OS : Weird Cravings

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"Taani, What the hell are you doing?" Rey asked her when he entered the bedroom and found his 4 months pregnant wife, sitting on the bed and smelling the soap while making weird yet cute faces.

"Rey, don't they make chocolate flavored soaps?" Taani questioned him back, ignoring the questioned he asked earlier. Rey narrowed his eyes at another weird craving of his pregnant wife. Ever since, they had got the news of her expecting their first child, his wife is having really weird craving.

"Now what, Taani? Last week you asked me to bring strawberry flavor toothpaste and now this, chocolate flavored soap, seriously? And By the way, what do you want to do with this soap?" Rey questioned her, as much as he likes to fulfill his princess's wish, they drives him crazy with their craziness. 

"I want to smell it, Baby wants to know how chocolate wali soap smells-" Taani answered him cutely, smiling at him sweetly as he walked toward her, giving her hard glares.

"What? Stop looking at me like i have done some crime!" Taani snapped at him. One more thing that drives him crazy, her mood swings.

"I will, But first stop blaming my innocent for your stupid cravings." Rey replied back, smirking at her, sarcastically. Taani pouted at him, Rey slumped on the bed beside her, snatching the soap from her hand he threw it away causing her to hit him with pillow.

"You are such a badie!" Taani tried moving away but he held her hand, stopping her. Taani turned her head and glared at him.

"Sorry, baba! okay, tell me what can i do to make my princess happy-" Rey asked her, Taani smiled suddenly. She pushed him, making his lay down on the bed, she lay over him. Rey look at her, surprised with the sudden change in her behavior. Now days, she has become unpredictable.

"Can you go & bring some ice cream for me?" Taani asked him sweetly.

"Sure, princess! Which flavor?"

"Banana!" Taani squealed excitedly.

"Who eats banana ice cream? You are really weird taani-" Rey said to her, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Should have thought about it 5 years back when you proposed me." Taani retorted back angrily.

"Okay, baba! Relax. Relax. I'll go and bring your banana ice cream-" Rey said to her, he tried getting off but she wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him close to her.

"Actually, No! I have changed my mind. Now i want something else." Taani said to him, trailing her index finger over his sculpted chest. Rey look at her, he knows something is going on in her head.

"What do you want then?"

"Your time. How about you give me a relaxing bath. Your princess & junior princess are tired-" Taani said to him, smiling seductively that was enough to drove him crazy. Desires seeped through him, he got up, picking her up in his arms he walked toward the washroom. 

"Your wish is my command, princess." Rey made her stand on the ground. Grabbing the hem of her T-shirt that belong to him but now adoring her body. He pulled the t-shirt off her body, a smirk made its way on his face when he saw she wasn't wearing her bra. 

"Beautiful-" He breathed, staring at the beauty standing before him. Taani blushed deep shade of red under his penetrating gaze. A glint of pride flashed across his hazel orbs when his gaze fall over the small baby bump. Rey wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his arms gently. Taani wrapped her arms around his neck, she stood on toes and placed her lips on his.

Chill ran through his veins, he captured her lips in his, kissing her passionately. Rey kissed her feverishly taking her lower lips between his teeth, biting her lips occasionally earning a moan from her. Rey entered his tongue inside her mouth, savoring her sweetness. His hold on her waist tightened and pulling her more closer to him. Moving their lips in sync, they both kissed each other madly and their tongues danced and fought with each other. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled out of the kiss for the much needed air.

Rey moved to the bathtub, and filled it with warm water. Then he scooped her in his arms and made her sit in the tub, gently. Taani watched her husband with lust clouding her mind, as he undressed himself.

"I didn't said you can join in-" Taani said, to tease him. 

"Aw. Quit the act, princess. I know want it." Rey answered her back, smirking down at her. He joined her in the tub, he sits and pulled her in to him. She sat between his legs, comfortably. 

"Rey-" She moaned his name, as he started rubbing her body with body wash, she shivered, his touch was so soft, so tender. Literally, he took her in another world of bliss. She relaxed her body against his chest, Rey kissed side of her head. Pouring some shampoo in his palms, he washed her hair, she closed her eyes, enjoying his pampering.


She was snuggling into  his chest, they both were laying on the bed, naked. His palm rested over her baby bump, making invisible patterns.

"Rey, I love you so much!"

"Aw. I love you too, Princess."

"You really love me?" Taani asked him, looking at him with mischievous glint visible in her eyes.

"Offcourse i do, baby."

"So you will do anything i will say?" Taani asked him while he gave her suspicious looks. 

"What do you want now, taani?"

"I want blue cheese. Can you please bring it for me? Pleaseee-" Taani made a cute face while he groaned loudly. Not Again.


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awww wow superb os...
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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:26:41Z
Amazing OS...loved itBig smile..
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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:30:24Z
fab os
loved it
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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:30:48Z
those are really weird craving 
soo cute tr moments
lovely os
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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:31:33Z
Haha what a cute os 
Made me smile throughout 
Loved it 
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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:37:25Z
super update...super weird   carving... amazing update..

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Posted: 2015-10-11T12:46:22Z
haha really weired cravings , too loving n romantic
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