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Posted: 6 years ago
Hello! Good morning/evening. Woke up very late today!

Thanks to neighbor. She had turned on the music so loud that when I woke up for some reason at 3 AM, I could not go back to sleep. I knocked on her door but she just could not hear!! I kept knocking for at least 15 mins. Then as I was about to pull off her main switch plug, she seems to have dreamt that she heard a knock and I heard her mumble something. And switched off the music. I could go to sleep only at 5! Next time, no knocking. Straight to the mains.

Posted: 6 years ago
Nammu hatsoff dee clear and perfect is your post .
Perfectly justified your side.

Don't know which side I should support.

But whqt happened to nisha I still can't think straight.
I mean if it had gone wrong by their stupidity it would have been major risk.

But it is completely owners mistake 
Posted: 6 years ago
am having a story too namz!
I was 8-9 years old when some teenage boys were bullying a small lil puppy... i dnt know why but he came to me by rescuing himself from those boys... i can see his tears that i took him with me and introduced him to my neighboring kids ...
i namee him mojo-jojo and it later becomes jojo!
then question was where he will live...
I asked papa to give him little space in our godown.. dad was not ready in beginning but then i promised him good grades LOL and he let jojo sit and sleep in godown...
days later he became Dad's most favorite...
He started caring for his milk bread and all...
he wa like our friend...whole mohalla pampers winters we made h wear sweater which he really hated LOL
when he first responded to JOJO word... i was on cloud 9 that he knows that his name is jojo.
He usee to bark on those who irritates or hurt my lil bro..used to gaurd godown..once theives entered in our colony... he barked so much that later he was powerless for 2 days
6-7 years passed
an allergy caused us to send him hospital..
we got news that he is no more!
He was a stray dog! sometimes i miss him badly!

All are not bad ones...some came and left as an angel!
Their eyes are deep...conveys everything!
Posted: 6 years ago
am afraid of big dogs too... but then i believe... we dont run or shout they wont bite... i cant hate them!
and those who have any pet... they are like family to them! have seen
Posted: 6 years ago
People need to train their pets... surely!
if my post is hurtful from any angle.. can be sorry only...!
no intention to give back to anyone or hurt anyone.
Posted: 6 years ago
welcome sunita!
Jai : saare chapters padh liye???
Posted: 6 years ago
Well I see discussion is on dogs
I used to be very scared of dogs in my childhood as once a street dog bite me 
But on my 15th birthday my dad gifted me Andromeda (my dog) and its ome of the best thing in my life
He my best friend who have helped me in my bad times, whenever I feel low he just sit beside me all the time giving me support 
I know many are scared of them which I can understand because sometimes they are scary but they are the only one who can love you forever without any expectations 

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV

welcome sunita!
Jai : saare chapters padh liye???

Nope just came say hello
Have to go to hospital today in noon 

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