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Posted: 5 years ago
Hello people..iam actually new to dis forum..i just got to know frm one of my friend so i would be really happy to write some lovestory here..
I would love to introduce my self..iam sparkle khanna..(the name sounds wierd) so just love it n u will be very pleased to read it..luv u people...this is the first chp of my love story..so pls enjoy n give lots of comments
Chapter 1:
"Aarti!!...huff this girl has troubled me   a lot where will I find her now"says Mrs Sinha screaming outside her house searching for Aarti who had ran away,"Aarti!!". She goes to the neighbours asking for her 10year old daughter. This wasn't the first time Aarti had done this, she had ran away from the house many times when she would not get what she wanted. She had got this idea from a tv serial and today when her mom got to know where she gets those ideas she put a parent lock on all tv serials after which Aarti had again ran out of the house. Usually when she ran she would come back by dawn but today she was no where to be seen. On the other hand Aarti was sitting under a tree playing wid a boy not realizing the time.

*few hours before*
"Mom why did you have to lock all the channels, I don't know I want them back"says Aarti
"Aarti you've become so stubborn all because of watching these serials your still a 8year old child your suppose to go to play"
"But mom I don't want to play outside, Forget it! You won't listen to me I won't listen to you"saying which Aarti runs out of the house
Thinking she would return by dawn her mom doesn't give much importance in searching for her daughter meanwhile her daughter wanders here and there in search for some place to spent the rest of her life and never go back home (which she had said even the last three times but eventually came back). She goes to the nearby park and for some reason starts taking circles of the whole park very fast not seeing the people infront of her. She continues this for a couple of minutes but suddenly someone pushes her and she falls on the ground. She opens her eyes which she had closed during the fall and looks here and there and then to her hurt arm. "I'm sorry for that, I didn't mean to. I was in a hurry" came a sweet boyish voice. She looked up to see a boy almost her age wearing blue jeans and a red t shirt who takes out a napkin to clean her wound. He continues to do so while Aarti keeps looking at him not knowing what to say. Finally after he finishes he help her stand up and clean her cute pink frock. Then he apologizes again to her and asks her name."My name is Aarti" finally came a cute little voice. "My name is "Abheer" said the boy. They were soon friends and were sitting under a tree talking about their reasons of being in a hurry
"I ran out of my house 'cuz my mom wasn't letting me watch tv"
"Woah! You don't look like you have guts to run out of house" teases abheer
Aarti hit him on the arm and they both started laughing "Ow! That hurt"
"Why were you in a hurry?"asked Aarti
"Arre you know my grand ma wanted me to buy some groceries and I was too tired today so I was running away from her"
Soon they were laughing and playing in the park and tired they sat under the tree.
They kept talking about their families
"My mom is really strict but she evn loves me a lot maybe the reason behind her strictness is after my dad went she had all the responsibilities" said Aarti with little tears in her eyes "my dad went away when I was born and I couldn't see him...my mom never told me this but I've heard her talking to people that he had a car accident while he was coming to see me in the hospital, since then all my relatives consider me unfortunate that's why many of them don't even come to meet us"
"My mom and dad too were gone when I was really small since then I live with my grandma...she says my parents are always watching me...I don't exactly know what happened to them but I think my dad had some deadly disease and after he passed away my mom couldn't take the grief...my grandma always tells me that they'll always be looking at me from the sky in the form of stars that's why every night I watch the open sky"
Their convo was now looking as if they were some 14 year olds while they were just as small as 10
Maybe the reason that both had to go through losing their guardian was what bought them closer to each other
To cheer up Aarti's mood he said "let's go pick those fruits I think they're sweet" to which Aarti agreed in no time and they were soon eating the fruits
Time passed...tick tock tick tock...first 7 then 8 when it finally turned dark and they were happily looking at the sky Aarti thinking about her dad and Abheer about his parents but being with each other none of them was scared except Aarti's mom and Abheers grandma. They had been searching everywhere for them and were in panic.
"Aarti..!! Where are you beta..!!" Said Mrs sinha almost in tears
Aarti heard her mom a few meters ahead and got up...she told Abheer she had to go as she couldn't see her mother worried to which evn Abheer said that his grandma would also be searching for him...they both said goodbye and promised to meet each other tomorrow
"I'm here mom" came a voice from behind of mrs sinha
She hugged her as tight as possible and scolded at her. Aarti apologized and they both went back home
Aarti promised her mom not to run always from the house only on the condition that she would atleast unlock the cartoon channels to which Mrs sinha agreed
They ate their dinner and went to sleep
On the other side Abheer found his grandma a few houses ahead asking the neighbours if they had seen him.
He ran towards his grandma and said sorry for running away
His grandma did not say much and they went back home. Abheer promised to buy the groceries the next day and his grandma kissed his forehead. They had their meal and went to sleep Embarrassed Embarrassed
Posted: 5 years ago
which ss is this?Mayal or Rayal?who is Aarti?

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