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no work at office.just sitting idle. and click one idea in my crazy brain.so trying to put in words hope all of u like it.otherwise Tomatoes welcome.
direct to the update.
Financial Year ending season.All are in festive moods. All employee's moods also same.though office picnic is common for every year but this year they are not sure as because new Boss took over the Company and he is khadoos type according to his personal secretary..but She never uttered khadoos in front of all as she has secret feelings for him too.
one fine day ,Boss was checking  previous year events  in his new office. as he was trying to divert his mind from his surrounding..when he was going through just an idea clicked .
why not he arrange Picnic for his employees..he should follow the trend of course..with a mischievous smile.he called his secretary to inform about his decision and asked her to say that its mandatory. that everyone should attend and looked at her firmly.
His secretary is smart enough .She acted annoyed with the picnic news where as her heart was dancing to get an opportunity to see her Boss one day extra with bonus hours.She took the charge and declared among all even her boss gave her the authority to select the place ,within a sec she select the spot too where once she went with family but missed her husband there.
with all hustle bustle finally the day came..it was decided that , All employee will reach via office bus.and their Boss will reach by his own car.Of course as he is so perfectionist and will join along with his family.as because everyone is allowed to bring their family with them..
Picnic party is almost ready.with lots of noise and chores ,they are cheering among themselves,First of all its a off day,relived  from work.and the  most imp.they dont have to bare their New annoying Boss.who purposely annoys his secretary most..and it effects others to as because she is so efficient and senior to them.
Driver just started the gear with the fun filled shouting of passengers but suddenly it halted.with this sudden halt.everyone is looking at each other with confused face..but suddenly one tall,handsome .lil plummy man opened the bus gate wearing red colour hi neck T Shirt with black trouser..the T Shirt colour does not suits with his age but with personality.it fits the way that every woman can faint seeing his one look.and all others men can feel dull .its none other than their boss , they have never seen him like this way ..may be if others female employees have seen him before .they had never feel annoyed,His employee was at back faced was arranging some foods that she personally arranged for others..its her nature she loves to do things for others. she is looking like princess with red colour saree and deep cut blouse where her back almost showing ..after a long gap She draped this Saree.once upon a time it was her husband's most fav Saree for her though he had a complain with its blouse and deep cut.every time he used to say "This view is exclusive for me Madam," still his this comments creates butterfly in her stomach whenever she thinks about those lines and after incidents..as every time his comments ended with his love action..with the symbol of the love,passionate one.
She was thinking all those suddenly one cold hand roaming on her bare back..it was so chilled that she shivered a bit and ..faced the owner of the hand and his attire made her more   happy and more blush .hardly now she can control her emotions.but the noise of others could not allow her to pay attention on  her emotions..she looked aside.when her boss asked.May i get a sit here all are filled and looking towards the other filled sit.
giving him space she went towards their peon with the box and asked him to distributed among all and kept herself busy with other collogues , but stealing glances with her Boss it making her busy too .
in that moment Peon was distributing Coffee with bread pakora .bread pakora was made by her. when her Boss just going to grab one coffee with the delicious and his fav bed pakora..(yes its delicious because he tasted before too.)
but her Secretary uttered something which seeks everyone's attention..Strong black Coffee without sugar...yes she is his personal assistant .she knows his taste its ok but without sugar ..the care for him is quite bit unnatural when the person irritates her most...but as one is their  Boss and another one is their superior..subsiding all queries again they engrossed themselves in other funs.
quietly she took her sit just behind her Boss's sit..and within few minutes her Boss accompany her. With annoyed face but dancing heart she looked at him once and looked aside...her Boss can read mind and eye of special person..he did not pay attention to her annoyed face.coz her heart's states caught his attention more.Slowly he started his foot movement on her leg,her surprise he even opened his shoe and shock..just skin to skin touch where her boss torturing her with his bare foot on her leg..even sometime trying to up her saree a lil bit to caressing her creamy  leg with his foot. she clutched his wrist just to control her goosebumps. but again it was her mistake, that she gave him more opportunity.He took her hand and rested on her thigh and with his own..and started to do the same magic which his foot was doing sometime back..and with this assaults she uttered Mr...
