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"This is enough vikram i cant see her suffer like this"
Ram is too much frustrated.. 
" tell me ram what can we do? its her decision to marry rajat. I dont know why she choose him"
" rajat is not her choice vikarm, her parents fix this marriage ..like a idol daughter she can't say no to her parents. But vik i have to do something i can let her marry rajat."
" what will you do ram? Priya does not like you at all.. and this is not going to be easy to make her understand that rajat is not a good guy"
" i dont know vikram but one thing is sure vikram i m not letting this marriage happens.. i cant let her go.. she is mine .. and i will make sure that no one ever dare to look at her"
" then do one thing first, try to talk with priya. May be she can understand that rajat is not the right person for her"
" hmm u r right.. at first i should talk to priya"

From last whole week ram is trying to meet with priya but she is ignoring him like he does not exist in this world.. how could she does this to me? How could she ignores me? what have i done? My fault is that i said we r just friend and i dont feel anything else for her.. i was soo stupid that time.. how could i did not realize how much i love her .. how could i let her go? Neha thik e bolti hain i m a brainless stupid. Now i have to do everything right"
Neha vikram and ram is sitting on a cafe shop and discussing what to do next...priya is not ready to meet with them.. she is still hurt and upset.. 
" kya kare aab? Kaise manai priya ko?  Neha is bitting her nails .
" i have no idea" vikram declairs
Ram is smiling devishly...
" what? Why r u smiling like this? What r u thinking? Neha asks ram in a curious voice
" i find they way to make her confess that she still loves me"

