RAYA OS : You Mean To The World To Me

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She was wrong she had expected that someday Ram will say that Priya is indeed part of his life but she was a fool that she expected this from The Ram Kapoor  the businessman

Priya said his big fat male ego is not letting him say what he wants to said he fears rejection she said they were fools that they were playing games for confession

I do not think fear of rejection do you want to hear first from me na? that will satisfy your ego? ok Fine I speak what you want to hear

I love you nd I really really do

Priya wipes her tears and tells that she needs to go home as its Ayesha's fashion show and its important for her to be there and adds that they both need a break nd need space from each other and tells that she's leaving and walks from there Ram raises his hands to stop her but is not able to nd stands there with tears

Priya's pov

Separation was the best path for us to take all we did was fight nd fight over the stupidest of things at this point all the anger between us was only leading to heart break Ram was spending the separation period at his business meeting in Delhi while I stayed in our room a week has passed nd life is peaceful theirs less stress in my life when he's not around but it would be a lie to say that I don't miss him because although there was a lot of fighting there were also a lot of good times we shared

Ram's pov

Priya was all I had thought about this past week If she was eating properly getting enough sleep being safe but the thought that remember again nd again me the most is that he felt very bad when she was talking to Ronit about fitness she could be off with another man someone better looking wealthier nicer man that would take her away from me I know that the fighting is mostly my fault for my insecurities nd that she doesn't think I'm trying Its just that when I do try I end up messing it up our fighting

But hold your breath because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over again don't make me change my mind or I won't live to see another day I swear it's true

I know its only been a week but I have to see her again tonight I'm going to make sure we fall for each other all over again nothing she can say will change my mind because without her I know I cant live another day without Priya I'm nothing because she is the one in a million girl who's impossible to find in my eyes

This is not what I intended I always swore to you I'd never fall apart u always thought that I was stronger

I may have failed but I have loved you from the start I know you're crying alone tonight nd my words don't really matter you are feeling so lost inside your whole world's been shattered nd the numbing pain of rejection Is creeping through you

Priya's pov

I remember when I first met him we had fight I don't like him that was always to good to be true In the six months we have been married I never intended for us to fight I always swore no matter what I wouldn't let our relationship fall apart I thought that I would be strong enough to be next to him through thick nd now  I'm fall for him even now that I failed I still love him even more then I did in the start

Ram's pov

Boarding the midnight flight I held my breath in anticipation what if she didn't want to ever see me again? What if she told me she hated me? even if she did I would still love her I'll always love her no matter what that wont change I just hope she feels the same way because I really cant live without her my life is impossible without her by my side I miss you It's all I have to say you're missing I thought it better that way

But it kills me and I can't fight this reliance I'm drowning here amid this sick strange silence I need you to tell you what I feel to hear you nd remember what is real when we said nothing but it said so much when we ran away to get in touch I feel you here so lost inside me I need you now or I'll fall apart completely I miss myself

That piece you still hold this space is hollow leaves me so cold I love you the way you changed me I really really love you

Priya's pov

Deep breaths Priya deep breaths I kept telling myself as I lay in the couch in our bedroom without him the  room was so cold and empty cold tears had begun to drift down my cheeks as I cuddled up against his pillow the silence screams so loud I can't hear myself say I loved you with all of my heart I cried continuously I wanted you to come back to me but as I wanted you more we fell apart I miss you I can't stop thinking about you It's like you're stuck in my head I think about you everyday I said to you I love you nd you didn't said anything to me It's hurt me Ram but without you here I'm just dead I'm feeing alone my heart isn't like it was before I always ask myself where are you? and when will you come back?I always end up waiting for an answer to come nothing came and it just crushed me inside when you're not here I feel like I should be dead I wish I could tell him but he's probably glad to be rid of me for now he's probably off charming some girl with his good looks and attractive accent I doubt he'd even listen to me beg him to come back talk is cheap and words are lies I'll just have to make due with the memories of him next to me tonight while I sleep I had finally exhausted my tears when I heard a knock at the door I didn't want to get up it was pointless to even bother because when he left he took my will with him