Her Boos looked at the front and asked...it supposes to be picnic bus..why no music..everyone surprised with his change behaviour but they liked this change and someone asap put the music on before his mood change.
He again looked at her and paid his attention on his work,which he left just few min back..She looked at him and asked through her eyes what's going on and what's he wants to do..he just gave her his sheepish,million dollar smile..and  asked her to keep quite.otherwise he knows how to shut her mouth.Her eyes just popped out,through out the journey he was doing this , sometime with is foot, sometime with his hand..with an obedient kid..she was just sitting beside him without any complain.actually she did not have any rather she was enjoying this unexpected attention from her Boss.few min left to reach their place .Her Boss left the place saying something which made her blush more.
she also left her sit.to join with others taking her pallu to cover her bare back..and quickly stole a glance from her Boss.he reciprocated with a soft smile and waited at the gate just to reach the place.
Everyone was enjoying in their ways..as it became family picnic..few kids playing,running here and there,some colleges playing various games..men are chit chatting ..and few gossiping as its fav topic for max ladies.She joined  the group.Hi.what's going on here..with so much enthusiastically she asked..nothing MAM.. we are just discussing about boss.is not he looking so hot today..someone uttered...yes even his behaviour also changed...
hayee he is looking damn handsome..She looked at her Boos who is busy with his ipdad..under one shade sitting on chair, and following her every steps, she again looked at her - hey what are u talking about..ur husband will feel bad if he listens..and smiled..
Mam why u did not bring your family...She looked at them and  made an excuse to shift from there..her facial expression seemed not good.he left his seat to follow him..but some talks caught his attention.
Are dont u know MAM, is living with her son..and one girl.. another one joined..May be her husband left her..hmmm may be divorce case...another one placed her comments..just then another employee joined like..its his most fav topic..
ha aise biwi ho to sure husband will leave na..did u see.the way she taking  care of our Boss..trying to seduce him and made a bad face looking towards her retreating figure.
He heard everything but with a cool face..went to the centre and asked everyone's attention..
Hi To everyone,Today i am not at all Your Boss..as like all of u just trying to enjoy this picnic.I am happy that all of u came with your family..I guess Only I and my secretary not present with their respective family.,and looked at her...again looking at others he said..actually no..I came with my family as well as she ..I am her boss at office only but.She is my Boss in my life..in my every steps..I took the company only because she is working here..i arranged this picnic just to owe her..She is angry with me..and with rightful  reason and proper justification.once i left all my poverty just to being with her ..but now.i  took over just to win her back..hope all of you help me to owe her ..and the most imp her name...sorry her full name is Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor.though i believe , every woman should have their own identity that they does not require any dependency not even on their name..but..to shut some nonsense's voice ..sometime its better to reveal .and looked angrily at the man who spoke nonsense few min back.its none other Rishi.
picnic became a shocking experience for everyone.All are looking towards each other .They r not in a state to utter a single bit.specially who were taking Priya and her marital status as hot topic of their amusement .Rishi left the place..but among all these no one notice where the lady gone. not even Ram followed her steps as he was so engrossed to see and enjoy other's state after his declaration..
after few moments , Priya  entered in the picnic bus, she badly wanted to change her mood as well as atmosphere of surrounding.. but surprise was waiting for her there too. Ram was sitting on the bus, last seat..with a  bad face..
when opening sound of gate caught his attention..he looked at her..and gave his smile still with some pain..which was not unnoticed from Priya...
Aap yeha kya kar rehe hai?
Ram did not say anything just looked at her.. 
Main aapse puch rehi hu...why r u here , ya ans dene k liye bhi u need Your daughter's permission..
Ram looked at her and can feel her pain even can feel why she was saying so..he was mad that time, when he removed priya from his hug..he did a great mistake.and after that day every single sec he missed her 
Priya i came here as because I needed to control my anger.they were talking rubbish about You..and aab mere pass hug dene wali koi nehi hai jisko mere gussa dekh kar lagti thi k..angry polar bear ban gaya hu main.
