RAYA OS : My First And Only Love

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Ram silently watched in irritation as Priya conversed with the Ronit in front of her who apparently was a close friend of Ram Priya had been talking to him for a couple of minutes and the conversation that she were making with Ronit was about fitness Ram angrily gritted his teeth

He didn't intervene and disturb the conversation that Priya were engrossed in and he managed to stay calm and tell himself to wait for a few more minutes or seconds

But as soon as Ronit stepped closer to her Ram snapped he immediately grabbed Priya's wrists before she can even react and took her in the parking lot as far as he can away from the Ronit sight when Ram thought that he was out of sight 

Mr Mr . Kapoor why had you do that? Priya managed to say between pants and heavy breathing Ram didn't say anything but stared back at her with a hint of irritation in his eyes he then looked away when he moved his hands down to hers and kept a firm grasp on it

He wanted her to know through his actions how he felt

Priya stood there quite oblivious with his actions and as a few moments of thinking passed she soon realized what was happening It was funny because the sudden realization threw she overboard and she couldn't help but let out a loud laugh at the gestures that the emotionless Ram was trying convey

Jealousy was his dilemma

Mr.Kapoor are you jealous? Priya inquire teasingly with a grin he instantly tenses to the word that rolled off from her mouth embarrassed Ram forced himself to turn his head away from her

I'm not... he replied with a mumble still not looking at her in the eye deep down he was jealous much more jealous than each time he saw Ashwin

Priya smiled lovingly at the him and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek making him feel even more flustered but surprisingly satisfied at the same time

I love you and only you okay? Priya whispered into his ear Ram smiled upon the words that she had reassured to him and he wrapped his arms around her in response

Priya don't talk to anyone who isn't me okay? Ram said firmly Priya's eyes widened at the sudden change in his tone but you giggled at his confession and nodded

Mr.Kapoor I still need to talk to..

Don't smile at anyone who isn't me

But Mr.Kapoor

Don't laugh at anyone who isn't me

Mr.Kapoor wait

Don't touch anyone who isn't me



Ho gaya aap ka?

Don't look at anyone who isn't..

Priya finally stopped him as she placed her lips on Ram sealing the deal Ram was making her more passionate minutes later unable to deny their need for air they broke the kiss nd both looked at into each others eyes Ram smile and she bites her lower lip and shyly lowers her eyes realizing what she did held her against the car's door and kissed her all over not caring where they were or who was watching and what they thought all that mattered that was he was in love his life had not been better Ram pulled away gazing into her eyes

Mr. Kapoorr she whispered breathlessly

He caressed her hair and her cheeks they looked into each others eyes each of them filled with love passion kindness happiness security desire and awe for one another  they could not believe this was happening they loved each other with the core of their hearts He gazed lovingly into her eyes she held herself back and stayed in his strong yet gentle embrace she was satisfied with what had happened today she had learned that Ram loved her as much as she loved him

Mr. Kapoor


Suddenly Neha And Vikram come their and see them  hugging  Neha   coughs  they   broke the hug listening the cough 

Neha shout wah kya najara hain business tycoon The Ram Kapoor ka apni wife ke sath parking main romance chal raha hain 

Ram gritted teeth and mummer oh god bas iski hi kami thi

Vikram smile at them

Ram angrily tu kya smile kar raha hain aur tum log yaha kar kya rahain ho

Neha what do you mean fatty ham log yaha kya kar rahain hai aur waise bhi ye parking lot hain yaha insan do bar hi aate hain pheli bar jab car park karne aur dusri bar car le jane aur ham abhi yaha car le Jane aaye the but hamain kya pata yaha aate hi hamain tum dono aise miloge ek dusre ke baho main waise tum dono aise yaha ek dusre ke baho main kar kya rahain the Ram and Priya look at each other amd Piya raised her eyebrow and Ram smiles at her

Hawww baby dekho indono ko koi bhi moka nhi chodte hain romance karne ka aankhon hi aankhon Mein arey kuch toh sharm karo ham dono bhi hai yaha aur waise bhi ye tumara KM nhi hain parking lot hain kahi bhi shuru ho jate ho and wink at Priya she bow her  head  down  in  embarrassment

Ram gives a stern look at Neha

Vikram oye tu meri biwi ko kyu ghur raha hain tuje jagha toh dekhni chahiye thi na soch agar kya hota agar hamare jagha koi aur aa jata toh

Ram '  ha toh kya hota 

Vikram '  ha kya hota agar koi aur dekhta toh kal sare news main TV Channels sare news papers main ye tere parking lot wala romance ki story hoti har taraf sirf tu aur tera romance

Ram '  oye kya romance romance kar raha hain kya mein apne biwi ko hug bhi nhi kar sakta

Neha '  ha kar sakta hain par bhai jagha dekh kar toh karta 

Priya bite her lips and look down and mummers god ye Neha kar kya rahi hain aur ye Mr. Kapoor bhi iske sath argue kar rahain hain Neha see her and come towards her put her hand on her shoulder and said waise madam aap toh ghar jane wali thi na toh yaha aise I mean 

Priya '  ha woh main ghar hi ja rahi thi but

Neha '  hmmm but

Priya angrily Neha stop it yaar aur waise bhi ye sab tumare wajha se hua hai

Neha '  hwaaa kya kaha ye sab meri wajha se hua hain maine kya kiya

Priya ' tum ne kya kiya tumain pata nhi tum ne hi kaha tha na Mr. Kapoor ko jealous feel karwane ke liye toh maine tumari wajha se Ronit Roy ke sath milke Mr . Kapoor ko jealous kar ne  ki koshish ki aur ye sab ho gaya

Neha shockingly kya look at Ram and said now Mr. Kapoor are you jealous with Ronit Roy

Ram look at Priya smlie and said nhi I'm not jealous Priya lower her head and bite her lower lip

