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Hello everyone! Surprise ROFL ROFL

After swinging between whether i should write a story or not, i have decided to write one. Last Sunday fell from bike Ouch LOL so got loads of tym as I was resting LOL toh likh diya first part and posting today.Embarrassed It will hardly have 4-5 parts may be less than it. As usual I will be late with updates Approve LOL And this story will hardly have RaYa scenes Ermm Read at your own risk Cool

My story starts after sammy-suhani relationship is exposed and pihu ask Ram to choose between her and Priya.

"dad u have choose between me and mom", Peehu demanded shocking Ram and Priya. Ram was at loss of words. How was he supposed to choose between his life and lifeline? Priya was hurt; she never imagined her little princess will demand something like this. Unable to control the tears forming in her eyes, she walked away from there without uttering a single word. Ram looked on as his wife went away. He was badly stuck between his wife and his rockstar. Though he chooses anyone, he was going to be on losing side.

"Dad what have you decided?", Peehu breaks his thinking chain and demands an answer. "give me some time to think about it, i am not in a clear state of my mind, let me think", Ram explained her calmly.

 "papa isme sochne wali kya baat hai? Aap abhi decide karo', Peehu stubbornly asks. "Peehu have you gone mad? Jab suicide karne k liye force kar hi rahi ho toh atleast let me decide k mai kaise marna chahta hoon", Ram sternly told her and walked away angrily towards the study.

Pihu silently went to her room and Natasha who was witnessing all this went to console Priya.

" Priya dont worry bhai will handle everything", Natasha consoled her.

"i have decided to leave the KM so that Mr Kapoor dont have to choose between me and Peehu", Priya reasoned. Pari, who was in the room with them, ran to Myra to inform about her mother's decision.

"Myra, Myra ", Pari shouted "what happened? Chilla kyu rahi ho?", Myra asked "wo", Pari was finding words to say. Pihu and Myra got tensed for few moments thinking if something wrong have happened to their mom. "is mom alright?", Myra enquired hesitantly.

 "mom ghar chodkar jarahi hai", Pari revealed "what?", Myra was shocked. "maine decide kiya hai k mai bhi mom k saath jaongi...I dont want to lose my mom once again", Pari told.

 Peehu was happy that Priya herself is leaving; she hurriedly moves towards study to inform Ram the same.

 In RaYa's room:

 "so tumne phirse mere bhai ko chodne ka faisla kiya hai", Natasha taunted Priya

"aisa nahi hai's just that", Priya tries to explain.

"toh kaisa hai explain karo na Priya", Natasha asked firmly

"dont make it difficult for me...bht mushkil se maine yeh decide kiya", Priya was helpless "Priya try to understand , Pihu ki zid bewajah hai kyu tum uski zidd poori karni chahti ho? Bhai ne subah tak ka waqt liya na so may be wo tumhe choose kare", Natasha persuades Priya to change her decision.

Pihu, who was passing by, stopped in the middle hearing her name.

"usi baat ka toh darr hai mujhe Natasha...agar Mr Kapoor ne mujhe choose kiya aur gusse mai Pihu ne khudko nuksan pahonchaya toh mai bardasht nahi kar paongi"

 " kuch nahi karegi wo Priya agar kar liya bhi toh karne do...usey pata chalna chahiye k uski har stupid zidd poori nhi hosakti ...yeh hamari Rockstar Pihu nhi hai jo bht samajhdar thi, yeh toh koi aur hi hai", Natasha tries to explain.

"Natasha why do not you understand?"

 "you are not understanding Priya"

 "mere liye aaj bhi wo meri princess hai jiski khushi mere liye sabse zyaada matter karti hai...abhi wo hurt hai, gussa hai, mujhse naraz hai but i know wo bhi mujhse utna hi pyar karti hai...dekhna jab uska gussa shant hoga wo daud kar aayegi mere paas"

"galat fehmi hai tumhari Priya...Pihu bht stubborn, selfish hai"

"stubborn wo hai bilkul apne papa pe gayi hai na...dono bht ziddi hai", Priya smiles with teary eyes, " selfish nhi hai meri beti". After a pause, Priya speaks again, "Natasha i know tum mere is faisle se naraz ho...mai janti hoon mera decision galat hai Mr Kapoor ko chodna, Bacchon ko chodna par mere is faisle se Pihu ko khushi milti hai toh mujhe yeh manzoor hai and moreover mai yahan rahi toh mai Pihu ko apni zindagi kharab karte huye nhi dekh sakti"

 "ok karna hai karo but you will be staying at Sharma House', Natasha gives in "par Pihu...", Priya was not sure how Pihu will react to this

 "Pihu, Pihu,Pihu...tumhe Pihu k alawa kuch aur sujhta bhi hai...mujhe fark nhi padta k Pihu kya sochti hai, usey kaisa lagega...i give a damn, you are coming with me and that's final", Natasha makes it clear

 "ok fine...i will come with you...tum kapooors ko itna gussa kyu aata hai, mere liye difficult hojata hai tum kapoors ka gussa aur zidd handle karna", Priya teases Natasha

 " kapoors ka gussa ya sirf Mr Kapoor ka gussa", Natasha teases Priya.

