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Ram stood a good distance with a small scowl on his face watching the scene before him

Rajat had a arm around Priya's neck mumbling something to her which caused her to blush

And Ram hated it the god hated the fact that Rajat had his arm around his wife's it infuriated him to no end

Rajat whispered to her again which caused Priya to giggle that sweet melodic giggle as she blushed and looked at him shyly her eyes sparkled Ram growled quietly to himself not wanting to attract any attention at all he didn't see anything special about him that was sweet talking her but he had some nerves touching her

He wanted to walk over there and show the flirting Rajat that Priya was his and his only

Ram smirked to himself maybe he should show her who she really belongs to but not yet not now too many people about

But the god of mischief knew where to find her she lived with Neha they share apartment he had to do was wait he didn't want to he wanted to make a move right there and now

Night fell upon Mumbai Priya spend the day with Rajat and Ram's patients became thinner and thinner as the day progressed once he sets his eyes on her he was going to make a move there and then

Whenever she liked it or not the Apartment came into view

Ram grumbled and made his way to the luckily for him that Rajat didn't kiss her hugged her yes but luckily not kissed that was something he should be doing and not some unknown male who dared touch what was his

It was clear he was jealous although Ram won't admit that

Priya's flat there was a knock on the door Neha open the door to see Ram

Hey fatty you here ? Neha said

Where is Priya ? Ram asked ignoring the question

In her room after coming back from a day with Rajat why?

The god growled to himself Ram merely raised an eyebrow at her behavior as Neha allowed a knowing smirk appear on her lips

Don't tell me you are jealous? Neha teased

Ram glared at her jealous of a mere Rajat ? you got to be joking

Neha rolled her eyes sure why are you growling when I mentioned Rajat then?


Admit it you are jealous

I am not

Oh come on Ram I can see it in your eyes you are jealous Priya spend the day with a Rajat

Oh...Am I interrupting?

They both paused in their argument as they faced Priya as she looked at them in confusion Neha smirked as Ram glared at her again

Don't worry about it sweetness we are...just talking Neha said to her

She shrugged ok but Mr. Kapoor aap yaha?

Yes he is I think he come here for Peehu.You say what you need? Neha said

I wanted to ask something...but I guess it's not important

Is it about a choice of dress?

Priya sighed are you a mind reader or what Neha?

Neha smirked no I just know you too well

Priya gave a small little pout Ram resisted the overwhelming urge to tackle her to the floor and attack those lips with his own

Oh...anyway I'll ask Natasha she'll give me a good choice

Why can't you come to me?

Priya scowled the last time I did that the dress you chose showed too much cleavage

Neha gave a tiny pout as she turned around and walked the way she went

Like I said before we were interrupted you are jealous Neha declared now that Priya was out of hearing range

She knew the god wouldn't admit it but it felt so damn fun to provoke him about it

Like I said before I am not Neha

Well prove it why don't you go in there and show her who she belongs to

Ram smirked

Priya hummed as she sat on her bed flicking through a page as she read a book oblivious her door was opening and the god of mischief stepping inside using his magic to close the door behind him

Priya flickered through another page but then squealed from fright as she ended up on her back and something pressing her down when she looked up it surprised her

Mr.Kapoor what are you doing? Priya asked so confused

Making my mark what else would I be in here for?

Priya grew confused he must had detective on her today and that explained why he said that

Jealous? Priya asked amused

Ram scowled sightly don't start

He leaned down as Priya scream loudly to feel a sharp pain on her neck the cheeks burning up in

embarrassment she knew what he did

Why did you do that for Priya cried

I can't let any other man touch you now can I?

Priya blushed

You are mine and mine only Priya

She whimpered as he nibbled on her neck Ram purred against her neck and continued biting and nibbling he made a mental note to teach that Rajat to not touch what was his

Priya squeaked and he growled in response she whimpered when he began to nibble her neck sucking once in a while but mostly nibbling Priya squirmed but gasped when he pressed his body against her more she bit her lip as her neck was showered with kissing nd nibbling

