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Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey of Humko Tumse Hogaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein have a bond right from their first day

In just a short span, Humko Tumse Hogaya Hai Pyaar Kya Karein's pair Ishani Sharma and Varun Toorkey have managed to win over the audience's attention. It helps that the current wedding track is making the two spend more time together, which in turn has immensely helped their onscreen chemistry. In a candid chat, the pair recounts their journey and tells us what makes them click.

Excerpts from the interview:
So did you two break the ice when you guys met for the first time on the sets?  
Ishani: I met Varun during the mock shoot. We were discussing the script at length and that was the start of our friendship.  
Varun: We met for the first time at the mock shoot. I think it was our first scene together that got us talking. We just connected.

Was it awkward to film intimate scenes with each other?
: Yes, it was awkward for me. Since I'm a newcomer, I was conscious shooting about the romantic scenes. As I got comfortable with Varun, I wasn't shy anymore.
Varun: Initially, we had cute moments in the show, so it wasn't really awkward. Recently, we had to shoot for a romantic scene, which was rather intense. But it wasn't challenging to shoot those scenes, as both of us are professionals. In fact, we managed to shoot the scenes with minimal takes
So, what makes your onscreen chemistry work?
It's our off-screen bonding. The fact that we got along since our mock shoot is a testament to the good rapport we share. And when you share a great rapport, you do end up having a great chemistry as well.
Varun: Tushar and Anokhi are polar opposites. I believe it is this contrast that works for us. We are great friends off-screen. It's our comfort level with each other that reflects on-screen.
Who is a better co-star among the two of you?
: Varun. He has a lot more technical knowledge than I do.
Varun: Ishani. You will always find her rehearsing her scenes
How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene?
: So many times! Recently Varun and I shot a sequence where Varun's character had to shout at me. Every time Varun would begin his dialogues I would laugh at him because he looks so innocent. It's difficult for me to imagine him being tough and screaming at anyone.
Varun: Ishani randomly starts laughing between shots and I keep wondering why.
So, who takes more retakes?
It depends on the scenes we are shooting. In some sequences, Varun has more takes, and sometimes I end up taking a few retakes.
Varun: Both of us try giving our 100 per cent. But it also depends on the scenes. If there is a romantic scene to be shot, Ishani ends up taking more retakes since she laughs a lot.  I take more retakes when I have to act angry.
Is there any particular scene that's made its way to your heart so far?
: There was this scene we shot recently where Tushar saves Anokhi from the fire. It is a pivotal scene on the show as Anokhi starts looking at Tushar in a different light.
Varun: The first meeting scene between Tushar and Anokhi will remain special to me. I think the whole process " right from discussing the scene to actually shooting it " was well planned.
What is one thing that you like and dislike about each other?
: Varun is a gentleman; I like that about him. I dislike the fact that he never shares his hot chocolate with me. He drinks it everyday between his shots.
Varun: I like that Ishani has a mind of her own. I don't think there is anything I can dislike in her.

What's your off-screen equation like?
Ishani: We have become good friends and constantly support each other.
Varun: The two of us spend a lot of time on the sets together. In fact, I can't even believe it that it's been only three to four months since I have known her.

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Your favourite corner on the sets:

Ishani: My bedroom in Mallick House is my favourite because it's peaceful.
Varun: Selfie chowk is my favourite corner.

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Your favourite food on the sets:
Ishani: Varun's home-cooked food is simply outstanding.
Varun:  I love the home-cooked food that I get. In fact I get extra food because everyone on the sets, right from the actors to the director ends up eating my food.

Your 2 am buddy on the sets:
Ishani: It has to be Varun. Lately, our wedding track was so intense and exhausting that we ended up being on sets almost till midnight. Once we were done with the shoots, we would talk on the phone.
Varun: Ishani.  

Things you cannot do without:
Ishani: Nothing as such.
Varun: Masala chai.

Your favourite line on the sets:
Ishani: Pack up karo na yaar.
Varun: Dada, masala chai lana.

Your wildest fantasy:
Ishani: It is too wild to be told. (Laughs)
Varun: None as of now.

Your dream date:
Ishani: A date on a beach abroad with a bottle of red wine
Varun: I think dream dates are overrated

Your first crush:
: I had my first crush in class 10. I was gaga over him.
Varun: I had my first crush in class 4. She was my computer teacher. I had a huge crush on her till class 8.
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