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Finally Mine

In the morning Ram called his dear friend and invited her for a dinner at some quiet restaurant he missed her a lot and longed to see her after a long separation

They met in the evening and had a romantic dinner suddenly the rain began and they were drenched in rain after which they decided to stay at a hotel for a night since Priya was drunk and Ram couldn't let himself let her go in such state It was Priya and knowing her she would definitely get herself into some trouble Ram didn't want anything bad to happen to her he wanted to take care of her safety

Almost the moment they crossed the threshold of the bedroom Priya hit Ram off his feet down on the bed of their hotel room she was completely drunk and lost her balance falling atop of him in the process their faces appeared just some inches away from each other Priya gazed into his eyes with her hazy ones so tenderly and penetratingly that Ram felt his heart tightened in his chest after that she bent her head slowly and sealed his ideal warm lips with hers

She kissed him so sweetly and insatiably that Ram memorized that kiss for the rest of his life he answered her demands obediently enjoying every second of their intimate congeniality his breath got caught in his throat after that red headed prankster's kiss but suddenly she averted herself away from him and lay on the pillows beside him falling asleep almost instantly with a goofy smile on her lovely flushed face

Ram couldn't come to his senses after their first kiss she had charmed and conquered his heart he couldn't forget the feeling of her silky lips which touched his own so sensually and sharply at the same time he traced his lips in amazement now he found out what secret Priya had been hiding properly from him for all those years he also understood that he had no strength to fight those strong emotions he had been having for Priya during the whole time they didn't have a way back after what they had shared just now

Ram needed her like the air he breathed he longed for her in his life

Ram took out all the hairpins of her luxury hair and loosened it smoothing it on the pillow he close his eyes and undressed her wet clothes carefully with trepidation leaving her just in her alluring and beautiful her face was astoundingly gorgeous Ram had never met such amazing woman as Priya in his whole life he felt thirsty suddenly due to the hurricane of emotions the girl unintentionally summoned in him she was driving him crazy with her innocence nd absolute vulnerability she was in right now Ram had to grip all his willpower in a fist to stop from making a reality of his fantasies

He stood up and took off his clothes too only to lie beside her and cover them with a single blanket his hands encircled around her body protectively yet gently he buried his face in her luxury long hair and breathed in its unique nd fascinating aroma greedily It was hard to sleep he couldn't get enough of the feeling of warmth and gentleness that she summoned in him just by lying in his embrace the proximity of their skins nd bodies was clouding his mind but the fatigue had won Ram left a cherished kiss on her lips nd whispered before closing his eyes

I love you my sleeping beauty

In the morning her head felt like leaden ball Priya didn't remember the previous night's events and when she noticed a certain man beside her in one bed she got really nervous she squeaked in bewilderment and covered her mouth with her palm immediately Ram woke up right away and sent her a captivating smile Priya was about to jump out of the bed but Ram towered over her possessively not giving her any chance to escape and rubbed her lower lip sensually with his thumb he said in a low and penetrating voice that she had committed something really serious the previous night and now they couldn't be friends anymore

His words shot her right through the heart she couldn't recall what exactly she had done but it was something that destroyed their longstanding friendship Priya turned away from him in total despair Ram took her by the chin emphatically and made her look at him their eyes met but a sudden ringing of Ram's mobile phone interrupted her bitter thoughts and irritated Ram for interrupting a very serious conversation but he had no other choice but to answer the call he left her alone in the bed reluctantly and walked out of the room

Priya felt terrible she felt bitter she felt dirty her heart was pounding crazily in her chest while her head was about to explode from pain she dressed up quickly and left the hotel room she couldn't bring herself to look in his eyes after everything that happened between them she understood that she had crossed the line and shared an intimate night with Ram a terrible feeling of losing their friendship tightened her heart in her chest painfully she felt ashamed and decided to leave without telling goodbye

Soon Ram returned to the room he wanted to tell Priya that they had to be together from now on since he was sure about her deep love towards him after that fabulous kiss and besides he was already tired of fighting his secret emotions for her too he had always thought that she considered him just as a friend but now his love became mutual Priya proved it to him without knowing it she had showed her true feelings she had for him the previous night they had finally got a chance to be together as a couple in love but when he entered the room he found no one Priya had gone without giving him a chance to finish his speech again It was so in her character

Ram cursed under his breath and put on his clothes hurriedly he ran out of the building in the busy street to stop the her but he was late Priya sat in a taxi and drove away Ram memorized the number of that taxi and called his secretary ordering her to find out where the driver had taken Priya

