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<font color="#ff0000" size="5">OS:BECAUSE BEING TOGETHER IS ENOUGH </font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
walked into his bedroom, tired. He stopped at the door and smiled as he watched
Priya sitting on the bed, watching television. He placed his laptop bag on the
chair, saying "Priya, I am sorry I got delayed. The meeting ran.." He turned
around as he realized that Priya hadn't said anything. She was still sitting on
the bed, engrossed in the television. He walked to her, angrily, and grabbed
the remote from her hand.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
looked up, annoyed, "What the.."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
turned around and pressed a button on the remote, muting the tv. "What the..
what? I am talking to you.."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
nodded, smiling "Yes, I was listening. How was your day?" </font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"It
was hectic, Priya. I know I said we will go out for dinner, but the meeting ran
over. I tried to.." Ram raised his eyebrows as he noticed Priya looking at
something behind him. Ram turned around and followed her gaze; her eyes were
glued to the television.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Seriously?
I am talking to you and you are watching your stupid serial?" He threw the
remote on the bed and walked away. He sat down on the sofa, took out his laptop
from the bag and opened his laptop.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
started saying, "Oh it's just that Jai is going to kiss Bani today, finally!!
You know how long.." She stopped as she saw him walk away. She looked at him,
confused. She got up and followed him to the sofa. She sat on the table next to
his laptop and took his hand in hers. "Mr.kapoor, I was just watching it
waiting for you."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
pushed her hand away and said, "Oh, really? I saw you drooling over your jai
walia while I was standing right in front of you. I was apologizing for ruining
our dinner plans and you weren't even listening." He turned back to look at his

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
made a puppy dog face. "Aww.. of course I was listening to you. You know jai
doesn't mean anything to me. I love you and only you, Mr.Ram kapoor." Ram
ignored her.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
smiled, got up from the table, walked behind the sofa, leaned over and put her
arms around his neck. She pressed her cheek against his and swayed. "I missed

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
made an annoyed face; he shrugged his shoulders and pushed her hands away.
Priya looked confused; she smiled and walked to his side. She grabbed his arm,
lifted it over her, sat on his lap and placed his arm back to its earlier
position. She turned to face him and put her hands around his neck. He looked
up at her angrily and exhaled deeply, annoyed.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
made a puppy dog face again, and asked, "Are you angry at me?" Ram looked

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
took his face in her hands and looked at him, smiling. She placed a kiss on his
forehead. "How about now?" Nope, the same flared nostrils. She leaned in and
kiss his eyes. "Now?" Nope, the same furious eyes. She kissed his nose. "And
now?" Yup, his face was fuming alright. Priya smiled and kissed his cheeks.
"And .." She moved away, and looked into his eyes. He tried to look away, but
she pulled his face back and leaned in closer to place a kiss on his lips.
Before their lips touched, he grabbed her arms and pushed her away.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Priya,
not now. I am not in a mood. Look, ever since you started watching this show,
you ignore me completely. You are either watching the show or then discussing
something dadi and somya. I miss you, dammit! I miss you when I am at work all
day long. I come back home thinking I can spend time with my wife and you don't
even want to look at me. Now leave me alone and go, get back to your show."
Hurt flashed in his eyes.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
stood up from his lap and looked at Ram, her heart breaking, seeing his pain.
"I am sorry, Ram. I promise I will never ever watch the show again." She made a
puppy dog face and put her fingers on her ears. She started going up and down.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"I'm
sorry. How many times do you want me to do this, Ram?" Ram ignored her and
looked at his laptop.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
stopped and sat down on her knees, next to the sofa. She put her hand on Ram's
thigh and said, with a puppy dog face again. "Fine, don't talk to me."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">No
change. Ram was still fuming with anger.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Ram?"
She said his name softly. "Please forgive me. I promise you if you forgive me,
I will always listen to what you say, I will never interrupt you".</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
stood up straight on her feet and rambled on, "I will stop watching the show, I
will never ever watch it or talk about it again. If you want, I will," she
paused and let out a sigh, "I will even give up eating kulfi. Please forgive

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram's
eyes opened wide. He looked at her with a faint smile on his face. "You will
give up kulfi? For me?" Priya looked into his eyes, gulped and nodded.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram's
smile broadened. He grabbed her arms and pulled her onto his lap. "Really?"
Priya pouted her lips and nodded again.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
smirked and asked, "Why?"</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
had a wide grin on her face as she replied playfully, her arms stretched out to
either side, "Because I love you this much!"Ram smiled;
Priya's smile disappeared.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"What?"
She asked. Ram looked confused.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"What
are you doing?" She asked again. "Huh?" was Ram's reaction.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Well
you are supposed to hug me when I do that."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">He
chuckled. "Says who?"</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Says
me." said Priya annoyed, her arms folded across her chest.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
took her face in his hands and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Crazy!" He
chuckled. "Now go, go watch your Jai. I have some more work to do!"</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
looked confused. "Jai? Who Jai?"</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
raised his eyebrows. "The hero from your show".</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Priya
folded her arms. "I don't know who you are talking about."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
shook his head and lifted her off his lap. "Priya, I meant go watch your show.
Go eat kulfi. Go do whatever you want. Let me finish my work."</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"Oh
I will do what I want". Priya said, giggling, a naughty twinkle in her eye.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">Ram
watched, his eyes opened wide as Priya bent down and closed his laptop. She
took his hand She pushed him on the bed
and jumped on top of him. She put her hands on either side of him. Ram