Mr.Kapoor just leave me must be your wife is waiting for you

He pulled her close to him by her waist my wife is here

I'm not your wife Ayesha is your wife

She tried her best to come out of his hold but could not Priya was about to get up from bed he pulled her by her waist took her to bed Ram laid her on bed came over her kissing her neck massaging her soft legs he slowly pulling her nighty up to her waist she hold his hand Mr.Kapoor ye aap kya kar rahe ho ye galat hain he moved his hands over her body making her feel week she was totally lost in his touch he kissed her all over the body took their clothes off Priya gasped as he grabbed her upper arms his mouth swooped down on hers in the next second his tongue thrusting against her lips seeking entry after five long years she granted it without hesitation nd their hands moved in a frenzy to pull each other closer as their tongues met nd danced a few minutes later unable to deny their need for air they broke the kiss

Ram pulled her into his arms for another frantic kiss collapsed onto the cool silk sheets

Ram captured her lips once more for a tender kiss this time laying his passion and angst of the past five years bare Priya cupped his cheek looked into his eyes nd shook her head

He reached for the clasp of her b** nd pulled the flimsy material away from her body she arched her back her b*****s begging for his hands nd mouth Ram extended a trembling hand to cup one of the soft mounds as his lips descended to tease the n****e into a taut peak before he shifted to its twin

She had forgotten what it was like to feel like the most desirable woman in the world her blood hummed with desire nd her body glowed under Ram's reverent attention he gripped the sheets as he proceeded to plant sloppy kisses over her many feminine dips nd curves paying particular attention to the places that he knew made her weak

Mr. Kapoor plz... she begged they made love all the night Ram lied besides her cuddling her she rest her head on his shoulder

Next Day Morning

Priya woke up early and found herself cuddled to him she looked at both of them a smiled crepes her lips she covered herself and went to freshen up It was early Priya was setting her room she picked up Ram's clothes was blushing on the preivious nights incidents she walked into the kitchen nd poured herself a glass of orange juice Neha sat on a chair reading the newspaper

Hi Neha gud morning

Gud morning waise teri morning toh waise he good hogi na Neha said nd wink

Priya roll her eyes nd said chup kar

Neha smile and said Fatty kya kar raha hain

He is sieeping

Ha aaj toh rest toh karega na kal tuje bhot pareshan kiya hoga na

Priya close her eyes Neha plz yaar pata nhi tumare fatty ko kal hua kya tha

Jealousy ussne tumain aur Rajat ko sath main dekh liya tha tera pati jealous ho gaya tha

Kyaaa? ye Mr.Kapoor bhi na waise tum kya kar rhi ho itni subha uthke

Arrey main toh batana he bhul gai main 2 days ke liye bahar ja rahi hu Vikram aur baccho ke sath

Ok but aise acchanak kal toh tune muje kuch nhi bataya

Ha woh kal rat ko he Vikram ka phone aaya tha main batane wali thi but muje batane ka chance he nhi mila fatty ne door jo lock kar diya tha

Priya smile nd said hmm accha hain tuje Vikram aur baccho ke sath kuch time spend karne ka moka jo mila

Neha ha yaar maine Vikram aur baccho bahot miss kar rahi thi

Toh kab ja rahe ho tum log Priya asked

Bas abhi main nikal he rahi hu woh tera room se bahar aane ka wait kar rahi thi

Kya tu abhi ja rahi hain Priya said nervously

Neha look at her nd said kya hua

Priya shook her head nd said nhi toh kuch bhi nhi

Neha smile nd said ok toh main chalti hu bye as she glanced at her

Hey Priya tumare neck pe kya hua Neha said to her and then smirked

She chocked on her juice as she spat it in the sink nd began to cough

What? Priya shout

Go to the room I say Ram did a good job

Priya immediately put the glass on the table nd headed to the room she entered and glanced in the mirror sure enough there was a purple mark on her neck a blush appeared on her cheeks as her fingers hovered over said mark nd the worst part is that she can't cover it who would of thought it began with a jealous man

Priya turned on other side and looked at her sleeping husband she come to bed oh god abhi tak so rahe hain

Mr.Kapoor uthiye nd shook his hand Ram slowly opens his eyes he looked up at his wife he smile nd pulled her over him kisses her he says you are looking tired Priya as she greeted his teeth nd angrily Mr.Kapoorrr kya hai ye

Ram smile n said kya hain kuch bhi toh nhi tum bolo tum kaha gai thi muje yaha akela chod ke Priya look at him n say yeah kya hai Mr.Kapoor plz chodiye mujhe aur aap uthiye office nhi jana hain kya

Ram look at her naughtily nd said nahi muje kahi nhi jana aise bhi aaj saturday toh office main shutti hain suddenly her phone rang looking at caller Id It's Nats she smile nd answered the phone ha Nats bol