Neha toh Priya ki taraf kyu dekh raha hain aur smile kyu kar raha hain

Vikram smile and Neha bas karo yaar aur kitna pareshan karogi dono ko

Neha OK OK sorry but I'm so happy for you guys finally tum dono ne ek dusre ko as a life partner except kar liya

Vikram hmmm finally ab hamare iss mote ko koi mil hi gaya jo usse pyar karta hain And Neha and Priya laugh

Ram looked at them angrily tune muje mota kaha 

Neha ' OK toh kya tu mota nhi hain kya

Ram gritted his teeth and said hu but itna bhi nhi

Neha ' accha itna bhi nhi matlab OK ham ek kam karte hain ham na Priya se phuchte hain ke uska pati kitna mota hain Priya looking at Ram and then Neha 

Neha ' chalo bolo Priya tumara pati kitna mota hain

Priya roll her eyes and said main main kyu 

Neha ' kya matlab main kyu pati kiska hain tumara hi hain na aur tumain toh ab Jada hi pata hoga na kyuki abhi thodi dher phele hi tum uske baho main thi 

Priya playfully hit on Neha's arm and said Neha tum kuch bhi bolti ho yaar agar main yaha jada dher khadi rahi na toh pata nhi tum aur kya karogi isse accha main ja rahi hu

Neha ' kkaha

Priya ' ghar

Ram ' you are right Priya ab hamain ghar jana chahiye in do namuno ke sath yaha khade rahain na toh pata nhi ye hamara kya hal karenge chalo

Vikram ' oye tum ne hamain namuna bola

Ram '  ha

Neha '  baby jane do na ab kya biwi mil gai toh dosto ko toh namuna hi bolega na ye fatty

Vikram ' ha baby ab kya dost dost na raha pyar pyar na raha 

Ram '  chup karo tum dono

Priya '  Mr. Kapoor aap indono pe chilla kyu rahain ho

Neha ' Jane do na Priya yeah toh hona hi tha isko ab tum mil gai ho toh ab ham kone hain iske liye

Priya  feel bad and said Neha I'm sorry kya yeah sab meri wajha se ho raha hain and tears feel in her eyes

Ram looked her and said Priya why r you crying now aur tum dono kar kya rahain ho ab yeah apni notanki band karo dekho tum ne kya kiya meri acchi khasi biwi ko rula diya

Neha '  Priya stop crying yaar nhi toh ye tumara pati he will kill us plz aur tum jaisa soch rahi ho aisa kuch nhi hain hum toh bas iss fatty ki tang khich rahain the n we are so happy ek tum dono ne apni feelings confess ki aur ab tum dono ek sath ho isse jada khushi ki bat hamare liye ho hi nhi sakti phele hamain bhot phikar lagi reheti thi iss fatty ki hamain sha akela reheta tha ham bhot koshish karte the iske liye ladki dhund ne ki jo isse pyar kare na ki iske paise se but ye kheta tha ke muje koi pyar kar hi nhi sakta kyuki ye mota hain Priya looked at Ram who was smiling aur kheta tha har ladki apne liye ek perfect life partner ke sapne dekhti hain jo handsome ho fit ho mere jaisa mote insan se kone shadi karega

Vikram '  ha Priya kabhi kabhi toh hamain iske liye dhar lagta tha ke yeah kahi aise jimdagi bhar akela na the jaye but thanks to Natasha And Karthik ka jike wajha se tum dono ki shadi ho gai aur tum iski jindagi main aa gai jo sirf hamare fatty se pyar karti hain Jo isske liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho Priya isse khabhi chod ke mat jana

Ram '  oye bas karo yaar tum dono bhi na kita bat karte ho aur Priya muje chod ke kyu jayegi kab se yaha khade hain mere pairo main dhard ho raha hain

Neha '  accha tere pairo main dhard ho raha hain na toh tu yaha kyu khada hain tu ghar chale ja

Ram '  OK chalo Priya

Priya nodded and about to move Neha pull her back and said Priya kyu chahiye tuje ab tu ja na ghar

Vikram smile

Ram '  kya matlab Priya kyu chahiye meri biwi hain toh mere sath hi ghar jayegi na

Neha '  ha toh maine kab mana kiya ke woh teri biwi nhi hain main Priya ko issliye nhi bhej rahi hu kyuki muje Priya se bat karni hain

Ram '  kya bat karni hain tuje Priya se woh bhi itni rat ko

Neha ' important bat hain tu ja na main isse ghar drop kar dungi

Ram '  nhi abhi Priya mere sath ghar jayegi tu usse bat main bat kar lena Ram pull's Priya  close to him  with his arm around her waist Priya is stunned  with his  gesture then he took her other hand in his hands Neha hold her other heand said no Ram Priya ko main ghar drop kar dungi

Ram '  tum kyu karogi main hu na aur waise bhi main abhi ghar hi ja raha hu toh Priya mere sath jauegi

Neha '  nhi Fatty Priya mere sath jayegi waise bhi main aur Priya ek sath party main aaye the toh ham ek sath hi ghar jayenge aur tum toh Vikram ke sath aaye the na toh usko hi leke jawo na

Ram '  darling plz muje Priya ko le jane de waise bhi main Priya ko ghar nhi leke ja raha hu kahi aur leke ja raha hu

Neha '  kaha

Ram '  arey yaar Vikram bol na issko waha khade rheke kya tamasha dekh raha hain

Vikram '  baby Jane do na inko 

Neha  ' kana ja rahain hain ye dono 

Ram ' Neha yaar plz late ho raha hain badmain Vikram se punch lena plz

Vikram '  ha main batata hu na muje pata hain 

Neha said OK n freed priya's hand 

Ram grab her hand  and said thanks to Neha and dragged Priya with him and made her sit in his car

Ram want to plan  something for  priya in fact to spend some quality time with her Ram look at Priya and  starts driving  towards the place Priya  was confused of where is she going and  do not have any real idea of Ram's sudden change she ask  ram  where r they going ram keeps it a suspence Ram observes Priya's nervousness and said Priya mujhe tumain kisi se milwana hai

she looks questioningly at him and ask kis se

Ram thoda sabar karo madam itni bhi kya jaldi hai aur waise bhi tumain kuch dher main sab pata chal jayega 

