OS: WishList @Abhishek Panchal PART 2 Pg 3 ( 9 oct) NO PMs

Posted: 2015-09-28T05:33:26Z
OS Wishlists!

Ok guys..ab jake lag raha hai that bal is back!! Grp thoda to active hua soo...me isi baat pe chauka marta hu ek OS thoda raya k level ka romance..i mean...wo jo dil ko cheer k nikal jae...


Surprise me! She said with much pride..

Kya? He asked not getting it for the first time as usual

Kya ka kya matlab surprise me...she said again...

Are ye kya matlab hai ye kaisi Wish hai? He said in his same irritated tone...

Are wish matlab kya apne hi kaha na..to ab aap mujhe surprise kijiye...she was going to complete her sentence when he bugged in

Ye wish thodi hai..! He yelled... Typical punjabi voice...

Mene kab kaha ye wish hai! She said...matlab? He asked..

Ye to aapke liye test hai...dekhu to sahi k aap qualify karte hai k nahi...warna aap to meri ek bhi wish puri nahi kar paenge...! She said with much confidence

Ok ok..me kuch sochta hu...!! He said as he already started thinking of what to do! Edited by RaizadaPriya - 2015-10-09T12:19:52Z
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Posted: 2015-09-28T07:25:57Z
Me first
A Os on Ram surprising Priya
it will be good to read about it
prologue was nice
continue soon
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Posted: 2015-09-28T11:22:31Z
anyone interested??
then only i llpost
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Posted: 2015-09-28T11:38:21Z
Originally posted by RaizadaPriya

anyone interested??
then only i llpost
hey Priya 
go ahead post the story
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Posted: 2015-09-28T11:38:52Z
Plsss update naa n good start
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Posted: 2015-09-30T11:05:40Z
Originally posted by LovingRaYa

Me first
A Os on Ram surprising Priya
it will be good to read about it
prologue was nice
continue soon

will post soon Anchal di
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Posted: 2015-09-30T11:06:05Z
Originally posted by iluvusakshi

pl continue.

will update soon
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Posted: 2015-10-07T05:12:43Z

OS wishlist! 

Ok then here's my take on the wishlist epis!

(Wese its not WU okay! Unhi scenes ko Thoda extra romantic kar raha hu hope u all like it..)

What! Surprise!!! Ram are u made? Vikram yelled

Isme konsi badi baat hai abhi? Ram asked casually..sirf surprise hi to karna hai..he was quiet simple

Ram don't take this casually buddy..tujhe nahi pata ye biwiya kabhi surprise nahi ho sakti! Vikram declared

Kya! Rams voice softened with fear

Ha..vikram told..chal agar humne kuch surprise plan bhi kar diya na to hum bacche ki tarah excited ho jate hai aur wo excitement humare chere se unhe pata chal jata hai...aur agar wo surprise ho bhi ae to bhi ye nahi manengi ki unki najro se humari excitement kaise chut gae! He continued making ram more nervous! (Copied the same content as its the best!)

Yaar tu dara kyu raha hai? Ram yelled..mene solution pucha.. Conclusion nahi? He told..getting more nervous

Aacha thik hai...he thought for few seconds an then said...

Badal de!

Kya..ram being golu thought... Kisko?

Ram badal de apne aapko! He continued

Pagal hai kya me apne aapko kisse badlunga? He said childishly

Oh fo! Vikram sighed...ram dadi sahi bolti hai tu na GOLU hi hai!

Badal de matlab apna huliya badal..isse bada surprise priya k liye kuch nhi hoga!...vikram told

Ok...ram again thought how he is going to do this now!


[ Dadi rishabh scene skipped ]

Priya! She heard a voice calling her every head turned to see a surprising fact infront of them! Ram came dressed in full sleeves T jeans..sport shooes and black shades!! Walking in a jumping style! Trying to act cool! Priya smiled as she hide her excitement in front of everyone...but thn again hide it..ram came and stood in front of her... With his arms spread wide! (Hug him ! His action stated that.. :-P)

Surprised? He asked in a childish way

She smiled..and then denied! (Haee that style)

Not surprised..she declared making him go crazy!... Good try but try harder next time..she said she she quickly moved out to suppress her feelings..

Ram stood there with a half defeated face

Ab kya! He asked himself

Niharika spoke in between.. Ram priya ka to pata nahi lekin am really surprised!