Hi Priya kya ho raha hain

Kuch nhi tu bol aur Peehu kaha hain ek kam kar tu usse leke aa Priya said nd look toward Ram who was smiling toward her

Arrey Nahi Priya ham nhi aa sakte actually ab ham lonavala ja rahe hain

Priya shout lonavala aur Peehu kaha hain

Peehu hamare sath he hain

Kya matlab Peehu tumare sath hain phele batana chaiye tha na ab Neha bhi nhi aur tum log bhi Nats smile nd said Neha bhi hamare sath he hain

Priya rolled her eyes ek mint ek mint Neha bhi tumare sath main hain matlab woh Vikram aur bccho ke sath gai thi na phir tumare sath kahi ye tum logo ka plan to nhi hain aur tum logo ne muje nhi bataya

Neha took phone from Nats nd said plan hamara nhi tha kisi aur ka tha hamin toh free main picnic karne ka moka mila hain woh bhi puri family ke sath Sharma family, Kapoor family nd Shergil family bas Kapoor family ke 2 member missing hain arrey main bhi kya bol rahi hu ye toh tumain pata he ho ga na kyuki woh 2  member abhi ek dusre ke bahomain jo hange

Priya chup kar aisa kuch nhi hain samji

Succhi accha ye bata fatty kaha hain abhi

Priya look at him he pulls her hand and make her sit in his lap nd he starts his naughtiness Priya try to push him nd said whashroom main hain Ram kissed her cheek took phone from her hand said hello darling kaha pe hain

Hey fatty ham toh abhi raste main hain tera kya chal raha hain tune toh ek rat main he sab plan banake haime bhaga diya waha se

Ram smile nd said kyuki main apna kam bigad na nhi cahatatha na aur ye bata Peehu kaha hain phone de usse nd take care of her ha fatty ye bhi koi khene ki bat hain ham toh Peehu ka khayal rakh lenge aur tu Priya ka khayal rakh

Ram look at Priya she look other side ha woh toh maine rakhunga ab phone de na meri beti ko

HA HA deti hu

Hello Papa

Hi Rock star

Papa aap kaha ho aur mamma kaha hain pata hain ham log picnic pe ja rahe hain

Accha aap picnic pe ja rahe ho

Ha par aap aur mama kyu nhi aa rahin ho hamare sath Peehu asked

Beby mama aur papa ko na ek important kam hain isliye mama aur papa aapke sath nhi hain but next time ham sab sath main jayenge ok ab aap sabke sath enjoy karo ok

Ok Papa bye

Bye Rock star

Priya look at him angrily ye sab kya hain Mr.Kapoor

Ram looking at her mischievously what they gave us time alone baby so shall we start no way Mr.Kapoor you are not doing it again am dead tired plz accha you are tired but Priya I cannot loose this morning romance Ram pulled her down and came over her started nuzzeling her Raam plz Ram not now he never listened her to stop his romance she gave up they passionately made love again both of them drifted to sleep cuddling each other Ram circled his arm over her waist his legs entwined hers their mere bodies were like two pieces of puzzle perfectly fit to each other

When Priya nd Ram who were sleeping opened their eyes Ram was the first one to open his eyes he smiled seeing their state just an blanket was covering them nothing else she open her eyes to see him seeing her she tries to cover herself when he says was it still needed?nd she get sup when he get sup and hold her near he says you are looking soo beautiful nd again they get into cover Mr. Kapoor bas bhi kijiye 

Ram opened his eyes and found Priya wasn't beside him on the bed he freshen up nd comes out nd sees her preparing some parataas for him she was ready he smiles he comes nd hugs her from back and kisses her 

Ye sab kya hain Mr.Kapoor I missed you Priya

Mr.Kapoor ab bas bhot ho gaya aap jaiye yaha se

Kyu? kyu jau main yaha se

Kyuki aapki wife aapka wait kar rahi hain

Meri wife mera wait kar rahi hain aur woh kone hain

Ayesha aur kone Ram holds her arms tight and shake her badly Ayesha meri wife bhi hain tum ho meri wife

maine Ayesha ke sath shadi nhi ki hain aur nahi woh meri wife hain na kabhi ho sakti hain maine sirf usse apna nam use kare ko diya hain woh meri kuch nhi lagti samji