Priya bought a ticket Delhi she didn't want to go by plane that was why she decided to take a train she needed time to come to her senses and sort out everything before she met Karthik she bought several tickets to have the compartment all to herself

At the moment she didn't want to see anyone

Priya didn't know what to do now Ram had called her several times but she refused to pick up her mobile phone stubbornly she knew that she was a coward by running away from the hotel room and not finishing their conversation but she was in deep shock and couldn't answer her actions in sanity right now she longed to disappear and the trip by the train helped her to feel a little better after everything that happened to her her heart was tearing apart in her chest today she had lost the respectfulness in her most dear friend's eyes

She slowly fell asleep she didn't feel well her head hurt after drinking alcohol the previous evening the painkiller pill didn't help much she promised herself to never take any alcohol into her mouth from now on

Importunate and familiar scent of cologne had wakened her up she opened her clouded and sleepy eyes only to see Ram sitting on the same settee and stroking her cheek tenderly at first she thought that she must be dreaming since Ram couldn't be there It was express train and he couldn't get on board during its move could he? but when she heard his deep concentrated voice she got paralyzed in terror

It can't be true It's impossible how did he get on board? It seems that he used some of his tricks...

You left without listening to me till the end as always he sighed heavily

So now I won't let you go anywhere I won't let you disappear from my life ever again Priya

He said in a confident voice his expression was telling that he wouldn't take any excuses from her side Ram took her by the chin softly and forced her to look at him in the eyes she gulped nervously

After your kiss I understood that we can't continue being just friends anymore we must be together as a couple we are head over heels in love with each other and it's an incontestable fact we have to be together sweetheart Ram whispered charmingly

Priya recalled that kiss she had given him opening all her cards and showing him the true sincerity of her love towards him she wanted to object his words but Ram didn't give her any chance to let out a single sound as he bent closer to her as gracefully as a wild and pressed his mouth to her slightly opened lips in a dominant and all consuming kiss he didn't want to hide how much he was captivated by her anymore

She tried to break their ardent kiss desperately her hands were pushing his masculine figure away from her body but he was a very strong opponent she couldn't even move him from the spot Ram deepened their kiss purposely converting it into more intense and intimate one all her attempts to break free were defeated by his man's charm and severe charisma and his caressing hands that circled around her feminine body and pressed it to his broad chest with gentleness and persistence

They lay on the settee kissing and embracing each other as if being a single whole he was lying on her supporting his weight on his half bent arm his other hand was stroking her body affectionately yet agitating they had no power to stop their magical kiss they were running out of air and when it was impossible to continue they would break apart for a second to refill their lungs with needed oxygen but then Ram would conquer her sweet alluring lips with his in an insatiable kiss with new strength

Priya was melting under his loving and skillful attacks Ram had no will to let go of her she was just like a special drug to him the one he got addicted to and couldn't live without anymore

You will never run away from me Priya you are mine and only mine I will never give you to anyone It's a Ram Kapoor's word he whispered in a dangerously husky and sexy voice right into her ear Ram left her swollen lips in peace for a while and decided to give attention to her seductive creamy neck

Ram are you sure? Priya breathed out constrainedly when he started to bite her skin lightly right where her pulse was pounding desperately we have to stop until it's too late we are risking to give in to the temptation and begin making love for the second time Priya moaned not having any strength to bear what he was making to her at the moment he forced her body to burn and shiver from his touches

No my love we have never been that close to each other before but I promise that we will learn the beauty of intimate affinity very soon because it's already too late I won't let go of you your kiss awakened a strong and self absorbing desire to love and possess you now I don't need anyone in this world but you Priya Sharma Only you can give the satisfaction to all my needs

Priya cheered up after hearing the news they hadn't crossed the line yet she sighed in relief Priya wanted to be in full comprehension when they would be making love to each other she wanted to paint everything they would be feeling during those magical moments in her very heart

Ram looked deeply and intensely into her beautiful eyes and continued

You are my woman from now on and you will be one forever

Priya just chuckled arrogantly deciding to tease him a little

Who said that I belong to you? Priya uttered in a false irritation

Your lips Ram purred seductively tracing her lower lip with his thumb

The beauty couldn't fight his charms any longer he was the only man who had that power over her

Then don't believe me Priya whispered in a languishing tone

I won't believe your words anymore my love Ram said in his famous velvet voice winking at her playfully Ram buried his fingers in her long hair loosening it down her back and shoulders the sensation tickled his bare skin pleasantly

