspective towards the things and people around himBig smile.
That allows him to be original and funny..
He is able to laugh at himself...
that quality of his is endearing to his fansTongue..
Have seen his witty retorts to fans who at times forget their manners and
sound very arrogant and pushyWinkLOL


Bitten Often By The Travel Bugz...
Every now and then AS n his wify are bitten by a Travel Bug with all his might 
And off they are to a new site 
The bug crawls on their Google map
'Go to this place' he points with a tapWink
With wheels under their feet they flee 
With Shades on their nozes and a glee
They dine n wine n roam around 
With the Bug besides them on the ground
They feed the Bug a seven course mealLOL
'Next would be X place' they sign a deal 
Thanx to the bug they destress and unwind
Can U believe even Bugz can be kindShockedROFL


Almost A Cricketer...
Be it in the back lanes of Ramoji...or front lanes of Ayodhya
Ashish can't resist a match of cricket...he has to bat...he has to ball...he has to catch...
However difficult it maybe...even if he has to hold his dhoti...Miss it he wont...
He beats the ball ferociously...Shocked
swings the bat like a pro...and catches it almost like MS..Coz he isn't wearing the gloves U seeLOL
You can notice the concentration...
frowning glory he appears Archu knows he can represent India
so she allows him to play...WinkLOL
who knows he could be asked one day...by the Indian Team Skipper...for an autographShocked


Grounded To The Roots
   Success hasn't corrupted the core of his being...
at the core he still is what he always was n has been...
He is connected to his roots..his love for Rajasthan has remained unchanged...Heart
his wife is his biggest support system...
his family is his priority...he is caring and sensitive..
he is expressive and demonstrative...
he still speaks in chaste hindi...Tongue
The age old values of integrity , excellence , truth matter the most to him even now...
He is genuine ...as he has always beenThumbs Up


Well Dressed AS:
    AS carries his clothes well...He looks cool and comfy in his daily life..
His clothes reflect his easy going personality..
He has blue and yellow as his fav colours and
surprisingly includes them n repeats them in his attire so often... Big smile
What a wonderful way to dress His wife Archu understands his likes so well...
She got him such a bright buttercup yellow Bandgala for an award function and indeed
AS looked suave and so handsome ...dressed in it..
For a man certain colours can be restricting but not for AS ...
Give him any colour...it would be just perfect for him ..
His cool Ts ..his smart jackets...his suits.. all add to his charm.. and reflect his good taste..
The best thing about his clothes..
They don't shroud the warm wonderful human under themWink.


Chatpata Khana:
  His Favorite as far as food is concerned AS is a total desi.. And
Rajasthani food is what he relishes the most..
Gatte ki sabji..Hing ki Kachori..Chaat...Aloo Paratha ...Dal Bati..
These are a few of his fav things...
He has sweet teeth too...Rabri...Jalebi.. Mmm..LOL
he can have them anytime..and a new like...MochaCookieCrumble.
But he has immense control over his taste buds..
He indulges them occasionally yet they are controlled strictly..
only salad and a small helping of the main dish..all for a fit gorgeous bodyWink


Cool In Colourful Shades:
    A pair of them perched on that nose Black white and in tints of blue or rose.
Dashing hot looks are assured Minor ailments of Fangaalz get cured.

The frames thank their lucky stars
They can luk in the eyez of a superstar
They hug the nose that's loved by all and
hold it tight as they don't want to fallWink.
AS loves dem and we love them tooo
They shade the eyes that can see through youDay Dreaming.


The Trend Setter:
  He has, through his superb acting skills and powerful presence,
brought immense respect for the male lead of the Indian Television...
He has had the meatiest roles and killed and
 juiced the scenes to carry the show on his shoulders...
TV can be considered a respectful medium for their careers.
All thanx to Ashish Sharma who refused to accept the 'furniture' rolesClap.