Ahaa Mr.Kapoor chodiye na you are hurting me she made herself free from his grip woh toh muje pata hain Ayesha aapki wife nhi hain

Ram : kya tumain pata hain

Ha Neha ne muje sabkuch bata diya tha nd smile

Ram angrily kya iss Neha ki bacchi ko to main

Mr.Kapoor ek bat puch Priya said

Hmmm kya hain ab

Aap ye natak kyu kar rahe the Ram look at her I mean aap Ayesha ko aapki wife kar kyu bula rahe the

Main ye sab issliye kar raha tha kyuko tum jo muje chod kar chali gai thi na 5 saal ke liye uski main tumain saja dena chata tha Ram said

Priya smiled n said toh kya meri saja khatam ho gai Arrey kaisi saja tumain saja dete dete ulta muje he saja mil rahi thi tumse dur rheke I cant live without you Priya I love you so much pata hain jab tum yaha nhi thi tab maine kitna tumain yaad kiya hain har pal har waqt bas tumare bare main he soch tha I miss you so much Priya tear feel in her eyes I'm sorry Mr.Kapoor muje maf kar dijiye muje pata hain maine bhot badi galti ki hain aapse dur rheke aapke beti ko aapse dur rakh ke Im sorry tears fill in Priya's eyes Ram waip her tears

plz don't cry Priya It hurts to see you cry you shouldn't be allowed to do that. It makes your pretty eyes all blood shot and puffy nd to be honest it's not a good look for you I love you Priya my heart can't live without you sometimes I want to get out from the world I live in I just want to hide myself In a secret place in our room I just need to see your sweet face to feel alright and safe with you I've never felt empty I dream of you holding me tight In a blue moon but I turned around nd I couldn't find you I couldn't believe that you weren't there when you had promised me you would never leave me nd I swear that I believed in your word but your promise wasn't kept plz don't scare me again I love you more than anything else I want to see you everyday I know that without your company I won't resist that long I need you beside me I need somebody to protect me from myself my heart can't live without you he tears came down Priya's eyes I looked at your picture nd I reviewed the moments we shared I understood that I couldn't bear to lose you I prayed so many nights that you could come back only you could listen to me like no one else could when I was falling in sadness I knew in my heart that you would come back to me someday nd here you are now plz don't leave me again I love you Priya I want to see you everyday I need you will never leave you Mr.Kapoor Priya said nd huged him tightly I love you Mr.Kapoor Ram kissed on her forehead she smile at him nd said now leve me I want to make breakfast Ram smile and said ok Priya truned to kitchen counter his hands wrapped around her waist hugged her from behind Mr.Kapoor ye kya hain leave me na Ram laughed Priya pushed him nd said Mr.Kapoorr aapse ek bat puchu

Ram hugged her from behind and said Hmmm

What happened with you last night?


Mr. Kapoor don't be so mean I detect a hint of jealously Priya grinned

Me ? Jealous? Priya baby I don't get jealous Ram pulled her into his arms

Mr.Kapoor you wouldn't be human if you don't get jealous Priya mocked him

Ok I admit it I was jealous once. . .Ram smirked

Hmm when?

Before I had you I was jealous of Ashwin Ram admitted

But you've got me now Priya smiled

Ram kissed her I just hope you don't fall for that Rajat or whatever his name is

Priya giggled nd ruffled his hair Rajat nd no I can't see myself with anyone other than you Priya sighed contently

There was a knock at the door I'll get it Ram kissed her softly

Ram opened the door to find. . .

Rajat he said slightly annoyed

Hi Ram you here? I came to talk to Priya nd he smiled

Priya walked over nd say hi to him she smiled gratefully but was well aware of Ram expression his eyes were full of hurt anger suspicion jealousy nd hatred

Well I don't mean to be rude or anything but I have to speak to later

Yes why not ? ok then bye shayad ab muje chalna chaiye Rajat said

Bye sir nd thank you Priya closed the door

Mr.Kapoor ?