Priya read in his brown mirrors of soul that he was utterly serious in his decision her stomach filled with flying butterflies in anticipation and arouse she had never thought that something similar could happen to her she decided to entrust her heart to Ram without any doubt and uncertainties the very same way she had once entrusted him her life back nd he had never failed her she had fallen in love with him that night so strongly and desperately that even the flow of months couldn't weaken her feelings for him

Ram sensed how Priya's body relaxed after hearing his sincere words and feeling his loving touches all the tension had gone away from her body he smiled at her attractively and landed his lips on her cherry ones again in a slow cherished and promising kiss she answered him with the same sensual feelings in sheer joy

Ram acted as a real gentleman when he stood up and started to take off her boots of a stockings design from her long slender legs It was so thrilling and touching at the same time his hands brushed against her skin admirably her legs were covered with thin kapron and it caused Priya to gulp agitatedly

Ram didn't hide his true feelings from her he was getting total bliss while continuing the process of taking off her boots he had very skillful fingers Priya couldn't take his caressing touches any longer and let out a quiet moan her head was spinning while her heart was fluttering in her chest

Ram was beyond gentle and delicate

When he finished fulfilling his kind offer Ram took of his boots as well and climbed the settee taking his seat by Priya's side they lay together and he put his hand under her head immediately he wanted to make her feel as comfortable as it was possible

The whole way till they reached Delhi Ram didn't let his sweet girl out of his loving and strong embrace they were enjoying the proximity of their bodies and each other's warmth they practiced the art of kissing with great pleasure but also they didn't forget to make plans for their joint future

At the Sharma's residence Ram asked Shudhir Sharma Priya's dad to bless his engagement to Priya in a very confident and persuading tone Shudhir was against their relationship and refused to give any blessings but thanks to Shipra her mother agreed under one condition

You won't live together before the wedding kids was his firm order

Ram didn't complain he respected her dad's decision he put all the efforts to prepare everything for the forthcoming wedding and a month later Priya became his legal wife with whom he shared all his days and nights with great bliss It was true paradise to be her husband

The newlyweds moved to a beautiful and cozy hotel in the most picturesque area of the city

Maybe they had a difficult beginning of their relations but the ending was something worth of waiting

It was late at night Ram walked in a hotel room for newlyweds quietly the room was empty Priya was nowhere in sight he wanted to surprise her by waking her up with a sensual kiss but judging by the surroundings and neatly covered bed his wife was absent for the whole day

Ram walked to the bed and took a piece of fabric that happened to be Priya's nightgown he brought it to his face and breathed in the floral scent that came from the silky fabric greedily Ram closed his eyes and Priya's image appeared in his mind he missed her terribly and tonight he was planning to share their nuptial bed ...for the first time since they hadn't had a chance to learn the happiness of being a single whole

After the wedding ceremony and a tremendous banquet they had boarded an airplane and arrived at a Australia where they were going to spend their honeymoon but right in the hall of the hotel they had booked the room for newlyweds they had been met by an dressed in a black suit Ram's 6th sense didn't fail him when the guy told him that he came to take him to an important work Ram noticed Priya's great disappointment but she held herself on the top in front of the stranger who wanted to take her husband away from her she just kissed her beloved tenderly and wished him good luck on the work and Ram promised his beautiful wife to come back in her arms as soon as he would master

He spent the two days cleaning all the mess he was sent to Ram couldn't stop dreaming of his love she visited him in his dreams during those rare moments he could use for sleeping and he was longing to come back to her he needed her as much as a human needed air to live without her love without her sweet kisses and caressing hands he didn't live but existed he was just a angry men but only by her side he could be just himself she was the only one who knew his real self he longed to become the best husband for her he was madly in love with that extreme girl and his heart was beating only for her and her alone fortunately Mr. kapoor was kind enough to give himself 2 extra weeks of his vacation his work had interrupted there honeymoon after all Ram was very grateful for that he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to persuade the higherups to add several days to his vacation but one call decided his entire destiny

The sound of the opening door interrupted his train of thoughts Ram turned around at once and met his wife who looked a little tired and sad he noticed how her expression changed from amazement to utter joy In a moment he was next to her the nightgown he was holding was long forgotten on the nearest armchair Ram couldn't get enough of his belle his hands stroked her face shoulders and then her back oh so tenderly he still couldn't believe that they were finally together that Priya was real he heard her whispering his name and the sound of her hushed voice brought him back on earth he crashed his lips into her pink ones in great hunger and need enjoying every second of their long awaited kiss and inimitably of her soft and gentle lips she smelled like an ocean and Ram noted to himself that maybe she was having a night walk along the beach his hand reached for her ponytail and released her luxury hair from its prison making them fall down her shoulders and back like a mahogany curtain the couple was drinking each other's breaths their bodies were pressing to each other closer and closer trying to erase all the solitude they lived through out of their memories