He carries the same level of respect for all the mediums...be it films ,TV or stage...
He chose roles over medium...and turned down movie offers since he didn't find them challenging enough ... This has generated total respect in his fans for him...
He has set a trend ...
hopefully his fellow actors would take inspiration from him and
make wise choices to up their career tooThumbs Up


The Other Side Of AS:
     How gracious and well mannered AS sounds..
Respectful..polite...considerate..ekdum seedha sadha...
DONOT be taken in by all this friends...just hold your breath and hear this..
AS has been a naughty kid all his childhood...
He has tried his hands at various pranks...
from cutting telephone wires.Shocked
yes !to shaking the washroom walls by firing crackers.
To frightening innocent people by narrating some horrid ghost storiesCry.

But the audacity of the Principal who punished him in the assembly...grrr..Angry
Just for bursting fire crackers...
now how else are the crackers to be used ??...beats me
And he was given a beating!!!Dead
how it must have hurt...innocent kid was terrified and punishedCry
just coz he was curious about things !!!Evil Smile
When would this world change its ways ????????????Angry


Genuine To The Core:
      Another endearing quality of AS...
He is most unpretentious..there is no artificiality around him...
His feelings...his thoughts..his words...his concern...his tweets...even his looks...
all are genuine and pure... He isn't image conscious...
he shares most natural images of his with his fans...
The saloon look of every hair gelled and styled to perfection
with the eyebrows plucked thinnn isn't his style..
Whatever changes he brings in... meticulously...
to his looks are just to bring to life the character he is playing... The viewers don't need to peel innumerable layers to look for the real Ashish..
Integrity commitment and honesty ...these traits add so much to his personality..
The end result is in front of us...
A warm vibrant n lovable human...Ashish Sharma for you !!Thumbs Up


The Man With A Heart of Gold:
       AS is gentle in his approach...and has a Kind heart...
He had associated himself with NGOs and
various organizations at an early age to do his bit for the betterment of the less fortunate..Tongue
He shares happiness with the under privileged..regularly...
His soft expressions while cuddling a stray speak volumes about him...
Be it his make up man,a differently abled fan,a tiny child,he is warm and welcoming...there is respect for all...in his words and deeds...
His tweets show he isn't indifferent to the pains of others...
He comes forward bravely to support what is right...
Any work done with a selfless intent becomes God's workClap.


Simply Simple Ashish Sharma:
      This one word describes AS perfectly..He is simple..
He doesn't carry an artificial image ...he isnt under the guise of a label..
No page 3 activities for him..No big mouthed statements to declare to the world...
His priorities are simple too..Family and work..
This simple taste is reflected in his life style..
Whatever matters to him has found space there..
On his walls he has mounted images of people who inspire him..motivate him...
He finds pleasure in reading...in playing..in being with his friends n family..
How fulfilling life must be for him.. Heart


Ashish The All-rounder :

      AS is versatile ...he holds varied interests..
He is artistic and excels in whatever he undertakes..
At times he goes steady with the DSLR around his neck...
squinting into it he captures images.. to his heart's content...
He sketches too..whenever the mood strikes..
Sadly he hasn't shared his sketches with us...
At times he is a writer...spinning and weaving stories to enthral the viewers...
Do we need to know about his acting and dancing skills..Wink


An Actor Who Values His Fans...
        AS makes his fans feel special..
He accepts their love and fangurling with a smile...with a twinkle in the eye...
How humble and gracious he is on receiving their tweets and wishes...He mentions them...thanks them..includes them...always...
He expresses his gratitude to them so often.
Won't ever forget his lines
'Ek kalakaar utna hi bada hota hai jitna uske darshak use banate hain..'..
He doesn't TRY to please his fans by
thanking them profusely for every word of appreciation...
He has mentioned it honestly that it isn't possible for him..And it isn't...
Want him to continue being what he is...Hug