Ram looked at her frustrated

Don't look at me like that Mr.Kapoor it's not my fault. . . Priya trailed off

But you're my girl eventually Priya you'll fall for him but I want you I can't live without you Ram sighed nd walked over to the bed sighing heavily before lying down his hands behind his head

Priya climbed onto the bed so she was sitting on top of him not as an act of desire but an act to get his attention

I will not fall for him Mr.Kapoor

Yes you will Ram said looking her in the eye

Ram when I look at him my eyes don't fill up with love when I speak about him my face doesn't light up when I'm near him I don't feel any sort of attraction whatsoever when I say his name my heart doesn't flutter when someone mentions making love I don't think of him Mr.Kapoor that's what I feel with you I love you I don't love anyone else plz understand that Priya sighed stroking his face lovingly

I love you too more than you'll ever know Ram kissed her but why did he come here nd woh tumse kya bat karna chahata tha

Rajat sir giving me a business agreement he have opened a shop here in  runs as a book store nd a cafe in which I should give him 30% of the profit I siad him I cant do this I rejects them but Neha convinces me usse bhi kuch karna tha main uske liye ha bola tha aur kal Rajat sir aur main book cafe ke kam se he sath main gaye the aur abhi bhi woh issliye aaye the

Ram look at her nd said And still you want to work with him

Priya shook her head

Ok phir tune usse mana kyu nahi kiya

Mr.kapoor main phele bhi ye karna nhi cahati thi maine Neha ke wajha se ha kiya tha but woh ab yaha nahi hain toh main aise uske absence main na kaise kar du muje usse phele bat karna cahati hu agar woh ye karna ho toh jab woh aa jayegi main usse khe dungi agar usse ye book caef chalana hain toh woh usse akele he chalana padega main ab uska sath nhi de sakti coz mere Golu ko ye accha nhi lagta ke main Rajat sir ke sath kam karu he is jealous nd she pull his cheek's

Ram raised an eyebrow at her What?

Jealous Man?

Ram glared at her I'm not

Priya rolled her eyes admit it Mr.Kapoor you are jealous

Priya's words instantly perked up Ram's mood and with one swift movement Priya found herself on her back against the bed with Ram above her

Priyaa Ram unconsciously called her name as he woke up to she facing him her eyes were closed mouth slightly apart her chest slowly rising and then descending she rested on her side with the covers over her waist and tucked under her arm a soft hum leaving her lips as Priya responded unconsciously to her name being called

Ram couldn't help but smile at her sleeping face memories of the night nd now before returned to his mind he remembered the soft touches he gave her his hands roaming around her curves feeling the warmth underneath his fingertips Priya's cheeks flushed in pink and her half lidded eyes staring up at him he remembered she whispering to him that she were nervous nd he took his hand in her hand and pressed it on his chest where his heart would be resting inside A small gasp leaving her lips when she felt the quicken thumps of his heart against his chest Ram softly tightens the grip of his hand a faint smile growing on his lips his voice hushed as it was nearly inaudible

Mm... Priya shifted slightly in her sleep as she turned her head to the other side a large arm that was holding her waist tightened around her while a hand went to brush through locks on her head Priya let out another hum subconsciously as she felt large fingers combing her hair a comforting nd relaxing feeling from such a small touch

Priyaa..? A voice sounded out from above nd vibrated like waves underneath her but she didn't respond to it nd continued in her light slumber her lips curling up into a soft smile when she felt the hand leaving her hair nd tracing down her back rubbing it in circles the arm around her released nd joined in on the rubbing Priya shifted slightly nd suddenly the hands stopped when it was sure she returned to her slumber the hands began to move slowly but surely traveling downwards towards her backside until they stopped upon them

And it was until she felt them give a firm squeeze that her eyes shot open

Ah Priya cried in shock quickly pushing herself off and sitting up but as soon as she sat up she found herself falling back on to her stomach and clutching the sheets as a throbbing pain appeared within her privates ouch... Priya hissed in pain nd her brows at the uncomfortable feeling

Priyaa ? She heard the voice above her again and it belong to no one other than her husband Priya lifted her head and found Ram to be staring at her she found herself lying on top of him and suddenly blood rushed to her cheeks from the memories .. Ram yawned loudly his hands returning to rub her back Icouldn't resist touching

Mr.Kapoor ..her blush deepen as a lazy smile appeared on his face honestly she couldn't help but feel relieved her man was back

I'm sorry I know it hurts Baby his hands moved to touch her waist I lost control... Ram shyly looked away his face twisted up as if he was angry

Priya's face was on fire how was he able to speak about this so easily? But indeed he was right as romantic as it was it was also a very painful you honestly never knew Mr.Kapoor was so... nd it was kind of frightening when it came to that time flowering you with kisses nd affection you felt as if you can fight through the pain but it just kept growing until

