RaYa Os - The Night They Became One

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Hi to all my dear Balhains so here i am back again with another small Os on our beloved RaYa and the credit goes to my friend who had wrote this story long back on the occasion of 12th march celebration. So whom all of you are waiting and enjoy reading it. 

                                        The Night They Became One

 It was Ram and Priya's day. The day they were tied in a knot of relationship. It was the day they completed 5 years to their marriage but it was their first wedding anniversary together. Ram and Priya alighted from the car at Kapoor Mansion after having a whole day spent in each others presence. The Mansion only had its Master and its Mistress. Ram in his grey linen and Priya in a black chiffon sari with enticing blouse made them look no less than the King and the Queen. Ram had a reason to celebrate this day after living it all alone these five years only for the one who was dead but all alive in his heart. They headed towards their room. Ram made Priya wait outside, as he wanted everthing to be perfect when she enters. Priya was entwined in her thoughts. A time when the one whom she could never think of marrying to, was now the one whom she could not think of her life without. Later Ram told Priya to enter.


    The room was aglow in flickering candle light, the curtains billowed to the breeze and the lucious roses aroused the gleam. The strains of soft melody filtered through the room. The scent of French vanilla filled her nostrils. He was celebrating Priya tonight and nothing was left extemporaneous. She stood at the window. The balmy air caressed her face as she gazed at the beauty of the moon. He headed towards Priya who was forayed into heaven,reaching the cresendo and the realization was late in getting her back to the reality where it was only she and her Man. Ram in a husky voice called out "Priya". Priya stared into his eyes. Their eyes exuded only love for each other.


Ram: "Life wasn't the same when I lived it all alone...Priya don't leave me ever"


Priya: "I would never...I can't think of my life without you Ram. You are the one who makes me feel...someone loves me the way I do"


Ram glanced the tears that edged her eyes, the tears of overwhelming joy. The tears refused to hold on seeing his passionate love for her. Ram cupped her face, wiped her tears and took her in a tight embrace, laying his angst of the past five years bare. Priya gasped as Ram slipped his hands around her bare waist. His proximity caused her to shudder in anticipation. Wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his chest she basked in his warmth as they began to sway. His mouth swooped down into hers he held her chin and lowered his lips. They shared a sensuous kiss. His tongue thrusting against her lips. Ram glided his tongue into the deep caverns of her mouth.


The scent intoxicated them as the candles created flickering shadows. He pulled her more closer to him clamping her against his body pulling away the tendrils from her face. She began to mewl as his hands moved over her exposed skin. The passion in his eyes stoked her. She closed her eyes as he angled her face to his. Her payback was sweet. She trapped herself into her husband's fiery body. He placed a peck on her cheeks and planted a kiss on her lip and played havoc with her tongue. His tongue delved into the recesses of her mouth. He enjoyed her groans. She had surpassed the passion inside and couldn't control the release. She was confident. She looped her arms around his neck. She wanted him to be hers.


She didn't mind him bruising her. She granted it without hesitation. Their hands moved in frenzy to pull each other closer. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged in response.


No sooner was she in his arms. He carried her to bed. Laying her down, Ram was onto her. She felt ecstatic on seeing an unadultered thirst for her in his eyes.


She wanted to satisfy his desire more than hers. Priya whispered in a low tone "I love You Ram" to which sudden was his response "I love you too Priya" and once again he captured her lips for a tender kiss. Priya had never felt more compelled to submit herself to him than now. Ram shrugged off her sari unhooking her blouse. He admired her, the gentle curve of her hips, tiny waist and the feminine dips and curves. Her body flushed warm with passion. She felt reckless bold. Priya surrendered herself to the passionate craving. He slided between the juncture of her neck and shoulder. He nuzzled her earlobes, she moaned. Her hands raked through his hair. Her nails scoured his back. He placed soft, sloppy kisses on her warm body. Her hold on him tightened.


He trailed a wet path up the length of her neck. Her eyes sparkled in desire, her breath trapped in her throat. Priya gripped the duvet as she shivered with uncontrollable need.


Their need blossomed into a romantic shower that paved the way for both of them to live their every single moment of that night with mind, heart and soul getting lost in the bliss of showering their love for each other with no other thoughts except they and their love and united them intimately.

The end 

By Anushree Bhat

Hope you all had enjoyed the story. Do hit the like button and comment will be waiting for your feedback.

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Posted: 2016-06-11T13:01:31Z
Loved it, the way it was written...amazing!
quite beautifully written Embarrassed
please do write more Anushree. pleaseee!

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Posted: 2016-06-11T13:31:30Z
Very romantic update plss keep writing more
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Posted: 2016-06-11T23:16:15Z
Superb romantic update...
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Posted: 2016-06-12T03:43:42Z
romantic. good one. do write more. thanks anchal di for posting.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-06-12T06:45:46Z
very sweet n romantic OS...
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Posted: 2016-06-12T13:23:45Z
superbly penned down yaar...awesome anushree*
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Posted: 2016-06-12T21:46:49Z
romantic os...
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