She looked at him. a lone tear escaped from her eyes..Do u really need, then ask From... 
Let it be..take your medicine ...already 30 min passed after breakfast.
I forgot to bring...jaldi me tha.. so.. Ram down his head...
Priya took her purse and and gave RAM his medicine.. 
Ram clutched her wrist rather taking the medicine from her...why Do u love me so much priya that..i cant be angry with..i cant live without u..every sec without u is a punishment for me..Priya..why r u giving me such  punishment..without my fault..why u left me..
Priya removed her hand..and asked him to take his medicine ...Ram denied...
Mujhe temporary cure nehi chahiye priya...i need permanent one..without u..I am  just a dead pe...
Priya stopped him saying such, keeping her finger on his lips.bade ho jayiye Mr.Kapoor..Peehu aapki ladli hai..Rockstar hai..wo meri bhi princess hai..but all that she ask..we can give her..its feelings..forcefully no one cant reciprocate this..ye aapko bhi pata hai..as how our relation started ..no one knows better than that.we fall in love for each other coz we did not have anyone's in our life before in true sense..and Shammy loves suhani..and same for Suhani too..
knowing all how can i support.??
aap khud batayiye..agar aapko pata hota k..Main aswin ko...
Priya i love u..u r only mine..no one can have the right..u r mine for every birth...
Exactly Mr.Kapoor. Shammy is crazy for Suhani this way..then why Peehu is trying to ..its better to leave them..she has her own life career..she will get a perfect man in her life like her father.. I am sure ..
and aap hai jo samjhna hi nehi chhate hai..Aapki beti hai The Ram Kapoor ki..to she can buy anything what ever she asked for.Car, jewellery.she can go any place..but She cant rule anyone's heart as because wo aapki beti hai..
like u did not win my heart as u r the Ram Kapoor.. .Pyar aisi chiz haina Mr.Kapoor jo kharida nehi jaa sakta hai..jise mehsus karne se ye daulat milti hai..jo duniya ki kisi bhi valuable chiz se compare nehi kar sakte sirf..wo true hona chahiye..nehi to..it became like barrier..which we cant get over...
Ram was looking at her without a single word...
Priya I love u ..and need u every time just beside me.please come back Priya ..we need to make her understand together Priya .She is symbol of our love.we cant allow her to ruin her life...
Take ur medicine Mr.Kapoor..she was moving towards the gate..again faced him. I LOVE U RAM..I am missing u terrible.. aapko jo saja mil raha hai akele rehne me..usse kahi jyada saja mujhe khud mil rehi hai..
without my pillow i cant even sleep properly..and ur arm is my best pillow..hope now u can feel.what's I am going through.wiping her tears, she left the bus.
Beta Ram pehle Biwi ko manale..then think about Daughter...Ram said himself.Ram was trying to follow Priya. but did not get any trace of her..
entered the attached resort, there his lady love was standing ,and looking towards something...
Ram went so close to her and take her palm in his hold it tightly...it broke Priya's chain of thought.looking at him with annoyed face.r u following me?
Yes of course darling..with his ever charming smile Ram replied. Accha bolo why did u select this place as picnic spot...
Aap nehi samjhenge .let it be Mr.Kapoor.
hmmm..with a thoughtful face again Ram asked her..ok..to u can say..why u called this place is not good that day...
hmm impressive aapko ye yaad hai..that i said this place is not good but..why I selected this place that u did not understand...
Ram went so close to her ear and huskily said..tumse juri huyi har baat mujhe yaad hai priya and blow some ear on her ear It was enough for priya to react..She pushed him a lil and said..then aapko ye yaad bhi hoga ..why i called this place is not good..
When did u say.
I did not only say Mr.Kapoor. I showed u in action too...and wo bhi aapki jid ki wajaise...and kept her head down with blushy cheeks.. 
Ram as always in naughty mood when he gets the chance to spend alone time with his Mrs Perfectionist...mujhe sachme yaad nehi hai Priya...
Aabhi aabhi.to aapne kaha k mere sath juri huyi haar ek baat aapko yaad hai ..then how can u...
