raya os: ab zindigi se tammana nhi hai..

Posted: 2016-04-08T00:01:12Z
ram priya.. the two love dove .. who reluctantly got tied in to nuptial knot for the sake of their family.. ealier they thought they are mismatch couple.. their marriage is not like a normal marriage... but kehte hai na shadi ke baad pyaar hote hote ho hi jata hai... they have confessed their love and consummated their marriage.. living happily with eachother.

on one fine day ..it was 4pm priya was leaving for Km from her toffel class..though there was a rule made by ram that they will go together and come together from their work, and they have been complying the rule ever since they started developing feelings for eachother.. and wanted to spend time with eachother...but today her  husband THE RAM KAPOOR has some important meeting.. soo he cant come..
priya came out of the class.. standing on the road , looking for the cab..when she got a call.
she received it and after listening to the caller.. a smile flashes on her beautiful face.. she disconnected the call after replying " ok i am comming rightnow.."
as she kept the cell back in her bag ..a cab stopped in front of her.. informing the cab driver abt the destination she sat in the cab..
the smile was not leaving her lips even for a second.. hmmm.. she had a instinct as she has noticed some signs but she wanted to  confirmed it.
she reached the hospital .. after getting some info.. she headed for the dr. seema's cabin...
she enterd the cabin..
doc: welcome mrs kapoor 
P: hie doctor.. my reports?
doc: this your reports.. congratulations mrs kapoor you are going to become mother.. 
thank you doc.. she said with the red cheeks..
priya: i hope you have not tell mr kapoor abt this..
doc: no not at all.. earlier i thought to.. but phir maine socha you might have some plan for mr. kapoor abt it.. like some suprise...
and she blushed profusely... no doc abhi toh aisa koi plan nhi hai..
 and she continued .. any thing else doc..
doc: no everything is all right but you a appointment with me after 2 days.. 
priya: thank you doc .. 
wlcome mrs kapoor .. ok m leaving as i have some important work.

she enterd their room with blushing cheeks .. her happiness has no bound today.. she is glowing after hearing the news..
she just threw her bag on the sofa and took her diary..and started converting her feelings into words..
7 wishes me se meri last wish "kisi ko zindigi dena chahti thi.." aj apne ye wish puri ke di mr kapoor.. thank you soo much..aj mai bhut khush hun mr. kapoor..!1 
kaun kehta ki wishes khabhi puri nhi hoti.. kabhi khatam nhi hoti.. meri wishes ko apne pura kiya hai mr. kapoor ab koi wish nhi hai meri zindigi se.. agar hai to sirf ek wish i just wanna spend my entire life with you,..
i had never thought ki meri life me bhi aisa koi ayega jo mere liye itna important ban jayega..
meri choti si ,stupid, weared wishes ko pura karega..
she smiled recalling those wonderful seven days.. 
vo 7 din .. jisme anne wali zindigi kaise hogi uska darr tha.. dard tha.. but you made them a beautiful days of my life..
that stupid taaarey gin wali wish .. who counts stars...? they are uncountable .. but my beloved husband , my man the ram kapoor fullfilled it..

us din maharastra-gujrat border par..
that morning when the sky had beautiful red color of love and the sun was spreading its warm, bright rays that was falling on you also ..
you know what when i looked at you.. my hearts recalled the same story that my nani used to preach.. i felt finally us kahani ka rajkumar meri zindigi me a gya hai.. and you are my rajkumar my golu.. she laughed..
 my next wishe apko salsa kerte hue dekhne ki.. apne vo bhi puri krdi ..mughe achha bhi laga aur nahi bhi ..  you got cramp.. you were in pain.. agar mughe pata hota toh mai apko krne nhi deti.. i dont want those happiness jo apko takleef dekr mile.. soo agy se kabhi mt kariye ga,..
you have given me soo many joyfull moments.. aur vo sare surprised.. jab apne mere liye pakode banayeee.. 
she laughed again while writing abt the surprise when he came in jeans tshirt to surprise her...app but cute lag rhe thy... 
she continued it further with a sweet smile .. cutee... my mr. kapoor .. my golu.. u are going to become father.. jise abhi bhi injection se darr lagta hai... taking a sigh she writes mr kapoor toh abhi bhi bacche hai.. but koi baat nhi mai hun na hum dono milkar sambhal lengy...
she closed her diary after keeping the bookmark in it..
she looked at clock.. 6 baj gye..jaldi ayiye na mr. kapoor.. apke chehre ki khusi dekhne ke liye betab hun .. 
she got up and picking up her bag she went to changingroom.. 
dr seema was right ek chotu sa surprise toh banta hai mr. kapoor ke liye.. she blushed.. thinking abt his reations.. she took her favrt sareee  (areee wahi humsab ki bhi favrt 12th march wali..) went to get fresh..

after 2:30 hours...
she was in kitchen..
bansi kaka ye dinner terrace pr achhe se arrange kr dijiye..
banshi kaka left to excute the command..
and she left for store room..
she took a mat and pillow.. and some candles... (ishhh)
bansi had already left the place when she reached the terrace.. 
the dinner table was perfectly arranged .. he had kept all the dishes made by priya ofcourse they are ram"s favrt dishes..
she had finished lighting the candles.. when she heard the horns of his car..
she smile.. mr kapoor aa gye..
she spread the mat and kept the pillow on it..
after inspecting everything she went downstairs..

