|| Happy Birthday Ansha Sayed || (July 16)

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This is a simple thread as there wasn't much time to prepare for it and my exams got over only today.

Welcome shelcome to the bada birthday of one of the charming actresses in the telly industry, Ansha Sayed!


Ansha Sayed was born in Mumbai. After completing her graduation with BCom, she grew interested in Mass Media and accounts, but was approached for acting. She mentions that she was never keen on acting or doing television, but it was in her destiny and gradually things worked out. She did a few episodes in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and a few other shows before appearing in her most well-known role as Inspector Purvi in CID, for which she won stupendous praise and recognition.

Ansha is inclined towards Indian culture and loves wearing saree, is very fond of gym, adventure and loves to spend her free time with her family. In short time, she captured the imagination of all and sundry, with her fantastic performances and stunts in CID. Ansha is an energetic girl who loves driving cars and has a penchant for reading novels and listening to music, and is a self confessed spiritual person.

Journey Before CID

Before stepping into CID as Sub Inspector Purvi in 2009, she was seen in 4 episodes of CID portraying different roles, and undoubtedly acing them with her top notch performance. 

In 2006, she was seen in Case of the Double Identity, where she plays the role of victim's fiancee named Chanda.

In 2007, one of the best episodes of CID in its journey spanning 18 years now, Case of the Bomb Robbery Ansha Sayed playing the role of a criminal named Khushi. 

In 2007 again, she was seen in 7 Days to Die, where she plays the role of a wealthy girl and a chief suspect, but is later acquitted. 

In 2008, she played the role of Pamela in the episode The Gift, where the case revolves around a guy named Rohan who burns down an orphanage, where Pamela worked as matron and how Pamela resolves to avenge this.


Purvian Era (2011- )

If we look back to the earlier episodes then we descry a girl, pretty much bashful and quiet. For example, CID Mein Gadaar in which we perceived her as soft hearted and poignant. But that was a prelude to her journey in CID. As courage isn't having strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength. Coming towards Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka where she was abducted and gagged while Daya sir came to her aid. It was 8th October '11 when they limned her as one needing help but by gradatim it evolved into being coy and ultimately into a sharp cop, a perfect apotheosis of women power. And then came 21 March'14 where the same diffident girl, once rescued by her senior, now disseminated her nerves by extricating her senior, hedged in a mechanical cellar in the episode Diamond Robbery. It took hard work, indeed lock stock and barrel that finally gave rise to competence. Competence that a girl hardly conceives of doing, but she corroborated to the notion that women are not weak and should never be restricted to some files. 

CID's team spirit has always been inviolable. And if we delve into full panoply of Inspector Purvi's journey in CID, then we can opine she is one of the most quintessential tough cop we have ever seen in the show. Floating onto the episode, Box Mein Hatya where she extricated a girl from bullyboys. This was a another slant on her personality that further described how, "You can break a women temporarily but the real women will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever". She tells how necessary is to nurture feminine energy in the world. The way she defies lout in the same episode was incredible. 

This is called evolution. She emerged from a reticent lady to a fluent speaker. Not to mention, CID Ki Kidnapping, her intonation and pitch of voice sent the kidnappers in a blue funk. And how can we forget these dialogues: 

"CID ne na kabhi kisi mujrim keh aagay ghutnay taikay hain aur na he kabhi taikay gi"

"Kisi bhi anjaam se nider ho keh guzarne ka sahas hai mujh main"

"Maar dalo mujhey magar baki kisi offficer ko kuch nhe hona chahye" 

Episodes success was her competent of prowess. And then its her savoir faire from Maut Ka Telephone that further added to her agency of saving girl child. 

Inspector Purvi has a talent for disguises. With every episode that involved her disguises, she has never failed to adapt herself into the role and perform the same with utmost perfection. Her disguise episodes (data as of 16 July 2015) are Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka, Bezubaan Gawah, Gayab Gawah, Khooni Kheel, Khooni Gulaal, Operation Theatre Ka Khooni Raaz, Khooni Pani, Rahasya Bacchi Ka, Heroine Ka Khatra, Room No: 303, Raaz Breaking News Ka, Khooni Holi, Kidnapper Ka Khel, Maut Ka Telephone 2, Mouse Trap 1 and 2, Forensic Rahasya 1, Satara Mein Khoon 2, Khooni Stage, Ahmedabad Mein Daya Faraar 2, Lift Mein Anhoni, Nari Suraksha, Mumbai Ki Chawl Ka Rahasya, Jadoo Punar Janam Ka, CID Mein Singham 2 and 3, Khatre Mein Masoom 2, Daya Bana Dulhan, Ganesh Utsav Mein Apaharan 3, Kankaal Ka Rahasya, Nari Shakti, Daya vs Daya,

Samundar Mein Kankaal, Shera Ka Dost, Khatarnak Bikers, CID in Train 1 and 2 and Haveli Mein Daya


Charming Camaraderie 

Inspector Purvi is a very loyal officer of CID. ACP sir is a fatherly figure for Purvi and he has always shown care, trust and love for Purvi. In CID Mein Gaddar, ACP sir guides Purvi saying, "Zindagi humein jo deti hai wo apnana chahiye". It was a beautiful portrayal of their father-daughter relationship.

