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Posted: 5 years ago

^This banner is made by one of my greatest inspirations and behen Aichuu <3 Beautiful, isn't it?Day Dreaming

H e l l o  f o l k s !

For many, who do not know me, I'm Roshni. You'll can call me Rosh; everyone does LOL

I had decided to open a shop long ago. Just that my laziness quotient is so high, I took 2 months to decide a name for the shop ROFL There are some of my friends who've helped me throughout - Aichuu, Riri, Iffu! Thanku so much guys! I would be still hunting for a name or would have continued being lazy if it weren't for you guys! Hug

I started PSing 2 years ago. Amused by all the creativity I used to see around me, I decided to give it a try and here I am today, opening my very own shop. I frankly never would have, if it weren't for Aichuu pestering me day and night to do so ROFL

About PS, I feel it is a never ending ocean. Infinity as you call it. (yes you can see it up there on my banner too). You can never learn PS totally, there's always something new to it. It's my hobby, my stress-buster. Something maybe I can never get bored of. Basically PS be my bae <3 


          Non-animated signatures           

Facebook/Wattpad covers





(not that good at animated stuff - beware :P)

I have alot of inspirations and Im gonna try to name them all here because hey, I would have been totally out of creativity without seeing you guys come up with such wonderful creations <3

Aichuu | Appy(-Koeli_Appy-) | Husna(.annihilation.) | Arpi(unitatoxo.) | Piyu(100littledevils) |Ashka(TheSilentBang) | Steph(..HowRude..) | Mansi(amidstthehues) | Yamz(relentless.) |Nabila(18shabbo) | Krish(.Username.) | Shivu (caffeineaddict.) | Sano(Sano88) | Saher (saher_90) |Shikha(.StarryPhoenix) | aftermath.. | Rashi(-VPaintings-) | Kankshita(thegamesion) | reflections. |abditory. | Nidz(Zilch.) | Aheli(Rafaheli) | Visha(VishaD.) | LittleDhampir. | Suppu(supriya.ipkknd) |eshaaax3. | Java(26javey) | Ana(santiagosentyou) | Lil(ournewboyfriend) | Iqra(-De.De-)

And special mentions to Tumblr <3 What would one even do without you LOL

Tellywood : Hindi

Sandhir | Parsh | Arhi | Devakshi | Vitharv | Swadarsh | Ardhika | NeSam | Akash-Anjali | Manya | Sidyali

Param Singh | Harshita Gaur | Barun Sobti | Sanaya Irani | Rohan Gandotra | Hiba Nawab | Dhruv Bhandari 

Tellywood : English

Dean-Sam | Destiel | Dean-Sam-Castiel | | JohnLock | WestAllen | Snowbarry | Olicity | KareDevil | Alex-Ryan | Harvey-Mike | Harvey-Donna | Mike-Rachel | Jon-Ygritte | Brienne-Jamie | Arya-Gendry | Robb-Talisa | Lucifer-Chloe

Jensen Ackles | Jared Padalackei | Misha Collins | Benedict Cumberbatch | Grant Gustin | Stephen Amell | Emily Bett Rickards | Kit Harrigton | Emilia Clarke | Isaac Hempstead

Hollywood & Bollywood

No particular favs as such in both. I love RanDeep and DeepVeer both though :P


Death Note | Maid Sama | DBZ | One piece




 Everything is free to use unless mentioned otherwise.

Do not claim my creations as yours.

I'll be open for requests when my shop says [O].

 Do not PM me your requests unless it's for a birthday or a thread.

I'm always open for suggestions. Do provide pics for the same, if possible. LOL

Im too lazy to PM :P So for now atleast I wont be sending PMs when I update. I will post the PM procedure here when i decide to send PMS LOL So for now, do visit the shop at your own time and leisure (:

Please provide me with HD pictures. I do not like working with low quality pics.

For avis, please provide 720p or 1080p links.

Mention the sizestyle if any while requesting.

Please post your requests here, unless it is for a birthday or a thread. 

Anyone can request, I have no restrictions on the same.

Only one or maximum two requests per person.

Minimum one maximum seven or eight pictures per signature.

Please use your request for a day atleast, I'll be happy LOL

Further instructions will be given when I open my shop for requests. 


p a n c h a n

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not for use

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tags (not for use)

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Posted: 5 years ago
Yiye i beat parm :P LOL
My lazy bum i am very proud of you StarClap
i will edit this place tmrw for sure Wink

Since its been ages i have reserved this place finally i m going to comment

I remeber when i meet you were crazy and i really liked that about you and still you are the same.

Your creativity is simply amazing , you are inspiration to me ROSH seriously i love your creativity becaue it dont stick to one style u experiment like a fanatic and everything came out super stunning

Your edits are enchanting i love the way you u use colouring its bright and neat  totally love the text use i mean i always struggle with text but you are born natural 

Two years and you are a pro already i am soo happy :)

The first page looks super stunning , you did a great job with introduction and everything . Proud of you bud !!!

I love ur icons i cant pick favs i totally love each and everything

Signatures are damn creative & innovative maan

GIFs are effortless i hate making gifs its time taking and really hard but everything u made is perfection oh gosh <3

your tags are damn awsome loved it ClapClapClap

Do you have anythng which u havent explored it yet Try PSD we all want to know your magic behind this awsome edits 

I have Finally a place where i can get to see all your edits in one place i was stalking everything u make but missed a few so here i can get a chance to see everything u make

Congrats on ur first shop iits just a beginning with your creativity yu will def make 100 shops Clap

Hugi love you and will always stalk this place <3
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Posted: 5 years ago
LOL...You beat by a min AichuLOLLOL

I'm soo proud of you bro!Hug

You have to make more sig with this style
I loved it soo much this one!Clap
Esp on ArHi! You have the pics and the talent...I'll provide all the quotes you wantBlushing

Res for be edited tomorrow in the eveningWink
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Posted: 5 years ago of the best gallaries i have ever come across...some of your works are super awesome...keep making!
ps.. so many sigs are good that i can't even point out a single one heheh :]
Posted: 5 years ago

Congrats for ur galleryParty
why didn't u open ur gallery before?Shocked Shocked
ur creations r just amazing girl!!StarStar


loved these icons...Heart wonderful coloring in themClap - awesome style! - this is stunningStar - superb blending and how u put the capsClap - loved it! - awesome coloring! - this is loveHeart - perfect texture and coloringThumbs Up - stunning!Star - this is so awesomeStar - awesome tag!Star

keep rockingStarThumbs Up
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