 There was silence in between Ram and Priya  and they soon reach their destination   

Ram park the car infrot of huge house and get down while Priya is watching him sitting in the car Ram comes and opens door for Priya 

Priya '  yeah kya hai  Mr. kapoor yeah kaun si jagha hai aur ye kiska ghar hain

Ram'  priya andar chal ke bat kare

Priya '  But Mr. Kapoor aap muje ye toh bataiye ye ghar hain kiska

Ram ' andar chalo tumain sab kuch pata chal jaye ga

She looks questioningly at him

They  walk  a while  while Ram steals glances at Priya they reach into the house It was a big house and very beautiful a warm fireplace in the room and huge windows that offer beautiful views of the sea, there was a beautiful thing finest luxury living room, decorated with some of the luxury furniture

Priya could  feel the  warmth of ram  so close to her on one side and  also the cool breeze

Both look  deep to each others eyes 

He held Priya's hand and try to walk upstairs wait Mr.Kapoor phele aap muje bataiye ye ghar hain kiska

Ram ' Priya main ne tumain kaha tha na main tumein kisse milwana chata hu

Priya ' ha but kisse kone hain woh

Ram stretch his forehead and said actually she is my first love

Priya looking at him shockingly and said Mr . Kapoor aap ye kya bol rahain ho your first love

Ram ' ha Priya she is my first love tumein main kaise batau main usse bhot pyar karta hu she is my life even I can't live without her

Tears roll down her cheeks Mr . Kapoor aap ye sab kaise kar sakte hain if you love her toh phir woh sab kya tha jo kuch dher phele ham dono...

Ram ' I sorry Priya woh sab actually mai main woh sab kuch kaise ho gaya muje pata hi nhi chala muje maf kar do

Priya ' kya maf kar do Mr . Kapoor aap ko ye sab kuch mazak lag raha hain aap aise kaise kisi ke bhi emotions ke sath khel sakte ho

Ram ' dekho Priya mera tumein hurt karne ka koi irada nhi tha main toh tumain apne sath yaha lana chahata tha tumein sab kuch batana chahata tha 

Priya ' toh ye sab aap ne muje yaha lane ke liye kiya ye jo aap ka kissi ke sath affair chal raha hain woh sab batane ke liye aur aisa karke aapne toh usko bhi dhoka de rahain ho agar usko pata chale ga tab kya ho ga woh aap pe kitna barosa karti hogi par aap aur aap ko muje ye sab batana hi cahate the toh aise hi bata dete main chup chap sun leti aur aap dono ke raste se hat jati chali jati aapki jindagi se

Ram ' Priya main aisa kuch bhi karna nhi cahata tha main toh tum se sirf bat karna chata tha iss liye main tumein parking lot main le gaya tha taki mein tum se bat kar saku par tum ne hi muje chup kara diya aur main ne woh sab

Priya remember that kiss close her eyes and angrily ha Mr . Kapoor main aap ko chup karaya tha par woh iss liye kyuki muje laga aap mujse pyar karte hain par aap ko kya hua tha aap toh mujhse pyar nhi karte ho na aap ko toh ulta muje aise kar ne se rokna chaiye tha but aap ne aisa nhi kiya aap aise kaise kar sakte ho ham dono ke sath

Ram look down and said I'm sorry

Priya ' look at him and said dekhiye Mr . Kapoor ab jo hua usse bhul jaiye and she close her eyes tightly for some time again look at him and said muje lagta hain aap ko ab uske pass Jana chahiye jisse aap saccha pyar karte ho

Ram ' par tum..

Priya ' Mr . Kapoor aap meri fikar mat kijiye I'm okey with that waise bhi ham ne toh family ke liye shadi ki thi hamari shadi toh bas ek compromise thi na par ab aap ko aapka pyar mil gaya hain jisse aap pyar karte ho jo aap ke liye bana hain muje lagta hain aap ke liye ye hi sahi hain aur aap ghar walo ki fikar mat kijiye main sab ko samja dungi 

Ram ' looking at her and said ye sab tum kar pavogi aur waise bhi tum toh mujse pyar karti ho na toh phir tum ye sab...

Priya looked other side and said ha main aap se pyar karti hu but ye jaruri nhi hain ham jisse pyar karte ho hamain mile but aap ko iss bare main sochne ki koi jarurat nhi hain aap ko apna pyar jarur mile ga jisse aap pyar karte ho main aap dono ke jindagi se chali jaungi aap tension mat lijiye

Ram gazing at her and Priya looked drown 

Ram ' Priya

Priya looked up at him and said Mr . Kapoor muje lagta hain ab muje chal na chahiye and walk towards door 

Ram ' priyaaa

She stopped and closed her eyes tears roll down her cheek 

Thank you Priya Jo tum ne mere kiya ek kam karogi 

She wipe her tears and turned toward him ji kahiye

Ram ' actually woh Priya he looked upstairs and said jisse main pyar karta hu woh janti hain ke I'm already married but woh iss rishte ke liye ready nhi hain usse lagta chain ke main usse ke sath cheating kar raha hu usse doka de raha hu shadi shuda hote huye bhi main usse pyar kaise kar sakta hu maine usse kaha bhi tha ke hamari shadi kaise hui thi woh Sab kuch janti thi hain mere bare main but thodi uncomfortable hai 

Priya ' kya woh bhi aap se pyar karti hai

Ram smile and said hawoh mujse bhot pyar karti hain

Priya ' toh phir woh aisa kyu kar rahi hain

Ram ' kyuki tum ab bhi meri jindagi main ho as a my wife iss liye tum mera ek kam kar do plz usse bat karo usse jake batavo ke main usse kitna pyar karta hu nhi ji sakta uske bina she is my only first and last love hearing this for Ram she look down his each and every words hurt Priya more and more but she control herself and close her eyes tightly Ram continued tum bat karogi na usse plz

