TaaRey : The Billionaire's Mistake [The Billionaire Trilogy](Page 52)

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now he is blaming...

when she is the one been kick out...
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so angry with rey... Angry Angry 
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 so confused Confused
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Ch-6 : Too Strong To Be Broken

"You are late, Ms. Shekhawat." His stern, bossy tone made her stop in her steps. She looked up and found him staring near her cabin. She glance at her watch then back at him.

"Just a minute late." Taani defended herself.

"Instead of arguing, learn to accept your mistakes, Ms. Shekhawat." He snapped back at her, she frowned hearing him, she could feel there is some hidden meaning behind his words which she failed to understand.

"I am sorry, Sir."

"You better be." He retorted back, making her gulped down the anger that was building up within her. Its been many days, he had taken over the company and his behavior hadn't changed toward her. With everyone he would spoke in civil manner but when it comes to her, all he do, is SHOUT. By now, all had officially named her punching bag of RS.

"Type these documents and fax them to my father. And remember, no mistakes." His sharp tone broke her trance, she blinked her eyes and look at him then nodded her head. He handed her some document. She turned around to place the papers on her desk when accidentally her toe hit the desk causing her to hiss in pain. Her eyes widen in horror when she saw all the document scattered on the floor.

"I'm sorry, sir." She panicked, bending down she started collecting the document.

"Nothing new." He taunted her, eying her with anger visible in his visage.

"Irresponsible brat." He muttered under his breath and walked away from there, leaving a flabbergasted taani behind who heard his muttering.

"Insensitive-jerk-singhania." She cursed him. She dumped the documents on the table and slumped down on her chair. If he thinks his harshness can break her, then he is wrong. She is too strong to be broken, now. In past one year, life had taught her to be strong, not that she had any other option.

She completed her work and went to his cabin to inform him about the same and also remind him about the meeting he had with Mr. Simmons. She knocked on the door then getting his permission, she walked inside the cabin.

"Sir, Your meeting with Mr. Simmons is in half an hour. And i have sent fax to Mr. Singhania." Taani told him in professional, polite tone.

"Postpone the meeting to tomorrow." He ordered her, her brows knitted in confusion but she masked it with blank look and nodded in response.

"You can leave now."

"Someone is not in good mood today." She thought to herself and turned around to leave when something caught her attention. A newspaper was crumbled on the floor. She looked closely and read out the headline.

Model, Priya Shekhawat and business man, Ayaan singhania to tie the knot next month.

Her eyes widen in shock. Her sister marrying Rey's brother, wasn't something she had thought of, even in her wildest nightmare. She had thought, Priya will forgive Rey after some time and they will get back together seeing how much they love each other. But she was wrong, may be. She glance at him, he looked disturbed.

"No wonder he is in sour mood today-"

"Are you alright, sir?" She asked him when she knew, she shouldn't have. He looked up from his files and stare at her with confused look. Aw. so cute. Taani bite inside her cheek to stop herself from smiling. She had never seen such adorable expression on his face.

Then he gave a curt nod to her and went back to his work, taani gaped at him. She was surprised when he didn't shout at her, which had become his favorite job these days. For the first time, she exit his cabin with a smile on her face.

Another day passed by, she comes to know about Priya and Ayaan's engagement which is on coming sunday, the ceremony will took place in Delhi, India. Ayaan & Priya were dating from past six months and finally decided to take their relation on next level. Thanks to the media, she had come to know more than enough about her sister.

Now she knew Priya hadn't forgiven Rey and moved on in her life. She felt bad for him and somewhere she could understand his feelings too. She wished she could help him, but then, there is nothing she could do.


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Rude rey
Loved d update
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nice update...
Priya gtng marry to rey's brother...
Flng so bad fr rey...
thnx fr pm
flng bad fr rey...
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awesome update
i think because of priya , rey is behaving like this to taani..he is taking priya and his brother's anger towards poor soul taani
poor taani
thanks for the updateEdited by lechu10 - 3 years ago
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awesome update
waiting for next update
update soon
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