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">"and
I want you, Mr. kapoor." She said with a naughty smile on her face, before she
bent down to brush her lips against his.</font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000"></font>

<font size="5" color="#ff0000">continue soon...</font>

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Posted: 2015-07-14T11:34:14Z
so cute os.

naughty priya and angry ram

ohh i loved it.
pl contunue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-14T12:32:04Z
Its just superb...
plz continue soon..
yahan kyu roka aapne??? 
Now pls update soon.. 
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Posted: 2015-07-14T12:56:24Z
In Ram life JaNi was obstacle as he couldn't romance with his wife nor able to spend time but Priya is also clever manofy her husband with her love.
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Posted: 2015-07-15T00:11:45Z
Too good..
Lovd it...
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Posted: 2015-07-15T03:08:49Z
super,poor priya ram ne daradiya bechariko...continue soon
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Posted: 2015-07-16T05:18:33Z
Very interesting update...
Please continue soon..
Thanks for PMTongue
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Posted: 2015-07-18T06:37:29Z
"and I want you, Mr. kapoor." She said with a naughty smile on her face, before she bent down to brush her lips against his."
Priya about to kiss him But He again pushed her and get up from bed ... Priya I have a video conference meeting with my usa clients so pls don't disturb me till my meeting gets over said ram and goes to washroom for freshen up before his meeting get start
Here priya become sad but she still thinking how to get ram's attention back.. she is standing on edge of bed and thinking and here ram came from washroom after freshen up he is cleaning is face and bump Into priya because of that both lost their balance and fell on bed priya try to circle her arms around his neck but he again get up from bed and goes to balcony priya too get up and goes changing room for change she open her wardrobe took red saree which is ram give her wore it n goes to balcony. "Ram"    priya called softly..ram turn towards priya she looking so gorgeous
"Ram aapko ye saree yaad he"priya said
Ram totally became mad for Priya. He was Madly, Deeply, passionately in Love with his Priya. He feels like he is out of the world when his Priya was with him. He was not able to control his feelings for his Wifey. He was crazy about her. Priya knows well that Ram was in love with her. But didn't show it to him that she knows the fact. Because she is desperately waiting for the day when her man will confess his love. She is craving for his touch, his love'.for HIM. As days passed, their craziness n love for each other increased exponentially. Ram always want his wifey to be in his embrace and he know it very well that it wont happen until he show his love for her!!
Finally, Ram gained some strength and decided to sound his feelings for his lady love Priya!!!!He planned and prepared everything for their special surprising night.
"Tonight will be a special and unforgettable night for us Priya" said Ram finishing his final step of Surprise plan.
It was Evening 8pm, Priya came out of the wash room and sat before dressing table to drain her wet hair. She looks extremely gorgeous in her wet hair. While drying her hair, she found a small note with a beautiful rose on the table. She kept the rose aside and opened the note. She was so happy after knowing it was from her Mr.Kapoor
The Note said, "Hi Priya, I have planned some surprise for u tonight'.Hope u like it'.To know the surprise go to our Balcony'.!!"
Priya can't believe her eyes and at once she rushed to the spot. She was surprised on seeing the decoration. It was fully decorated with Orchid Flowers and tiny silvered toy stars were hanging on the ceilings. She slightly swung the stars gently and she found another note along the hanging stars. She opened it which says
"Hope Priya''You liked the decorations''Okay Get ready'..Go and open urn Wardrobe'."
Without waiting for a second she rushed to the wardrobe. She found a rectangular parcel wrapped with color paper and a small note was attached to it. It says "TO MY WIFE PRIYA"
She opened the parcel quickly and found a beautiful red saree with single string hold blouse.The saree looks stunning with new designs. She touched it gently.
"Really your choice is the best Ram" said Priya with a blush.
She found another note inside the box which says "This red saree specially ordered for My Princess'Wore this for tonight surprise'.Hope it was the last note!!"
Priya happiness knows no bound. She went to wash room and was about to change. Again she found a note while opening the dress.
The note says "Forget to say you something. Don't wore any jewels"
Priya was super confused with the last note. She can't think what his hubby mind was up to'??!!
She changed her to red outfit and came out of wash room. She stood before the mirror of dressing table. She looks so gorgeous it that backless outfit. The red color suited her creamy skin perfectly. She tried to knot the string of her blouse with her closed eyes. Suddenly she felt the electrifying field passing all over her body because of her Man's touch on her forbidden back. She closed her eyes tightly and stood like a statue. He touched her creamy skin with desiring passion. She felt his hand roaming all over her skin. She smiled and blushed on knowing his hubby's intension of gifting a backless outfit.