 After everything was decided, Natasha helped Priya in packing her bags as early in the morning they would leave for Sharma House. Pihu was confused. After hearing what her mother thinks for her, she was in dilemma. She wanted to unheard what all her mother said, she wanted to forget everything but her heart was playing against her. She went to study and found Ram talking to Vikram .

 "How can Pihu ask me to choose between her and Priya? Priya ki jaan hai Pihu, usey choti si chot lage toh jaan nikal jaati hai Priya ki aur Pihu ko lagta hai k Priya uska bura chahti hai? How can she even think like that? Jis Pihu ne hamesha mujhe aur Priya ko jode rakha aaj wahi hame todne ki koshish kar rahi hai...meri Rockstar!", Ram was pouring out his feelings to Vikram.

 Peehu left from the door itself without speaking to Ram.

"kya decision liya hai tune?", Vikram enquired

"mai kal Priya ko lekar yahan se jaraha hoon"

 "Ram bacchon ko akela chodkar" "haan bacchon ko chodkar...jab bacche apne ma baap k baare mai nahi soch sakte toh ma baap kyu soche? Aur waise bhi wo samjhdar hai, khud apne faisle le sakte hai unhe hamari kya zaroorat'

 "Ram jaldbazi aur gusse mai faisla mat kar", Vikram tries to put sense into Ram

"bht soch samajhkar faisla liya hai maine...Priya ke bina mai ab bilkul nhi rehsakta", Ram says.

 Pihu went to Pari and Myra who were packing their bags. "tum log kayi jarahe ho", Pihu questions them.

"yes Di, we hv decided to go with mom", Myra says.

"What! Pagal hogaye ho dono...u guys have gone mad", Pihu mocks them

 "Di we dont want to lose mom again...we never got time to spend with her...we need mom", Pari says.

"agar mom ke saath jaogi toh no cars, no luxuries...nhi reh paogi tum", Pihu tries to put sense in them

 "manzur hai...we need mom...we will manage", Pari was determined.

 "fine jo karna hai karo...i dont care", Pihu stomps out of the room.

Pihu was feeling nostalgic with all the old memories of her with Priya. Some part of her heart was feeling bad but her obsession for sammy was giving it a tough fight. This was a long night for Pihu. She was sleepless with her inner thoughts fighting each other and making her go crazy. She wanted to obey her mind and let Priya go but heart was putting up an equal fight. She was torn between her heart and mind; her love for mother and her love for sammy; torn between right and wrong; torn between truth and illusion. Whereas everyone else at home were having peaceful sleep knowing as they were sure what they want to do and they were sure of it unlike Pihu.

p.s PM kisi ko nahi kiya...those who are interested in reading this bakwas story let me know LOL and pls hv loads of tolerance as I will update very late Ouch

p.s.s And dont pray ke Naseem ko phirse rest karne ka chance mile to give updates ROFL

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naseem di. u came with up with another new story. wow. Myra and pari r on priyas side. loved Natasha's stand. pl pm.bhejo nna.get well soon. aur jaisa k apne bola hai k aple updated late ayenge...phir bhi main bhi adat se majboor hoon. bolana toh padega. jaldi update karo
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-07-31T11:42:51Z
forgot to say..nice title of the story.
get well soon. tc
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-07-31T12:30:19Z
chalo rest milne se kuch acha ho toh rest achi hain na...!!!Wink
keep resting...!!
keep writing...!!!ROFL

for the update...!!
it was simple and well written..!!!Tongue
i so wish this happened in the serial and pihu listens to her heart..!!

i surely dint like grownup pihu...!!
achi khasi thi aur cvs ne ise banadiya...!!!
now lets see what u'll make out of her...!!!LOL

waiting for the next already..!!!
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Posted: 2016-07-31T12:37:01Z
very nice and different
waiting eagerly for the next part...
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Posted: 2016-07-31T15:14:51Z
Loved it now plsss update soon n get well soon n one ss or os is pending which priya is pihu step mom now plss update that tooo plsss
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Posted: 2016-07-31T20:48:57Z
1st time i m comment to ur ss pehle toh silent reader 
but i m one of the fan of ur writing u r superb writer Thumbs Up 
as always super update Heart
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Posted: 2016-08-01T00:09:52Z
Pihu has to understand her parents love he rvery much but like a stubborn kid she is demanding of Sammy that he is a thing but surely her decision will change after she listen the convo of RaYa with Vik and Nuts and hopefully myra and pari able to put some sense in her mind.
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