Priya nodded her head as yes she wipe her tear and turn toward him and said kana hain woh aap uss bula dijiye main usse bat karti hu

Ram ' Priya woh upar room main hain plz tum usse wahi pe jake bat karo gi

Priya run to upstairs she entered into room and see all over full room was filled only with her pic

Ram came and stood threr leaned on the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest and admired his wife smile on his face her eyes already filled with tear he went towards her nd going to wipe her tears but Priya pushed him back

Ram ' Priyaaa

But she move from there Ram followed her and said kaha ja rahi ho he held her hand 

Priya ' Mr. Kapoor plz mera hath chodiye muje ghar jana hain 

Ram ' kyu

Priya ' mujhe yaha nhi rhena hain

Ram ' par kyu OK I'm sorry 

Priya ' sorry Mr. Kapoor sorry khene se sab kuch thik ho jata hai aap ko pata bhi ye aap jab mujse woh sab bate khe rahain the ke aap kisi aur se pyar karthe hain tab aap ne ek baar bhi nhi socha ke muje kaise lage ga

Ram '  Priya dekho I'm so sorry muje tumein hurt karne ka koi irada nhi tha main toh sirf majak kar raha tha tum ne bhi toh party Ronit se bat kar ke mujhe jealous karne ki koshish kar rahi thi

Priya ' toh aap mujse badla le rahain the

Ram ' na bas thodasa majak kar raha tha

Priya look other side and said with stern voice muje ghar jana hain 

Ram ' Priya plz ham kal ghar jayenge aaj ham yahi ruk jate hain aur waise bhi ye jagha Mumbai se bhot dur hain aur abhi bhot late bhi ho gaya hain

Priya angrily aap muje abhi ghar le ja rahain ya nhi 

Ram ' nhi main abhi tumain ghar nhi le ja sakta sorry

Priya 'kyu

Ram ' hmmm w woh mera abhi driving karne ka bilkul bhi mood nhi hain

Priya ' Mr . Kapoor but muje abhi ghar jana hain aur waise bhi aap muje yaha leke aaye hi kyu 

Ram ' tumain ye beach house dikhana chahata tha hamara ghar

Priya ' accha aap muje beach house dikhana chathe the OK ab toh maine woh bhi dekh liya ab ghar chaliye

Ram stood gazing at her 

Priya give him stern look and said fine Mr.Kapoor agar aap mujhe ghar leke nhi ja rahain ho toh koi bat nhi main khud apne aap chali javogi

Ram smile and said tum akele javogi

Priya ' ha 

Ram ' OK but javogi kaise chalke

Priya ' kyu chalke kyu jau public transport hain na koi na koi cab ya auto to mil hi jayegi aur muje nhi lagta unlogo ka aisa aap ki trha draiving na karne ka mood hoga unlogo ko toh driveing karni hi padti hain na agar woh log driving nhi karenge toh unka ghar kaise chalega

Ram ' ji madam woh log toh driving karenge hi na maine kab mana kiya hain main toh bas ye khe raha hu tum cab aur auto tak pohochgi kaise kyuki yaha toh tumain koi bhi auto ya cab nhi mil sakti kyu ye hamara private beach house hain yaha kisi ko aane ki parmishon nhi hain

Priya ' kyaaa?

Ram ' ha and he went to kitchen

Priya gritted her teeth and shout Mr . Kapoorrr 

Ram in the kitchen he drunk water and mummers oh god ye tune kya kar diya kya jarurat thi ye sab karne ki ab ho gai na naraj ab kya karu kaise manau iss he scratched his temple ha Vikram se hi puchta hu woh meri help jarur karega he took his phone out and dial Vikram's number but he suddenly stop and mummer no main aisa nhi kar sakta agar maine abhi Vikram se help li toh woh help karga sath main mera majak bhi udayega aur Neha ko bhi bata dega aur dono mil ke mere jo hal karenge nhiii aur Neha toh Priya ko bhi bata degi agar usse pasta chala ke main usse manane me liye maine Vikram ki help li toh Hitler meri watt laga degi nhi Jo bhi karna hain woh muje hi karna padega chal beta Ram biwi ko manana bhi toh hain and he come out into living room looks hear and there for Priya but she's nowhere in sight tensed Ram call her name and he saw that house back door is open he took deep breath run toward door his heart started beating faster he was looking at her as she was standing in the ocean nd looking at the light waves that were coming from the distance he was only thinking about her beautiful face her soft warm skin nd hot breath that tickled his skin her lips he remember their parking lot's moment he smiled and was walking faster he continued gazing at her without blinking his eyes a grin broke on his face he went near her drew her face towards himself then slowly he took that hair strand and tucked it behind her ear

He put his hand on her shoulder which she shrugged away without looking at him Ram smiled at her mock anger he then slid both his hands down the length of both her arms feeling her shiver he knew she had her eyes shut tightly at the moment he then wrapped her arms enclosed in his around her waist and rested his chin on her right shoulder Priya tried to struggle and free herself from him she was still angry at him for teasing her like that she pushed him back

Ram ' arey Priya suno toh

Priya ' kya sunu aur kya batana cahate hain aap apne first love ke bare main 

Ram gave her Golu look

Priya ' kya aise golu ke tarha kya dekh rahain hain main ye khe rahi hu aap ko jo bhi usko khe na hain khud ja ke boliye muje mat boliye and she went other side and stood there Ram followed her

Ram ' Priya 

Priya ' kya hain Mr. Kapoor

Ram ' w woh main

Priya gritted here teeth Mr . Kapoor aap na rehene dijiye aap se kuch bhi hone wala nhi hain aap sirf main main karte rahiye and looked at him from top to bottm Dadi ne na aap ka nam ek dam soch samaj ke rakha hain