Mr. Kapoor stop Priya pushed against his chest halting his movement his hand that laid besides her head curled into the sheets a frustrated grunt leaving his lips when he stilled himself she felt his heavy breath brushing against her neck when he buried his head into her shoulder she couldn't help but feel like she ruined the moment but she couldn't withstand the pain anymore

Sorry... It hurts...Priya managed to mumble out she were a bit surprised when he responded by pressing his lips to her neck he then picked up his head and pushed his forehead against her's his half lidded brown eyes staring into her's 

Priya were touched by his consideration nd smiled softly at him

For several minutes Ram comforted her with kisses nd finally when the pain almost subsided all it took was a nod from Priya

Eh? Are you sick? Ram's hand returned to ruffle her messy hair as he took noticed of her red cheeks but it only made them redden even more

Ram was so different when he was angry It was another side of him that Priya discovered he was very serious in what he was doing and he had more self control than usual but of course once Priya told him to continue Ram released everything he was holding back Priya remembered herself being picked up and her back met against the headboard of the bed Ram's large hands held Priya's waist tightly and that was when he began to move she can remember trying to hold on to him very tightly as the whole bed rocked with him Priya already knew the paint on the wall would be scraped by the headboard by the time  they two were done nd even though the pain that once subsided came back it soon melted as pleasure gradually took its place

Why aren't you answering me? Ram grumbled bringing a hand to comb back his hair

I'm sorry Priya said

I love you Glu a slight blush grew on his cheeks when she showed him a bright smile she soon felt his large hand petting her head

I'm happy Ram murmured a lazy smile on his face

You're happy? Priya couldn't help but blush herself

Ram smiled

Nd there was knock on the door

Who's now ? Priya aksed

I donot know

So go and check, shayad Rajat sir ho

Ram shout Priyaa nd he laned on her nd bate her cheek and lips he stood up and start wearing his cloths he turned around to see Priya's crying rubbing her cheek from time to time and then her lips

Jealous man

Don't start again nd he placed soft sweet kissesd all over her forehead and cheeks and lips and went to open the door

Sometime later Ram come into room nd sat next to her nd held her in his arms rocking her in his arms I love you Priya I really do...Rame placed soft kiss on her lips nd she was soon fairly content in Ram's loving embrace

You hungry baby? Ram asked smiling and caressing her cheek gently

She nodded her head and kissed his cheek, which made his heart flutter

Mr. Kapoor?

Yes? Ram said smiling

I love you Priya smiled back

I know baby love you too Priya beamed he took her hand nd led her out into the dining table all Priya's fav food she was really surprised by this and just love it Ram pulled the chair nd made her sit he sat in front of her he had a naughty smile which made Priya sigh they both sat next to each other and have their dinner Ram bend his face slowly move to Priya's lips nd kissed it softly they both were lost in each other the kiss change in to passionate one their kiss was telling them how badly they missed each other how badly they want each other his tongue was inside her mouth nd tasting every bid of her their tongue met nd was teasing each other the kiss was long and passionate they broke the kiss nd inhale some breath they looked at each other nd Ram stroke her face with his finger tips nd trace her lips with his thumb nd gives a peck suddenly his ring of phone disturbd them Ram left her she gasped for breath he took the call and he leaned against the wall and stares at Priya who was cleaning the dishes as usual once she is done with cleaning the dishes she walked to room nd look toward Ram he is still busy with phone Priya smile n went to balcony

It was a cold night Priya stood on the balcony of her house she looked up at the night sky dreamily the view was amazing millions of bright stars were shining above sending their smiles to her

Unexpectedly Priya felt Ram's arms around her waist  her heart knew that it was him and besides...only Ram had that unique spicy scent she loved to inhale so much

He kissed the soft and pale skin of her neck nd asked what she had thinking Priya said that she was missing Peehu A disobedient smile was playing on her lips when Ram chuckled and replied that he was make all efforts to make her tell Priyaa you dont miss Peehu today she confused why her brows knotted with a hint of sign Priya released herself from his tight hug and turned around sending him a playful wink

Because I'm going to fullfill your missness today nd with those words she was about to go to the bedroom but Ram interrupted her bold intentions by capturing her hand and pulling her body to his with high speed unexpectedly to herself Priya let out a sound of surprise but Ram looked deep into her eyes tenderness and never ending love could be clearly read in his mirrors of soul that had the most beautiful colour Priya had ever seen

I want to be the only one who fulfills all your missness my beautiful wifey Ram said in a velvet voice

Then he bent his head down nd kissed her on the slightly parted lips he kissed her deeply nd emotionally showing his loyalty and adoration to Priya's great amazement he bent her down the next moment holding her by the back 



What all thinks about us?

