RAYA OS : My Loving Ram My World My Reason For Living

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My Loving Ram My World My Reason For Living

Ram woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of a warm night in his hotel room sitting bolt upright in bed he initially froze at the sight of being alone in bed he was on a business tour Ram groaned to himself as he tiredly combed his fingers through his hair there was no use in trying to get back to sleep as he threw off the bed covers and walked over to the hotel room's large glass balcony door opened the floor length curtains and just stood to admire the view of the city the night helped to calm his nerves from his nightmare Priya was not with him he missed her but somehow he had survived the night and was woken up by the sound of his cellphone and the sight of a simple and beautiful photo of his love of life nd a message saying how much she missed him being on a tour nd to call her the sight of her beautiful smile brought a lump to his throat and shame that he tried to do something so selfish  and the moment he heard Priya's sweet voice say Mr.Kapoor relief flooded his body at the sound of her bubbly and excited voice and her laughter he look at her photo and say I missed you baby I love you so much when I think of you I think of gardens with the flowers at the peek of beauty everyday you smile at me a new flower starts to bloom nd with every sweet kiss like nectar a flower blooms with colourful splendor the grass reaches for you like my needy arms nd the butterflies dance around your head as well as in my heart I think of the sun coming into a room with fresh white linens I think of your warm sleeping weight behind me I feel your arms around me nd I hear you breath deeply I turn to watch you slowly open your gemstone eyes I smile as you wake nd hold you closer as we both drift back to sleep when I think of you I see smiling faces some crying I am walking down an aisle my eyes are fixed on you when all eyes are looking at me because yours is the face I think is beautiful

Seeing Priya in his thoughts as he closed his eyes immediately began to cleanse his mind of his nightmare he smiled as he thought about how being in her presence the feel of her against him as he wrapped her in his arms her beautiful scent and her lips against his was his own personal heaven the sight of Priya in his thoughts would remind him as to what he was fighting for to live in a world with Priya love her with all madness

He truly felt blessed to have Priya as in his life as he drank the remains of the cold water in the glass he truly believed that without her in his life would have left him an alcoholic or mad with insanity the sound of his cellphone on the bedside table brought him back to reality as he silently walked over to the bed and placed the empty glass on the table beside his phone

It was Priya

Hello baby Ram answered  he returned to his view of the city with his phone near his mouth on loudspeaker To be able to hear Priya's sweet voice over the phone was just what he needed as he felt his body completely drain away the feeling of being away from her with Priya he could just be himself and not worry about protocol

Hello Ram I hope I didn't wake you Priya couldn't help but ask given the time difference but it put her heart at ease hearing his hearty chuckle

For Ram it was a quality he always loved about her putting other people's feelings ahead of her own It was something that made her work such a perfect fit for her along with the few extra survival tricks he personally taught her his heart beamed with pride

No Jaan I woke up from a nightmare but I'm okay now Ram answered as the sight of flashing red and blue lights down in the city streets caught his eye

Priya sound terrible nd quickly she sit up in bed nd smile Priya would know that voice anywhere it was her Ram

Priya hadn't heard his voice in a few days since he had been went to Venice for a his business had been terrible

No I'm fine how have you been? Is the business going well?  I miss you so much when are you coming home

I certainly woke you up I'm glad you are doing well and I miss you too I should be home in a few days Ram replied cheerfully about a week

Priya almost felt like crying because she missed him so much not seeing him in over three months had really taken a toll on her but she knew how important his business was to him so she tried to be as supportive as possible

I cant wait to see you what should we do when you get back?

I do have something planned but I want it to be a surprise so just make sure you leave sunday free

No problem Priya heard him mumble something

he knew that if he did not have Priya by his side he would have never had the strength to endure that day Priya was truly an amazing woman in his eyes

Yes But don't worry Priya like I said I'm okay being able to hear your voice is just what I needed Ram answered with renewed confidence in his voice even though he couldn't hide the sound of a yawn behind his other hand.

So you're sure you're okay?