Ram 'kya


Ram ' tum ne muje mota kaha Ram come forward and Priya moved backward

Priya ' nhi toh main aap ko mota kyu kahungi aur mere khene se kya hota hain aap mote ho ya nhi ye toh koi bhi dekh ke bata sakta hain maine toh aap ko Golu kaha jo sab kuch pata note hue bhi kuch samajta nhi hain aap jaiye apne girlfriend ke sath hi rahi hain usise bate kijiye OK GOLU

Ram looked at her with opene mouthed 

Priya mummers Golu ke Golu hi rahenge and try to move from there

Ram shout Priya tum ne muje phir se golu bola

Priya ' ha 

Ram ' accha ek bar phir se bol ke dikhvo

Priya ' oh ho Mr . Kapoor aap ye nam itna pasand hain muje toh pata hi nhi tha jo a aap phir se sun na hain lijiye aap ki ye khwaish bhi main puri kar deti hu aur ek bar kyu main toh hazar bar kahungi Golu Golu Golu Priya countinue saying Golu Golu Ram stood there gazing at her she looked divine he continued gazing at her without blinking his eyes Priya felt his continuous gaze on her she stop smiled in her heart Ram looked at her very intensely and slowly moved so close to her he then cups her face in both his hand a smile creeping around the corner of her lips then she steps backward and ran from there that led to the white sand with laughter Ram stood there surprised scratch his forehead and smile so she want to teas me so madam I'm not leave you now Ram shouted with joy and then ran along the sand to catch up to his love they ran down to the water's edge they chased each other laughing into the night sky Ram's leg tripped and he fell down his hands reaching out and grabbing Priya's arms and pulling her down with him both laughing as they hit the soft sand calming down as they gazed into each other's eyes her magical eyes glowing like the moon above as brown eyes twinkled like the stars Ram came top of on her and said kya khe rahi thi tum muje

Priya ' Golu

Ram ' phir se kaho

Priya ' Golu Golu Golu Golu

Ram smiled and said tumare mhu se Golu sunna accha lagta hain par kabhi kabar Ram bhi toh khe diya karo

Priya ' No aap pe na Mr .Kapoor bahot jada suit karta hain The Ram Kapoor kadus businessman

Ram ' Accha toh main kadus hu

Priya ' ha aur Golu bhi

Ram ' Accha Golu ,kadus, akdu,  poler bear, tablet Kapoor, Mr .Kapoor aur kya tha ha daynasor

Priya smile and said accha toh aap ko sab nam yaad hain

Ram ' ha ye nam tumne jo muje diye hain ine main kaise bhul sakta hu

Priya ' aap ki memory kafi sharp hain

Ram ' ha hogi hi but abhi tum mere memory main ek aur nam add kar do

Priya aur woh kon sa


Priya ' no

Ram ' why ?

Priya ' Mr .Kapoor hi accha hain

Priyaaa plzzz

Priya ' Accha Golu ab aap mujpe se uthenge

Ram 'Priya Golu bolne ko nhi bola Ram bolne ko bola hai aur main kyu tum pe se uthu

Priya ' Mr . Kapoor aap ko aap ka weight pata hain

Ram ' nhi toh tumain pata hain kya agar pata ho toh muje bhi bata do

Priya angrily looked at him 

Ram ' OK OK sorry I want to tell you something

Priya looked him and said kya ?

Ram ' ham kitne dino ke bad beach pe aaye hain na 

Priya ' ha toh

Ram ' toh tumain tare nhi ginna hain kya

Priya close her eyes and shout Mr . Kapoorrr aap uth rahain ho ya nhi

Ram ' nhi 

Priya try to push him but he held her hand and said Priya tum muje parking lot main tum ne muje kuch kha tha

Priya ' ha

Ram ' toh bolo na abhi tum ne kya kaha tha mujhe abhi phir se sunna hai aur waise bhi ab hameain in yaha distrib karne ke liye koi nhi hain bolo

Priya smile and said ha Mr . Kapoor aap ko jo sunna hain woh main bolti hu na 

Ram ' ha bolo

Priya ' I hate you

Ram gazing into her eyes lovingly and said In your eyes I can see the truth the love you have for me that is so pure to this world In your eyes I can see the faith the care you have for me the love all around In your eyes its pure to all the love that never existed is now finally there it is you my love that has showed me the love it is you that has made me the person who I am today so thanks to you I can show you the love I can care for you more then anyone will ever know cause in your eyes I never see doubt It blinds this world nd makes my heart race so thanks to you there will always be love as long as I hold you deep inside my heart

The sound of your voice the way you look it makes me feel so deeply in love the smile that glows the eyes that shine the love of my life the forever light to my darkness the love all around the sound of music the way you care the way you love the sound of your accent that makes me fall in love the way you laugh the way you smile it glows in my life every time i talk to you the thoughts in my head the things you say it makes me fall madly in love with you forever is the new beginning of living our life cause the way you are makes me smile non stop my one and only my forever lover it proves to the world that you have my heart completely you're my love 

They both looking at each other for a few seconds

Sacchi I'm your love phir aapki uss girlfriend ka kya hoga Priya said playfully 

Ram ' oye main ye tumare liye nhi bola woh toh mere pyar ke liye hain tha after all she is my first love na aur tum bhi toh meri wife ho air main tumain aise kaise akele chod du agar main aisa karunga toh sab log kya kahenge Dadi toh meri jan le lengi

Priya ' accha toh aap aisa iss liye kar rahain ke Dadi ya aur koi aap ko kuch bol na de 


Priya ' don't worry Mr .Kapoor aapko Dadi ya baki log kya bolenge uski fikar karne ki koi jarurat nhi hain main sab se bat kar lungi

Ram ' accha tum sab se bat kar lo gi kya kahogi sab se

Priya ' kya kahugi matlab sab ye hi kahungi ke  you love someone else

Ram ' Ok aur woh someone else kone hain

Priya ' hain koi jiska aap ne muje abhi tak nam nhi bataya

Ram ' oh god Priya maine abhi tak uska nam nhi bataya

Priya ' nhi

Ram ' ok toh tumain uska nam sunna hain

Priya ' ha agar aap ko batana hain toh sun lungi

Ram ' ok main uska nam tumain bata dunga tum muje phele ye batavo mera nam kya hain