He placed his dry lips into her neck and kissed her passionately. Priya arched her back which gives Ram more access to explore her neck easily. He bit her neck softly which made Priya to moan pleasurly. She can't control her burning desire created by his touch. She slowly opened her eyes and felt embarrassed and disappointed. She didn't find Ram behind her.
"Was it a dream or really he was around" said Priya confusingly. "Oh god'Iam dreaming too much'.!!", said Priya in disjected voice.
She pouted cutely thinking of her own attitude. She blushed and tied her knot. Her mobile started to ring. It was a message from Ram which says "No more Waiting my Wife'..Came to the Terrace".
Priya jumped in happiness and her legs rushed to the terrace. She was stunned to see the whole decoration on terrace. The whole terrace looked like heaven with beautiful rose flowers n candles. He had made a small room with all stuffs without ceiling. It looks like a forbidden place decorated only for their love.
Priya felt a cool breeze near her ears and a strong hand surrounding her waist passionately. Ram came so close to her ears and said huskily "You are damn Gorgeous in this saree Priya". Priya blushed on hearing his admiration. He slowly turned Priya and made her to look at him. She found her dashing, handsome n hot Ram in shirt and black pants. He looks terribly handsome and hot.
Priya stepped backwards decreasing their closeness and said "stop it Ram'..What will happen if anyone sees us'."
He pulled her close by placing his hands on her waist and said softly in her ears
"I know everyone went attend a Marriage '.And I know that they were returning only tomorrow evening"
Priya hung her hand around his neck and said teasingly
"So Mr. Ram Kapoor pre-planned everything!!!"
"Yup '..Priya'.Ok tell me do you like my surprise???"
"Everything was perfect Ram'.But I didn't understand only one thing" said Priya confusingly.
"What Priya???" asked Ram
"Why you asked me not wore any jewels???" asked Priya demanding an answer from Ram.
Ram didn't answer her. He slowly moved behind her and closed Priya's eyes using a small satin cloth. Priya surprised and asked placing her hand over his hands "What are u doing Mr.Kapoor??"
"Shh''. don't ask any questions'.Hold my hands and come with me", said Ram in her ears.
Priya obeyed like a kid and followed him by holding his hands. He made her to sit in a chair. After few minutes, she felt a small pendent around her neck. She was surprised and eager to open her eyes to see that. Ram hold her hands and put a small ring into her finger.
"Now'.You can open ur Eyes Priya" said Ram holding her one hand.
Priya slowly removed the satin cloth and opened her eyes. She saw her beautiful reflection of her n Ram who was sitting near by holding her hands on the mirror and smiled. She saw the platinum chain with Heart shaped pendent. She touched it happily with tears'!!
"Open that heart '.Priya" said Ram.
Priya opened it and found small, cute picture of them . Priya was so emotional and found a beautiful platinum ring with single diamond at the centre on her finger. She looked Ram eyes deeply with love.
He slowly holds her both hands.
"I cant hide my feelings anymore Priya'.Iam Crazy about you'Iam in Love with u'.I Love you Priya" said Ram in one go looking deep into Priya's Eyes
Priya was surprised and her heart missed a beat hearing his direct and lovable confession.
"I want you'.I want to fight with you'.I want to Kiss you'..Tease you''Feel you''Touch you'..I want to live my life with u''I want to make Love to You'..I just want you '.WILL YOU BE MINE PRIYA!!!!!!!", said Ram with Happy and Emotional Tone.
Priya was totally numb n insane. She was in cloud nine after hearing her Ram's WANTS.
Without any wait Ram hugged Priya Tightly without letting Air in between them. Priya reciprocated it happily. He raised her face and pressed his dry lips against hers. Priya responded to his kiss with full passion n desire. He deepened the kiss with lots of love. They separated as they were in need of some oxygen. Both Looked so happy in each other embrace.
Ram carried Priya to the bed which was decorated with beautiful roses in the terrace. He lay on the bed along with Priya. He planted Hot kisses all over her face. Priya pushed him on other side and placed her head on his chest.
"Mr.Kapoor'..How did you get guts to raise up ur feelings'.May I know which made u to show ur romantic n passionate avatar???!!!" asked Priya teasingly. Ram rolled over Priya and made her to crush under his warm body.
"I got all my strength when I kissed u in our room'Its all because ur heavenly beauty Mrs.Kapoor" said Ram blissfully looking into her eyes.
"I didn't get u ''.what ur saying about Ram??" asked Priya confusingly.
"Oh oh so you forget it''My love'things happened before u knotting ur blouse string was not dream it's REAL" said Ram in husky voice.
That moment flashed on Priya's Mind and her cheeks turned into red. she hide her face in his chest.
They spend that beautiful night with lots of Love and Passion under the moon light in their Terrace.


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