 Rajat organize a big ravishing party to crack a big deal.. his all freinds and collegue r invited in the party.. ram is special guest in the pary... after all he is the mr ram kapor.. master of business world .. Ram wears a black coat with matching red tie.. his hair is back brushed.. his perfect body tightly hugging the coat .. he applies strong yet intense fragance perfume.. all the time a evil smile is palying on his lips.. he is very much excited to meet wih priya after a so long time.. when priya leaves ram amd shifts another city with her parents ram realized that what she meant to him.. allthough he tooks six long month to realize that he loves her and he wants to spend his whole life with her...  anyhow he will make her him.. in this thinking he leaves the house  for party.. 
 Priya is standing with rajat.. and talking with his friend.. from the last week she is feeling very anxious... after long six months ram tries to meet with her.. she also wants to meet with him but her brain warrned him not to meet with him.. he will again break her heart.. and this time she will not able to tolerate that pain.. ram is her first love, she will love him till her last  breath.. she does not feel anything for rajat..but she has no other option without marrying him.. when she lost in her world.. a strong man voice eco in her ear.. she looks at the man.. time stops for her.. she is looking at him longingly.. " well priya meet mr ram kapor, indian most demanded bachelor, Ram she is my would be wife priya sharma" 
The word would be wife is pierching in his ear.. right now he wants to punch on his face to call priya his would be wife.. somehow ram controls his angry. 
Looking at priya ram gives the most charming smile and extends his hand for handshake..
Seeing him smiling so devilishly her heart miss a beat.. she does not want to touch his hand.. it gives her gossbumbs.. still he has that power to make her weak in her knee.. she hesitatly forward her hand.. ram takes her small hand in his big hand.. and sequzzing it lightly.. priya looks at his eyes questionaly.. she is telling him through her eyes to leave her hand.. 
" priya do me a favor, give some company mr kapor, i just go and check all the guest is getting drinks properly or not"  saying this rajat leave priya with ram.. 
Ram is still holding her hand.. "Mr kapor leave my hand"  
" priya why r behaving like this? Why r beaving you dont know me at all?"
Priya pulls her hand from his grips and says " it does not matter i know u or not, i have a request to you dont create any scene here this party means a lot to rajat" 
Priya is feeling bad to say him those word. 
Ram looking at her with pain and regret priya is avoiding eye contact with him..
" dont worry mrs kapor, i will not going to spoil this party. Bye the way nice to meet you"
Ram leaves from there and goes near the bar .. he is really upset at himself at priya.. he knows he hurts her badly but that does not mean she will treat her like this.. if she is happy with rajat then he will never going to create any problem in her life.. all he wants to see her happy... 
Priya is feeling very guilty to hurt him.. he is hurt his eyes is showing that.. what should she do.. she can let him play again with her feelings... her  eyes is searching him.. her heart and brain is fighting with each other.. her heart wants to go near him and says sorry but her brain is telling her not to do that.. but she wants to make sure ram is fine ... she knows when he gets angry he can do anything .. and he does not like when someone ignors him... thinking about him her head is paining.. ' why ram why u come back in my life again.. why u wnat to make my life hell... 
priya finds ram is sitting in one corner .. he is clutching a whisky glass in his hand and lost in his own world... she does not know why she feels so sad seen him so lost and upset.. she needs to talk with him...keeping the glass on the table ram is moving towards the exist door.. seeing him leaving a unknown pain hit her heart.. she is following him.. ram is walking towards the garden.. his one hand is hinding in the pant pocket.. he is looking at sky... sadness is covering his face...
Priya stands beside him.. ram can feels her presence.. priya clear her thoart to get his attention.. ram looks at her.. they r looking at each other with pain love regret and hurts.. ram breaks the eye locks and says " kyun aayi ho ya priya?
" ya question tow mujhe puchna chahiya mr kapor? Kyun aaye ho aap ya? Kya chate hain aap? 
Ram smile sadly and says
" kuch kho gayi thi wo hi dhundne aayi thi, par sayad galat jaga pe aa gaya main"
" dont spoil my happiness again mr kapor.. dont make my life hell again.. i m tried .. i m tried of you mr kapor.. i want to get rid of you.. of ur memories... if you ever consider me as your friend plz never comes infront of me.. i m going to start my life with rajat and i dont want any old memories i just want to start from beginning..  
Priya is so angry at ram that she does not realize what she is saying.. whom she is saying..she just want to hurt ram badly... she even does not notice a tear escape from his eyes... before priya notice his tear ram wipe it.. taking a deep breath ram says
" daro maat priya.. main tumare kushiyaow pe nazar lagane k liya nahi aayi huin.. kuch kehena tha tumse iss liya ya pe aayi thi.. par aab mujhe nahi lagta jo kehena chati huin wo kehene se koi farak padega tumeh... janti huin galat kya tha tumare sath mai.. samaj nahi payi thi mai tumeh.. iss liya sayad anjane mai bohat taklif diya hain tum.. agar ho sake to mujhe maf kar dena... tum kush ho.. mujhe aur kuch nhi chahiya... aur hain mai yaad rakhungi galti se bhi tumare samne mai na aaou... 
Priya is bitting her lips.. the pain she is feeling right now makes her suffocated... he is leaving her for forever this thought makes her heart stops beating.. she want to stop him.. wants hug him and tells him how much she loves him..
Looking at her last time ram walking towards the car ..  tear is flowing from his eyes.. he lost her .. he lost her for forever.. he wants to cry loudly... he wants to run in her arms and wants to say her he loves her.. he needs her.. only she can make his life beautiful.. without her his life will be lifeless... ram is going away from her.. priya is looking at the car.  That r exist from the gate.. she breaks down in tear... 
To be continue...

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super start,continue pls,,,,,Aage kya hoga? interesting,,,,
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Posted: 2015-11-19T07:54:46Z
nooo.Priya is marrying rajat.
jaldi se RaYa KO confess karvao Apna pyaar towards each other.plz continue
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-11-19T08:46:28Z
wow...good start
please continue soon
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Posted: 2015-11-19T08:49:09Z
Superb start
Plz continue soon
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Posted: 2015-11-19T08:52:17Z
lovely start Clap
eagerly waiting to know what will be the next step from priya
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Posted: 2015-11-19T08:58:27Z
Fantastic start... Loved it...
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Posted: 2015-11-19T09:23:41Z
Awww emotional part waiting for next part pls update soon n thank u for posting ur os n ss again
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