I missed you so much...she breathed out between his eager kisses

After those words he had no more strength to control himself Ram lifted Priya up in his arms and carried her towards their bed in a sure pace he laid his wife on a soft mattress and lay atop of her never stopping to kiss her fantastic body in adoration

I love you... he whispered between his sweet attacks over and over again

Ram started to undress his divine wife enjoying that unforgettable process It wasn't her wedding dress that he was dreaming to take off from her but still he was delighted It was his Priya and it didn't matter what she was dressed in right now he was intoxicated with her proximity and couldn't stop admiring her beauty

Priya was embarrassed but she longed for this intimate affinity as much as he did she was suffocating from his dominant kisses his tender hands which were giving her the feelings of pleasure she had never felt before in her live his bristle was rubbing against the delicate skin of her breasts while he was kissing her there but she didn't care the sensations she was having right now were too incredible Priya let out small moan biting her lower lip in commotion It was a sweet torture to her to feel him showering her body up and down with hot kisses his caresses were making her lose senses Priya didn't notice her body shifting on the king sized bed from side to side It was impossible to lay still when Ram was making love to her he was the leader and she was ready to follow him to the end of the world

She kept repeating his name on and on in soft groans he was a true magician he awakened a woman in her It was the first time when she felt herself so lovable so desired and so alive at the same time Priya had never thought that she would ever be able to experience anything like that. It was so elevating yet beyond her understanding she was melting in her husband's incredible and strong hands she was giving herself away to him completely gifting him with all the love she had been keeping for him her body was burning nd trembling while her senses were extremely acute on the limits Ram was very talented in lovemaking affairs while she was just an apprentice

Slowly coming to her senses from the sweetest illegibility her mind was in Priya noticed that she had been lying on the other side of the bed she felt her body aching in a pleasant contentment after Ram's insatiable lovemaking she turned her head to the side where her husband was stroking her long hair lovingly and she saw his handsome face in the dim light of the moon that was coming through the window he was lying on his side close to her nd admiring her flushed face a blissful smile was playing on his lips as he ran his fingers through her luxury hair

Priya smiled softly at him in return Ram took her hand in his and brought it to his lips his eyes were glowing with a special flame he kissed every finger on her fragile hand in total adoration and then he uttered in that low and husky voice of his

You are finally mine

Priya gulped involuntarily under of his words and gaze her cheeks fell a victim to a telltale blush but Ram didn't show a sign that he noticed her embarrassment though he enjoyed watching her reaction to his words and actions Ram towered over his wife's body gracefully supporting himself on his outstretched arms nd added self confidently

You are mine Priya nd you will always be nd with those words he captured her lips in a possessive kiss he couldn't let go of her that night he missed her far too much to stop just yet she answered him with the same emotions she didn't mind to belong only to him at all their love was blessed in heavens nd united with the holy conjugal ties nd Priya was utterly happy to know that Ram belonged to her alone too with those thoughts she closed her eyes and gave herself to her husband her soul mate her dear Ram who took the him over her completely he had learnt all her sensitive places nd now he worked hard to pay as much attention to them as it was needed to make his lovely wife arch nd cry in delight after all he lived to make her happy nd he immensely loved giving blissful pleasure to her he would never run out of sweet caresses nd kisses for her he longed to make her his over and over again being in her arms nd feeling her love made him stronger maybe someone wouldn't be able to understand it but Ram didn't care Priya was his ignition in life she filled it with meaning nd now Ram knew that he had a place where he really belonged and where he was loved nd needed that place was by Priya's side

Theirfirstwedding night lasted till the break of dawn and the newlyweds would remember its brightness nd uniqueness for the rest of their lives

The End

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So romantic... Wink
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Awww nice n romantic os 
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Very beautiful and very sweet :)
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awesome and romantic os
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Nice romantic OS
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fantastic. superb. absolutely beautifully written.

the passion; the romance; the togetherness; the feeling of to be loved...superb...superb...superb..
prajakta..mast yaar.
Happy Friendship Day..

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Originally posted by iluvusakshi

fantastic. superb. absolutely beautifully written.

the passion; the romance; the togetherness; the feeling of to be loved...superb...superb...superb..
prajakta..mast yaar.
Happy Friendship Day..

thanks for pm.

Thank you NamrataSmile
Happy Friendship Day To You Too
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