Fangaalz' Love AS:
        They cant seem to get enough of him.. 
Chasing Praising Lovestruck Awestruck
They offer their hands to him
He cant be theirs..the situation is grim.
They drool, their eyes don't ever tire
 Fangurling AS is like playing with fire 
they sigh...he is too good to be true 
they hold their breath, their faces turn blue.
They faint they cry 
Their hospital bills run high
They rave n rant 
His name they chant.
Dearies he calls them 
With smiles he enthralls them.
Some become poetesses Some edit queens 
Some call him Bhaiyu ShockedA rare feat by all means.Big smile

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            Its unbelievable that someone gets her dreams come true very soon in a way of treasure of love and affectionBig smile. That most lucky girl is me who got precious nd pious inspiration from YOU ( Ashish Sharma). On your birthday, i really wish that you got more affection of people and more success and blessings as well from god by which we get our real hero of life who inspires us and who make us very positive at every situation in life. A small quotation on your personality may give you happiness and may show my respect for you... "People comes and people goes... Some heroic personality touches our heart... And live forever in life... Winds can be changed in thunderstorms but still are basic need of living as our Ashish Sharma." Wish you a very Happy B'day AshishParty-Aayushi

        Finally the day is here  Sooo excited !!! Dancing
The actor who breaths in life to his characters... And always creates a mark with his hardwork and dedication... it his bday today  ... Happy Birthday Ashish Sharma Party

Wishing you a healthy and a prosperous year ahead...Big smile

      Dearest Ashish,wish you a very,very,very happy birthdayBig smile.First you won my admiration through your talent and then you won my heart by being the person you areHeart.I wish you a long,happy and prosperous life and I pray to God for your well being.Happy Birthday Superman!!!Thumbs Up

Happy birthday and may all ur wishes come true and may god bless you.Heart
I wish you all happiness in you personal and professional life.
Shine like you always do


       Siya Ke Ram would have been my favorite show anyways but #AshishAsRam and #MadirakshiAsSiya made it priceless for me TongueTongue
Ashish, I have liked you from day one in Gunahon Ka Devta serial and was drooling over your unique looks, that dusky handsomeness ufff, Chandragupta Maurya a bit and Rangrasiya also, but YOU as RAM just swept me away to VaikunthHeartHeart
You are flawless as Ram, you will stay permanently in my heart forever and I am your Hanuman and with millions and billions of #WanarSenaHeartEmbarrassedLOL . God bless you, have a blassttt on your bday. Will post a video on Twitter, please watch !!HeartHeartHeart

      Your smile is like the sunshine, it brightens up my day, just one sight of you makes me crazy all the dayBig smile. The window of your soul is open to light, your heart is so beautiful,lovely and bright. Whatever you do, you do it with full of heart, that's why it touches the souls here and at worlds every other partHeart. You are my idol and i'm just a small fan, I really hope I'll meet you someday, don't know how it will happen and when. I wish you'll always have strength and get more and more success, may god bestow you with peace and happiness. Wish you a very happy b'day Ashish, have a mindblowing day, party hard and cherish this very special dayBig smile.-Juhi

          Wish you a very happy birthday Ashish.Party
Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
May your special day be filled with tones of happiness.
May you enjoy a day of doing the special things you like to do,
because today is your Birthday and it's all about only youBig smile.

          On this Special day, I wish you all happiness,success and God health.
You have given us moments of happiness,tears,friends,prideTongue
In return we can just wish you.
May you be always get to go what you want to do
Gain more acknowledgment which you rightly deserve 
May you life be filled with LoveHeart
Wishing You a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAYParty

    Dear Sharmaji!
There are no words to express amazement that overwhelms the person after acquaintance with your creativityTongue. Congratulations to you and wish to have all your plans were carried out and a new were even more grandiose. Let the execution of your performances bring you true happiness!HeartHeart