Priya ' Mr . Kapoor

Ram ' held her tight and said main Mr .Kapoor nhi hu mein Ram hu Ram

Priya ' kya aap Mr. Kapoor nhi hai plz uthiye mujpar se muje ghar jana hain mere pati mera wait kar rahain honge

Ram ' tumara pati tumara wait kar rahain honge ghar pe toh yaha main kone hu

Priya ' arrey abhi toh aap ne kaha aap Mr .Kapoor nhi ho toh meri shadi toh The Ram Kapoor se hui thi sadu akdu aur mere Mr . Kapoor

Ram pressing her close to him and accha toh tumein tumare The Ram Kapoor mujse jada pasand hain

Priya ' nhi muje woh The Ram Kapoor nhi pasand muje toh sirf mere Mr .Kapoor pasand hain

Ram ' accha toh aapko only Mr. Kapoor pasand hain The Ram Kapoor nhi but aisa kyu

Priya ' kyuki The Ram Kapoor toh business tycoon hain na pura din kam kam aur sirf kam hi karte rhete hain unko na kam ke alavo kuch shujta hi nhi hain ghar bhi late aate hain bhot bore hain unki dressing style bhi bhot boring hain aur jab ghar main hote hain na tabhi bhi study main hi rhete hain aur gussa bhi bhot karte hain hameinsha tablets hi khate hain unhealthy food hi khate hain but sab ko pyar karte hain aur bhot jada caring hain

Ram smile and said accha toh The Ram Kapoor aise hain

Priya made puppy face and said ha

Ram ' aur tumare Mr. Kapoor kaise hain

Priya ' hmmm  Mr . Kapoor bhi phele waise hi the but ab badal gaye hain abhi jada gussa nhi karte woh bahot acche hain bhot hi jada care karte hain sab se pyar karte hain woh apni family ke khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hain

Ram ' accha toh phele waise nhi the but abhi badal gaye hain kahi tumare wajha se toh nhi badal gaye tumare Mr.Kapoor

Priya ' meri wajha se kyu badal gaye honge

Ram ' I think he love you

Priya smile and said he not told me about that he love me

Ram ' what he did not told you

Priya ' no

Ram ' kaisa insan hain yaar ye tumare Mr .Kapoor jo abhi tak usne tumain apni feelings nhi batai very bad

Priya ' hmmm

Ram ' Priya do you love him

Priya ' woh main aap ko kyu batau aur kya aapne usse bataya jisse aap pyar karte hain

Ram ' arey usmain batana kya usko sab kuch pata hain

Priya ' aery aap aise kaise kar sakte ho agar aap usse pyar karte ho toh aap ko usko batana toh chahiye na phir woh aap ko bhi apni feelings batayegi 

Ram ' main kyu batau woh bhi toh bata sakti hain na

Priya ' aery aise toh koi kisi ko nhi bata payrga ke kone kisko pyar karta hain

Ram ' isliye toh main tumain jane nhi de raha agar usne nhi bola ke woh muse pyar karti hain toh tum ho na

Priya ' kya main aur meine aap se kab kaha main aap se pyar karti hu

Ram ' ha woh bhi hain tum kaha muje se pyar karti ho hamari shadi toh compromise thi na

Priya look at him and said aap ki woh dikhti kaisi hain

Ram ' oh my love hmmm kya batau yaar tumain uske bare main she is very beautiful verytime she look at me I feel a rush of peace and divinity there's no one else but she I can see she make me so incredibly happy the only one who can make me feel this way this day is a very happy day since we became friends I know her nd because I know she love me that I'm everything that she can see no one else knows her this well but me I miss her more than anyone can ever think when I'm not with her I can't breathe but when she is with me I think I can hear the angels sing when I first started to love her I never thought that it would end up this way that we could be so close I never knew that she would confess her love to me that we could fly above the clouds together just me and she I never knew I didn't have a clue I only hoped and prayed for someone to help me find my way she have been there for me always and there's no one else I know that could ever compare to the closeness I feel toward her I feel like I could do anything just with her and me for the first time in my life I really feel happy and I can smile without crying on the inside all the time no more denial no one could ever understand the way I love her how much I need to be with her and only her the love she share with me and trust I know from her time is going way too slow without her nd way too fast when I'm with her I really could never live without her I can't not be without her I swear that's true did I ever tell her how much I love her

Priya gazing into his eyes lovingly

I love you Priya will you be Maine

The moment those words escaped his mouth Priya's lips twisted in a broad smile despite the telling blush on her face she reached forward and kissed his smoothly shaved cheek tenderly

I love you too Mr.Kapoor she whispered in his ear and hugged him gently I'm all yours

Ram made a face and said I hate you and he try to stood up but Priya clutched his shirt collar with both the hands and tugged it she all most pull him towaerd her and said kya hua 

Ram ' tumine nhi pata kya hua 

Priya rised her eyebrow 

Ram ' abhi tumne kya kaha

I love you

Prura bolo Ram said

She pleaded with her eyes Ram try to freed himself from her grip and about to stood up Priya shout I love you Ram and bait her lover lip and close her eyes Ram come close to her and cresseas her face with his fingertips Priya opened her eyes to find him grinning with a mischievous glint in his eyes

Priya pulls away a bit looking deep into Ram's sparkling brown eyes they reflected his desire for her she wants to just lock away this moment where she is so close to her love he leaned in kissing her lips slowly and making her heartbeat pound against her chest Priya closed her eyes and Rammm she moaned

Ram leaned up on his elbow smiling down to Priya before standing offering his hand as they gratefully both standing before each other with their hands gently holding lingering a moment longer before letting go and gazing at the each other her cheeks lightly shaded pink