Ram look at her n said about us means

I mean ham yaha asise matlab aap ne sab ko yaha se lonavala bhej diya woh log kya kya soch rahe honge Priya said with puppy face

Ram smile and said kya soch rahe honge woh log hamari family hain aur woh bhi ye he cahate hain ham dono hamesha aise he ek sath rahe tumain pata hain jab main ye natak kar raha tha tab ma,dadi aur baki sab ne muje kitna data tha aur Vikram ,Neha ,Choti sab log muje samjane aaye the

Priya smile n said aur aap samaj ne ki koshish he nhi kar rahe the

Ha toh tum muje aise chod kar jo chali gai thi pata hain tumain main tumare liye kitna tarasa hu nd tear fall from his eyes

Priya hug him tightly and said I'm sorry main phir se aisa kabhi nhi karungi

Ram hug her back and said aur main temain asia kabhi kare bhi nhi dunga ek pal ke liye bhi tumain apne se dur nhi karunga

Priya come out from his hug look into his eyes and said sacchi ek pal ke liye bhi nahi

Ram shook his head

Priya smile and said jab aap office javo ge tab aap kya karoge tabhi toh aap ko mujse dur jana he padega na

Ram give her golu look and said oh teri maine toh ye socha he nhi but mere pass ek rasta hain jisse tum hamesha mere pass rahogi

Priya confused and said aur who kya hain

Tum meri personal secretary ban javo aise tum hamesha mere pass rahogi


Ha aur nhi toh kya kab se dekh raha hu tum muje Mr. Kapoor Mr. Kapoor kar ke bula rahi ho Ram nam hain mera waise bhi koi apne pati ko aise bula ta hain kya aise toh muje mere client ya mera office ka staff he bulata hain tum toh meri biwi ho agar tum muje aise Mr. Kapoor khe ke bulawoh gi toh kisi ko pata nhi chalega ke ham husband and wife hain

Mr .Kapoor par hamine kisi se kya lena dena hain aapko pata hain main aapki biwi hu aur muje pata hain ke aap mere pati hain toh hamine baki logo se kya lena dena Priya said and wink

Accha tumain baki logo se koi lena dena nhi hain na toh man lo ham dono kahi pe sath gaye aur waha pe koi hot si ladki bhi ho aur tum muje waha bhi Mr . Kapoor kheke bula wo gi aur tum toh janti hu I'm The Ram Kapoor muje pe kitni sari ladkiya marti hogni toh woh hotsi ladki agar mere sath firlt karneki koshish karegi toh

Priya roll her eyes smile n said toh kya hua Mr. Kapoor aap bhi uske sath flirt  kar lena waise bhi aap toh The Ram Kapoor Jo hain 

Kya main uske sath flirt karu ye tum khe rahi ho aur tumain iss se koi problem bhi nhi hain man lo maine usske sath flirt kiya aur kahi muje usse pyar ho gaya toh tum kya karogi

Priya smile and said Mr. Kapoor agar aapko usse pyar ho bhi gaya toh mere liye he accha hain na main toh bach jaungi

Kya kaha main toh bacch jaungi ka matlab kya hain ha kahi tum mujese tang toh nhi ho gai ho aur ab mujse apna picha chudana cahati ho aur main tumain tang karta hu kab kiya maine tumain maine tang

Arrey main kab kaha main aapse apna picha chudana cahati hu ha but ye bat toh such hain ke aap muje bhot tang karte ho aur rahi bat aap kisike sath flirt karoge ya aapko kisi aur se pyar ho jayega toh ye bat main apne sapne main bhi soch nhi sakti kyuki muje apne pati pe pura bharosa hain Priya look at him lovingly and said jiss insaan ke pass 5 saal the apne biwi ko bhulne ke liye uski biwi marchuki thi ye jante hue bhi ke woh ab kabhi bhi lot kar nhi aa sakti uss insan ne sirf uski yaado ke sahare un 5 saal gujare hain aur aap khe rahe hain aap ko kisses pyar ho jayega ye maan he nhi sakti aur ye jo aap khe rahe hain ke aapke sath kisi ne flirt karne ki koshish ki toh main kya karungi toh Mr. Kapoor main kuch nhi karungi ulta aap he waha she bhag jayenge  

