SS44 Crafted Image & Math Skills on 104 - Page 64

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jairathore

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Me kidnapping Vikas to support Ranjan?
I'm a Dude supporter. Ranjan ka I'm still undecided. His actions so far prove him to be a kind person. Lekin agar woh kal ke Ndtv wale interview ka sudhra hua Salman Khan nikla toh?LOL
Just kidding! Ab toh Nisha bhi maregi mujhkoROFL

then who is that kidnapper that threaten me always

Iska Matlab samjhe daya(vibhu)
Vikas ko koi kidnap karna chahata hai

ok who is strong enough to break door here.

they can try breaking.

but just knocking is restricted we may open door in response.

if breaking atleast by irritation and anger I won't
Posted: 6 years ago
yes dee is still missing.
hope things fine.
can't trust silence these days always came a danger
Posted: 6 years ago
Just read about your birthday Nisha di
Belated Happy Birthday 
Sorry I am wishing you last 
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Posted: 6 years ago
"Lets dance for she is free today"

"Mukund cannot stay in Munirka and help out his grand parents while his 
Uncle spends time with his new born, he is at some random stranger's house enjoying independence day festivities?" Appa asked when he spotted Mukund

Ranjan was sending over one snack after the other Amma Appa's way, they were getting full

Mukund first looked away and then set down whatever he was drinking and wound his way through people to greet Amma Appa

"Hello Paatti" he said

II would have punched him for that alone... making Amma older than she was

"Hello raja how are you" Amma asked

"Ennoda sir invite panninar" (my training officer invited me)

"Oh Makarand is here?" Appa asked acting like he didnt know

"Yes thatha he is with Manya Bhalla" Mukund said with pride, as if dating Manya Bhalla was by itself a rare honor

"How are Amma Appa?" Amma asked pointedly

"They went back to Ambala yesterday" he informed smugly

TWO NIGHTS of the 5 nights of their Delhi visit,they had chosen to stay in Munirka, thats it!!

"Rajesh school is very tough" (Rajesh, is Mukund's bro)

Amma nodded, acting like she was an illiterate

"Are u staying at Munirka?" Amma took a pot shot at the young man

"Umm... uh... ummm... no... umm.. no patti, I am staying at a friend's with Makarand's"

Hes BARELY in NDA and he is already friends with so many at Delhi Cantt?
Amma was furious

Anything to not help his own grandparents out in Munirka??

He stood there squirming and took off

Amma and Appa wearily walked to a corner

"Vandu was only entitled for so much" Amma said sadly

"Vandita is very fortunate, look at her lil one" Appa spoke protectively "Namba kozhandaigalukku namba rendum irukom di, odambula thembu irukara varaikum yaar dayavum vendaam, WE can do for our daughters"
(We both are around for our kids Madhavi, until we have the energy we can take care of our kids, we dont need some Mukund to help out)

Amma nodded teary eyed, in agreement, looking out the huge kitchen French windows

"We didnt even know what the insides of a house in Chanakyapuri, looked like, now see, we are standing inside" Appa said unemotionally

"As guests, and relatives" Amma muttered, rocking Lasya pointing to the elaborate fountain lights, and other ornamental 
decorations in the back yard, the rain had turned into a drizzle, everything looked rinsed and clean

"Humse bhi mil lo" Sam hugged II

"Agar aap Lasya ki tarah cute hotey to mil leti" II whispered

"Shaitaan" Sam punched her "Waise kitni der lagi uski choti banaane mein?" Sam asked

FORTY FIVE MINUTES" "Ur brother ruined it twice" she informed

"Tumhe chheda ya usko?" Sam asked

"Whattt?" II pretended to be confused

"Nahi R&B ne tumhe chheda ya usko" Sam explained

"USKO" II lied immediately

"Haan tumhe to dekhta bhi nahi kyon?" she whispered

"HE LIED TO ME he was returning to Cologne, he had a HUGE fight in Amritsar" she said fuming

Sam looked at her in awe... 

"Ur brother" II hissed

"Hmm... kaho aage" Sam coaxed

II glared... "Kuch bhi nahi" she shook her head

"U look lovely in those emerald jhumkas... ek gaana gaogi sabke liye?" Sam asked

"NOOO NOOO NOOO NOOO" she shouted

Chachi and her bahus turned to look, II smiled sheepishly

"I wont Sam please, I am not in show biz, I dont need the attention... I get enough of it" she hissed

"Mujhe laga tum ek second pehle IS baat se gussa thi ki tumhe R&B "enough attention nahi deta aur Cologne chala jaata hai?" Sam asked patiently

"I am leaving" II began walking away

Sam held her hand tightly

"Waise maine tumhare parents ko poocha they were thrilled" Sam informed

"they want me to sing every where at stranger's baby showers, and temple events" II ranted

"Kaun hai stranger? jiske baby shower mein gaayi?" Sam asked innocently

"Sammm" II moaned

"Ekdum cute ho tum jab Nandu ki tarah zid karti ho"

"ask Nandu to sing" II hissed

"Nope, u will" Sam said

Vande Mataram
Aaaduvome (lets dance, for she(India) is free today) an extremely popular Tamil composition celebrating freedom

Ranjan stood in first row, and clapped the longest timeEmbarrassedClap pointing to her and telling people "she belongs to my son"LOL

R&B locked gaze with her before and after every song, and raised a toast.. the warm color that quickly 
spread at that intensely private appreciation was indication enough how it affected her. He watched with satisfaction 
as she moistened her full lips readying for the second song

Appa drank in all the attention with pride and un concealed joy

Guests walked around, chatted, ate... II heaped her  plate with the tricolor food, from the formal dining table, that was filled to the edge
she began to eat... to kill her 
nervousness stemming from all the admiring looks she was getting

She dropped  the tongs sitting on the BBQ peach tray, it clattered to the floor, a hand reached to grab it

She followed the hand and noticed it was attached to well toned arms in a tee... and a strong neck column and  short spiky hair, greying at the temples
Not too tall..

" Slippery peaches?" he asked

"Slippery tongs" she nodded smiling, biting her lower lip

He stared spell bound

"THOSE are some of the biggest eyes I HAVE SEEN" the man blew air from his mouth... like a whistle

"Thanks" she nodded looking down at her plate

"Wow!!! " he exclaimed

"You are beautiful... eyes, u have  I MEANT HAVE... I HAVE" he babbled

II smiled amused, as her husband watched unamused? not amused? non amused? by the  huge lounge doors leading to the front patio

Posted: 6 years ago
A section of the wall is stacked
with bottles of his choice from
around the world
He asks his wife to fetch a
bottle and delightedly she
When he visits her at Amritsar
she checked if the larder had
his choicest brands
He's drenched her with his
preferred drink and she
celebrated his birthday with a
flute and sparkle"

i love love these memory mixes in ur poems sri!!!
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jairathore

Just read about your birthday Nisha di
Happy Belated Birthday 
Sorry I am wishing you last 

Posted: 6 years ago
Vikas it's usually Doc Noufiya who plans on sending kidnappers for you. 


Tu bhul gayi? Hamare pasandidar posts jiske kaaran we are suspicious ki kuch toh gadbad haiLOL

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