He hug her tightly and gently into his strong embrace she rests her head on his chest after placing a soft kiss on his heart they both stand like this for sometime 

Ram intertwined his hand with hers they both walk forward as the water the moonlight was sparkling on the water and on them which make the sight more beautiful Ram hold Priya from her waist and make her closer to him her hands around his neck he took her lips in his and kissed her his lips move to her neck kissing and biting it and licking her soft and tender skin she was moaning softly he then took her in his arms and walks out from the water while kissing each other not leaving their lips he make her stand on her feet but still kissing slowly then he broke the kiss and bits it softly and he gazed lovingly into her eyes then he scoops her in his arms and takes her to in the house Priya was blush she felt on top of the world to get so much unconditional love from him she loved with all her heart he looks at her flushed face and his desire overwhelmed him Priya swirled in his arms the moment Ram stood her on the floor and embraced him tenderly running her fingers through his slightly hair

Ram grinned at the view of her lovely face placing his hands around her waist only to press her closer to him

There was a moment of silence before they both burst out into laughter

He could hear the tiny sounds of her breathing and the way her chest moved up and down slowly against his own

Ram's hands were still resting on her waist but now they gained bravery and started to roam up her back and shoulders slowly and accurately Priya was so fragile and petite comparing to him her body felt like sensitive she was his treasure stable one the one he would never lose to anyone nd right now he longed to taste her lips the very lips that were once and now they became the only ones he would prefer to kiss for the rest of his life

Ram really didn't need his eyesight to find her mouth and seal it with a kiss he would press his lips to any other spot on her adorable face and trace a path of kisses he found her divine lips and take them into a virtuous dance of his feelings nd he did as he planned receiving a hushed gasp of surprise when his mouth hit her forehead and guided down her face leaving a trace of butterfly kisses on her skin before he covered her lips with his in a breathtaking kiss the sensation was new and unexpected it felt as if he was tasting her and enjoying himself while doing so Priya could feel him smiling in a process but she didn't complain no matter how nervous she was glad that Ram took the initiative in his skillful hands she was longing to be kissed by him and he didn't make her wait for too long as if he had read her mind and found out about her secret wishes he didn't ask more than just a kiss from her by doing so he showed how much he respected her but now they were in love and her head was getting delighted with every single kiss he was giving her

the path to the bedroom reminded of curved stumbles illuminated with a shimmering light of a cell phone's display which Ram had found in his pocket the thunder was still roaring behind the window but it couldn't ruin the special mood the two had created

Ram laid his priceless girl on a soft bed towering above her while never stopping kissing her attractive lips she was worth of so much more of someone better than him

When she felt his lips curving into a chuckle Priya broke the kiss unwillingly capturing his face between her palms

Why are you laughing? Priya asked smiling herself

Do you have any regrets about marrying someone who is fat and10 years older than you of course it was not the best idea by bringing up that theme their special night together but Ram couldn't hold his tongue the deepest doubts that had been worrying him for a long time decided to slip out before he could even think

No do you? her melodic voice sounded playfully and he remembered the day very first time she still was the same Priya he had met few months ago

It seems you need a The Ram Kapoor as your compromise husband from now on

No do you?

how he loved her It seemed that she would never stop impressing and surprising him

Heh...than I have to chase your businessman hubby away he uttered suddenly and sat on his knees having Priya trapped between his legs

His words confused her to no limits and she lifted her upper body a little supporting her weight on her elbows

It seems I have married one businessman instead what are you talking about anyway? her voice sounded annoyed but what irritated her the most was the fact that she couldn't see anything in the darkness

And as if the sky had heard her wish the clouds flew further and opened the moon letting it spread its dim light on earth and Ram's silhouette Priya's eyes widened in confusion when she saw him removing his jacket and throw aside

Wh-what are you doing? Priya asked embarrassingly watching the whole process carefully

I may be someone named The Ram Kapoor now but tonight I want to touch and feel you as only Ram and he sent her a smug smirk I won't let some false guy lay a finger on you

Priya just rolled her eyes men were so strange sometimes her husband was jealous of himself for being married to her It was the most absurd declaration she had ever heard in her life

So you decided to chase Mr. Kapoor away from our bedroom by removing your jacket which hide your true identity? Priya asked in disbelief trying her best to hold back a laugh

Think what you want darling but it means a lot to me he stated firmly as a matter of fact tonight I will love you as Ram and caress you all over leaving my own fingerprints on your skin

Stop saying such embarrassing things Priya exclaimed and blushed madly averting her face from him but then she added in a whisper but I would like to have it not any other way

nd you will his warm breath fanned her cheek as he bent down and embraced her by the shoulders forcing them both to fall backward on the soft sheets of the bed I love you Priya

Just three simple words but they broke out real fireworks in her heart which raced twice faster she turned her head to look at his manly face and was met by his soft smile and caring gaze she was sure that there was no other in this world who had ever seen him like that he was giving those warm emotions to her only and that fact inspired her to act bolder her hand lay on his smoothly shaved cheek and caressed it with her thumb she reached forward a little to leave a chaste kiss on his smiling lips only to lay her head back on a pillow and return his smile with the words

I love you too Mr. K.. Ram and it doesn't matter to me what name you have now I love you for who you are not for what you are

There kisses were answered feelings were opened and light and careful touches became more courageous and demanding soon clothes were lying long forgotten on the floor as the two persons were sharing their first night together on their king size bed behind the window the cloud clearing the night sky up soon a day's morning would come and bring new hopes and dreams nd new challenges

As the first sun rays sneaked into the room through the windows and concentrated on Priya's creamy skin Ram couldn't but smile dreamily he remembered each centimeter of that skin which he had been eagerly exploring during the night he remembered his hands trembling in trepidation while he was taking off the her saree from his wife revealing of her body and showering them with light kisses while enjoying the pleasant panting sounds she emitted he loved the way she smelled he loved the way her skin tasted when she was whispering his name in that hushed voice of hers Ram thought he would go insane It was a true melody to his ears he loved to kiss her the sensation she made him feel were beyond understanding that night he made sure to cover every centimeter of her alluring body with his kisses he was so overwhelmingly happy to be her man and belong to her while his mischievous smile was singing the anthem of victory about how lucky he was to be the only man she had ever belonged to nd he would always be that man he would do anything to make it be like this forever even if he would have to stop the sky from falling

