Where did my child learn to make deal- From you Ishwari

Posted: 2016-03-02T10:02:16Z
The most poignant dialogue today was this one from ishwari. That she has failed as a mother because she couldnt give sanskaar to Neha. And Neha has learned to make deals and she didnt understand from where Neha learned it. 
And I had to tell her. That not only Neha, but Dev also learnt to make deals from her. From her actions. 
When she made the deal for Dev's betterment because she saw investing in him as profit for her, at the cost of Neha's childhood, Neha knew investment has to be made where there is profit. 

And look at the deal she is making. She is taking away the investment of other family from them. A seperate flat is one of her condition. And yes her brother's financial condition allows her to make that deal. She doesnt want in laws, she needs servants and breaks once a quarter. Well she defines the girl who simply have no interest in becoming slave to her in laws.  Only problem in the deal is Dev's financial status. Till it is there she can make deals. 

Now Dev from the girl whom childhood was snatched for him, today for her happiness he is going to end up in deals. First share in the company. Now it seems Sameer's sister's proposal and then the condition will come post marriage, seperate from Ishwari, else Neha will be thrown out. 

Where will Dev stand, which deals he will satisfy. In making one deal after another as the price for his sister's happiness can he be emotionally stable. Will she get happiness. 
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Posted: 2016-03-02T10:18:42Z
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Posted: 2016-03-02T10:22:14Z
Originally posted by naq5

i have not seen the episode yet but  its sad that ishwari after ruining & trading her daughters childhood for her sons future talks about not giving sanskaar. well she cant even see that her daughter more than being asanskari is broken n hurt. 
and yes you are right there can be a situation when nehas inlaws too will demand a separate residence for their daughter if she gets married to dev.

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Posted: 2016-03-02T10:47:45Z
That was the most powerful dialogue today. Yes in a way neha's demands r justified bcz she lost her childhood in mothering her two Lil sisters..n this have put her off  from motherhood..n ishwari had also prioritised her son over her daughter.. This have given place to so much bitterness in neha..even the deals as u rightly pointed out has been learnt from her..In pursuit of neha's happiness there r more sacrifices to come in dev's way
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Posted: 2016-03-02T11:02:53Z
Claphatts off shruti di yes Ishwari ...indirectly responsible for thier childrens fowl in oder to uplift the family...
Rather Life becomes DEAL for them...Dead
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Posted: 2016-03-02T11:19:33Z
You made such a great point.

Not only Neha but Dev has also learnt to make deals for happiness.

Though Dev is a very dutiful and loving son, I find that he is otherwise a bit emotionally stunted. His trading of shares for Neha's happiness shows that. Short term happiness vs long term pain. He has to learn that the landscape of human emotions is harder to navigate than the business world and he can't deal in feelings. I guess that's where Sonakshi will come in and help him grow as an individual.

Honestly, Sonakshi as a character doesn't impress me, but let's hope she fits in well into the story. 

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Posted: 2016-03-02T16:27:39Z
I didnt watched the epi yet.
But my pov s its not really good to fulfill all her sister's needs. Dev shud understand that. It seems he is only trying to bring back their old relationship but its nt gng to bring her happiness but it vl increase her demands. 30% share s definetly gonna create problem.
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Posted: 2016-03-02T19:46:31Z
Shruti i have read ur posts on BDforum and they are always thought provoking...great post...both neha and dev are in a emotional crisis...neha's condition is something most people can relate to...all her life she has been her mother's second preference...while dev is appreciated for all he has done for the family she feels left out...the sacrifices she has made for her family is not considered...perhaps because her mother thought it was her responsibility...this has broken her...relationships are a burden to her...would a girlin this state be able to handle a marriage? A relationship cannot be managed just on the basis of certain conditions...compromises have to be mafe from time to time and Neha will not do that...Sameer barely tried to talk to her about the child when she asks him to break off the engagement...she doesnt even hear him out...would their marriage work? What would dev do? Give a few shares each time?

Dev while he loves his family doesnt understand human emotions at all...he has seen his mother's pain and wants to make her happy...that is the core of his existence...he wants to give his family everything they need...but he doesnt realize that just giving them everything isnt gonna ensure tgeir happiness...specially Neha...he feels guilty for taking away her childhood but his way of setting this right is not good...its just spoiling Neha even more...the sooner he realises this the better.
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