Yes truly Ram couldn't help but chuckle at Priya's obvious breath of relief over the phone It's a really beautiful place here Priya I wish you were here with me

I'm glad to hear you're okay nd don't worry about me not being with you right now besides you promised me we would to come back to Venice  to see the plece next time Priya said through a smile now go and get some sleep Ram you're going to need it

Hmmm Priya thank you Ram says with a smile as he sat down on the bed

For what?

For calling me nd for just being you I love you Priya said in a happy but tired voice

I will nd love you too sleep well bye Priya said then ended the call on her phone with a gentle click as Ram did the same

Priya hung up the phone and decided to get out of bed she were in too good of a mood to just do nothing the rest of the day looking outside her window and say in mind Ram your birthday on next week and you are still on Venice Its very important day for you and I want to be with you

He knew that even though Priya was not with him and he missed her very much he again think about her hearing her voice had renewed his strength as he felt the comforting pull of sleep as he rolled on his side

Ram sent Priya a plane ticket he was on his tour and that she feel very happy Priya collected things and flew to Venice on the same day at the airport she met a nice man specially sent by her Ram he drove Mrs. Kapoor to a cozy hotel where she was given a key to a room which was booked under her name In the bedroom Priya found a very beautiful red saree on the bed there was a red rose with a note from her husband In the message Ram asked his wife to arrive at the appointed time at a specified address

In the evening Ram came to the bridge and sat in the gondola that was waiting for her

Gondolier brought Priya to a very beautiful ancient palazzo Priya went into the building with growing excitement walking in the numerous rooms in search of her husband but she couldn't find him anywhere

And after going into a very beautiful and richly decorated hall she finally met her loved he was wearing black suit Ram took Priya's hand and with an indescribable tenderness kissed her every finger then captured Priya in his strong arms Ram pulled away to look at her he leaned in kissing her lips slowly and making her heartbeat pound against her chest

I missed you so much Ram murmured against her lips kissing her once more

She hugged him tightly and whispered I love u too promise me u will not leave me like this again Ram tightly hugged her back and said I promise u baby ram held her close to his chest making

They spent this fabulous evening in a special romantic atmosphere

Firstly Ram offered his loved to have a dinner by candlelight he treated her with very expensive and rare delicacies and together they drank sparkling champagne

After dinner Ram gallantly invited his lovely wife to dance nd the couple in love swirled to the sound of soft music unaware of time

Happy smiles did not disappear from their lips

The culmination of the celebration became a huge antique bed on which Ram gently laid his charming wife

He vividly showed her the power of his sincere and eternal love to her during the whole night showering Priya's slim and charming body with his gentle kisses In this special night Ram especially generously and diligently gave her unforgettable and sensual pleasure she returned his affection with all her love and seductive charm

Early in the morning Ram was lying comfortably on the soft pillow he could not sleep he was very happy and excited after a fabulous extremely colorful and unforgettably beautiful intimacy with his charming Priya

Priya's head was resting on Ram's broad warm chest she slept sweetly tightly pressed against him with her whole body Ram firmly and lovingly hugged his love gazing at her Ram thought that he did not want to miss a single second of his life with Priya he would stay awake only to listen to her smooth quiet breathing look at her sweet smile while she was asleep Ram knew that every moment spent close to Priya was a real treasure

He felt very tired but he still did not want to close his eyes he longed for his loved  insanely during two long weeks he spent on the Venice he saw her in his dreams almost every night now when Priya was absolutely real he couldn't get enough of admiring her he lay quietly and listened to her heartbeat with delight his soul felt warm and calm he changed his position slightly to bend down and kiss her on the forehead

I want to love you forever and be close to you Ram whispered to his sweetly sleeping girl affectionately and sincerely

You are my most desired and adored woman I always want to feel you next to me to feel the heady proximity of your warm and tender body hear your heartbeat and feel its vibration with my skin nd stay in this fabulous moment with you Priya forever

After opening his heart and soul all his innermost dreams and desires to his sleeping beauty Ram buried his face in her gorgeous long hair and breathed its fresh floral fragrance with delight Priya unconsciously hugged Ram's neck and snuggled closer to him in her sleep now their bodies were so close that they seemed to have become one Ram possessively circled his arm around Priya's slim waist with a happy smile and closed his tired eyes