green room...

priya kaha thi tum.. mai ayaa tum room me nhi thi.. and with a smile he took the end of her pallu .. aj ye saree kyu pehni tumne.. 
she looked down.. smiled bitting her lips..
aree bolo .. mai kuch puch rha hun..
app jaldi se fresh ho jayiye .. nd terrace pr aa jayiye , ek surprise hai..
lekin kya surprise hai,,, 
abhi nhi... bas app jaldi ayiye .. mai upar apka intezaar kr rhi hun.. jaldi ayiye..

after few min.
he reached..
priya was lost in her thoughts..
he came and hugged her tight.. kissing her shoulder , nuzzling her neck.. he admired her.. bhut khubsurat lag rhi ho priya in candles ki roshni mei..
 app batayengi ye sab kis liye.. he was still caressing her shoulder with his lips..she was feeling ticklish... 
after composing herself from the heavenly effect.. she released herself from his grip..
she took his hand and placed his plam on her belly.. looking into his eyes she said "your part is living inside me.. here.."
thank you mr. kapoor meri ye wish bhi puri kr ne ke liye..
I AM PREGNENT WITH YOUR BABY.. and tears of joys filled her eyes.. she continued you are going to become father..
he was sooo happpy... this has increased his hearts beats..instantly his eyes dreamed the thousands of moment of his baby with his love..
he hugged her tight.. thank you sooo much priya.. i love you.. tum nhi janti tumne aj mughe kitni badi khushi di hai..
he broke the hugged and kissed her tears..thank you sooo much priya.. i love you.. 
thank you toh mughe kehna chahiyiye apne meri saree sari wishes puri ki..
achhha lets have dinner,, mughe pata hai apne meeting ki wjh se kuch nhi khaya hoga...
haa ok but ek min ye mat nd pillow yaha kyu.. irrada kya hai madam apke vo bhi terrace pr.. he teased her..
aisa kuch nhi hone wala yaha pr jaisa app soach rhe hai.. mai bas apke sath phir se taarey ginna chahti hun..
i would also love it do again with you but jaisa mai soach rha hun waisa yaha nhi pr niche room me toh ho sakta hai na? he teased her again..
she blushed and said chaliye dinner krte..
 ye sara tumne banayaa..? he asked in a conrened voice.. itna sab kuch kyu kiya es halat.. ab tumhe araam krna chahiye..
mr. kapoor app itna hyper kyu ho jate..
nhi mai dadi ko bolunga tumpe nazar rakkhe meri absence mei.. btw dadi se yaad tumne ghar pr bataya kisi ko.. he said smilingly
priya: itni badi khushi apne mughe di hai es pr sabse pehla hak apka hai... she said with blushed face..

after having dinner
they came lied down on the mat..
priya: yaha pr toh ek pillow hai..  i forgot to bought another one..
tumara pillow yaha he said extending his left arm...
ye toh mera fvrt pillow hai.. and rested her head on his arm..
toh phir gine .. ram asked kissing her temple
he started counting.. bt after sometimes he realises something..
and looked at priya.
kyaa.. aise kya dekh rhi ho mughe taarey udhar asmaan mein hai hai..
she smiled.. kissing his cheeks she replied: mera toh chand toh yahaa hai..
aj bhut pyaar aa rha hai pati pr..?
haan. kyu apko achha nhi laga??
ofcourse mughe achha.. mughe aur bhi achaa lagega agr meri niche room me pyaar kare.. and rolled his tongue in his mouth..
toh chaliye phir... she said..
mrs kapoor aj bhut mood mei ho..ram said with a sweet smile. 

they entered their room...
ram eyes caught priya's diary that priya forgot to put it safely..
he opened ..
ram plz rakh dijiye na.. meri personal cheeze hai.
humdono ke bich kya personal priya.. i will read it.. kya likha hai tumne...
as there was a bookmarked.. he started reading what priya had wrote few times ago.. she was waiting for his reaction and teasings sitting beside him.. 
after reading.. ram closed the diary..
looking priya who was also staring him ..he took her both hand in his..
tumne bhi meri sari wishes ko pura kiya hai priya.. thank you soo much for comming in my life..
agar mai us kahani ka raj kumar hun toh tum bhi vo gudiya ho jiska mai khayal rakth ta ye saoch kr ki meri life me bhi aise hi gudiya ayegi to mera khayal rakhegi..
i love you priya...!!
i love you tooo mr. kapoor..
and they hugged eachother... and got lost in their own world of love..

plzzz do coment .. how is it...???

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Posted: 2016-04-08T00:34:07Z
Sooo sweet n cute os yaar plsss keep writing like this
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Posted: 2016-04-08T01:59:48Z
Pyaar bhara os just loved it Beautifully written''
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Posted: 2016-04-08T04:04:04Z
Very beautiful story dear
A graceful way to convey and show how Priya felt when Ram fulfilled all her wishes and now one more wish of her has been fulfilled.
After knowing about becoming father Ram was on cloud nine like him she too complete him as full by coming in his life.
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Posted: 2016-04-08T05:19:35Z
Very nice os
Loved the concet
Do write more
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Posted: 2016-04-08T05:31:33Z
mindblowing ,,,,super ...
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Posted: 2016-04-08T10:23:22Z
beautiful..awesome OS
Lovely and cute
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Posted: 2016-04-08T22:37:11Z
Sweet and lovely os. ...
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