Aapke surprise hone se kya hota hai ma! He moaned as he walked away thinking of something


Ram came up...as he was still in his thought what to do next...

Priya..he called her as she was standing in front of the mirror...

Kya hai ye priya tum surprise nahi hui? He again asked

Nahi am not surprised... She said she was looking at the mirror doing some final touch ups..

Tun ese taiyar hoke kaha ja rahi ho? He asked

Me ja rahi hu sabji kharidne! She answered with a cute smile

What lekin kyu? 

Kyuki aaj mera man kar raha hai...aapke liye apne hatho se kuch banau! She said with excitement

Ha wo sab thik hai lekin tume uske liye bajar jane ki kya jarurat hai sab kuch to kitchen me mil jaega tumhe..he sulked his in own style 

[uff itne dialogues ye ek scene complete nahi ho raha extra romance likhne me to aur time jaega...soo skipping the market scene, pakora making scene...paan scene! (Thats my favourite) ]


Wese Mr.kapoor nice try...really appreciateable...she kept on praising him as his lips spread wide..with a blushy smile...

Ab bas yaar..he said as he couldn't control it anymore...

Okay...aap jake ready hojaiye...hume...neha vikram k ghar jana hai unhone ne hume dinner pe bulaya hai/.she told him

Aaj kyu? Kya hai aaj? He asked as he was not excited about the idea of going out when he can do much more being in this house...!! He was confused with his own thoughts...

Are aap jaiye na...plzz...she requested

Ok ja raha hu ..wese let me have a shower...aaj tumhe surprise karne k chakkar me..halat kharab hogae...he said as h walkd past her...

She was sitting reading her books when she heard his voice

Priya!! Priya!!

Haa.. She replied..

Amm i need your help.. He said with a little hesitation

She felt that and asked Mr.Kapoor kya hua?..

Wo..kese batau..me towel lena bhul gaya.. Can you plzz pass...it? He asked hesitatingly

Itni si baat aapne to dara hi diya.. She said frankly as she moved to pass him the towel... Her frankness flew high away when he all of a sudden.. Grasped her hand and pulled her in..!

Ram's POV

I don't know what made me do that but i did pulled her in

She was hell shocked.. As she looked at me in disbelief and then immediately closed her eyes .. My arms were around her lower back supporting her to stand..

Mr.Kapoor what's this! Yelled with her eyes closed

Kya hua? I asked her maintaining my innocent tone

Aap ese kese mujhe andar khich sakte hai?.. Moaned as her head was crossed one side

Ese matlab? I asked her...

Ese matlab! Aapne kapde nhi pehene hai aap naha rahe the! She blurted he answers not even bothered to look at me...

Priya mene kapde pehene hai! I told her..

Kya? She asked

Mene kapde pehene hai! I yelled my answer back..

Ohh..to bolna chahiye tha na.. She again came to her Frank mood as her arms eased from a tight grip to a gentle I've around my shoulders!.. It was shocking yet soothing...

Kesa laga mera surprise? I asked her

Priya's POV

kaisa laga mera surprise he asked!! seriously!!

i gave him my stern look which he refer as sherni..(thinking of tht word made me smile!)

his expression changed to a horrified one! is he that afraid of my look!

i smiled immediately well a half smile..Mr.kapoor i guess u should learn the thing called emotions! b'coz this is not termed as surprised its something called shock!

well surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event, fact! whereas shock is a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience.!! just google it.. I told him as i rested my hands on his shoulders for few minutes i didnt realised that what i was doing


he grinned dekha i surprised u! he said with his big smile

are! ese kaise mene abhi to bataya just google it! i told u its a state of astonishing moments! but am not astonished it was a sudden unexpected experience! so i was shocked! she said as her hands unknowinglly encircled his neck

are lekin u only said that surprising event or experience is shock! then by logic i indirectly surprised u na! he said with his usual hand actions! as he grinned naughtily

u are so unpredictable!! she sulked..ok i lost! she declared her loose..now get ready we have to go! she said as she tried to turn she realised she was not standing a hand distance as she usual does thats the other fact that it still affects her being close to her man but now as she dont even realise what she is doing and how she got caught in this situation it was so easy just to be in his arms! she never felt so relaxed! so peaceful ...but its not her cup of faith ! she felt sad as the incidence of past conjured her to broke apart but ram was not in his state of living he was in heaven as her petite frame perfectly fitted his arms! his palms rested softly on her lower back, a little more lower! she didnt resist and ram himself cant deny to touch her womanly curves.. well its his right! he is her husband so as she is his wife! she belongs to him but thats all what it has to be?? only being ones husband dont give the right to have her your way ! "ram you are falling for her admit it buddy!" he thought and he was proved right.. Mr.kapoor! he was dragged harshly from his pretty thoughts with the voice but it soothed as he never felt the formality of taking his name would be so soothing to his ears! coz his wife do take his name with honour! but he need her to take his name with pride and love! he his her husband not her boos to call him with respect! again he was lost in another track of his thoughts