Ram allowed his mind to shut down and he fell into a deep restful sleep he fell asleep with one thought when they woke up he would definitely arrange for his love a romantic tour around this ancient and beautiful city in the world

Ram planned to stay in Venice for few unforgettable days and nights he wanted to arrange a small honeymoon for Priya and fill it with his infinite and tender love for her

It was already past midnight when Priya woke up she tried to get used to the darkness and soon her eyes adjusted to it the moon was glowing in the sky throwing its dim light through an opened window onto the objects in the room a pleasant cool wind touched her creamy skin making her chill slightly the air was filled with pleasant sounds of the sea and sweet scents of flowers which were growing in front of the hotel she was staying at she excitedly decorates the room in birthday decorations It has to be perfect for her husband

Priya turned on her side and looked at her sleeping husband who was lying on the other half of the bed with his back facing her his body was almost uncovered they were spending their moments on a Venice Ram was sleeping in shorts while Priya wore the lightest nightgown made of pure silk they were lying on a king sized bed at one of the most expensive hotel

Priya felt an unbearable urge to touch him she shifted silently on the bed to get closer to him she pressed her upper body to his broad back and sensed the pleasant heat he was radiating she started to leave soft kisses on his neck and stroke his muscular chest with her curious hands the skin of his chest was so smooth and inviting Priya just couldn't force herself to stop what she was doing she loved exploring his body during those intimate nights they had shared together stroking his muscles kissing his skin breathing in the unique scent of his body all this was utter bliss to the wife she didn't know how long she had been playing an investigator learning and remembering every detail of his well toned chest since she was too absorbed in her private little fantasy so she didn't notice it right away when Ram's warm palms covered her hands which were roaming up and down his torso only when she heard his voice in the darkness Priya froze and opened her eyes in surprise

Priya my love aren't you sleeping? Ram purred in somewhat agitated voice as Priya noticed her heart started beating faster as if she was caught committing a crime the next moment Ram took her by surprise by turning sharply in the bed to face his wife Priya's pale cheeks coloured gentle pink she had gotten so carried away with her own feelings and desires to touch Ram that she hadn't noticed waking him up by doing so she disturbed his peaceful slumber Priya look at him nd said Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband and my best friend Priya shouted in excitement

Wha what is this? Ram asks confused as he looked at the decorations around the room and cake pleased in tebal

It's your birthday Ram I made it special for you to show how much you mean to me Priya get up and walk toward tebal and began lighting the candles on the cake

Ram walked up to her It's not my birthday he responds still with confusion on his face

What you forgot your own birthday Priya giggles

Hmmm when you have in front of me and I forget everything baby

Priya smiled and siad to him blow out your candles Ram shrugged going along with it nd took a breath to blow out the small flames from the candles

Happy birthday to you Priya begins to sing Happy birthday Ram Happy birthday to you

Ram cut the cake nd feed her she feed him back he kiss her and said Thank you so much Priya she smiled and said not need to says thanks but Where is my gift?Ram asked as soon as we broke the hug

Your gift what do you want ? Priya asked

Ram look at her and said I want you

I am all yours Ram and Priya hugged him tighter

You're the light of my life

You're the one I turn to for warmth

You're the only one I can ever love


I'm the one who loves you more than anything

I'm the one who has taken care of you

I'm the person that would sacrifice for you


I'll always love you

No matter what happens

I'll stay by your side forever


I love you with all my heart

Happy birthday baby

Remember when we first met Mr.Kapoor? we though our marriage was a mistake but I dared not believe them and here today we were wrong as we spend our times together forever I will always love you my dear husband nd I swear I'll never have you leave my side together forever

Who is Mr.Kapoor? Ram heavily coughs barely getting the words out My name's Ram

Priya smiles and said but I love My Mr.Kapoor she kisses his forehead

Ram picked up his adored wife in his arms like a feather and eagerly carried his treasure to laying her gently on a king sized bed Ram looked deeply into her magical eye she sensed his special mood

Ram lowered his head and began to cover the delicate skin of her decolletage with hungry and passionate kisses

