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      Part 17-

      " Good morning " Geet said to her husband who is getting ready to go to home office and seemed in deep thought...and only said " hmm"..

       He couldn't sleep whole night and keep thinking what Dadima said ...may be she is right ...he should talk to Geet at least asked about her honest opinion about this relation...

        Geet looked at Maan and smiled dreamily..' haiy mere Triple H iss shirt main bhi kitna accha lagrahe hai ' ...she really hate Maan's clothes..he always wear dull colour but still he looks best ...she even takes a vow to change his clothing..' pata nehi Dadima kyun aisi colour laate hai unke liye ...koi nehi abb main hoon na main shopping karungi unke liye..."

           But in all this she hates most when he never look at mirror while getting ready...she feels really wired ' what can be the reason ? is it his face or something else ? ' ...many times she wanted to ask but didn't... she is living with him almost one month and one thing she understand by now that he don't like talking about his face ..and she doesn't want to make him uncomfortable by asking that...

          She got down from bed and came before him , seeing him in deep thought said teasingly..." aap ka laila yaha hai ...aap kiske bare main soch raha hai..."

           but to her surprise Maan didn't smile or said anything... instead start buttoning his shirt ...she pushed his hand and start doing it for him..Maan look her for sometime ' all can't be just act ? can Dadima be right ? do Geet really care for me..? she doesn't care about my face ? ' ...

        " hmm its done " Geet voice broke his thought...He saw her going to washroom but stop holding her hand ...

      " I...I mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai ..." Maan said looking at her beautiful face ..." woh main yeh..." ..

        " you looking so bad " ...Geet cut his words looking at his tired face ...yesterday he worked all day without taking rest or food and then whole night he didn't sleep ...Geet didn't notice his red eyes till now and scold herself to letting him neglecting his health... and said frowning..." soye nehi na kitna tire...

           but this time Maan said between in cold tone " I always look bad ...glad that finally you take the courage to say truth..." he leave her hand and went out without hearing her ...

           and there Geet frowned looking at his retreating totally didn't get his words and thought..' inhe kya ho gaya...!!! ' ...


    At breakfast table Geet served him pasta " yeh lijiye maine banaya hai...aur ha you have to finish all " she said firmly.. she let him avoid his food yesterday but today she won't let him do that...but to her surprise he pushed the plate and took a bread " I don't want pasta today..."

          " par aap toh hamesha yeh khate ho "

        " may be its high time I change my habit... its not good to get use of something ..."

          Geet tried to argue but stop herself seeing him eating ..' may be woh ajj kuch aur khana chahate hai ..roj roj thori na ek breakfast accha lagta hai...' but she felt hurt as Maan didn't even try a bit of her pasta...

             He finished soon and start to go but Geet stop him " Maan yeh kya aap ne toh coffee bhi nehi pi.."

               He looked around and saw Nakul and told him to give him coffee at his office after sometime... which Geet didn't like a bit.. as she was the one who gave him this all time...

            " main de dungi ..." Geet said with pout and said Nakul to go to kitchen...

           but Maan stop her " you don't have to ...I mean you don't have do all this ...Servants are here they know their job well..."

      " par main ..." she was about to argue but saw Maan already gone...

          Dadima saw everything from far and came to Geet " umm chaliye beta breakfast karte hai..."

     Geet nodded slowly ...and went to table ...she is very confused with his strange behaviour . He is behaving so cold and distant... like before...she totally clueless why he is giving her cold shoulder...' its can't be just work pressure..? '...

      " Dadima woh is Maan working in some new project ?... Geet asked casually as she doesn't want to make this older woman worry by telling her problem...

       " nehi toh..kuyn beta ? "

        " no nothing... he is little worried so ..."

        " hmm woh pareshan hai ...toh aap kyun nehi puchte unse ki kya baat hai...I'm sure he will share everything ...aur baise bhi aap unke patni hai aap toh haq se kuch bhi puch sakete ho na..."

           " woh toh main kar hi lungi..." Geet said with attitude..." aapka pota kuch jaida hi nakhre dikha rahe hai...but he don't know me na ...acchi khabar lungi...let's forget this ... I want a permission Dadima.." Geet said

             " permission... kis baat ka "

        " I want to go shopping with him ...if you have no problem.."

        Dadima smiled nodding her head " Geet aap bhi don't need to take permission for me to do anything for your husband...samjhe aap ..."

   " thank you Dadima " ...Geet thanked her happily thinking may be this shopping trip will help to divert his mind for work and she will get to know the problem..."

        but unknown to her Mini heard everything and understood something is surely wrong between them and undoubtedly the reason is her last day talking... she smiled wickedly as she is succeeding in her mission... also hearing Geet's shopping with Maan she got another idea to hurt Geet...


Maan was in home office thinking about her words in morning ( you looking so bad )... and thought may be he reacted badly.. may be she was not referring his scarred face..and breakfast incident... he noticed how her face fall because he said no...he is feeling so bad ...but what if she meant her words ...what if she is doing all this like making pasta or coffee just to please him not to hurt her family ...

        last night he took the decision to free her but only he knows how difficult for him to do it..when she was not in his life he somehow make his heart understand saying ...he is not right guy for her she is so beautiful deserve someone better..or she is happy with her boyfriend... so he should forget about her...

        but now after living with her all days and night she became his drug ...he can't think a day without her will he bear this separation for forever...?? he wants to trust Dadima's words ...wants to talk to her but scared to face rejection...he can't be able to bear if she reject him on his face... can he take a chance even after what she said in morning .?