        Wish you a very happy birthday ashish sharma aka major sahab...Tongue
I watched your first serial gunaho ka devta little bit and i am impressed with you body language and then watch your rangrasiya serial and literally fell for you...you are a rock star...
The way you portray major sahab with different shade..
It's just marvelous... You are expression king...
Then i watch jhalak dikhh laja i simply loved your dance...
And now our lord ram...
I don't know what should i say...
I am speechless...Embarrassed
After i like gurmeet debina...
But you and madirakshi just beyond...
Hatts off to you...
Aapko or madirakshi ko shashtang dandwat pranam...
And god always bless you...
And shower you with lots of blessing...
Thanks and take care
Hatts off shri ram..Thumbs Up

      Happy Birthday to an exceptionally talented artist and a very cool dudeWink
You have won everyone's heart with your dedication , love , honesty, hard work and amazing sense of humor Tongue
You breathe life to every role played so far. 
Such is your dedication that you did not sleep to get the right look. You lost weight, grew a mustache,  learned archery. List is endless  
   We appreciate all you do for your fans, from responding to their tweets to wishing them on their birthday, exams regardless of how tired or busy you are. 
We wish your all the success for future and look forward to your future roles . Always keep smiling and tweeting.   

      Happy Birthday Ashish and many happy returns of the dayParty.  Hope all the best things of the world happen in your life because you are definitely one of the best people.      Enjoy your birthday and share your love with family and fans.    Best wishes Rajshri

Happy Birthday Ashish...Party
May ur all dreams fullfill ,
May u have lots of happiness, success, peace, prosperity , joy in ur life...May GOD Bless u with strong fine health ..
GOD Bless u always...Tongue

       Have a wonderful BIRTHDAY Party
I wish your everyday to be fill with lots of Love Happiness n Warmth of yr Near n Dear ones 

Handsome and definitely talented actor! Insanely attractive man, captivated by smile and eyes, i'm sure neither me alone. And would like to wish you, Ashish, in future more wonderful projects, happiness in family and positivity aroundBig smile.

Thank you for memorable stories and colorful characters that you gave us! 
Hope you will find a project that would be able to give something more than just a jobTongue.  

Undoubtedly a great actor and of course a wonderful person. Acting is mesmerizing, starting from the first minute to the last brace. I wish not to rest and move on, conquering the hearts of the audience. I also would like to wish Archana to remain as sweet, cheerful girl as you are. Ashish, let your all cherished dreams come trueHeart

Hey Ashish

This is a Diamante...a diamond shaped poem for you...Wink

I had to create one for you as you are a DIAMOND...priceless...rare...multi faceted...glittering...and

ever lasting...

This poem is a comparative study of YOU n me...before the slash it describes  you and after the slash it describes me WinkLOL


                   Awesome     Handsome

           Emoting         Performing         Winning

Create         Enliven        /   Watch                  Follow

           Admiring        Clapping        Loving

                        Simple      Ordinary


     My best wishes for your birthday !!!Party
You have filled my life with love happiness and pride...
I haven't followed or loved any actor as I do you..
When I think of you my hands itch to write something for you but the words are never enough or appropriate to describe you...
You are the best...in one word..Heart

     You know what...you are like a black hole...sorry a bad simile  ..but you pull in everyone towards you..and leave no traces of the person behind...
You are adorable and cute and a charmer...Heart
God bless you with all the happiness of this universe   !!Thumbs Up

    On your special day, I wish you good luck. Hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings.   Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday Ashish Party
Love you loadsHeart

Dear Ashish,Tongue

We have been together on this journey for a while now .Must say it has been the most rewarding for me. You have managed to bring happiness and light into every single one of our lives, and that's no ordinary feat. Just a simple good morning tweet from you sets a happy time for the whole day.Heart

As an actor you are tremendous , but as a human you are a triumph. My wishes with you for achieving anything you set your mind to.

Looking at the fact how special you are, I wish you all the love ,positive energy and good health. Stay happy whenever and wherever. May all your endeavors turn into definite successes. Keep doing what makes u want to get up in the morning and smile at the world . Most of all stay as you are ..the most unique and wonderful human being.

Wishing you a wonderful n fun filled happy birthday. Loads of love, luck n wishesParty.

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