Symphony 50--Orchestrating Happiness on 94 - Page 15

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by SparkleV

more than anything..Wait for Nisha was toughest!!

goodnight folks
I know how much it was.
Even 20, down and up didn't help.
Putty was key to pass this stage.
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats Evryone for having completed 50 threads as a family and a big thanks to nisha for such a wonderful journey Clap

So much has happened in the last 3 threads, and the celebration for 50th thread is so lovely I don't even have words to express my love for the story, THANK YOU NISHA Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Eyyy mrutual admiration society if SoSy
Go to bed now!!! Aent you guys tired?

Haan ata hai samjh...excitement control nahi raha and u are still not able to beleive the job is done...same pinch

But ab bass!! Just because ashu is on leave u guys can't eat oages behind her back
*whistle* go to bed right away!!

For the big big words for me and all your appreciation - Hug

Group effort tha.  Each of u deserves a chocolate.
Ab phone beep karan bandh karo bahiyon behana plz surf in your dreams like I said Wink 
Posted: 6 years ago
A SWISHThumbs Up

"No history of miscarriages" "No vaginal bleeding?" Dr Gupta read off the screen as she glanced intermittently at II

II nodded nervously

"Well u seem to be doing great" waving at the monitor

"Lets get u into ultrasound, heart beat is usually on the 18th day after conception so lets see if we can hear it" she smiled

II looked stunned at the declaration

"A HEART BEAT?" she asked hoarsely

"uh..hmmm" Dr Urmil Gupta smiled

"A heart beat?" II squeaked

"Thats exactly how I felt too" Dr Gupta admitted to her patient...
though she was a accomplished physician that heard the sounds multiple times a day, it was the most magical sound of all
the success of human conception

Ii gently felt her lower belly..

"I dont feel a thing" she said innocently

"Thats not uncommon" the Doc stifled a smileWink

"A TINY HEART?" II asked tearing upShockedCry

"Yes a TINY heart" Doc noddedEmbarrassed

R&B watched with fascination as it all sank in for her

"Umm" "I had a question" II raised her hand as if she were in classBig smile

R&B shook as he chuckled "There... she had to have those!!!"LOL

II made a face and stuck her tongue out at him

"Dont worry about him, Tanmay couldnt make it when during a couple of Samyukta's ultrasounds, he was in town so he came with her,
he was 18? 19? cant recall.. he was umm.. how do I say it?" Dr Gupta chuckled

"An ass?" II offered
She burst out laughing... "Samyukta kicked him out of the room just for his questions alone"

"I can do that?" she met her hubs' gaze

"Its the first one, so lets allow him to watch" Dr Gupta spoke warmly

"What was ur question?" Doc asked

"Umm... I forgot... he makes me forget things" II accused

"I dont doubt that" Dr Urmil hit on R&B subtly

R&B half smiled

II changed into a designer floral gown or so she thought, and was asked to lay down

The tech, was ready with everything set up

She squeezed a bit of a clear lotion on the back of her hand...  "i think its warm"

She squirted some on II's lower belly area
II relaxed at the warm gooey sludge

The tech rubbed the probe on it a couple times... and then began zeroing in "on the area"

Dr Gupta read some ultra sound stats on her monitor

The tech looked at the Doc and II looked at the Dude

The tech roved over the same area again


they heard in the quiet room

The tech smiled satisfied... and reran the probe over the same spot

"It probably started beating today" Dr Urmil Gupta said

II's tears hit the pillow on both sides at that moment...

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Posted: 6 years ago
Most emotional one for me till now... The sound SWISH took me back to the time when I heard that for the first time in the ultrasound room...No words can define that feeling.. 
Hug a warm hug specially for this update..

Posted: 6 years ago
Nooo my God!!!!
The feeling of motherhood!
I never thought I would feel it this way!
Shit!! Must be the most moving uodate for an woman to read and a total new discovery of emotions for a girl to feel.

I just can't say anything..!
Id somebody is unable to express what they feel...u have made them feel the most amazing thing ever.

Aaapko salam.
I am unbelievably and uncharacteristically gooey all over
So want to hold somebody's baby in my hand...will it be wrong if I say I now will look at being a mother as the loveliest feeling ever!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Just no words for the update...Silence tears for the fabulous writing...
Posted: 6 years ago
Beautiful update nisha ii getting the feeling of motherhood was so well described this update made me just fall in love with your writing all over again... 

The dudes reaction please 

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