Priya said and burst into laughter aur kya kaha aapne aap ne muje kab tang kiya kal se aap kya kar rahe the

Ram greeted his teeth he hold her arm and said very funny about bhot ho gaya ab se tum muje Ram khe ke bulavo gi samji aur maine tumain tang nhi kar rhatha pyar kar raha tha aur ab toh ye har roj hoga 

Priya smile

Kya smile kya kar rahi ho tum Ram said

OK main aapko aapke nam se bulaungi

Ha toh bolo na

Abhi nahi bad main abhi muje ek tension ho raha hain Priya said

Kya hua tumari tabiyat toh thik hain na Ram asked with concern

Priya look at him and said ha I'm fine but sab log lonavala se aa jayenge tab mera kya hoga

Tumara kya hoga matlab kahi tum ye toh nhi cahati ho woh sab aur kuch din waha ruke aur ham dono yaha akele with Ram come close and try to kiss her but Priya stop him and said Plz Mr. Kapoor try to understand na jab sab log aa jayenge to sab log muje kitna tease karenge nd especially

Ma,Neha,Natasha,Rishabh,Karthik be there they'd tease me nonstop about this until the day I die

Ram smile nd said arrey ismain tension wali kya bat hain woh log kuch der ke liye tease karenge aur bhul jayenge aur waise bhi main hu na tumare sath aur ham pati patni hain tum thodi na tumare boyfriend ke sath ho

Aap samaj nhi rahe hain Mr.Kapoor it's embarrassing

Ram look at him tumne muje phir se Mr.Kapoor bola comeon yaar Priya

Priya laugh

Ram look at her nd said Priyaa tum ye sab janbuj kar kar rahi ho na muje pata hain tum mere sath rhena he nhi cahati ho nd tuned other side

A smile found its perfect place on her pink lips as she decided to give up and tell him she want only be with him now

Ram I need you nd your love without you I'm not living but existing

Ram smiled at her so warmly and brightly like the sun itself nd after taking her in his arms he carried his beauty to bedroom

Ram laid her on bed nd whispered sincerely to his outstanding wife you know Priya my heart is beating desperately it beats only for you I love you

Ram lay beside her on the bed nd Priya took him in her tender embrace kissing him sweetly

I love you Ram I want be with you whispered in his ear closing her eyes

Ram responded nd captured Priya's lips in a deep nd sensual kiss

The night was young and beautiful...just like them... but the stars had never shone so brightly like they did that night

I..love..you Ram Priya whispered breathlessly

I...love you too Priya Ram breathed again panting hard trying to control his breathing

Then they fell into a deep sleep Ram with his arms around Priya keeping her warm Priya with one hand round him nd the other rested on his cheek her face was rested contently underneath his chin

The End.

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Posted: 2016-01-02T06:13:48Z
Wow... Such a long OS...
Very romantic... Ram and Priya are Always meant to be together...
Jealous Ram was very good...
Please do write more..
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2016-01-02T07:13:32Z
1st of al thnx fr d longwla os...lv it...it wz vry rmntc...ram wz jelous...he plnd pcnc fr al of d FamiLy mmbrs xcldng himslf n priya soo dt dey can spnt quality tym alone...vry clvr...do write more...Edited by DevajaniG - 2016-01-02T07:15:24Z
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Posted: 2016-01-02T08:01:06Z
romantic os...
jealousy ramLOLLOL
hahahha he have sent whole family to picnicLOL to spend some quality time with his wife...Tongue
good one..
doo write more
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Posted: 2016-01-02T08:56:15Z
Beautiful os...
Keep writting..
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Posted: 2016-01-02T09:41:36Z
Very long n romatic os
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Posted: 2016-01-02T10:06:01Z
ailaa prajakta...first thing u changed ur user name. its very gud.
secondly its veeerryy looong os. too gud
jealous ram and equally passionate Priya. picnic ka idea ekdum mast.
thanks for pm.
do write more.Edited by iluvusakshi - 2016-01-02T10:06:41Z
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2016-01-02T10:11:41Z
Such a long Lovely and Beautiful os...
<font color="#333333" face="Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size="2">Thanks for pm and
Keep writing more.

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