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" Priya...I love you ..."
Priya felt like she was punched in the face. Did her husband, did her love just... No it couldn't be...He just didn't ...but he did. He just confessed his feelings to her, the same exact ones she had been dreading to tell him about.
"Priya kya tum bhi..." Ram said slowly and with hesitation. He knew the answer already in his heart but his ears still wanted to hear those three magical words from her, the words which would help him survive his whole life without her, even death.
On the other line, Priya nodded her vigorously at the same time biting her lower lip trying her best not to burst out into loud sobs. After so much struggles, after so many misunderstandings, the two lovers finally got a chance to unite, but fate had other plans in store for them.
Ram could felt Priya's answer's feeling surge through his body. He knew exactly what she had said and that's what he was waiting for.
To-Do List complete. He got to talk to his whole family and most importantly he got a chance to confess his feelings to his love, which were hidden inside him for a long time.
Ram gave the phone to the man standing next to him. It hurt him to say goodbye to Priya. He couldn't, he just couldn't.
"Done?" the man asked in a low husky voice. He wasn't. If things went his way right now, he would talk to his Priya for hours and hours but unfortunately it was impossible.
Ram sighed and nodded slighty which followed by the man hanging up the call.
"R...Ram??" said Priya as soon as she heard him cut the call.

"What do you guys want?" Ram said one last time hoping for an answer.
Here he was, in a dark, smelly, and acidic warehouse, sitting on a chair, tied up in ropes and a gun on his temple which could go off any second.
"You know what we want" said a familiar voice emerging from the shadows behind the man who was holding him at gun point.
"You..." Ram said in disgust the minute he saw who the man was.
The man encircled Ram one time before standing straight in front of him talking to him looking at him straight in the eye, "Yes it's me... your lovely and deary Friend.."
Ram looked away in disgust and wanted to get shot rather than being in front of this creep.
"It's so sad how you won't be able to see your family ever again..." Said Rajat making a sad puppy dog face. "And neither will they be able to see you... Wait..." He continued with his hand stroking his beard.
"Maybe they'll be able to see you dead... yes that would be a delight."
"Look! If you want to kill me...go on with it..." Ram said in a rush.
"Look who has a hurry in dying...wow Mr. Ram Kapoor."
"I'd rather die than you ruin my families lives." Ram said with confidence.
"Well then...get ready for your painful, dreadful death..." Rajat said taking the gun from the man who had the gun previously.
"Start the countdown for your death. 10...9...8..."
A tear rolled down on his cheek. He was glad he fulfilled his last wish and that he would die with letting Priya know, he loved her.
Ram closed his eyes and he could hear Rajat pulling the trigger slowly and slowly. The more closer he pulled the trigger towards the handle of the gun, Ram could feel more tears trickling down his face along with sweat.
"Sir...theres a girl outside" a man interrupted.
Rajat was fraught with fury and he pulled the gun away from Ram's temple and shot a bullet in the air.
"WHAT??!" Rajat yelled in fury.
Ram's eyes opened in a jolt at the bullet shot and for a minute he thought he was dead already but no.
"Sir...there is a girl outside...says she wants to meet you" one of the goons said with fear and hesitation in his voice.
But before Rajat could ask who it was and what she was doing here, everyone could hear the clinking sounds of anklets inching near them. The sound become louder and louder and finally the owner of those anklets was standing in front of them.
Ram couldn't believe it. She, she was here. In front of him.
"Priya..." Ram whispered.
Priya's gaze drifted towards Ram and her eyes widened when she saw her Ram in ropes and a gun pointed at his head.
She ran towards Ram and knelt at his knees and with tears in her eyes, "Ram...aap...aap..."
"Toh aap hai Priyaji..." Priya heard.
Her head lifted up to the most disgusting man in this world and immediately stood up.
"Ram ko abhi ke bahi chod dijiye!" Priya yelled at Rajat through the hot angry tears rolling on her cheeks.
"Priyaji...Priyaji..." said Rajat now encircling Priya.
Ram stared at Rajat with a cold glare as if he could just kill him with his stare.
"Ram toh ab iss khursi mein hi..." Rajat said bringing his hand up to his neck and cutting it with a swift motion sticking his tongue out.
Priya's eyes widened again and her head jerked towards Ram. She couldn't meet his gaze since he was looking down, tears rolling down his face.
But before Rajat could analyze what was happening, Priya had snatched the gun from his hand and now it the point was held towards Ram's face.
"Priyaji aap..." Said Rajat with a hint of fear in his voice.
"Don't move..." Priya said boldly inching towards Ram and slowly untying the ropes with one hand and one hand with a gun pointed towards anyone who moved.
After a few minutes finally when Ram was free, he stood up and firmly took the gun out of Priya's hands.
Rajat was dumbfounded. His plan was slipping away from his hands. There was nothing he could do.
"Guards!" Rajat yelled and one by one the guards came forth towards Ram and one by one Ram shot them with his gun.
Priya startled at each of the gun shots and she dropped to the ground her hands clasped onto her ears, her eyes closed.
Suddenly when it became quiet, Priya got the courage to open her eyes and she slowly stood up to meet Ram's gaze.
Ram was huffing loudly his foot on Rajat's chest.
Priya ran up to him and when she saw the sight underneath his foot she let out a shriek and clasped onto Ram's shoulder. She hid her face behind Ram's back and said, "Yeh...aapne..."
Ram dropped the gun from his hand and turned around to meet Priya's gaze. Her eyes were full of fright and horror, her lips were quivering and her whole body was shivering.
"Priya...tum yaha..." Ram asked.
But he didn't need an answer. Priya immediately rushed into a passionate hug with him. Slowly, Ram's hands rose up to hug her back and that was when Priya felt complete.
Their lives were messed up, yes they were. But now, they didn't care, because now they would solve the mess, together.
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short ..one 
 but too good as totally diff track . 
 thank u for ur pm 
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U r an awesome writer.. Nice os
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diff concept. but it is very nice.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-07-08T12:17:04Z
Boom Boom kunu goli banduk wala Os
Nice one Yaar
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Posted: 2015-07-08T19:25:45Z
Very good writing...
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongue
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Lovely OS
Thanks for pm
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