      After two days...

               Geet is looking deadly at the shopping bags brought by Mini ...she do much wants to kill that micro mini...more than her she wants to kill can he do that...

          In this two days he behaved so oddly first Geet thought he will share but he didn't and sometimes she asked also but no now a days his favourite time pass is avoiding her ...

        and yesterday incident really hurt her...he was getting ready when she wish to go to shopping... with him.. his face lost colour hearing going out... and at once he said no

       " I'm busy I can't " ...

      " Maan bus thore time hi toh lagega...we will be back in one hour..."

      " Geet I'm not stopping can go and buy whatever you want ..I don't have time for all this..." saying this he was about to go but Geet stop him...

          " Maan please don't say no...aur baise bhi mujhe aapke liye shopping karna hai...toh aap ko toh Jana hi parega na "

           " mere liye ! " Maan was surprised for sometime as he didn't thought Geet would like to buy something for him... but still he can't go ...he hate going out ...he hates the attention he got because of his makes him very uncomfortable...he can't do it...

          " I don't need clothes Geet I have plenty of them..."

        Geet made a yuck face ..." you really called those clothes..." she picked his shirts one by one " these are so plain and colours are so dull and they don't suit you at all...I really hate these ..pata nehi asp yeh sab Kaise pehen te should wear some bright colour ..aap kitna handsome dikhoge ...please Maan chaliye na " ...

             unknown to her Geet hurt his feelings by her words ..." sorry Geet your husband will look the same whatever he wears... may be you should stop trying to make him handsome which he can never be...I have some work to do and I don't have time for all this..." saying he left from there ...

        Her face fall by his no she planned so much about their shopping trip ...unknown to her a small tear fall from her eyes... she is getting frustrated by his deny at everything and also the way he is distancing himself... she wants to part of his life but she feels he is not letting her get in... she thought they are coming closer but seeing him so cold she is fearing worse now...

           In all this today Mini suddenly barged in their bed room with some shopping bag...

        " what is this ? " Geet asked annoyingly...

          Mini made a weird face and answered ..." Mk ki kapre .." she put those bags in couch ..." woh actually every months i do shopping for MK's clothes so this month too..."

        Geet fumed hearing her now she is more angry as he didn't want to go shopping with her but let that MM to do it for him...Mini saw her red face smirk and said ...

            " you know Geet may be you are his wife but I know him better than see I even do shopping for him which should be done by..."

            " you do what he told and for which you get paid by him ..." Geet said in between calmly..." that's why you are his secretary... not know he don't need to pay his wife to do his things.."

      She saw the shirts and frowned..." Micro Mini you have such bad taste..."

       that was purely insult ..." look if you know MK then won't have said this OK...MK only wears what I brought and this time also he will..."

          " he won't wear this shit I promise..." Geet complete her words with confidence... " now just get lost " ...

        Mini gave her a strange look and went out silently... she really feeling happy as she did the perfect job of breaking them...' Geet is really a fool still think that MK and she can be have a happy married life .' its impossible now...she used his insecurity and it worked nicely... from that day she noticed the differences between them she knows that Geet may be try to cover up the distance but that girl doesn't know something can't be mend ...and Maan's insecurity is one of them...she is the winner after all...

        for one moment she thought to break Geet dream by telling MK's plan.. that he already talked to a lawyer and her dreamy relation is on the breaking point... but then thought to let her dream a little more ...after all ' its will be more pleasure to see her face when MK himself will tell this in front of everyone '


   This is the limit of her tolerance .. now she can't bear more of his mood swings. they were going so nicely... and now because of Maan all things are breaking between them...they don't talk properly.. or spend time ... they became stranger like before and she can't afford it ...this silence between them is killing her...and she knows its time for her to take the matter in her hands...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-01-10T09:16:47Z
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updated a days I'm very busy with study...teachers are killing me... so update is late I'm not even active in anniversary thread ... enjoy.. will pm soon
Posted: 2017-01-10T01:05:40Z
Lovely update 
Ye maan bhi naD'oh... Micro mini ki baath sach maanraha hai... She is taking advantage of this 
Maan not thinking about what dadi said 
Geet ko hi kuch karna padega 
Posted: 2017-01-10T01:53:57Z
nice update... hope geet will teach mini a good lesson for breaking maans heart...
Posted: 2017-01-10T02:22:58Z
Nice update 
Now Maan should understand Geet feeling 
Also Geet should give Maan a lesson 
Update soon 
Posted: 2017-01-10T02:55:09Z
so finally that mini got succeeded in creating problems between them. maan is thinking all negative and wrong whenever geet talks something about him. he is now keeping himself far away from geet. many times geet tried to initiate talk with him and also tried to take him for shopping but every time he refused her. that mini bought clothes for maan and showed geet that she is doing the thing which should be done by a wife. now geet decided to know what is going on in maan's head. waiting for next dear.
Posted: 2017-01-10T03:54:09Z

lovely update, well written! Hate this MiniAngry she created mu btwn Maaneet! Maan misconstrues wt Geet sed n hurts her with his words n actions! she wanted 2 go shopping n Maan refuses! Geet upset! Maan wants 2 free Geet! Mini knows! she is happy! Geet angry wen Mini comes with shirts 4 Maan! This Maan Angry is being played by Mini! can he nt think 4 himself??? Geet need 2 get rid of Mini n be direct with Maan abt wt she feels!

Posted: 2017-01-10T04:23:49Z
grr hate MM...
y maan is so blind to see real geet.
want GEET in action to make maan herself

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