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Hello Forumwasiyo!!!! I am sorry that i couldn't complete my another OS. jab bhi likhna start karti hoon mood hi nhi hota likhne ka LOL pata nhi mood kab hoga aur mai kab likhungiConfusedLOL to compensate, have wrote another OSTongue

This small OS is dedicated to:

Malati n Namrata: you asked a gift from me on my b'day naLOL now waiting for return giftEmbarrassedLOL

Sanjukta- I read ur reply asking for an OS on ur Bday,Tongue

Drishti- U asked for an update of my ongoing SS on your Birthday but I couldn't post Ouch

Jyothi , Sandy , PC, n Mini-  i hv no reason to dedicate to aise hi dedicate kar diya ROFL

Aarushi- you once asked me to  make a birthday thread but silly me saw ur PM after two daysOuch

So you people can call it ummm...compensation from my side for not giving in to ur demands when u asked.LOL

Hope you all will like it.


She look so pretty in pink. why she have to wear pink again n again. I so love her in pink color. Not only Pink color, she looks amazing in every color be it-white, red, purple, yellow, green. Colors don't suit her, its she who make all colors look bright n beautiful. I so love my Priya  that i can't imagine my life without her but she doesn't love me anymore.


It hurts so much to know the person you love dearly with your soul and heart doesn't love you anymore. But I have learnt to live with this hurt, pain n agony.


I still remember the day she entered my life, we have been together since 25 years. We have spent most of ours time together in seclusion, away from the world. Those days were the best days of my life.  Each memory of mine with her is still fresh in my mind- the way she used to hold me, hug me, kiss me, caress me but but it all had changed after HIS entry into her life.


Initially, when he entered her life, she didn't cared about him.  she was happy with me, we used to spend so much time together, we used to stay awake late nights sitting together and spending time with each other. It was only me for her, I was the one who used to make her smile, make her laugh, who used to accompany her, who used to cheer her up in her lonely time, keep her busy with myself  but slowly it had changed.


He, slowly, created space in her heart and eventually reducing mine. He was  changing himself for her, he started doing all the things she loved, he started obeying her instructions.  I was OK with all this as she was treating him like friend and used to spend most of the time with me only. She was giving me full attention, her priority was still me until she fell in love with him madly.


He became her priority. She started spending her most of the time with him, she used to go out with him almost daily and come back home lately.  The nights she used to spend with me sitting together in moonlit , now she spend time like that with him. She sits with him in moonlight or in the garden or in the terrace or on the beach talking, laughing and teasing him.


My Priya isn't mine anymore. She don't have a minute to spare on me.  Even if she have a time, she don't like to waste it on me. Yes, WASTE time on me.There was a time when she used to SPEND time with me but now she don't want to WASTE her time on me just because HE don't like it. 


He complained her that he don't like the fact that she still finds time to spend with me. How jealous he is of me!!!! I was not like that. When he entered her life and she used to spend time with him, I had no issues. I was ok with that. Can't  he at least have the courtesy to return my favor???


One day, she was accidentally sleeping by my side. I was happy to see her so close to me , i touched her, i was admiring her and at the same time he entered the room and saw us together. He threw me out saying I was disturbing her sleep.  I was disturbing her??? How can I disturb her????


Now it's no use discussing all these things. She belongs to him now, completely. I don't exists for her, I don't have any place in her life now. I will live rest of my life with the beautiful memories  we created together.


Looks like, my Priya's love is home. He may enter the room anytime. Let me hide myself properly else he will sulk at me.


Priya is smiling from ear to ear seeing him, how pretty she looks while smiling!!!Day Dreaming He is again hugging her that too in front of me. Can't he do it outside the room? Seems they are going out for a movie today and then may be dinner and long drive too.



How much I try to console myself but still my heart aches. It aches whenever she caress his face like she used to caress me, whenever she holds him, hugs him or kiss him. My only HUMDARD in this phase is my Priya's new love's Ex.  Yes, we both exes console each other seeing RAM and PRIYA together.



We are theirs  BOOK n LAPTOP.  Ram and Priya look so perfect together that we have decided to set them free and we have occupied the farthest corner of the room to escape the pain of seeing them close. See, they have still not ended their hug. Madly in love with each other



Ooops!!!! Dont curse me readers. Thanks for reading this love story of a BOOK  with full attention. ROFLROFL

I guess you people got a bit emotional in the start.LOL

Let me know what was going on in your mind when you was reading this and what you did after reading last 2 lines apart from cursing me. Give detailed reply, it'll be fun to read your thoughts.WinkLOL


I wanted to name this OS "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" as it is adhuri kahani of Book n Lappy but Aman already has a story with this title. Had I used the title, he would hv sued me for copyrights issue.LOL With heavy heart, I named it HUMDARD . CryCryLOL

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Posted: 2015-07-20T04:59:51Z
Chotu OS
  ok  lemme read first LOLBig smile
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Posted: 2015-07-20T05:15:27Z
naseem di.thanks for dedicating this os to so many forumwassiiis.

what a os!!! atmacharitra by a book!!!! aisa na sirf aap hi kar sakate ho.

pl update ur other story: step mom

Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-20T05:26:58Z
This one the best OS  on BALH i have read dear 
cant say on RAYA ..but u r first one who gave importance of 2 most special characters of BALH 

while i was reading i thought  It's Priya's diary but ...
u r fab 
Thank u for dedicating this Embarrassed
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Posted: 2015-07-20T05:38:57Z
such a funny twist... cnt stop laughing ROFL
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Posted: 2015-07-20T05:56:28Z
You deserve claps Clap Naseem
It was beyond imagination you used very well
I was thinking about some person who was jealous of RaYa being close but instead of it they were book and laptop LOL
Keep writing dear and thank you for the pm.
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Posted: 2015-07-20T07:01:04Z
Awesome update!!!
When I read it i thought it was "POV OF RAJAT" hehe!!!
But u r too good !!!
It was beyond my imagination!!!!
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Posted: 2015-07-20T07:05:05Z
Believe it or not... It was really a nice thinking.. 
I started guessing it is by a book and seriously a very different angle of thinking...
Please do write more... 
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