Mr.kapoor hume nikalna hai! she said again as she tried to come out of his arm! not forcing him to leave her as she was lost in his charm

ammm yeah okay..we'll leave now..he said but still not leaving her

ammm...wil you?? she said as she thought he would get her meaning to leave her

will i what?? he asked in a GOLU manner

GOLU k GOLU hi ranhenge! she thought but smiled to..

will you leave me so that i can get ready? she said in a low voice

ohhH! soo sorry! just give me 2 mins i'll change and come out!

okay she said as she now gave a push he broke the palm trap at the base of her back

she moved out..he was still lost in her thoughts...he observed his palm which were of a lite pink shade as if they were blushing!! which made him smile in an unknown way he know what he has to do now!

he came out with lots of sets of outfits priya what should i wear today?? he said as we was having a look at his set of cloths! but the scene he saw gave a sudden break to his heart beats!

amm...priya was moaning as she struggled to do something at her back! her hands were twisted fully she was trying something exactly at the middle of her back! her hook is closed ! he thought but what is she doing!

priya kya kaar rahi ho?? he asked as he moved closer

Mr.kapoor ! she moaned kya hua?? he asked "you okay?"

wo mujhe itc***** ho rahi hai! she whispered those words which were inaudile to him

kya hua?? he moaned irritaringly..mujhe kuch sunai nai diya! he bent a little on her shoulder to have a clear clarification of her problem her back was facing his! she can feel his prescence..she closed her eyes wo mujhe itching ho rahi hai back me! she said shutting her eyes tight!

oh! he whised out..to me kya karu? he asked in his usual style

kya aap ... plzz? she whispered as it bothered her...curse neha she gave him this saree in her language "dhin chak" saree with a "dhin chak" blouse which was now itching her

amm..he tried to speak as he looked at his hands which were full with cloths..

Mr.kapoor plz jaldi its really itching bad...she moaned 

ram cant she her in this state so he bent down on her back! she felt his breathe on her back! she was shocked before she could say anything his chin thouched her back! his unshaven stubble poked her! and at the right place where the stubble poking was better then the itching! amm...she moaned in pleasure as she couldnt control it!...aur kaha? he asked

she bite her lower lip! (same as 166!) she closed her eyes with a naughty smile aur thoda upar! he did as she said..she felt out of breathe! and he was enjoying it to! he knowingly touched his lips feeling her soft skin! ohh she got something which is attracting him he thought as he was again lost in her!! now he was completely touching her with his lips! she was shocked yet her desire didnt denied his touch..ram dropped his belongings on the floor as his hands touched her shoulder he got up...as he moved closer to her left side..he moved his palm and took a thik amount of her hair! and moved them on the right side exposing her bare shoulder and glowing skin! it was a new experience for both of them! she could feel him coming closer to her skin...but then she felt it all wrong!

she dont belong to him! there marriage is compromised! but she knows that things changed between them! but does he really have feelings for her or? no she cant let her feelings get carried away! she pushed him as she turned around to face him and had a big hand distance between them! her eyes were watery! ram was shocked for a second! then he realised she was right a sudden experience or event is stated as shock not surprise! his lady taught him that!

hume der ho rahi hai aap jaldi ready hoke aajaeye me niche aapka wait kar rahi hu! she said as she moved downstairs

ram stood there for few seconds looking at the direction where his wife just headed! YES he has feelings for her and thats sure!!!! but he can so feel her state how can he get initimate with her what she is thinking about him now! Ram first you need to sort out things buddy! and her wishes!! OH SHIT! i didnt asked about them! i have to do it before its to late!


well i was gonna complete it once but it turned to be big and jaise SANJU di ne kaha 166 epi pe hi post karna -_- jaisi di ki aagya! ab 166 epi wale din (refering to the recent telecast) tabhi hi post karunga next part! di likha hai

mene next part ab aapki bari hai u have to remind me to post next part!! 

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