In CID Ki Kidnapping, when Purvi selflessly tries to save her team from being harmed, ACP sir says to her, "Hum CID waalon ko kuch nahi hota, aur na hi hum tumhe kuch hone denge."

In Lift Mein Anhoni, ACP sir along with all the other teammates shows utmost trust in their dear officer Purvi and takes her side when she is accused of murdering a man; later she is proved innocent and team welcomes her whole heartedly.

In Khaufnak Haveli, as Purvi is thrown down by a lady criminal, ACP sir gives her a helping hand and encourages her.

In Sabooton Ka Rahasya, ACP sir showed trust in Purvi's positive spirit and hard work, and asks her to handcuff the lady and as the lady tries to escape, Purvi proves herself worthy of ACP sir's trust by giving a tough fight to the criminal lady and thereby catching her.
Purvi proves to her most caring and fatherly senior ACP sir that his choice is undoubtedly right in choosing her ahead of any other cop.
Purvi's bonding with ACP sir and each and every member of team is really appreciable and no wonder, Purvi has become an inseparable part of the CID family.

There is something about building up a comradeship - that I still believe is greatest of all feats - and sharing in the dangers with your company of peers, it's the intense effort and pleasant sensation. Her bonding with Daya sir is always been that inviolable. Bonding not only means rubbing shoulder jocularly but understanding each other quite well. Lets us start with, Kissa Ravan Dehan Ka where she was tied inside the Ravana effigy and Daya sir comes to save her. They are given a daring stunt where they sprang out to safety just before the effigy blazes. Purvi leading the search with him including a thrilling bike ride in Satara Mein Khoon, is another highlight. And then it's the episode, Lift Mein Anhoni where the DCP questioned her propriety and he along with Abhijeet sir and ACP sir takes up cudgels for her. He even raised his voice in front of the DCP and showed a great deal of esteem he processed for his female comrades. Later in the episode,Bhootiya Boat when Daya sir was admitted in the hospital, her care and concern purely spoke volumes and won million hearts. And then there's the wonderful CID In Train where Purvi quietly updated about Abhijeet sir's injury out of concern for both of them. They back each other up during daring fight sequences in the train, and then investigate together until the climax where, under his subtle eye signal, she bravely acts on time to pull down Ameesha so that he's able to shoot and disarm her father.

Equally wonderful and loved is her camaraderie with Abhijeet sir. Not only is he the first CID officer we se interacting with in her debut episode Kissa Pagal Aashiq Ka, but ever since they share a smooth, respectful and coordinated bond during investigations and light moments alike. Although (thankfully) absent from  hurtful scenes of him being accused in some episodes, her helpful accompaniment of him in almost all investigative scenes in the same clearly show her support towards him. Then there's the classic scene of her saving him single handedly in Diamond Robbery, him returning the favour in Jadoo Punarjanam Ka, her selfless concern for him in CID In Train and many more. Truly a bond to cherish forever.

Her understanding with Freddy sir, Dr. Salunkhe and Sachin sir and others is remarkable as well. She's one of the few juniors to always respect Freddy sir, care for his wellbeing as seen in her rushing to his aid during gunfights and consoling him during the emotional hospital scene in Abhijeet Ka Intequaam. Salunkhe sir was one of the first to say that she would go on to become a wonderful CID officer. And his words came true, and how!


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Wishes: "Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday Ansha Dii 🤗 You're one of the best thing happened to me  You're the bravest and a boldest lady, an inspiration to and all ⭐️ You're the only reason I watch CID 😃 Thank you for being you. May Allah shower all his blessings upon you." ❤️


Wishes:  "Happy Birthday Ansha Sayed🥳
You are my one of the most fav female cops of  CID. Love u as Purvi❤️
May Allah bless you with happiness, success and prosperity in life. Ameen.😊
Last but not the least...have a rocking birthday⭐️⭐️

Kousar Aditya



Wishes: "Happy Birthday Ansha mam.🤗
Many many happy returns of the day. May all your dreams come true. Keep smiling!"

Main birthday tag- AS Rifi
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This is what I could manage in the last minute now. I couldn't afford to make siggies because I m just getting used to my new version. I know the thread is bad, but still I couldn't do anything else. Much of it is from the last year's thread.
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Happy birthday Ansha 🥳
May Allah bless u always. 😃 Edited by AS-Rifi - 7 years ago
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Happy birthday Ansha! 😊
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Happy Birthday🥳
Many many happy returns of the day.

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Simple & classy thread Reshu ⭐️ 👏
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Happy Birth Day Ansha🥳
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Wishing Our beloved CID Inspector Purvi aka Ansha Sayed a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
You are my fav CID cop and we love u so much Purvi. God bless you.
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Wishing You a very Happy Birthday Ansha didi ..Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever 😊 

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