 Ram's pov

When I received no answer to the knock I sighed figuring she was out or something reaching under the mat I pulled out the spare key she always kept there and let myself in I entered the house not a single light was on in the entire place but I didn't bother turning any on she was the light in my world with out her I would stay in the darkness I walked the picture lined walls that led to our room glancing at every picture of us on the way we looked so happy you would never know that behind our smiles was the pain of daily disagreements I couldn't help but grimace at the pictures I still wonder how we went from being happy to heart broken but the grim lifted slightly when I got to our room and saw her again her face was flushed and mascara streaks lined her face a clear sign that she had been crying she was cuddled up to my pillow and my heart broke even more with every second I spent looking at her I couldn't help but creep into the room and sit on the couch next to her

I wanted to comfort her so badly I never wanted to see her so broken again running my hand gently up her back I attempted to comfort her rigid form only to wake her up she looked up at me with her eyes nd I could see fresh tears making there way to her lids pulling her into my arms I continued to rub her back and whisper words of comfort to her

Priya I'm sssoorry

Don't leave me again  

Shhh ok I here I wont ever leave again

Promise me Mr.Kapoor

I promise without you Priya my worlds incomplete because you are my world

Priya begins to cry he dries her tears off nd then presses a soft kiss on her eye lids she opens her eyes nd found his lips which she took with her own overwhelmed he responded to the kiss with the same tenderness while he holds her closer he breaks the kiss only to whisper in her ear I love you Priya

She looked up at him what else are you hiding? Ram took her hand so it was palm in palm there fingers filled the gaps in each others hands

All in good time my Angel nd hay there is still more to learn about you already I feel like I have lived a whole lifetime with you in a second with you I feel so happy like nothing in the world matters no worries on my mind as long as I have you his voice calm and soothing to Priya they both looking deeply into each others eyes filled with honesty and love

I knew you were the one right from the start I felt a special spark you complete me Ram thinking about you gives me strength and fills my heart with warmth and happiness I don't need anything in the world as long as i got you and you call me your Angel Ram you r my  hero you rescued me it's like God sent you to me both lost in each others gaze

I love you Priya and kissed on her lips Ram spoke honestly from his heart so pure and true

His brown eyes promised me everything during that night of magic they sparkled endlessly casting a spell upon me baby I was enchanted the first kiss made my knees weak made me loose my heart so quickly

Sparks flew as high as the sky that night that night where he wanted more I love you he told me

Isn't that enough? so my innocence was taken flew far far away how I wish I could have it all back

I love you too Ram she responded the same Priya leaned down into Ram and brushed her nose to his then kissed his lips they both responded to each others movements gently Ram's hands stroked Priya's shoulders down to her arms taking off her vest exposing her s**y black b** he felt her soft back unhooked her b** but hesitated to take it off the kiss stopped slowly and Priya sat up what's wrong Ram? she breathed heavy and quick and Ram's hands still on her back keeping her b** on

She stroked his cheek with her gentle hands reassuring her feelings for him baby I love you too he took her b** off threw it to the end of the bed got up and pressed his muscular strong chest to her Ram turned with  Priya with him now on top of her both grinding slowly Priya could feel his abs pressed to her tummy making every move sensational they both stripped the rest of their clothes they had on

I feel you Ram breathed hard Priya melting in his warm breath the could taste each other there tongues colliding and exploring each others mouths they both wanted more breathing heavily through there nostrils moaning and groaning as loud as they pleases as they had the house for the whole weekend

Don't stop..Priya said pleasurably her words made Ram want more

Ram's hands explored Priya's body he felt her getting wet grinding slowly he went in they were both swept away by the sensational arousing they caused each other they were lost in one another they could feel there souls accepting each other

