TaaRey OS : Never Let You Go

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Her parents died in an accident, leaving her alone in this world. She had no one beside her but then, her father's brother came forward to support her, welcomed her with open arms. She was happy to have a father figure & support of a family in her life but if only she knew the truth. All this was nothing but facade. Her uncle acted like her protector for a year but suddenly everything was changed, the one she thought to be her protector turned out to be the reason that now her life had turned into a living hell. And now she is sitting in front of a group of men, having them staring at her with those huger filled eyes. She cringed away in disgust when she heard her uncles voice. 

"Lets start the bidding, the one who will give the highest price, will win this beautiful girl. He will be the soul owner of her." And with that, bidding started, she closed her eyes and let the tears roll down her cheeks. She was hating it, she wanted to run away from there and hide herself somewhere away from these greedy people, she thought them to be her family but they just wanted money by selling her to the hungry animals dressed in three piece designer suit. She couldn't bear any longer, she crawled back in a corner. Bringing her knees to her chest, she cried silently, burying her face in her hands. Never she felt this helpless before. What she had done to deserve this kind of fate? She questioned herself, but found no answer.

"2 crore!" A loud dominating voice boomed in the room. She jerked her head up when she felt someones presence before her. Her hazel went wide as she stare at the stranger standing before her, power was radiating off his body. And she knew he is the man who had bought her, and her uncles words confirmed it. 

"Congratulations, Sir! She is all yours from now on." She never felt this much disgust, she wonder how can someone stoop so low for money. She looked up, The incredibly handsome man before her towered over her tiny form while she stare at him with blank eyes. He gave a small smile to her before he scooped her in his arms. He walked out of the house toward his car, the driver who was waiting outside the car, opened the backside door for them. He made her sit inside the car, and sat beside her. 

"Reyaansh-" She cried and embrace him tightly, she buried her face in his chest and burst into tears. She couldn't believe he was there. After 2 years she was seeing him, and like always, he is her Saviour. The one who used to save her from small problems in college, today had saved her from her life's biggest tragedy. She owned him her life. 

"Sh. Taani! Don't cry, baby girl. I m with you, I wont let anyone hurt you." Rey cocooned her in his protective embrace. She was his best friend, his companion, love of his life whom he left two year ago when his family was in need of him, but he didn't knew that after him, her life would take such turn. He couldn't imagine the pain she had gone through in her uncle s life. He was thankful to his friend who informed him about the torture she was going through every day. And very next moment, he reached here and saved his girl. He vowed to keep her with him, protect her till his last breath.

"I was so scared, Reyaansh, they all were staring at me. It made me feel so dirty." His heart clenched painfully when she cried, holding onto him. His embrace gave her feel of protected by him. She knew he wont let anything hurt her. 

"I know, baby, I know. They will pay for this, cops had arrested your uncle & his family and those bas***ds who were there. You are safe, you are with me-" Rey whispered, assuring her, he had firm grip around her. Taani closed her eyes, and let the feel of being in his arms absorb her. When car stopped outside his villa, he again took her in his arms and walked inside the house. 

"Reyaansh-" She called out for him softly when he made het sit on the bed, she held his wrist and made him sit beside her. 

"You came back for me?" Her question brought a smile on his face. He brought his hand close to her face, and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear that falling over her face. Before they had a mutual break up, he was madly in love with her, and still he loves her more than his life. She is his reason to live.

"I came back to take you with me. Now it's enough, you have seen enough but not anymore. I'll take you away from here, we will live together, like a happy family." Rey said to her, looking deep into her eyes. She smiled through her tears seeing the same love in his eyes like before. Taani wrapped her arms around his neck, and hugged him tightly. Her happiness knew no bound, she got her love back. The most dreadful day of her life had changed into a beautiful day at the end. She couldn't ask for more.

"I'll never let you go, I'll protect you, taani." Rey promised to himself, He held her close to his heart, watched her as she slipped into slumber, clutching his shirt into her tiny fists, He tighten his grip around her, having no intentions of letting her go.


This is my OS no. 42. Embarrassed 

Please do leave your feedback :)
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10 pages already full of comments... kab post kiya tha ye OS???? 
unreswa EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

WTH this uncle is doing???? AngryAngryAngry i hate such relatives... unke dikhaane k daat alag and khaane k daat alag Dead
awww reyansh is so cute... i thought both wont be knowing each other... but you never let my guess become correct... bad cake LOLLOL
but ek doubt hai... reyaansh ko pata kaisa chala???? that his uncle is Bidding her... Alag OS milega kya ispe ShockedShocked

thnks for bearing my RES'sss ROFL
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me kitne res kar rahi hu... congo for ur 42th OS Clap
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Posted: 2015-10-17T09:43:31Z
42nd OS seriously Thumbs Up
well i should not be suprised
it was awesome 
very well written
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Posted: 2015-10-17T09:50:06Z
Hey congrats..
Awesome update..
Rey the saviour..
And taani.. poor her..
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Posted: 2015-10-17T10:12:51Z
congrats for ur 42 os
awesome os
hate taani's uncleAngry
how could he do such disgusting thing
thank god rey save her
their talk was good
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Posted: 2015-10-17T10:38:22Z
Awesome update Clap
Liked ur all the Ff n Os.. Star Clap
U really pen down the emotions beautifully
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Posted: 2015-10-17T11:03:57Z
Superb OS :)
Loved it :)
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