Today I have God to thank 

God who on this day sent an angel from above

He made you perfect in every way

You have the heart of gold and soul of a saint

He knew I needed you in my life

So that I could experience real love

Today is your Birthday

A day I hold very dear

You are so very important to me

You bring happiness to my life everyday

Joy to my heart with your angelic face

My life is better because of you my love

So today not only am I here to wish you Happy Birthday

I am also here to Thank You for being who you are

A man that can do no wrong

Who stands strong

Happy Birthday My Love

Ram took a strand of her long loose  hair in his hand and kissed it never breaking their eyes contact she was looking at him as charmed she couldn't make a move Ram just smiled seductively to her reaction and pulled her up by her fragile shoulders to his body Priya got trapped in his strong arms that rolled her to the side so that she was lying atop of him Ram didn't waste any time and started to kiss her light pink lips affectionally bringing the bright rosy colour back to them in a process being under the effect of his dominant kisses Priya's lips started getting swollen and gaining an alluring colour of a ripe cherry but Ram didn't even think to stop just yet he ran a thumb over her lower lip nd a self satisfying expression appeared on his handsome face he was pleased with his masterpiece not giving Priya a slightest chance to come to her senses he conquered her mouth once again gifting it with another deep and possessive kiss

Priya had no idea that her own innocent nd gentle hands had awakened a true desire in her husband he longed to keep on making her his over nd over again for the rest of the night showing her oh so slowly nd endearingly how incredible nd unique she was he wanted to make her shiver in his embraces to listen to how she would be letting out those sounds of pure bliss during their lovemaking

It was the time of limitless happiness Ram didn't want to waste any second during that beautiful night nd he proceeded to his tender yet insistent attacks his hands started to caress her hot body his voice was deep and husky when he whispered in Priya's ear I love you

I love the way you feel I love to touch your hair I love that when I turn around you are always there

You fill me with fire you make me weak you make me invincible you make me complete I don't think that anyone could really understand just how you make me feel when you hold my hand you always send shivers up and down my spine that's the way you make me feel because you are mine I love to hold you tight nd feel you when you sigh I love to kiss away your tears anytime you cry I know my love for you will never die

I will love you just like this for the rest of my life

Ram looked into his eyes nd she could easily read love nd adoration in them but also there

was an agonizing desire to possess her she brushed the bang away from his face nd pressed her forehead to his her palm was stroking his smoothly shaved cheek lovingly Priya closed her beautiful eyes for a second nd

then opened them again they were shining just like two precious stones in the dim light of the room

The words escaped her mouth in an emotional whisper a tear rolls down priyas eye and Ram comes closer kisses her tear and wipes away the excess moist Priya turns over towards him and once again snuggles in closely there's no need for them to say anything or speak because they can sense and speak to each other through their eyes and the warmth of their hug 

I love you Ram

Ram's hands took off a silky pink nightgown from her body

Priya's skin was so warm delicate nd it smelled so sweet Ram couldn't get enough of Priya during the whole night he had no powers to let go of her their feelings lifted them up to the heights they had never known could exist Priya wished that the nights could be instead of days nd she could melt in Ram's embraces for as long as it was possible because the hours they had been spending together felt like minutes nd minutes felt like seconds giving herself to him one more time that night Priya thought that no matter how much time they would be given it wouldn't be enough for them anyway because their love was too strong to be purposeful with time

The end

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Beautiful OS
Do write more
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Posted: 2015-09-14T05:50:48Z
RaYa married for long but still can't get enough of each other. Priya can't live without Ram and so is he she made his birthday beautiful by coming to Venice and their day became memorable.
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Posted: 2015-09-14T23:10:59Z
superb OS..
A good birthday surprise..Venice and birthday gift..
Please do write moreSmileTongue
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Beautiful os!!Clap
everlasting RaYa love for each other..
do write more
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beautiful os...
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Posted: 2016-03-29T06:17:50Z

awww awesome don't know why u stop posting ur stories this days u r fab writer hoppe to se u stories soon here... awesome I just loved this hot temptating update too good awsome way bater then anything right now too good RaYa r like always lost in thie love...
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