They both lay breathless Ram still on top of Priya breathing heavy on the left side of her neck his head resting on the pillow Ram felt her soft skin move against his Priya felt his abs press against her tummy every time he breathed they both felt each others heartbeat it calmed them now that was the best feeling you took me to the top of the world finally Ram spoke still trying to regain control of his body and breath Priya lay still facing up and hugging on to Ram tightly Ram felt she was holding him for safety and comfort but why? Ram thought her arms were tightly around his body holding his back she eased her hold of him when she felt him getting up a little with little space between there faces Ram whispered Priya what's wrong? do you regret it? his voice deepened and broke when he began to tear he loved her so much he cant bare to see her hurt or upset  he hated himself the state she was in but he was gutted to see her like this after a passionate event that he enjoyed

Priya stroked his cheekbone wiping the tear from his face it was heart breaking to see him cry Ram no its not that I loved it it was amazing she sweetly said smiling there heart rate was slowing going back to normal pace

You look hurt the way you held me just now was like you he rolled off of her there skins collided both enjoyed that split moment he now lay by her right side on his back Ram drained and a blink away from a deep sleep but he fought it he had to know what was bothering his Love Priya covered the both of them with the duvet  I'm still cooling down Ram said sounding tired and relaxed

It just hurt but you were amazing an she began till Ram interrupted

Hurt? Priya he shot up on his left side to face her he pressed his body against hers in a comforting hug he moved back so he could see her beautiful eyes and held her face I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I'm so selfish I got lost couldn't even control my emotions Ram apologised Priya silenced him with a soft kiss

I'm happy you're my first nd you will always be my one and only she stroked his jaw line

Ram embraced Priya in a tight hug I didn't know I'm honoured to be your first I promise to be your only After a while they parted their hug Ram and Priya smiled at each other then they both lifted the duvet slowly Priya yelped covered her face with embarrassment

Ram chuckled don't be ashamed he took her hands in his and held them I can't prove it to you but Priya you're my first too he blushed

What? Ram I thought you might of. you know the time of the whole misunderstanding

No that's what I thought you did too I couldn't open up to anyone else if it wasn't you I only wanted you Ram smiled honestly

I love you Mr.Kapoor

I love you too Mrs. Kapoor

The two made more love to each other so honest pure beautiful and passionate they expressed more love to each other than people show in a lifetime

Soft heartbeats drifted Priya from her dream she felt warm flesh against hers body and slowly opened her eyes to see Ram's neck she hugged and rushed her body against his and moved up to see his face he responded to her movement in his sleep and tightened his grip of the hug Priya gently stroked Ram's soft hair and closed her eyes

Thank you God for making this happen all my life I have waited for a miracle for me to be happy for my  hero to come and rescue me you did it you brought Ram to me It was hard and it took months there was lots of tears misunderstandings threats fights family people always trying to break us but now I finally understand all that trouble and hardship made us stronger nd now we feel more love for each other than we ever did now that I have him plz don't take him away from me Plz don't let us break keep our love strong and let it continue to grow Plz  help us to live a happy long life together he smiled peacefully

Amen Ram finished Priya opened her eyes in surprise

Mr.Kapoor you heard me? she blushed

Your heavenly voice drifted me away from my sleep nd your soft warm body is so calming

I just don't want to lose you her tears gathered in her eyes Ram's heart sank

Priyaa he cried and hugged her you won't loose me I'm not ever going to let go of you I always fear you might loose interest in me Ram turned a little

What? no way  I love you never am I leaving you they stayed in there tight hug there bodies pressed against each other

The end

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Amazing n romantic update pls update ur ff naa plss
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Posted: 2015-10-10T13:08:32Z
Thx for d pm.
whether they get angry, fight, love they can't think of any thing other then themselves. They are for them no matter what and how, they find solace in each other arms. Their world is complete if they a
re together.

Good one
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Posted: 2015-10-10T13:09:41Z
very nice and romantic
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Posted: 2015-10-10T13:27:41Z
Beautiful and romantic update...
Thanks 4 the pm...
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Posted: 2015-10-10T19:58:49Z
Beautiful os!
Thanks for pm!!
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Posted: 2015-10-11T00:13:39Z
Superb Update
Continue Writing
Looking forward to more of OS from u..
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Posted: 2015-10-11T04:10:22Z
lovely OS Clap
romantic yet emotional
soft and tender just like RaYa's love 
keep writing more 
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