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Posted: 7 years ago
As of now, I think gold digger. You don't take pictures like it has come out today in People Magazine and wait for months. It means you are waiting for a bigger pay day. Plus her finances and how much she spends and what she stands to gain in CA for a 15 month marriage without a prenup (in the millions) makes me think so. You don't smile, laugh, take pictures and then take them off social media when abuse allegations are called forth.  When the LAPD investigated there was nothing. She says she did so to protect Johnny. Uh huh. Then everything dissolved when he refused to pay her spousal support.

Johnny Depp is weird and he was destructive with Kate Moss, but so was she then and now. He was good with Vanessa Paradis who has said he did not do so. Then so did Madonna when Sean Penn was accused.  

Something must have happened though, but the abuse she is alleging and how she documented it and then stayed makes me think, Golddigger. Was she even Bi or a lesbian pretending to be Bi for a big pay day ?
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by charminggenie

Perfect and Imperfect victims. 
Perfect who fits the bill like Katie Holmes,Jen Garner. Naive, young with a clean record. Imperfect like Amber Heard.

Depp has had huge drug, abuse issue. he once famously thrashed a hotel room when he was with kate Moss (read up their abusive relationship)

Amber is going against not just a Hollywood superstar but he is protected by Disney , PR and a huge circle. That is why inspite of rape allegations people like Woody Allen etc still work with A-listers. 
Nothing will happen to Depp , because he has huge money riding on him. HW will protect him. At max, soon we will hear about him going to the rehab.

Not saying Amber wasn't a gold digger or cannot. Yet it was Depp, an adult who made a decision to marry her. He has a huge legal and PR ( the woman who heads this has handled very controversial stars in the past). 

it's not about justice but who spins it best in PR. You have exes lined up to give testimonies , dodgy friends vouching for him.

Repeat of Sean Penn and Madonna. Madonna was abused by him, big issue but now look at them. Nothing happens.

Also, it is not uncommon for victims of abuse, we will never know the ugly side of glamour. people fake it alot. 

I am just loving the PR spin, worth a nice read.

At this point, you def know he's at fault even if he never speaks. The cycle is so common in HW. When celebs go to rehab...then you know there's was something up.
Posted: 7 years ago

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Divorce Rumors Are Hard' On Her

Gabrielle Chung | November 12, 2015 - 3:07 pm
Johnny Depp Pranks Amber Heard 
Watch the hilariously cute video.
Amber Heard Talks Marrying Johnny Depp 
How the actress feels as a married woman.

Amber Heard would like you to forget about what you, well,heard.

The Magic Mike XXL star has been plagued with rumors that her marriage is on the brink of divorce ever since tying the knot with Johnny Depp earlier this year. Even those reports are false, Heard, 29, still says it affects her deeply to hear that she's allegedly having marital problems with her 52-year-old husband.

"I try not to react to the horrible misrepresentation of our lives, but it is strange, and hard," she tells Marie Claire.

Amber Heard marie claire december 2015 cover no bra
CREDIT: Boe Marion

Appearing sans bra in the publication's December 2015 issue, Heard also speaks about being a stepmother to Depp's children with model Vanessa Paradis: Lily-Rose, 16, and Jack, 12.

"[It's] an honor and the greatest, most surprising gift I have ever received in my life," she explains. "I feel new flavors that I didn't know existed. New colors that I didn't know existed have been added to my life. I'm so happy."

Amber Heard marie claire december 2015 no bra
CREDIT: Boe Marion

As for being bisexual? Heard says she has no problem with what you think of her. As someone who's openly dated men and women, the actress explains she's a staunch supporter of the LGBT community.

"No matter what people want to label me as, I still fight for equality, and I think popular opinion will catch up," she argues. "I think it already has, actually. I think our generation sees themselves as part of a larger global community, and therefore, it's harder to enact basic tribalistic prejudices based on ignorance and hate."

Posted: 7 years ago
She might have been starstruck and flattered when he looked her way thus the wedding imo. He's THE Johnny Depp. That being said, since his movies started flopping and he experimented quite a backlash for leaving Vanessa he started to drink a lot. 
There was some blind stating that his PR was prepping to muddslid her in case she initiated a divorce as JD is a nasty drunk who abused her. Thus the reports about her being with him for money and cheating with her ex girlfriend. 
Amber hasn't gained much from this marriage on the work front and a divorce can easily have her been ousted from some movies. 
She's only a starlet so it's easy to paint her as the bad guy. 

It reminds me of Holmes and Cruise. Hadn't Katies' father been some big shot lawyer, only God knows how she'd have been able to leave the scientology church and Tom. It would have been easy to paint her as the bad guy too. 

It's all about power and not gender imo. Mariah Carey had Nick Canon out of a movie post their separation. 
Posted: 7 years ago
i only ever heard of her for being depp's partner and nude scenes in movies/nude pics 
cant tell who is right
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Posted: 7 years ago
I dont know who's right and who's at fault here but its disturbing to even think that AH was being abused by Depp. But i saw some of her pics and i felt terrible about it. He might be an amazing actor but might not be a good human. I mean who knows. I don't think we'll ever get to know the real self of these stars, be it HW or BW. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Anachronist

johnny depp is ghatiya insaan and his legal team is pretty strong 👏

He is also an Apple fanboy. He beat her up with an iPhone. As an Android user Im outraged.
Posted: 7 years ago
Black Mass was ignored, Alice 2 is a disaster
Between Depp's dying career and the PR disaster this case is, I am interested to see how Disney reacts

With all the brands building up Pirates isn't as important as it once was 
It will be interesting 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by MoStLyHaRmLeSs.

Black Mass was ignored, Alice 2 is a disaster
Between Depp's dying career and the PR disaster this case is, I am interested to see how Disney reacts

With all the brands building up Pirates isn't as important as it once was 
It will be interesting 


Disney still will try to protect him. It might not be a big brand but like Affleck got protected by Warners , Depp would get some help. He will go to rehab either ways. 

Amber wants money because she knows she is over either ways.😆
Posted: 7 years ago
When he married a lesbian ( no offence to homosexuality ), that time it was weird, i felt that there is something so wrong about their alliance, nothing seemed right, and now with all these controversy I feel the alliance was just a set up, set up for what only Depp-Heard can answer.

I love Depp, and irrespective of his recent set backs and addiction issues, i still feel that it is so hard to believe that he would do something so heinous. I am not defending him, but the fact that Amber chose to file for divorce just immediately after Johny's mother's demise saddens me more, there is something more to the story, but as we say innocent until proven guilty, so Johny still has a chance to prove himself innocent. Coming back to Amber, she is another gold digger but this is not the first time that superstars had married actresses who run away with their money, but a dignified separation without humiliating each other at public could be so much better whereas Amber seems to have made up her mind that whatever respect and fame Johny had left , will be gone soon.
If Johny has truly abused her, then he deserves this, there is no excuses of how Amber is, if he has beaten her up and tortured her then he should be sued. 

The worst is that Johny's recent release has flopped badly at the Box office, his mother's demise, his wife's accusations and now box office disaster, all has left me with nothing but to feel bad at his state. 

One thing is for sure, after this divorce, Amber will have no career left at all irrespective of what happens to Johny.

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