Ram was watching her sleeping form with a smile supporting his upper body on his elbow as his head lay on his palm the sun rays were playing on her uncovered knees and shoulders It was obvious that his dear love wouldn't wake up any time soon her long hair was scattered on the pillow while she was nuzzling up to his bare chest like a little child her warm breath was tickling him a little but the sensation was beyond enjoyable

Priya looked so beautiful and gentle just like sleeping beauty but he didn't want to wake up her with a kiss not yet he wanted to print this image of her in his heart and keep it there for the rest of his life

That morning Ram realized that he was absolutely in her power his life and fate lay in this fragile girl's hands and she didn't even have a clue about it he trusted her like no one else and he couldn't imagine his life without her she was the main reason he wanted to live his life decently without hiding and running away because he loved her deeply and sincerely and he was eternally happy that she answered his feelings

The sun rise giving the way to a new and sunny day looking at her Ram stroked her head tenderly receiving a sleepy groan in response he chuckled softly to himself and shifted a little to take a lying position beside his wife his strong arms embraced her petite body adoringly while his lips left a feather like kiss on her forehead

With those thoughts her Mr. Kapoor kissed his beauty's slightly parted lips lovingly and then put his chin atop of her head closing his eyes and letting his mind drift away in a land of dreams and wishes

After some time a couple in love was lying naked cuddled to in each other's arms Priya woken up Ram was still sleeping like a baby Priya was staring at him while he sleeps he looks so adorable she then noticed that they were naked

Solly Mr.Kapoor It's time to get up Priya whisper to him as she continue her attempt to waken him 

Hmmm Mr.Kapoor nahi Rammm he murmur and he opened his brown eyes groggily Priya smile at him and stroke his hair

Good Morning Priya smile watching him come to and a sleepy smile creeps upon his face

Ram sighs

Five more minutes Ram said as his eyes flutter closed Priya laugh

No uthiye na It's too late Priya command him playfully sitting on the bed beside him and tried to find her clothes but they were lying on the ground she pull the sheet on her chest In the process Ram woke up for her he look at her and smile and said Priya kya kar rahi ho she look at him and he was staring at her lovingly  she felt embarrassed and try to avoid his gaze I want my clothes and try to caver her body with sheet he smile and said what u hiding from me darling last night I see you Priya got shy and she covered her upper part Ram lifts up the sheet and pulls her under Priya let him do so and snuggle up gladly against his warm body the body that seemed to always be as hot as a running furnace

Ram draped an arm across her and pull her very close to him she snuggle close and he holds her tightly tucking her head beneath his chin Priya inhale deeply letting her eyes close and resting her hands against his chest she hear him sigh contently and they both lay that way for some time before Priya decide her man's five minutes are up

She start to shift away but feel the heat of his breath caress her skin as Ram begins to kiss her cheeks she giggle at him and twist in his grip turning her back to him wise to the fact he was still trying to prolong his time in bed

Oh no you aren't fooling me Priya grin as she feel his lips touch the back of her neck the stubble on his chin scraping against the sensitive skin at the base she squirm as it tickles S stop it Rammm she cry out giggling childishly

Nooo Ram grumbled playfully continuing to press his warm lips against her neck he pulls her round and she stare at one another his gaze content yet mischievous her own full of firmness fading away into one of adoration

Ram leans in and kisses her gently pressing her close to him Priya cup his stubbly cheek and give his bottom lip a playful nip and grin and he gives her a devilish grin and climbs on top of her kissing her hard and pulling her so close Priya could feel nothing but him as he kissed her till she were breathless

Ram pulled away and hovered above her his brawn eyes with desire and she felt a shiver run through her entire body Priya lean up and press a gentle kiss to his mouth nose and cheeks and give him a loving smile 

I love you Priya

I love you too Ramm he come of top on her again

Priya tried to move away as Ram shook his head

Leave me it's too late

Do u  have to go somewhere Ram said

No let me go I had to take shower 

Priya stay na why you wanna leave? Don't u love me? Plzz be with me

I will always be with you

They looked into each others eyes each of them filled with love passion kindness happiness security desire and awe for one another  they could not believe this was happening they loved each other with the core of their hearts Ram joined their lips once again and he wrapped his arms around her waist allowing their bodies to join and become one


Sorry for mistakesWink

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Posted: 2016-07-19T06:02:06Z
Wow yaar so beautiful n romantic yaar kassh show main asaia ho ta too fab yaar
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Posted: 2016-07-19T09:00:15Z
wow..beautiful after a long time u write a story. pm ka nay kela?
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-07-19T11:35:19Z
Wow its fantastic.
Love their convo its beautifully seducing.
Story glued us till the end and I can literally imagine Raya 
So pleasurable to read
Very well written
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Posted: 2016-07-19T11:58:28Z
Please do write more 
Its more like of refreshing their memories
These stories will keep on reminding us their beauty
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Posted: 2016-07-19T23:43:38Z
After a long gap u posted something. and another brilliant one. was missing ur writing..
hope u will update again soon.
This  one just fab . as usual
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Posted: 2016-07-20T04:26:37Z

Originally posted by Rayaland

Wow yaar so beautiful n romantic yaar kassh show main asaia ho ta too fab yaar

Thank You very much for reading and commenting!Smileit means a lot to me.  

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Posted: 2016-07-20T04:32:51Z

Originally posted by iluvusakshi

wow..beautiful after a long time u write a story. pm ka nay kela?

Thank You very much Namrata for reading and commenting!Smile it means a lot to me
Me PM karat hote but konalach PM jat navata khup try kela pan gelach nahiOuch

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