TaaRey SS : Dark Temptation {Ch 5 : Pg 46}

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 Chapter 1

It was a beautiful evening. Singhania's had thrown a party, welcoming their elder son who had return back india after 6 years. Guests has started arriving and there she stood at the entrance, welcoming the guests as younger daughter-in-law of singhania's. Dressed in beautiful black gown, looking gorgeous than ever.

Soon the man of the evening arrived, dressed in black armaani suit with white button up shirt. She smiled seeing him entering inside the party hall after a small chat with media people standing outside. 

"Hello Taani." He greet her with smile, which taani return with her bright smile.

"Hello Reyaansh." She smiled at her husband's elder brother, Most eligible bachelor of town. Girl's ready to throw themselves at him just for his one look and she could see his effect here too, as all the girls were staring at him now.

"Where is Ayaan?" Rey asked her about her husband. Hearing his words her smiled turned into frown but she quickly covered it up with smile.

"Over there with his friend." Taani told him, pointing at other direction where her husband was standing with a girl who also happens to be her husband's girlfriend, but nobody except her knows that and she too don't have problem with him having a girlfriend since they are just husband wife infront of world but inside their room they are just friends who got married because their parents forced them. 

"If I'm not wrong, she is his ex-girlfriend, Alia. Right?" Rey's voice caught her attention, she look at him with frown. 

"I mean don't you have problem your husband is spending time with his ex instead of you, his wife?" Rey questioned her as they both walked toward the bar to get drinks, people who walked passed them greeted them and they both just smiled at their direction. 

"Why would i have any problem? He can spend time with whoever he want. I don't own him." Taani replied him. Her husband's extra marital affair does not effect her in any way, in fact she is happy for ayaan, he is happy with his love and not interfering in her life. 

"Interesting" Rey mumbled to himself, since morning he had arrived he had been noticing his brother and his wife's strange relation. They avoid talking to each other like plague and if they have to talk they just talk so formally as they are in some business meeting.

"So when you are joining office and take over CEO's position?" Taani asked him, just then bartender served their drinks.

"Tomorrow. Dad told me you had also joined our office." Rey said to her, he is very much impressed by her, his father had told her how she manage office all alone in his absence.

"Yes, dad was not well so i decided to help him in office." Taani replied, taking sip of her drink. Rey hummed in response, he gulped down the drink and ordered another one. They got engrossed in talking to each other along with their drinks, they both clicked off immediately because of their common interest in business. 

"Hey Bro." Their conversation got disturbed when ayaan make an entry there with alia in his arms, Taani smiled at alia and hugged her. 

"Hey ayaan. Hey alia." Rey waved at them. Then ayaan shifted his attention to taani.

"Taani we are leaving, I'll meet you tomorrow morning." Ayaan told her before he left the party with alia. Taani smiled at their retreating back then turned toward him who was looking at her with amused expression.

"Your husband just left with his ex and told you he will return tomorrow morning. And you're okay with it?" Rey questioned her in amused tone, Taani rolled her eyes. Nobody had ever paid attention to her relation with ayaan but rey, he has been noticing every damn thing which can create problem since nobody in family knows about her little deal with her husband.

"What had gotten into you reyaansh? Why are you so interested in my married wife? He can go with anyone, I don't care." Taani retorted at him. 

"Whoa! Chill woman! I was just being curious" Rey chuckled at her, taani shook her head. 

"Curiosity killed the cat." Taani smirked at him, placing her glass back on counter she walked away, Rey followed her action and walk behind her.

"Luckily cat had 9 lives." Taani chuckled hearing his answer. She was walking in corridor of hotel toward her room which she had booked for herself knowing after being drunk she can't go home in front of her in laws.

"Why are you following me? You should be there in your party." Taani told him, opening the lock of her room with key she entered inside, her head was feeling heavy since she had taken too many drinks. 

"I didn't felt right leaving a beautiful drunk lady like you alone." Rey winked at her, Rey entered in her suite and closed the door behind him.

"Flirting huh?" Taani raised her one brow at him. 

"Just said the truth." Rey mumbled as he sat on bed comfortably. His gaze fall over her figure, clad in beautiful dress, hugging her curves. He had seen so many beautiful ladies before but there was something in her that even after knowing she is his brother's wife he is attracted to her. In morning when he first time laid his eyes on her, he was left spell bounded but his hopes were broken when his father introduced her as his baby brother's wife. 

"Done eye raping me?" Her amused voice brought her back into reality, he was pretty much drunk too. 

"You have a body to die for, I wonder why your husband don't pay any attention to you?" Rey said, his gaze traveled on her body, sending shiver down her spine while she gaped at him who was drooling over her shamelessly. 

"Because i don't want his attention?" Taani spoke without thinking, she bite her lower lips realizing what she had blurt out. Wine in her system was kicking in slowly, she felt funny.

"What? But why?" Rey questioned curiously. Taani rolled her eyes and fall on bed beside her, she was laying on her back, giggling slightly. 

"Because I don't love him. I don't share any relation with him." Taani told him in effect of alcohol. His eyes widen hearing her confession but also couldn't deny the happiness he had felt hearing she don't share any relation with her husband.

"You know I had made a deal with him, I won't ever interfere in his life and he in mine. We are just friends, who live in same house but in different rooms." Taani told him, giggling over her own words without realizing she had split her little secret out infront of him. 

"You should sleep taani." Rey whispered seeing her drunk state, too shocked to comment over her confession. Rey made her sleep properly on bed and covered her with blanket. 

"You know you are very sweet." Taani mumbled as her head hit pillow, she felt dizzy, blackness engulf her and she slipped into sweet slumber.

"I'm anything but sweet, still Thank you, Gorgeous." Rey said to himself, smiling down at her sleeping figure. Not knowing what got into him he bend down and kissed her forehead. Party was long forgotten, he went and lay down on couch across the room, he kept staring at her, trying to keep his sinful thoughts about her out of his mind who had took slightly dirty turn.

"I guess i did right by returning back or else i would have missed meeting her" Rey mumbled to himself, His want for her was increasing and it encouraged him to take a step toward her since he know that practically she is single. And he had seen the same want in her eyes in party for him so he knew it was not one sided, this breath taking beauty too want him, She had seems to take over his mind and heart just in a day. She had awoke the sinful side in him. 

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Chapter 5

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Intersting concept do continue soon
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Posted: 2015-07-17T03:28:10Z
awsm chap
cont soon
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awesome start..
such a nice convept!!Smile
I liked the fact that ayaan and taani do not interfere in each other's lives.
Glad that rey knows all but I think it will create problems..let's wait n watch!
Maybe this will become my fav ss soonEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2015-07-17T03:38:22Z
Another amazing concept of yours
chapter 1 was wow!
Will be waiting for you to continue soon
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nice conept next update soon..
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Interesting concept
But cant bear taani without rey
Loved to read more Edited by dh19 - 2015-08-20T10:59:10Z
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Wooohh... it's sumthng unique... nd interesting as well... taani married to rey's younger brother... bt dey doesn't share any relation... nd rey mesmerized by her... m eager to read ahead... update soon thnx fr pm
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