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Hi friends as you all want that i should post more stories of my friend so here i am yet again with one more story written by her which is again in two shots. First part contain Ram letter that is he written to Priya and in second part their will be her reply to him. So RaYains enjoy reading it.
Part 1


Ram was pacing up and down in the room. He was in the same grey suit with white shirt and the black tie hanging loosely around his neck. His hand were on top of the other covering his mouth, he was contemplating on what just happened. Dejection, despise, loneliness and guilt all were laughing at him. He was such a fool to think she did not bother about him and doubt his wife, His wife to be attracted to some other man. She was all his, she had given herself to him long ago...but now due to his stupidity he had walked on him out of HER rightful place.


He thought of calling her and talking. Ram took out his phone from the inner pocket of his jacket, punched in Priya's cell number. He was about to slide the green button to connect to his love , the Devil:Ego stood infront of him. It was scornfully mocking him. Ram shut his eye in frustration and threw the phone on the bed. He resumed his pacing again in the same posture talking to himself such a fool have I been to listen to that stupid, idiot, insane, brainless friend of mine. Never in my life again Vikram I will take advice from you, even if you will be the last person I will happily face the consequence that than taking ridicules advice from you.' He came and sat on his study table holding his head stil thinking what to do, how to make up to his lady love for the blunder he made...'enough is enough I can't take... if I can't talk to her face to face I can atleast write to her declaring to her that I too feel the same what she feel for me...THE LOVE THAT WE HAVE IN OUR HEART FOR EACH OTHER.'

He took the letter pad out from the drawer and picked up the pen from the holder, started to pen down his feelings for her.


My Darling Priya

I too thought that I will never get such a moment in my life when I will love someone more than my family...but at this moment in my heart and soul I know the person is you who matters a lot than my family...you are my strength...i never want us to be separated away ever...my day starts looking at your calm smile playing on your face when you look at me with a slight hint of blush which I can catch by the way your cheeks go pink...

I deserve your upbraid...for staying away and most off all thinking you were liking the company of other man...but believe me I love you and respect you with all my heart baby...whatever I spoke was in anger, a jealous Husband took troll over me...i did not mean a thing I spoke in rage.



Ram thinks Priya's words...'Kash aap samaz paate mere dil me kay hai'...tears starts pooling in his eyes


I was emotionless fool Priya I do understand what is in your heart...those 6 days what I did was not only out concern or the responsibility...but out of the bond that we started to develop...care that we felt for each other...i died each moment thinking about the report and its outcome...I Prayed to god to save Priya...save my life...

I am sorry for the way I ranted you...those words must have pricked you but they pricked me more...I know my brute hold on to your amrs have hurt you...but the beast in me was unleashed when I saw you talking to that Man.

I know you are concerned about me... i was outside the house...I too wanted to call you... I noticed each and everything...your puffed eyes...khole drained cheeks...I know you too have not slpet...you were in the dress...I really should be punished to think that you were flirting with other man...but you were longing for my attention...

Ram again drifts to Priya's words how she noticed each and every tiny bits of his action..his snores and sweat. 

I too love you for your for all your small things...I know you intentionally put your bindi crocked so that I can come close to you...so that you can feel me against you...i know your favorite colour is green but for me you are always ready to were something red...

Yes you were right my big fat male ego is not letting me say what I want to say...yes I fear rejection...but we and not fool dear...were are not playing any game...but are truly and madly in love...


I am in love with you...YES I LOVE YOU PRIYA ...I REALLY DO.

Your RAM

Tears were now flowing down his cheeks. Some fell on the letter leaving patch marks and some were absorbed in his jacket at the same place where Priya's tears left maks when she was clinging on to him and crying profoundly after she confessed her love for him...


By Anonymous 

This is only part 1 which end here i will soon post part 2. Do comment and hit the like button. Will be looking forward to the feedback.

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yeee me first.

will comment in detail after reading.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Emotional tha pls update soon the part 2
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superb . absolutely marvelous piece of writing. loved it. loved it. loved it.
pl continue jaldi.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Nice...eagerly awaiting Priya's reply to his cute confession of love!
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Posted: 2015-11-21T11:28:57Z
very nice
waiting eagerly for next part
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Posted: 2015-11-21T12:07:31Z
Beautiful !!!
Plz continue sooon!!!
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Posted: 2015-11-21T19:29:40Z
Superrbb update..
Plz continue soon..
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