TaaRey 4S : Burning Passion -Completed-

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Hello Guys! I'm back with 4S. This is my 3rd werewolf story. If anyone have any confusion regarding the concept or anything, feel free to pm/scrap me. Scroll down for 2 chapters. Hope you all enjoy it.


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"Alpha! We have caught two rogues, near the new human's house!" My beta, swayum informed me, anger rushed through me at the mention of those mutts. While the place my beta mentioned, sent chill down my spine. That was my human mate's house. A fear of her getting hurt gripped my heart.

"Was any one hurt? People that live there, in that house?" I asked him, hoping for a negative answer in reply.

"The girl who live there got some minor injuries, she was in backward when they were passing by and they attacked her but our warriors reached there on time and saved her." Swayum told me, and i wasted no moment in transforming into my night black, large wolf and sprinted off in the wood. I need to see her, make sure she is alright. I & my wolf, we both were restless, and in pain thinking someone had dared to hurt our mate.

"Its all because of you, jerk! If you had accepted her then she would been alright, safe and with us!" My wolf taunted me, and i couldn't say anything as i knew, he was right. Because of her being an human, and my past, I couldn't accepted her nor any one in our pack knows that i have found my mate. I brushed my thoughts aside, knowing it wasn't time for that. First, i need to make sure that my mate is safe. And with in few minutes, I was standing in her backward. I went behind the tree and change into my human body, and wore my clothes which i had kept hidden there near the tree, in any case of emergency. As i walked close to her house, the smell of strawberry & vanilla filled my nostril, it was my mates scent, sweet & innocent, just like her. My wolf was in peace, our mate was close to us. I searched for the window that would open in her room, and finally when i found one, I climbed and entered her room which was clouded with darkness, But with my wolf vision, i could clearly see everything but i wanted to see her only. My heart skipped a beat when my gaze rested over a sleeping figure on the bed, it was my mate. I moved close to her, and sat on the bed beside her. I could feel my wolf howling in pain seeing the marks on her delicate arms, they were marks of claws which made my jaw clenched, those rogues will die most painful death once i will get my hand on them.

"Stop staring at her like a stalker, and take her away from here. Her life is in danger." My wolf told in authoritative tone, I nodded to myself in agreement. Rogues must have come to know that she is my mate, and they will again come here to get her as she is my only weakness, my life lies in her. If she is alive then i am, without her, I will lost every ounce of strength & mental stability. Brushing my thoughts aside, I picked her up in my arms.

"I have ignored you for so long, but not anymore. I'll protect you." I promised myself while gazing down at her with soft eyes, i still remember the day i saw her,for the first time when a month back she shifted here, in my town with her father, who stays on business trip most of the time and the reason i didn't not accepted her were two, first, she was a human and second, her father works with hunter who killed our kind brutally. 

I was brought back in to reality when she moaned into her sleep and snuggle more close to me, which caused my wolf let out a low growl in pleasure. I narrowed my eyes at him, horny dog! 

"Like your any saint!" He retorted back. And trust me, having a wolf inside your head can be pain in ass. But Having mate in my arms, felt so good, so right. Her being a normal human being or related to hunters, doesn't seems to bother me any more like it used to. I smiled, bending down little i pressed my lips against her forehead and felt electric shiver ran down my spine as her soft skin came in contact with mine. 

Holding her tightly in my arms, i ran in inhuman speed and reached my pack house in 5 minutes or so. While i walked inside with my mate in my arms, my pack members stare at us with wide eyes, probably shocked as i never brought any girl home before. I entered my room and made her lay down on the bed, i gently caressed her head that was covered with bandaged, anger boiled up inside me. It was time those rogues will pay for hurting something that is mine. And with that thought, covering with her blanket, i moved out of the room, locking the door behind. 


I stepped out of the prisoner cell, i felt my lips curving into a cunning smile when i glance back at the two dead bodies. The rogues were planning to attack my pack and started with hurting my mate, they deserved this painful death.

"So that human is your mate?" A voice from behind filled my ear, i turned and found my beta, swayum standing there. 

"Her name is tanisha, your future luna. Treat her with respect!" I snapped at him with anger. It was first time i had snapped out at him, he may be my best friend and second in command but he still comes after my mate. 

"Since when you started being nice to humans? Last time i checked, you hated to be in the same room as them-" Swayum retorted back, i let out a fierce growl, not liking the way he was showing disrespect to me, his alpha. I calmed my wolf when he apologized. 

"Things have changed, she might be a human but i can ignore that she is my mate. I will do everything to protect her." I answered him before i walked away from there, something happened in past that he & I, we both hate human kind. They are animals to us, who snatched our everything away from us. And because of that reason only i have kept her away from me from past one month, neither she nor anyone from pack knows that she is my mate or i have found their luna but i guess, its time to change that. 


Scroll down for Shot 2 :)

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Pushing the door open of my room, i entered inside and witnessed the most adorable scene playing before my eyes. She was wrapped in my blanket and looking around, like a lost, scared kitten, trying to know where she was. She was unaware about my presence so i stood there, admiring her. I observed her closely, she was the cutest girl i have ever seen, and trust me i have seen alot. 

"Hello!" I was brought back into reality when her sweet voice ringed in my ear. I looked up and my eyes met her ocean blue ones, and that was the moment i lost my heart to her. My wolf was growling at me, to go & mark her as ours but i pushed him in back of my head. 

With a smile plastering over my lips, i moved close to her and stood beside the bed, she was sitting on. 

"Who are you? Where I am? Why you brought me here? And if you have kidnapped me then let me tell you beforehand, you are going to get any money-" She was blabbering to herself, while rubbing her palms together. May be scared. I thought to myself, but even in this state, she was looking so damn cute that i could feel certain part of my anatomy getting harden. 