Ram did not allow her to complete ..again went so close and said..ha to baat yaad rehta hai...action kaha ..and mujhe to aabhi bhi action me hi jaan hai why  u said bad about such a beautiful place .
giving him shock ,Priya replied..i guess u dont expect me to show u in action at corridor..specially at this age..right...
Ram was just cleaned bold with such type bold reply..he never ever expected from her, he hurriedly  went outside and..declared among all.that as it became a family picnic..and he is so much happy.He wanted to extend the picnic..one day, and who are ok,they can spend the night at the resort,Company will provide all expenses..but its not mandatory. if any one does not want ..they can return back..allotted Bus will drop them  at their respective places..
All are     surprised..and can feel how much their Boss loves his lady love that only her one smile can change his full attitude...everyone wanted to enjoy more..willingly they booked rooms according to their choice..
being a caring Boss Ram went last to the reception to book for them..as best room is not necessary for him.after 4 months Priya's physical presence in front of him its more than enough..that he can spend the full night at roadside too.
Sir Sorry..All room booked...(Ram felt bad) but...again with some ray of hope he looked at the person at reception...
only Honeymoon  suit is available Sir,..its best one Sir..U can ...and looked at Ram...
Ram just grinned  ear to ear..and thanking his star today...
Yes yes..definitely book the room on my name...
Priya was talking with other colleges .. who were busy to ask sorry from her..and also admiring their love..which is so eternal..and expressed with any words only their eyes are enough..just then she got a message..
"got only one room which is Honeymoon suits, so i guess u can show in action in much better way..", Priya was blushing..again another beeped sound.."this saree of urs is so lucky for me..never ever it let down my romantic mood.with a naughty smiley"...
Priya was blushing so hard still she managed and replied..romance at 60.its time for chanting..Ram saw and within a moment he replied..yes i wanna chant only the love words..i wanna worship my wife.and her beauty...I will do still my last breath.
Priya did not reply..so again received a msg ...I LOVE U..and waiting for u at room no 112.
Ram waited there  till 10 min but did not find any trace of Priya .. HE came where he spotted priya with other lady staffs..he hesitated a lil bit to go there . as after all he is boss and he is not so comfortable with other woman ..but it like magnetic attraction ..priya's presence took him there ..
Hi .. he greeted everyone with a smile..
hope all of u enjoying picnic. 
Yes Sir.. all answered in unison .. when he found Priya did not pay any attention towards him. .. Priya can u come with me for 10 mins.. 
All other were smiling but could not express ...
No Mr. Kapoor actually i am lil bit busy now..can u excuse us from our girly talk please.. this ans from Priya was not acceptable for Ram not for others.. 
Ram left the pace..and Priya engrossed herself with others.. with a naughty grin on her face...
but alsa Priya's fate..just within a moment beep sound. Sender same person.. should i arrange candle ..like our first night...again another .. hey u remember na our first day date.. room no also lil bit smilar right (with a wink smile).. again another do u need nighty like our Honeymoon..It will take less time for me ...not even Priya could read the full msg..again "ufff..full night u will be mine, i just cant wait", Priya excused herself..and went towards their room..enetering the room she first took his cell from him.. where the half msg was typed..and written i just wanna taste the mole on ur upper..." Priya's yes popped out.. what these all Mr.Kapoor.. U were not too much bold..itni baikhi baikhi batein iss umar me..ho kya gaya hai aapko.. "
Ram took the cell from her hand..and said..mission  accomplished Mam.I asked u to come here ..but u did not.. so.. moving his tongue in his mouth Ram said..  
waiting for comments.. then will write next ..
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wowww. superb. waiting for next. pl continue

thanks for pm.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2016-01-06T21:13:37Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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tooo gud... awesome...
Pls continue soon
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Wow... That was simply superb..
Please continue soon
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Yipee another OS by you on RaYa 
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Awww so amazing part di plsss update soon n love raya romance
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Very beautiful and romantic update...
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Well your mind gets good ideas, it was fantastic, just love the way you penned down, it was cute to see Ram making up with Priya, loving it. 
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