"I haven't kidnapped you!" I told her in calmed, soft tone that i was surprised with myself. When was the last time i spoke to someone so softly? 

"Thats our mate, you dumb-ass! She deserve special treatment!" My wolf, Dom said to me in my head and i couldn't help but agreeing with him. Diverting my attention from my wolfs talk, i look at her and found her looking at me with those beautiful innocent eyes. 

"Then why you brought me here?" She questioned me, again. I sighed and sat on the bed, but maintained little distance from her, not wanting her to feel uncomfortable in my presence. 

"How are your wounds? Are you still feeling pain?" I questioned her back, choosing not to answer the question asked by her earlier. 

"Yeah, Little better now but you know, i saw something so weird today-" She started off, my heart rate picked up, i knew what she was talking about, and i have no idea how I am going to explain about that. 

"You know, i saw two men turning into wolf, and that was so scary. They were monsters, hurt me badly. See, i got so many injuries because of them-" She was speaking so innocently that i felt my heart melted. She is an innocent doll, doesn't have any idea about my kind, and that worried me. Will she accept me when i will tell her about me, that i am a werewolf?

"They wont hurt you ever again. I will protect you." I whispered to her. She gave a small smile to me in return. 

"By the way, whats your name? Mine is tanisha but i prefer Taani." 

"Taani!" I let her name roll off my tongue, i smirked slightly noticing her shiver as i spoke her name. She might be a normal human being but still, she will feel our mate bond, feel contented to me even though we have just met. 

"Reyaansh, but i prefer Rey" 

"Wow! Your name is so classy. I will call you Reyaansh, do you mind if I?" She asked me, a bright smile dazzled her lips. I nodded negatively in response, she grinned at me making my heart swell with pride, knowing i am the reason of her smile. 

"Ye! Thank you, Reyaansh, now can you please drop me to my house?"

My smile vanished when i heard her words.

"You can't go, taani, Your life is in danger-" I told her, carefully watching her reaction.

"Danger? How?"

"The wolves that attacked were normal wolves, they were werewolves." I frowned at her when she started laughing as i finished my sentence

"Werewolves? Seriously, Reyaansh? There is nothing called werewolf, they are just myth-" 

I sighed, not knowing how to make her understand now.

"They are not, You have seen it with your own eyes, those two guys turned into huge wolves in front you. And the person sitting infront of you is also a werewolf, not a normal werewolf but America's most powerful wolf & alpha of biggest pack." I told her, she was staring at me wide eyes. I hated when fear crossed her icy blue orbs, and she moved little away from me.

"Prove it!" She whispered those words. I knew she wasn't ready to see me in my wolf form yet but still, i need to do something to prove her.

"I'll give control to my wolf, but promise me that you will not run away." 

"I promise, I won't run away." She answered me, i smiled at the confidence in her voice. I closed my eyes and gave control to my wolf, who was quite excited to talk to our mate. I watched her as her eyes went wide, I could feel my wolf in control over my body. My eyes must have turned golden while my voice will be rough & edgy compared to my normal voice. 

"Hello, sweetheart!" Dom, my wolf spoke to her. She look frightened yet trying her hardest to not to show it on her face. She was scared seeing the sudden changes in me.

"So you are a werewolf? Are you going to hurt me?" She asked us, her innocence made us fall for her more. I & my wolf, we both thanked moon goddess for giving this cute stuff as mate.

"No, sweetheart, we will never hurt you. We are your mate, me & my human will always protect you, love you no matter what. You are our other half." Dom said to her, i narrowed my eyes, since when my dominating, arrogant wolf started behaving like a love sick puppy?

"Since i laid my eyes on her." Dom's voice boomed in my head, before i could reply him, he cut off the line between us and concentrate on our mate, who was looking at me, with blush forming up her cheeks. Aw. She is so damn adorable. My wolf gave back control to me when we were sure that she believed us.

"Whats mate?" 

"A mate is like soulmate. Moon goddess chose a soulmate for every werewolf, and she has chose you for me. If you are happy then i'm happy, if you are sad then i'll be sad. We are connected to each other. We are destined to be together because we are soulmates." I explained it to her. She looked lost, may be thinking about what i had told her just now.

"But I'm a normal human, then how can i be your mate?" She questioned me.

"Human mates are rare, but very special. Moon goddess must have saw something special in you that she made you an alpha's mate." I told her, smiling at her softly. I moved closed to her and cupped her face in my palms, chill ran through him as our skins came in contact with each other, and by observing her, I could tell she had felt it too.

"Do you accept me? As your mate, as your other-half?" I asked her, holding my breath. I wasn't ready for rejection. More than that, I wasn't ready to lose her.

"Its too much to take in. I need little time, only little." Taani said to me cutely, and understanding her, I nodded positively. I got up to leave but she stopped me, she had soft grip around my wrist.

"Reyaansh, Where are you going? I need to know everything about you, and werewolves, so sit here and tell me everything-" She spoke with excitement twinkling in her eyes. Her smile forced me to return one. I sat on the bed beside her, and started telling her everything about werewolves and how our kind work. After some time, i felt some weight over my right shoulder and saw her asleep. I smiled at her cute face, giving her a peck on her forehead, i made her lay down on the bed, and i lay beside her, holding her tightly in my arms. And slept with her thought running in my mind. She is mine, only mine.


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Amazing os 
rey is werewolf 
its awesome
continue soon
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awesome adorable stuff , loved it lot
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Yet another awesome concept!
Really nice.
Aww.. Rey realized his mistake and accepted her..
Taani is so cute
Update asap and plz update NTL nad Humsafar as well
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Wow the concept is lovely nd very interesting .. 
I love reading ur werewolves stories .. 
It is amazing .. plz update soon 
Thanx for the PM Smile
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